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Maggie: Legend

A Dangerous Life

My name is Maggie Greene, and I am currently lying completely naked in the middle of a forest. My story is huge, and I can't tell it all. For one thing, a few days ago, I was with a group of survivors with my husband, Glenn. A few days ago, I went out with Glenn and our group leader, Rick, to gather supplies. I went out in the forest to hopefully find some fruit. The problem was that I never knew the forest was on a hilltop. I fell down and rolled down. My clothes got stuck on a tree, and got ripped off, every last bit, even my underwear. I rolled down and landed next to a lake. I was so tired... I... I slept. I slept. I just woke up and I'm still here. I guess Rick and Glenn never found me.

Anyways, so I stand up after waking up. The sun was just getting up, I imagine I slept for a whole day. I stood up. I felt really warm, despite my nudity. It was summer time according to Andrea's old calendar. I woke up and walked to a nearby lake. I took a dip. I came out of it after a while completely wet with nothing to dry me off. I then walked back and took my knife, which managed to survive. And I kept walking...

I had to keep walking. This is a dangerous life for me... a naked girl on her own. I have to survive this.. or else...



Great start, but needs more detail! Looking forward to see how it goes though!