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Judtih's New Words

Judith's New Words

It was just another day at the prison; everyone was gathered outside for breakfast, and Rick was feeding Judith some oatmeal. "C'mon sweetie, open up for daddy." Judith merely squealed and shook her head, avoiding the spoon at all costs. She pointed at the oatmeal, and with a big smile, exclaimed "Shit!" The mere word sent the spoon falling to the floor, Rick staring at his daughter with a look of absolute horror. The whole group was gawking at the little girl's choice of words while Carl and Daryl were trying to hide their laughs. "Judith..." Rick started slowly. "Who taught you that word?" The li'l ass kicker giggled and waved her hands around. "Dawwyl!" The tables turned as the enraged father turned his attention to the now shocked redneck. "W-what?! I didn't do shit!" He said, holding his hands up. Judith laughed again and pointed at Daryl. "Shit!" "You're darn right he is, sweetie. Daryl, the hell were you thinkin'? Teachin' a baby that?!" "Yer' kiddin' me! I didn't do it!... At least, not intentionally. It was yesterday..." [Flashback] "You lose. Pay up, Dixon." Glenn gloated, holding his hand out. "Shit!" Daryl grumbled, handing his a pack of gum that he found while on a supply run that morning. They were betting on who could make Micchone smile in only an hour; Carl or Rick. In other words, they spent the last sixty minutes stalking Carl, Rick and Micchone all around the prison. "Dis the last time I'm ever bettin' on Rick 'gain. Idiot lost me a good pack o' gum." "It's not his fault Carl's funnier than him." The asian chuckled at his redneck friend. "Sure 't is. Asshole's got naw sense o' humor what s'ever." "Hey, karma's a bitch, I guess." Daryl snorted. "Yeah, yeah." "You know, we're right here." Beth was standing behind them with Judith in her hands, amused. "What? Yer' old enough to hear dis shit anyways." "I ain't talkin' 'bout me. I'm talkin' 'bout Judith." Daryl scoffed. "Li'l ass kicker over there ain't gonna know dis. She's 'sleep, see?" [Flashback over] "You bet against me, Glenn?" Rick said, aghast. "Yep. Sorry Rick, but Carl's just funnier than you." "Well, 's true dad." Carl said hesitantly, rubbing the back of his head. Rick glared at his son before turning back to Daryl. "And you said all those words in front of Beth and Judith." "Glenn was the one who said bitch!" Daryl defended. "I don't care! Now sweet, lovely baby Judith is saying bad fucking words!!!" Judith giggled. "Biiii-iiitchh?" She laughed again and pointed at Beth. "BITCH!" Beth fainted. This time, all heads turned to Glenn. "Glenn..." "SORRY!!!" The End ... ?


So? Whatchy'all think? :D


Awesome.... You have to love the things that little kids pick up on and repeat.

peacelovesfrogs peacelovesfrogs

OMG I'm dying Ovr here!!!

Hahahaha! Fucking brilliant!

thewalkerinme thewalkerinme

Fantstic. :)

godcity godcity


SierraaDixon SierraaDixon