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Never say Never

Never say Never: Chapter One

Was a METH One-shot, currently upgraded to on-going story :))

I was thinkin' about what type of circumstances would Beth ever consider Merle; a man that is not only more than twice her age but also so incredibly rough around the edges.

I had inspiration, so I thought I'd write it down. It's just been sitting here on my computer, so I thought I'd post it for y'all and see what ya think ;-)

Currently, the story will be just flirtatious and occasionally dirty banter the two of them. Rating will be upgraded to NC-17 eventually ... future chapters are sure to be full of lemons ;-p

I hope you all enjoy!


Lesson One: "I can show you a thing or two …"

It was an unseasonably hot day, and with no air-conditioning the group found themselves trying to keep cool in the shelter of the cold cement prison. It wasn't just the grueling rays of the sun, but the humid Georgia air that engulfed everyone like a thick blanket of moisture; keeping a constant stream of beaded sweat on the skin.

Most everyone was gathered in the main room of Cell Block C, talking about what was going to be done about The Governor. The group had just recently rescued Maggie and Glenn, and then gone back and rescued Daryl who had been captured during the first rescue. An unfortunate addition to the group was Daryl's older brother, Merle. Most of the group at the prison, including Beth, found Merle to be vulgar and irritating at best. Initially, Rick had kept him banished to a different part of the prison, but recently Merle had been allowed back in with the rest of the group. Of course, Rick had given Daryl strict orders to keep an eye on his brother, which Daryl promised he would do.

Daryl knew his brother well, and knew that he was constantly a loose canon. Daryl did his best to rein his brother in, but he couldn't be watched 100% of the time. But, Daryl had faith in his older brother; faith that he could change and acclimate to his new life with the group at the prison.

Daryl watched the door of the prison open and Merle walked in; finding his way over to Hershel's youngest daughter, Beth. She had been seated at the other side of the room, closest to the door. Beth had barely noticed when Merle walked in and found his way over to her table.

"Hey girly …"

"Geez! You scared me, Merle."

"Whatcha doin' over there?"

Beth looked up; seeing Merle at the doorway, she quietly replied.

"Nothin'… just makin' Judy a baby blanket."

Merle did his best attempt to seem interested in what Beth was doing; putting on as much charm a man like him could muster.

"What is that? Knittin' or somethin'?"

Beth felt a little uneasy by Merle, but she still tried to be as cordial as she could.

"Crochet. My mama made me one like this when I was a baby. Figured Judy deserved her own."

Merle sauntered over closer; he wanted to get a better look at Hershel's youngest. She was looking mighty fine tonight, he thought to himself.

"Well, aren't you sweet?"

"Can I help you with somethin', Merle?"

"No, not really. Jus wanted to come over and say hi, is all."

Merle made his way over and took a seat next to Beth. A little too close for her comfort.

"Well … hello." Beth replied curtly.

Merle's smile was ear to ear; he knew he was getting underneath Beth's skin.

"Well, that's not very polite. Aren't you supposed to be a good Christian, or somethin'?"

Beth was offended at his comment.

"I am. And, I was being polite. You said you wanted to say hi, and I said hello. What's wrong with that?"

She looked over at him and gave him a small indifferent smile.

"It's not what you said; girly … it's how ya said it." He put his hand on her knee. "Makes all the difference." Merle smiled and winked at her.

He knew he was making Beth squirm now and he loved every minute of it. He might be considered a creep by some; however, Merle knew his over-the-top bad boy personality and foul mouth had gotten him plenty of girls in the past.

"No need to fix what ain't broke," he figured.

Beth glared at him and pushed his hand off her knee.

"Come on, Merle. Keep your hands to yourself."

"Geez! What're ya a prude or somethin'?"

"I'm not a prude. I jus don't want ya touchin' me, is all."

"So, it'd be okay if it was someone else then?"

"I didn't say that."

"Ya sure did!" Merle paused and smiled. "Maybe someone like my brother, Daryl? Is he more your type?"


"Ahhh … maybe Rick? Officer Friendly. He's a "good guy," right?" Merle smirked as if he were on to something. "Yeah … he's more your type."

Beth looked over at Merle and didn't say a word. However, her eyes were telling Merle that she was not in the mood for his pestering right now.

"Alright, alright. Don't get your panties in a bunch, girly. Was jus makin' conversation with ya."

"Some conversation, Merle. Talkin' about Daryl and Rick like … well ... it's down right shameful."

"Nothin' shameful bout it. You're a young woman; you must be curious bout … things."

Beth put her crochet down on the table and stood up.

"I'm not talkin' to you about this. You can just stop it now."

"What? … What'd I say?" Merle laughed knowing he had pushed Beth's limits of courtesy.

"It's not proper to be talkin' bout these types of things, Merle." Beth pursed her lips, shifted her weight in her hips and crossed her arms; trying to appear more confident. "Plus, all of y'all are way too old for me anyhow."

Beth smiled feeling like she had told Merle off. Merle just laughed and continued with his pursuit.

"Might be older, but that's a good thing. Means we've got experience. Hell, I'm sure I could show a woman like you a thing or two."

"I don't think so, Merle." She glared back at him; insulted that he would even suggest such a thing.

"Never say never, girly. Ya never know … ya might actually like it."

"I would never like that … with you, I mean." She seemed agitated with the conversation, but she was also feeling a bit nervous and self-conscious. Merle could tell she was getting flustered.

