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Through The Eyes Of The Governor


Philip Blake: your average family man who isn't proud of his lifestyle, but cares deeply about his friends and family. He fell in love, then saw his baby girl for the first time resting in her mother's arms in the hospital. It was one of the happiest days of his life. But with how caring and loving he was, how did he fall into the pit of darkness that would eventually become known as The Governor?
Find out why in this epic novel, loosely based off the novel Rise of the Governor, written by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga.

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The first chapter cannot be fixed for grammar mistakes, but check out the rest after it. It gets MUCH better as it goes, I PROMISE YOU.

GOOFS/ERRORS (That cannot be changed)
Philip's dad is named Ed in the first chapter, though his name is later changed to John.
Sonny's real first name, Joseph, was changed to Raphael.
Michelle is actually half-Mexican, half-Puerto Rican versus just Mexican as stated in the novel.
In the TV series, Michonne discovers a list of people the Governor keeps in his apartment in the third episode of Season 3 titled "Walk With Me". I had forgotten about this list until midway through Part 3's development, and by the time I had remembered it, it was too late to go back and change some key character's names (Jack would have been named David or Jonathon, for example.) Because of the heavy amount of editing and the confusion this would create among readers, no names will be changed. However, the list may still appear later in Part 4, albeit with some altercations to the names on the list to fit this story's canon.
Chapter 51 beat the record previously set in Part 3 for longest chapter, at 19 pages and 3 paragraphs. Now the second longest chapter in the story, Chapter 46, contains nearly 18 full pages of content. So not too far off, I'd say.
Also, even though Alice has blonde hair in the comics, I wanted her to have brown hair this time around, to base her more off a character from the Metal Gear Solid game series. Since this is a loose adaptation of the comics and Rise of the Governor, I wanted to do something different with her character, especially since she was never introduced in the show, just referenced on The Governor's list.

WIKIA LINK. I don't think I'm gonna add a character list like I thought I would, but I may do that for Parts 1-3 someday. For Part 4, I've just been describing characters' appearances within the story itself. I just don't have the time to work on side stuff like this usually, but we'll see what happens. If I do update it, I'll let you guys know here.
Through the Eyes of the Governor Wikia

UPDATE (7/3/19): Hello, everyone. I'm posting this update exactly two months later, and I picked a heck of a time to do it. The comic series is ending today! I'm in shock, but after reading Kirkman's reasoning on it, I understand why now. Anyway, I stated that I was taking a break from writing the next act of this story after my father died of a heart attack in April and I've had to deal with not only emotional problems, but a lot of financial issues, as well. However, things have been less hectic lately and I returmed to writing this story tonight (before I found out the comic series is ending - go figure.) I am nearing the halfway point as far as writing Part 4, Act II; I am writing and editing the chapters as I go. Though I want you all to be aware that just because I'm returning to this story, that does not mean it will be my main focus. I will work on it when I can, but the new chapters won't come out for a while longer. How long that will be, I am not quite sure. However, I will try to do my best with it.
With that said, I don't exactly know when the next update will be. Maybe in August. Thank you so much for sticking with this story, it really means the world to me that you do.
Take it easy, guys.

For all future updates, please regard the section above. There will be no more Author's Note chapters.
Though we still have 20 chapters to go in this final part, the story itself will actually move at a faster pace than Parts 2 and 3 did, especially with everything that's going on in Part 4. And I mean, there's a lot that's going to happen in this final part.
Thank you guys so much for reading! I noticed we made it to over 30,000 views, which is amazing! I think 35,000 views should be the final milestone goal, but we've been averaging around almost a thousand views per chapter these past two years, so maybe 40,000 will be the final milestone, who knows. I don't expect to hit 40,000 views though, because I think that's a bit too high. Either way, I feel content with over 30,000 views. Plus, I think this site might count views from the same computers/devices as a different view per visit, but I'm not entirely sure, so the amount of views may not really matter all that much in the end. Of course, whether or not we get to 35,000 views or more isn't what really matters to me; what really matters to me is whether or not you guys are enjoying the content, and coming back for more until the very end!
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1.0 Part 1:

1.0 Part 1:

1.1 Philip Blake

1.1 Philip Blake

An administrative assistant and family man, Philip works hard for his family and loves them very much. He would be willing to do anything to protect them. He and his brother were abused as children by their father and William often received the heavy end of the abuse. This resulted in Philip believing that heroes are fools who only get themselves and others hurt, regardless of their actions. Age: 44

1.2 Sarah Blake

1.2 Sarah Blake

A loving mother and wife of Philip. The two love each other very much as well as their daughter. She died eighteen months before the apocalypse began. Age: 44

1.3 Penny Blake

1.3 Penny Blake

A ten-year-old girl who loves animals and the outdoors. She is Philip and Sarah's daughter. She loves her parents just as much as they love her and often enjoys spending time with them. While she enjoys her father's company, she would often rely on her mother during tough times.

