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Never say Never


Merle and Beth would never under any circumstances have found themselves even under the same roof, but with the world at its end they now find themselves living together in the prison. With close quarters like these, it's no wonder that they two eventually have a chance to get to know one another and they start to find they have a lot they really do have a lot they can learn from each other.

The more time Merle and Beth spend together, the more the two bond. With a new understanding of one another, who knows where this new relationship could go ...

Currently, the story will be just flirtatious and occasionally dirty banter the two of them.Rating is NC-17 .... future chapters are sure to be full of lemons ;-p

I hope you all enjoy!


1-Merle Dixon

1-Merle Dixon

Daryl's older brother. An ex-con who has just recently been reunited with his younger brother and the group that once left him on a rooftop to die. With the quarreling in the group, the impending doom of an attack from the dastardly Governor of Woodbury, Merle takes an interest in the innocent yet inquisitive Beth Greene; hoping that she'll let him teach her a thing or two about life before the whole world ends ...

2 - Beth Greene

2 - Beth Greene

Maggie's younger sister. An innocent teenage girl, rebelling and finding her own voice while the rest of the world implodes around her. Fiesty. Curious. Inexperience, but looking forward to changing that ...


  1. Never say Never: Chapter One

    Meth One-Shot UPGRADED to on-going story w/ additional future lemony chapters if the readers want more :-P

  2. Never say Never: Chapter Two

    Several members of the prison group dismiss a Beth, making her feel like they only look at her as a child, and Merle takes the opportunity to make her feel more like a woman and flirt inappropriately with her.

  3. Never say Never: Chapter Three

    Lesson Three: Beth gets a lesson in stealin' and smokin'


Wow I love it! I almost never find any Merle stories, especially well written ones, so this is a gold mine for me. It's definitely a great story and I can't wait until you update.

Snowxflake Snowxflake

Every now and then I go looking for stories about unlikely and/or unusual pairings. This is definitely one of those. But even so, I'm really enjoying it and even though it says it's been months since you've updated, I'm kinda hoping that you might decide to pick it back up. I really want to see how things turn out. :)

Jubilee124 Jubilee124
  1. @My Dead Dahlia
Honest means telling the truth, and I hope to do that.

Fine, let's see.
  1. Meth totally goes against Merle's character. I read the chapters and I couldn't recognise him. "Rednecks" look down on people who mack up with people young enough to be their daughters, and I know because I have lived with people like that. They actually settle down with bigger women, not these skinny teeny boppers.
  2. Beth doesn't have the maturity level of a ten year old. She has nothing in common with either Dixon brother. You can look in the forum post for my opinion on Bethyl.
  3. Beth is a child, with Merle old enough to be her father. She was a minor during the prison episode and only became a "woman", but still a teenage girl, after or shortly before Still.
  4. From the episodes, Beth dated boys her own age, so why would she suddenly go for older men?
  5. Beth wrote in her diary with pigtails in her hair and ladybirds on her wall while Merle was in the prison. Macking on someone who has that level of maturity and level of innocence is called taking advantage.
  6. Merle and Beth are OOC.
  7. They had zero interaction in the entire series.
The ship is disgusting, the relationship you portray is disgusting, as all I can see is Merle taking advantage.

Hey @Isaac the Honest Reviewer ... thanks for the "honest" review - lol ;-P

So, did you actually read any of the chapters and find my portrayal of the relationship disgusting? Or, did you just base your review on the "ship" I chose to write about? Just curious if it was the content of my story or the characters I chose to pair up ;-) I wanted to inquire, since I really do appreciate helpful and thoughtful feedback.

Hope to hear from you, Isaac.

xoxo, Dahlia

My Dead Dahlia My Dead Dahlia

This is disgusting.