"Whatever ya say, sweetheart." Merle gave Beth a sly smile as she turned to walkout of the room. "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave."

Beth turned around quickly and glared at Merle. "Jesus, Merle. Knock it off."

Merle put both of his hands in the air, as if he was surrendering. "What? What …?"

"You're hopeless, Merle." Beth huffed off and walked back towards where the others were seated.

Beth couldn't believe how forward Merle had been.

"What business did he have talkin' to me about those types of things,"
she thought to herself.

"Did he really think I would fall for some cheesy line or that I would ever be interested in a guy like him? Unbelievable!"

Beth found her way back to where the rest of the group was seated. She sat across from Daryl, who had watched her walk back from where Merle was still sitting. Daryl could see that Beth was a little upset and he could see that his brother had a shit-eatin' grin on his face. Daryl knew his brother all too well. He knew Merle had said something to Beth; he always had a way of alienating others … he had it down to a science.

Daryl wanted to make sure it wasn't anything serious, so he leaned over the table a bit to talk to Beth. "Ya alright, Beth?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." She quietly replied.

Daryl looked back over to his brother and gave him a disapproving glare and shook his head.

"Merle didn't say nothin' to ya, did he?" Daryl pressed Beth for answers.

"No. It's fine, Daryl. I'm fine."

Beth remained unsettled by Merle's comments, but she didn't want to cause any trouble with the group or for Daryl. So, Beth kept her mouth shut about Merle's intrusive and completely inappropriate conversation.

However, even though she had told Daryl everything was fine; she found that she couldn't get Merle out of her head all night. She couldn't get what he said to her out of her mind.

"What things could he show me?"
She thought to herself. "What was he talkin' bout, anyways?"

Beth hated that everyone still looked at her as a kid sometimes.

"I'm 18 years old now; officially an adult."
She often thought to herself.

But, most everyone still considered her a kid still; more likely to suggest her and Carl were more equals than her with any of the older guys in the group. Beth really hated that; she didn't like being thought of as a kid like Carl. Beth thought of herself as a woman now; and she really wanted the rest of the group to see her like that too. She wished they would. And, although she didn't like Merle's general demeanor; at least he had thought of her in that way … as a woman.

She didn't like his tactics, but he had called her a woman.

"I could show a woman like you a thing or two,"
she thought to herself. "A woman like you …"

Beth liked that he called her a woman; she just wished the others could see her that way too. But, she knew they wouldn't, not as long as she was Hershel's daughter; Maggie's baby sister; the young innocent one. Right now she was just a glorified baby sitter. And, the others would never take her seriously and treat her like an adult; not until they could see her as the woman she had become.

She just didn't know how to make them see that she had truly grown up over the last two years, but she was determined that she would find a way.



Author's Note: I've got several other stories that I'm working on, so this is currently just a one-shot; however, if I get a good response (comments and subscriptions) then I will continue with this story and we will see if Merle gets to show Beth 'a thing or two.'

So, if you want to see more of Merle and Beth ... definitely let me know :))

Everyone at the group continue to treat Beth like a child and a glorified babysitter. She gets completely fed up when Carol mentions that Carl has a crush on her and suggests that maybe the two of them would make a good couple in the future. Beth confides in Merle, who is more than happy to lend an ear to the youngest Greene sister ...

I hope to hear from you!



Wow I love it! I almost never find any Merle stories, especially well written ones, so this is a gold mine for me. It's definitely a great story and I can't wait until you update.

Snowxflake Snowxflake

Every now and then I go looking for stories about unlikely and/or unusual pairings. This is definitely one of those. But even so, I'm really enjoying it and even though it says it's been months since you've updated, I'm kinda hoping that you might decide to pick it back up. I really want to see how things turn out. :)

Jubilee124 Jubilee124
  1. @My Dead Dahlia
Honest means telling the truth, and I hope to do that.

Fine, let's see.
  1. Meth totally goes against Merle's character. I read the chapters and I couldn't recognise him. "Rednecks" look down on people who mack up with people young enough to be their daughters, and I know because I have lived with people like that. They actually settle down with bigger women, not these skinny teeny boppers.
  2. Beth doesn't have the maturity level of a ten year old. She has nothing in common with either Dixon brother. You can look in the forum post for my opinion on Bethyl.
  3. Beth is a child, with Merle old enough to be her father. She was a minor during the prison episode and only became a "woman", but still a teenage girl, after or shortly before Still.
  4. From the episodes, Beth dated boys her own age, so why would she suddenly go for older men?
  5. Beth wrote in her diary with pigtails in her hair and ladybirds on her wall while Merle was in the prison. Macking on someone who has that level of maturity and level of innocence is called taking advantage.
  6. Merle and Beth are OOC.
  7. They had zero interaction in the entire series.
The ship is disgusting, the relationship you portray is disgusting, as all I can see is Merle taking advantage.

Hey @Isaac the Honest Reviewer ... thanks for the "honest" review - lol ;-P

So, did you actually read any of the chapters and find my portrayal of the relationship disgusting? Or, did you just base your review on the "ship" I chose to write about? Just curious if it was the content of my story or the characters I chose to pair up ;-) I wanted to inquire, since I really do appreciate helpful and thoughtful feedback.

Hope to hear from you, Isaac.

xoxo, Dahlia

My Dead Dahlia My Dead Dahlia

This is disgusting.