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Born To Die


Aria Darling is a 24 year old British girl lost in an unknown land; she had been alone for months when a group hesitantly takes her in. She struggles to be a part of the team as she has always been on her own which has left her emotionless and detached with others. Aria thinks about abandoning the group when she finds an unlikely person to confide in, she’s scared of how she feels when she’s around him but finds it hard to stay away. And will the group allow her to stay when she seems to be causing numerous problems, especially when she comes face to face with a man from her past who reveals all of her past sins.

As some of you may have noticed I have rewritten all of the chapters and reposted them all, I hope you enjoy them!


Aria Darling

Aria Darling

Aria Darling is a 23 year old British woman who after fleeing the big city of Atlanta has found herself fighting for life in the unknown woods of Georgia. Aria is a very quiet and strong character, who has always preferred a lonely existence even before the dead began to rise, her past is an unpleasant one and she tries to block out the past as much as she can until a series of events takes her back to that terrifying moment that changed her life forever while bringing old insecurities back to light. When Aria is found looking at the monster that is about to end her life an unsuspecting redneck reluctantly saves her. She detests this disagreeable man until she finds it difficult to hold herself back from a man she finds so similar and damaged to herself. Aria has mid-back length wavy blonde hair and intimidating icy blue eyes; she is a thin but curvy woman and has lightly tanned skin from the harsh Georgia sun.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon is a 31 year old redneck who has lived in the mountains for most of his life with his brother Merle and abusive father until he passed away a few years before the death began to rise. Daryl is a hard-hearted man who hides his emotions and pushes people away but is a loyal and brave man and is a valued member of his group; he has a problem with authority and struggles to take orders as he was brought up in a very chaotic and abusive household. Daryl has messy dark hair and stormy severe green eyes paired with sharp features which make him look like a man you would not want to mess with.



is this going to continue because its amazing!!

jodiedixon22 jodiedixon22

Great chapter!! I loved it!!

JetCmoon JetCmoon

Holy moly!!! That was an exciting chapter and makes me dislike Shane even more!!!

JetCmoon JetCmoon

Awesome update!! Thank you so much!! :)

JetCmoon JetCmoon

Such a great update!!! Thank you!!

JetCmoon JetCmoon