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Born To Die

Another Hunter

Aria fell to the floor in heap as her body trembled in pain; her lungs were burning and her eyes watering. After hours of trying to flee from the Walkers staggering after her, her body had finally given up. Aria dug her fingernails into the dirt trying to pull herself up from the ground, but her arms buckled beneath her. The moans of the starving Walkers grew closer as she rolled her body over, so she was now lying on her back looking up at the bright sky. This was it; this was how things were finally going to end, being ripped to pieces by Walkers. She panted wildly trying to push herself up from the ground when a Walker lunged at her and fell on top of her body pushing her further into the moist earth. Aria wrapped her fingers around the creature’s throat trying to push its chomping jaws away, but her strength was dwindling, she used her last burst of remaining energy to push the Walker away, but her arms failed once more. The Walkers lifeless body crushed down on hers, the gargling noise of the blood bubbling in its throat rang in her ears. The stench of the beasts rotting flesh filled her nostrils as she stared into the starved dead eyes of the beast that would end her, she took a slow deep breath before letting her arms give way. The Walker’s jagged teeth sunk into Aria’s neck ripping the flesh from her, she screamed out in agony as she felt the jaws of the creature slice into her skin once more and slowly rip her flesh away. Aria coughed violently feeling blood leaking into her oesophagus; she choked as her throat filled with blood making it impossible to breath, the Walker backed away holding a chunk of Aria’s flesh dangling from its mouth, blood dripped into her eyes blinding her in her last moments of life when all her pain suddenly melted away and everything went black.

Aria felt her body convulsing violently as she woke with a jolt. Her body sprang from the sweaty sheets beneath her and bolted her eyes around the tent in alarm. Her shaking body dripped with sweat as she touched her throat in panic, she felt for bites but to her delight she found nothing. Her lungs exhaled sharply filling her body with an intoxicating sensation of relief; she lent her head back and took a few deep soothing breaths. “It was only a dream” she said to herself trying to soothe her frayed nerves. Aria brushed her fingers over her neck and body to get rid of the sweat which was beading on her skin; it left a chilling film over her skin keeping her body slightly cooler than usual. She lifted her head up to make one last inspection of her surroundings, Daryl was gone, he must have already woken up and left in the early hours of the morning. Aria was happy he wasn’t around to see her moment of panic, she knew it would only give him more means to be hostile to her than he already was. Finally sedating her nerves Aria vacated Daryl’s tent after her abrupt awakening, the sun burnt Aria’s drowsy eyes, she still couldn’t get used to the Georgia heat. She was still used to the chilling weather back in England, forever windy and raining, she missed it greatly. Aria’s eyes finally focused through the sun’s rays to see the active camp across the fields, she could hear a few soft voices floating through the barely there wind towards her. Taking a deep breath of encouragement she began her journey towards the camp. Aria was nervous as this would be her first real encounter with these people, sure she had already met a few of them but now she’ll have to interact with them and get to know them, this scared her much more than any walking corpse could. Reaching the outskirts of the camp Aria saw numerous members of the camp sitting around cleaning their clothes or conversing with each other, when she arrived at the camp Aria was greeted first by the over friendly Shane. Shane was sat in a deck chair cleaning his gun; his shirt hung open exposing his chiselled sweaty chest, the sweat glimmered on his chest which made him look enticing “Morning” he flashed a flirty smile “Good sleep?” Aria nodded once politely but before she had time to answer Shane Daryl rudely jumped in.
“She almost damn knifed me” Daryl growled wearing his usual scowl; Rick instantly looked up from cleaning his weapon and narrowed his eyes at Aria.
“Well if I woke up next to you Daryl I’d probably do the same” Shane chuckled mockingly at him, before Daryl had time to explode at Shane’s comment Aria spoke.
“I thought he was a Walker” Aria said making eye contact with Rick “I’m not used to sleeping in a safe place, he startled me so my instincts kind of took over” Aria turned to Daryl to see him still scowling at Shane “sorry about that” Daryl then looked at Aria with a surprised look at her sincere apology.
“Come take a seat” Shane grinned while kicking out a small stool toward Aria for her to sit on, she grabbed the seat moving it a greater distance away from Shane, she didn’t feel comfortable being so close to him. He picked up a bowl which contained some breakfast and handed it to Aria while brushing her fingers in the process; he smiled at her suggestively which she quickly looked away from.