1.4 William Blake

1.4 William Blake

Despite being the younger brother of Philip, he has always stood up for him, believing that his brother will one day be able to see the good that people can do. He lived in North Carolina and was visiting his parents when the apocalypse began. Age: 42

2.0 Part 2:

2.0 Part 2:

2.1 Nick Parsons

2.1 Nick Parsons

Nick is a kindhearted person who always believes in the good in people. He is often relied on in moral-questioning situations. Age: 44

2.2 John Blake

2.2 John Blake

A stubborn old man who is the father of Philip and Will, and the grandfather of Penny. He had often beaten on Philip when he did something wrong, but would often try to avoid abusing Will, if he felt it was not necessary. He was uncaring in his sons lives, making them feel neglected and hurt (physically and mentally) throughout their childhood. Age: Early to Mid-60s

2.3 Rose Blake

2.3 Rose Blake

A very kindhearted mother to Philip and Will, husband of John, and grandmother to Penny, Rose enjoys spending time with her family whenever she can. She loves her family very much and enjoys going to places, such as parks with them, even though she has begun to get weaker and weaker as the years have gone by. Age: Early to Mid-60s

2.4 Sparkles

2.4 Sparkles

2.5 Michelle "Cher" Martinez

2.5 Michelle "Cher" Martinez

A sweet. seemingly innocent girl in her early 20s just trying to survive with her boyfriend, Raphael "Sonny" O'Hara in this new, crazy world of theirs. And though she does not seem to have any desire to harm the group whatsoever, her true motives (if she has any) remain unknown at this point.

2.6 Raphael "Sonny" O'Hara

2.6 Raphael "Sonny" O'Hara

An overprotective, assertive, and aggressive young man who is trying to simply stay alive as long as he possibly can and protect his girlfriend/fiancee Michelle "Cher" Martinez in a world that threatens them with danger lurking around every corner. (MINOR SPOILER) The main thing that he questions himself on after he encounters Philip's group is, "Can I trust this group and can I TRULY bring myself to trust them for both my sake and for HER sake?"

3.0 Part 3:

3.0 Part 3:

3.1 Carlito

3.1 Carlito

Carlito is a man of good nature. He tries to see the bright side in most situations, but isn't afraid to see the ugly truth at times either. He is the leader of his group and often goes out on solo supply missions for them, as he often travels through the city best by himself (similar to Glenn in TV Series in Season 1.)

3.2 Diego

3.2 Diego

Diego is a young, early 20s Hispanic man who had a bright future ahead of him. But with the apocalypse now run amuck, he hopes that he can still have a future someday and make himself useful in society, should society ever return.

3.3 Daniel

3.3 Daniel

Daniel is doctor with a very caring personality. He doesn't go on supply runs, preferring to stay and guard his group's home, should intruders ever invade, and to provide serious medical attention, if needed. Like Penny, he is also fond of animals, with dogs being his favorite.

3.4 Susan

3.4 Susan

Susan is a kind, caring woman and is Jack's wife. After the world has been torn down around her and her family, all she wants is her husband to stay with her and be okay. Age: 39

3.5 Jack

3.5 Jack

A man hellbent on revenge. Age: 40

3.6 Alice Warren

3.6 Alice Warren

Alice is a young woman with a troubled past. Though she is not much of a talker, she has a good and caring heart, looking to help her friends out when they need her most. Age: 26

3.7 Drew

3.7 Drew

A man who is very concerned about his family and doing what is right to keep them safe. Age: 46


  1. Chapter 1: Heroes Are Fools

    Heroes don't do anything, but fall and drag those they're trying to protect down with them.

  2. Chapter 2: The Party

    When Philip's friend, Nick Parsons, introduces his girlfriend to Philip, things get a little interesting.

  3. Chapter 3: Date Night

    When Philip realizes his true feelings for Sarah, he does not know what to do. Especially knowing that it could completely devastate his best friend.

  4. Chapter 4: Penny

    Philip decides to take his relationship with Sarah to the next level and along the way, they receive a little surprise.

  5. Chapter 5: The Life We Knew

    Nature throws a hard ball at the Blakes when they suddenly lose what's most important to them.

  6. Chapter 6: Her

  7. Chapter 7: The Strength To Carry On

  8. Chapter 8: Pick up The Phone

  9. Chapter 9: A Knock At The Door

    A surprise shows up at the Blake's door.

  10. Chapter 10: Horror Night

  11. Chapter 11: Feeding The Hungry

    The group discusses the safety of their home and whether or not they should leave.

  12. Chapter 12: Complications

    John begins to see what happens when you screw with Philip.

  13. Chapter 13: Goodbye

  14. Chapter 14: Apologies

    Philip learns a few things about his father as Nick and Will go to bury Rose.

  15. Chapter 15: What Now?

    Shock and horror loom over Will and Philip's heads as they go out on a supply run.

  16. Chapter 16: Grazing The Fields

  17. Chapter 17: 'Til Death Do Us Part

    Philip and Nick question the decisions of people in this new world as they attempt to clear a house for the group to rest in and regain their strength.

