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Never The Same

Chapter Two

Never The Same Chapter Two

Five Weeks Before The Apocalypse-4:05 A.M.

Avery sat up in bed, groaning as she looked at the time on the clock. Four in the morning and Shane wasn't here. It would figure he wasn't here. Lately he had been taking the night shift at work, while she did the day shift as an intern at Harrison Memorial Hospital. She had got the intern job just two months after marrying Shane and she was glad to have it as it did help some with their bills.

"I feel sick," she muttered to herself before getting out of bed and running to the bathroom. This had become her morning ritual now for the past two days, getting sick during the mornings but being fine the rest of the day. The only one she had told about this was Jessica and she was convinced that Avery was pregnant. Avery herself wasn't so sure, it wasn't like she and Shane were trying for a baby but then again they also weren't trying to be careful either.

Making it to the bathroom, she shut the door behind her and bent down, soon losing the contents of her stomach. After she was done throwing up she flushed the toilet and sat back against the sink waiting for another bout of nausea to begin like it always did soon after she got sick the first time.

"If I am pregnant can't you give mommy a break?" Avery asked as she looked down at her stomach. She had no sooner got those words out then she felt sick again so she moved back to the toilet doing the same as before, though this time instead of leaning against the sink she stood up and opened the cabinet beneath the sink finding the shopping bag which contained a purchase she had made on her way home from work yesterday.

Opening the bag she took out the box which read Early Pregnancy Test. She couldn't believe she had really bought it but she wanted to prove to Jessica that she wasn't pregnant, that she had just came down with some bug.

Avery slowly took the test out of the box, reading the directions carefully before following them and then laying the stick on the sink counter. Sitting down on the edge of the bathtub she waited, feeling as if her whole life depended on this test and in a way maybe it did. If she was pregnant she was convinced that Shane would make her become the stay at home mom he always said he wanted his future wife to be.

When she figured she had waited long enough, Avery moved from where she sat and picked up the stick, her mouth dropping open when two pink lines stared back at her. "I'm pregnant," she whispered so soft that if anyone else where here in the bathroom with her they wouldn't hear her.

Laying the stick down she looked at her reflection in the mirror before looking down at her pajama shirt which hung loosely around her abdomen. Resting a hand on it she couldn't help but finally crack a tiny smile. Even if this baby meant that she would have to give up her dreams of being a nurse she was happy about the pregnancy.

"I'm having a baby," she muttered to herself, realizing that she would have to tell Shane though she wasn't even sure how to do that. It's not like they had much time to see each other anymore except for the brief few minutes before she went to work and he went to bed. Avery figured that conversation may have to wait a few days. She was sure he had mentioned something yesterday morning about doing day shift soon.

Leaving the pregnancy test where it was, she left the bathroom, heading to the kitchen to get some water before going back to bed. She would have to be at work in a few more hours and she wanted to get a bit more sleep before doing a long shift. The only bright spot in her morning was that Jessica would also be doing this shift with her.

"Avery," Shane's voice spoke, rousing Avery from sleep and she opened her eyes, coming face to face with her husband who was hovering over her.

Looking at him confused she sat up in bed, "What?" she asked her eyes drifting to the clock. She still had ten more minutes before she had to get up and ready for work.

Shane looked down and away from his wife after she had sat up in bed. "I...umm...found this in the bathroom," he blushed before holding out the pregnancy test that he had been holding behind his back. "Y..you're pregnant?" he struggled to ask her, his tone coming out shocked.

Avery nodded her head yes. "That's what the test says," she answered him before reaching for his hand and pulling him down on the bed. "You aren't happy?" she asked him not sure if his shocked tone was happiness or anger. She was really rooting for happiness.

"I didn't say I wasn't happy," Shane sighed, running a hand through his brown locks. "I'm just not sure if we can make it with a baby," he answered her as he turned to lock eyes with her. "I mean you know money's tight enough as it is and that's with both of us working. Do you really think we can support a baby right now?"

Shaking her head Avery squeezed his hand, "No," she started before taking a breath. "But I think we can find a way somehow," she answered honestly. "We're going to have too because either way we look at it there is a baby coming."

Shane fell silent at her words, looking away from her gaze. "I wasn't planning on a baby this soon."

"Neither was I but it happened," Avery spoke up before letting go of his hand and slipping out of bed. "I guess that is what we get for not trying to be more careful," she spit out feeling a little hurt that he didn't seem as happy as she felt. She almost felt like she was the only one who wanted this baby right now.

Going to the dresser she picked up her scrubs that she had laid out last night before heading into the bathroom to change. Closing the door behind her she locked it and quickly undressed, throwing her dirty pajamas into the hamper. Tomorrow was the day she usually did laundry with Lori.

As she put her clothes in the hamper she raised an eyebrow as she noticed Shane's work shirt hanging from the towel rack and she picked it up wanting to see if her eyes were playing tricks on her. Though the moment she held the shirt in her hands, seeing the bright red lipstick smudge on the collar she knew her eyes hadn't been playing tricks on her.

"Bastard," she gritted through her teeth before changing into her scrubs quickly and throwing her hair into a half-assed ponytail. Once she felt like she looked presentable she grabbed Shane's shirt and left the bathroom. Not seeing Shane in the bedroom where she left him she knew he had to be in the kitchen. He liked to eat breakfast before going to bed.

Walking down the hall to the kitchen, Avery stopped when she saw Shane at the stove and she could smell the faint scent of bacon frying. "Maybe the real reason you don't want this baby is because of your lady friend," she started watching as Shane turned from the stove to look at her, his face showing some kind of emotion she couldn't read when his eyes landed on the shirt she held in her hands.

"Ave," Shane started but stopped, shaking his head before continuing. "It only happened once. Last night after I helped Cheryl Bryant put her son of a bitch husband in jail for the night. She was lonely and coming onto me. I know I should have said no but I didn't."

Avery just stood there and listened to him. His words were so well rehearsed like he had thought of them for awhile now. Like he knew he would get caught. "Cheryl?" she asked referring to the woman who was a local bartender and married to an abusive asshole. It was no secret that Cheryl had wanted Shane way before Avery had married him. "You slept with Cheryl?" she asked her voice growing as she threw the shirt at him before walking past him and towards the front door.

"I thought you had changed Shane," Avery muttered before reaching for her keys. "I guess you haven't," she spat out before opening the door.

"I have changed," Shane shouted from behind Avery. "It was one little mistake."

Avery glared though her back was to Shane. "It was more than a little mistake," she answered him before stepping on the porch and slamming the door behind her. Making her way to her car, she got in and sped off to the hospital, not wanting to be anywhere near her husband right now. She had really though he could stay true to their vows but she guessed she was wrong. Shane Walsh could never stay true to anything.

Arriving at work, Avery parked her car and headed inside going to the hospital locker room. Seeing Jessica in there already she plastered on a smile and walked to her locker.

"Why the fake smile?" Jessica asked as soon as Avery had made it to the locker. The question caused Avery to chew on her lip as she opened her locker and threw her car keys in it. She should have known she couldn't fool Jessica with a fake smile.

"Just a rough day," she shrugged as she shut the locker door.

Jessica raised an eyebrow, looking her over. "Morning sickness again?" she asked still going on her hunch that Avery was pregnant.

"I got sick this morning but no, that's not my problem right now," Avery rolled her eyes as she walked towards the doors to leave the locker room. "My problem is that my husband had sex with Cheryl last night," she admitted to Jessica before leaving her friend behind.



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