“Thank you” she said plainly while looking down at her bowl of food and letting off a small smile at the feast in her hands. Everyone spoke quietly amongst themselves while Aria kept her full attention on the food in her bowl as she quickly began to devour it. Carol and Lori sat washing clothes in a metal basin while the men sat around cleaning their weapons, excluding Daryl; who stood throwing his hunting knife at a small target which was balanced on a tree stump.
“So you any good with guns?” Shane randomly asked once Aria had almost finished her breakfast “Rick said you only had a knife when they found you”
“I had a service pistol but dropped it when the dead ones were after me” Aria said picking up the last piece of meat and placing it into her mouth.
“Service pistol” Shane muttered thinking about the way she phrased her answer and there was a small silence when he asked an unexpected question “you police?” his question took her off guard which made her nervously twitch as she answered him with an involuntary nod, she instantly regretted her reaction when Shane’s grin spread even wider across his face “Hey Rick” Shane yelled over to Rick who had just walked out the RV, it caught his attention and everyone else’s as well “We’ve got ourselves a fellow police officer over here” Aria’s cheeks burnt bright crimson as everyone’s eager eyes glued to her, everyone brought themselves in closer to hear their conversation, when Rick reached them Shane continued their conversation full of excitement but she kept her eyes looking down into her bowl trying to ignore everyone’s hungry eyes “So what kind of department were you in?” Shane asked wearing an impressed grin he looked ready to burst with excitement. But Aria didn’t want to talk about her past, she didn’t want anyone to know about her past life let alone knowing some of the awful things she had to do back in the old world. She had never told a soul what she did for a living not even her family, let alone a stranger, she couldn’t believe she had just revealed such a huge secret like it was nothing. But in this new world their old lives didn’t matter, nothing really mattered now.
“I really don’t want to talk about it” Aria muttered averting her eyes from all the eager stares, Shane’s smile melted from his face.
“Why not?” He asked blatantly disregarding her desire not to talk about it she scowled at his invasion of her privacy.
“I just don’t like talking about it, I never did” Aria awkwardly shuffled in her chair.
“But you were police, right?” Aria scowled as she thought hard about her answer.
“In a sense, yes I was. But I’m not anymore so can’t we just leave it at that?” she said gazing at the eyes all around her to see their disappointment.
“Oh come on, you can’t just leave us hanging! What department were you in?” Shane said pressing her for an answer when Rick jumped in.
“Shane” Rick said sternly “she said no, respect that” Shane narrowed his eyes at Rick’s warning, Aria smiled softly at Rick while Shane still looked irritated at Rick’s interruption.
“So I’m guessing you’re a good shot then?” Shane asked not letting the subject go.
“Of course. I’m a lot better with close contact---”
“I bet you are” Shane said interrupting her with a flirty remark, she widened her eyes at him slightly shocked by his brazen comment. He gave her a flirtatious look with his mouth hanging open slightly, she could see his tongue tracing the inside of his lips slowly as he kept intense eye contact with her. She scowled at him before looking away and continuing her sentence.
“--I’m a good fighter and pretty good for a knife” Aria heard Daryl scoff from behind her, she didn’t realise he’d stopped doing what he was doing and came to listen in on the conversation like everyone else.
“Careful Daryl she’s already knocked you on your ass once, she could probably do it again” Shane chuckled mocking Daryl once more.
“She got lucky once, but there ain’t no way she’s better with this then I am” he held his hunting knife which glistened in the sun “I was raised doing this”
“Wanna bet?” Aria challenged him as she swivelled around on her stool to look up at him.
“Yeah I do” Daryl scoffed not taking her seriously at all. Aria stood from her seat and smirked as she took a few steps towards Daryl until she was close to him, she looked up into his dark green eyes and scowled
“Let’s do this then” Aria smirked, Daryl smiled back at her as he held his knife up to take, she reached to take the knife when he pulled it from her grasp.
“Careful Darlin’, don’t want you breaking a nail” he scoffed while examining her strong expression, Aria quickly snatched the knife from his hand leaning closer into his body in the process, she smirked before knocking him back with her shoulder as she strutted past him.
“You’re lucky I don’t break you” she boldly teased. Aria grasped Daryl’s big hunter’s knife in her hand firmly, she examined the weight and length of the blade as she held it up to the light. His knife wasn’t meant for throwing, it was meant for butchering animals after catching them, or that’s what Aria hoped he used it for. Aria moved to where Daryl was target practicing earlier, she stared at the small tree stump getting ready to throw when Daryl quickly stopped her.