  18. Chapter 18: Welcome

    The group has found a good place to rest for a few days, but Will believes they should move on, and soon.

  19. Chapter 19: Back Home

    The group must circle back after a herd blocks their path.

  20. Chapter 20: The Desire To Stay

  21. Chapter 21: Death Trap

    When the roads are clear, the group becomes faced with the decision of whether to leave or stay for good.

  22. Chapter 22: Intruder

    Philip and Will attempt to find the stranger who was watching them, though they soon find that luck is not on their side in their hunt.

  23. Chapter 23: Interrogation

    Philip and Will start to learn about their new "guests" in an attempt to see what they are hiding.

  24. Chapter 24: A Pile Of Ashes

    Philip helps the group make a moral decision that not everyone seems to agree on.

  25. Chapter 25: What The Future Holds

    Philip must decide between his morals and the safety of his group in a decision that could mean either life or death.

  26. Chapter 26: What Awaits Us Now

    With Michelle contemplating a moral issue, Philip questions her and Sonny's motives and whether or not they can truly be trusted.

  27. Chapter 27: No Choice

    When September Ends...

  28. Chapter 28: Good People

    The group tries to recollect themselves after what just happened.

  29. Chapter 29: Redemption and Tragedy

    Nick tries to help Philip when he thinks about after everything they have lost.

  30. Chapter 30: Nicola and Bart

    Everyone has a price to pay.

  31. Chapter 31: Views

    Nick and Philip discuss morality in the new world, as the group continues on their way to Atlanta.

  32. Chapter 32: Help Me

  33. Chapter 33: Wrongdoings

    With an injured man in tow, the group follows their new friend to his safe haven, as they try to escape the hordes on the streets.

  34. Chapter 34: Trust

    Philip and Co. begin to bond with Carlito and Diego, as a new possible threat begins to loom over their heads.

  35. Chapter 35: Promises

    Philip needs to get something back that is important to him...and he needs to go to an unlikely ally for help.

  36. Chapter 36: Suspicion

    Tensions between Philip and Jack reach their peak, as Philip tries to find out what he’s hiding.

  37. Chapter 37: Nuclear

    Jack and Philip discuss what just occurred and come to a decision on what they should do about it.

  38. Chapter 38: No Longer Whole

    When the group is out in the city, they meet some people unexpectedly, bringing them closer to their revenge.

  39. Milestone Achievement Gift

  40. Chapter 39: Hellbound

    Philip, Jack, and Alice go hunting for their enemies, as Philip realizes he may be facing another battle, all alone.

  41. Chapter 40: Nightmares

    Nick tries to figure out what is wrong with Penny, as two people are held captive by Keith.

  42. Chapter 41: Execution

    Nick and Co. go to rescue Philip, unknowing of the price that is about to be paid for doing so.

  43. Chapter 42: Sword Vs. Shield

    A friendship between close friends comes to a boiling point, as the two friends stand firm on what they should do about their enemy.

  44. Chapter 43: Comfort

    After Alice disappears, Philip goes to find her, as they plan to put an end to this war, once-and-for-all.

  45. Chapter 44: Vengeance

    In an attempt to bring an end to his enemy's reign of terror, Philip decides to head straight into the lion's den itself to put a stop to him. Meanwhile, Nick and the others are on the receiving end of a deadly onslaught.

  46. Chapter 45: Reunited

    After bringing a war between two groups to an end, Philip and Co. attempt to make it back home, as a large threat looms in the distance.

  47. Chapter 46: Old Friends and New Goodbyes

  48. Chapter 47: No Going Back

  49. Chapter 48: The Beginning of the End

    The groups find a place to stay for the night, and severed bonds begin to heal.

  50. Chapter 49: Student

    As the search for Daryl continues, Philip decides to teach Penny how to survive.

  51. Chapter 50: Survivor - Part 1

    With the group's morality in question, they continue their search for Daryl, though Philip begins to question whether they will ever find him or not.

  52. Chapter 51: Survivor - Part 2

  53. Chapter 52: A Fallen Angel

    With her dear friends injured — and her father fighting for his life — Penny joins Mr. Stevens in getting the supplies they need to help her father survive.

  54. Chapter 53: Dear Agony

  55. Chapter 54: Won't Back Down

    After Philip regains consciousness, he is introduced to the group’s hosts. Later, Penny talks to her father about what happened at the rehab center.

  56. Chapter 55: Different Desires

    End of Part 4, Act I. An old face tries to convince Philip to help him with something he deems important (something Philip wants no part of) as Philip debates abandoning the search for Daryl to go to find Nick’s group in Virginia.


I'm gonna read this evenually. I've already gave a good vote cause I know it will be good. So, far I like the dog the best. Sparkles is cute!

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So, apparently, I think there is a LIMIT on the amount of characters I can put in the character listings. I'm not sure why that is, but I will try and see if I can get the administrators to fix that.

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