“Hold on now” he quickly jogged over to the tree stump and placed a shiny red apple on the centre of the stump before jogging to Aria’s side.
“Easy” she gloated. Daryl scoffed in disbelief as he watched Aria eye up her new target. Aria’s eyes locked on to the shiny red apple which glistened in the sunlight, she slowed her breathing down and took softer breaths concentrating on her target. Admittedly Aria had a lot of practice throwing knives at Walkers in the past few weeks, which was to her advantage. She let the weight of the blade balance in her fingers as she loosened her grip; Aria’s breathing came to an abrupt halt. Holding her breath, she extended her arm in front of her body hurling the knife through the air, the knife quickly knocked into the apple with a thud knocking it to the floor, Aria knew she had hit it but none of the others knew as it was knocked out of sight behind the stump. Carl hurriedly ran from behind Lori to retrieve the knife against his mother’s wishes, once he reached the stump he stood in amazement before letting out a noise of excitement. Carl bent down reaching behind the stump and slowly pulled the heavy knife up for the camps eyes to see, the gleaming apple was wedged into the blade, everyone let out a cheer. Carl came walking over with the knife in his hand, which looked gigantic in his child hands, Aria knelt down ready for him to reach her.
“Thanks” she smiled taking the knife carefully from his fingers. Aria brought herself back up to her feet and turned to Daryl who looked at her in disbelief. She handed Daryl the knife once she reached him and smiled smugly, he examined the apple holding it close to his face until finally looking back to Aria in wonder.
“Woah” is all he could muster.
“I know” she said coolly while taking hold of Daryl’s hand and pulling it towards her lips, she carefully took a bite of the apple while keeping eye contact with Daryl the entire time, he watched as the juice of the apple dripped down her plump lips as her icy blue eyes still locked onto his. Daryl looked at her with a rare moment of admiration; Aria sill held her arrogant smirk as she watched Daryl’s eyes wander over her face, she suddenly felt an electrical sensation pass through her finger tips which still rested gently on top of his coarse fingers, the sensation shot through her body causing the hair on her arms to stand on end. Daryl’s rare moment of admiration quickly flushed away as Shane spoke behind them both.
“Holy shit that was insane” Daryl quickly pulled his hand from her grasp and took a few steps back, he looked confused as if something had happened between them which he couldn’t quite understand.
“Looks like we’ve got ourselves another hunter” Dale said happily. Aria finally took her eyes of the puzzled Daryl and looked at the rest of the group, who were all standing there with smiles on their faces, even Carol.
“You can come out with me later” Daryl finally said shaking himself from his daze. “Havin’ aim like that, would be a shame not to use it”
“Sounds good to me” Aria shyly glanced at Daryl who still seemed baffled by something, his dazed dark eyes flickered over her while he seemed lost in a deep though. Aria felt an unusual warm feeling overcome her as he stared at her utterly mystified, she could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks which made her let off an embarrassed half smile. Daryl noticed her small smile and mirrored it before turning away and quickly disappearing behind the other camp members, she had a feeling she wouldn’t see him for the rest of the day.
“Aria” Rick said from behind her “I can show around the land and show you how things work around here, that’s if you’re feeling up to it of course”
“Yeah, that’d be great” she smiled. Aria spent the rest of the day with Rick, Glenn and Andrea, they walked her round the farm telling her how things were run and teaching her about the jobs that needed doing, such as securing the perimeter each night, someone had to stay on watch every day and night, where to get our water from and other little things like that. It was a hard day’s work for Aria as she wasn’t this used to manual labour, but the satisfaction she felt knowing she had helped felt great. It was late afternoon when she had completed the jobs Rick had given her. Aria had spent most of her day working with Glenn they had checked all the fences and gates to makes sure they were safe and secure, they collected water for everyone in the camp then chopped and collected some wood for their fire. She had got to know Glenn a little throughout the day and he seemed like a nice guy, she noticed he wasn’t very talkative when there were a lot of people around but when it was just the two of them he really came out of his shell, she felt sometimes he was a bit afraid to voice his opinions to the others as they often ignored what he had to say, so he had learnt to keep his opinions to himself. She also learnt that Glenn and a woman she had yet to meet called Maggie were very close to her age, they were only a few years apart. She had really enjoyed her day with Glenn and getting to know him but she was hoping they all didn’t expect too much from her, she knew she’d be leaving the camp in a few days but she just hoped that these people weren’t going to make it hard for her to leave after getting to know some of them.



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