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Never The Same

Chapter Three

Never The Same Chapter Three

Five Weeks Before The Apocalypse

Shane groaned as he watched Avery leave their house angry. He knew he had messed up. Hell he knew when he married her so many months back that he would eventually mess up, he had even told Rick he would, though Rick had tried to assuage his worries. But today he had proved himself right. He had given into Cheryl's advances and messed up his own marriage.

Finishing making his breakfast, he put it on a plate before going to the cordless phone and dialing the number to Avery's cell phone but of course it went to voicemail. She was ignoring him and he didn't blame her. He would ignore himself right now too if he could.

Shaking his head, Shane let out a sigh before this time dialing Rick and Lori's home phone. He knew he would need his friend's help with this one. He knew Avery well enough to know that she would probably end up running to her brother's house tonight instead of coming back home to him.

"Hello," Lori's voice spoke through the receiver of the phone after the third ring.

Shane couldn't help but smile when he heard her voice. He knew Rick would probably be in bed right now. "Is Rick awake?" he asked though he knew she would say no.

"No, you just missed him Shane," Lori spoke and Shane was sure he could hear the smile that was on her face coming through in her voice. "Is what you want important? If it is I can wake him up for you."

Shane shook his head though Lori couldn't see him. "Nah, you will do better than him anyway," he spoke knowing Lori as a woman may be able to help him better than Rick could right now. "I kind of messed shit up with Avery," he admitted glad that Lori couldn't see him right now, he figured if she could she would be giving him a death glare.

Lori hesitated before answering Shane. "Messed things up how?"

"I cheated on her with Cheryl," Shane confessed finally feeling a bit of guilt now that someone else knew of his affair now. He felt almost dirty. Maybe he was dirty after all.

"You did what?!" Lori asked, her voice raising slightly.

Shane chewed on his lip, feeling his cheeks redden. "You heard what I said Lori," he muttered feeling like if he repeated his words he'd look stupid. He knew Lori had heard him plain and clear, she was just being cautious or she was in shock but he didn't understand why this should shock her. Everyone knew he had a time keeping it in his pants, even he could admit that.

"I did hear what you said," Lori finally spoke again. "I just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy. Though I reckon the only crazy one here is you. How could yo do that?"

"Because I wasn't thinking," Shane answered Lori's question. "Cheryl just kept coming onto me and I guess I was just too weak to say no," he shrugged.

"I'd say," Lori chuckled her tone of voice staying sarcastic. "But what can I do to help you?" she asked unsure of how she could get Shane out of this mess.

Shane chewed on his for a second before speaking up. "Avery will probably go to your house once she gets off work," he told her honestly. "She knows what I did and I don't expect her to be coming home to me. I guess I want you to talk her into coming home so we can try to talk through things and shit."

"I'll try Shane," Lori sighed sounding almost like she didn't want to try at all. "But I can't make any guarantees that she will listen to me nor can I say I really want her too," she confessed before hanging up on Shane.

Shane rolled his eyes but hung up the phone as well. Going to where he had put the plate with his breakfast he picked it up and walked to the table where he began to eat. The food was cold but he didn't care that much right now. It seemed the only thing he cared about was making things right with his wife.

Avery clocked out of work and headed into the locker rooms. When she reached her locker she got her keys out and closed the door just in time to see Jessica staring at her which made her jump. "When the hell did you get in here?" she asked having not even heard or seen her friend when she came in here.

A smile crossed Jessica's face and it sent shivers down Avery's spine. "I was hiding, waiting on you," Jessica laughed as she shrugged, opening her own locker. "I was thinking after you told me about Shane cheating that I knew the perfect cure for your pissed off blues," she joked while changing out of her scrubs and into her regular clothes. "Though my plans would require you to change out of those scrubs."

"What exactly are your plans?" Avery asked cautiously, afraid of what her friend would say to her. "I never change clothes here at work," she confessed. "All my plain clothes are at home."

Jessica shrugged, "We can go by my place then and you can borrow some of my clothes," she smiled clearly seeming undeterred in whatever her plans where. "And my plans are to take you out to that new bar in town. Not the one where Cheryl works at though because I don't want you in jail for murdering her."

Avery smirked as she heard Jessica's plans. "I can't drink," she whispered knowing she probably needed to tell Jessica she was pregnant.

"Why can't you drink?" Jessica asked, her eyebrows shooting up.

"Because I am pregnant," Avery confirmed as she smiled some. "I found that out right before finding out my husband was a cheating douche," she laughed though there was a bitter edge to it. "Funny how life works."

Jessica frowned but shut her locker door after she finished changing. "We can still go to the bar. You don't have to drink, I can drink for you. You can look at all the hot men and maybe hook up with one. Give Shane a taste of his own medicine for once."

Avery crinkled her nose before shaking her head no. "I can't do that," she told Jessica, knowing that cheating herself wouldn't help to solve anything that was wrong in her marriage now. "I think I am just going to go to Rick and Lori's for the night," she smiled trying to show that she was thankful for Jessica at least trying.

Without saying anything else, Avery exited the locker rooms, heading outside to where her car was. Getting in she drove off to her brother's house.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me this before hand," Rick spat out as he looked at Lori after Avery finished telling him what had happened between her and Shane this morning. Lori had decided to chime in after Avery finished her story that Shane had called wanting them to convince Avery to come home for the night.

"I didn't see the use," Lori defended as she looked away from Rick. "I wasn't really going to try to send Avery back to Shane tonight. I was going to let her stay here until she calmed down."

Rick shook his head, "I mean you could have told me so I could kill Shane."

Avery who had been looking down at her hands, whipped her head up when Rick mentioned killing Shane. "You wouldn't do that Rick," she reasoned as she chewed on her lip hoping that she was right. "Shane is like a brother to you and you never hurt family no matter what."

"But your his wife," Rick answered as he turned away from Lori to look at his sister. "You are his family and he hurt you," he sighed before standing up from the couch. "He was so afraid of doing just this on your wedding day," he confessed as he remembered the conversation they had, had. He had tried to tell Shane that he was just being paranoid.

Avery laughed hearing Rick's words. "I was afraid of the same thing on my wedding day. I mean about him," she shrugged as she watched Rick stand up. "I eventually just convinced myself that he changed but I guess I was wrong," she frowned feeling like her world was crumbling.

"You weren't wrong," Lori spoke up shocking both Rick and Avery. "Shane has changed but that Cheryl woman just didn't know when to leave it alone," she finished knowing she was defending Shane even if he didn't deserve it.

Avery went silent at Lori's words. She was surprised Lori was defending Shane but she guessed it was fitting since Shane wasn't here to do it himself. "Maybe I am being unfair to just be angry at him," she admitted feeling her cheeks get hot. She was blushing. "But I had just found out I was pregnant and this was the last thing I needed," she whispered finally telling her brother and sister-in-law that she was pregnant.

At that new she just looked at them seeing them both go silent before giving each other a look she couldn't read. She almost felt like they were silently agreeing on sending her back home so she could work things out with Shane.

"M..maybe you should go back home," Rick finally spoke up as he looked away from Lori and returned his gaze to Avery. "Figure things out for that baby you are carrying."

Feeling the bed move, Shane opened his eyes slowly and turned, seeing Avery slipping into bed beside him. "You came home?" he asked glad to see that Lori had talked some sense into her.

"Yeah, I did," Avery whispered before turning away from her husband. "We can talk about things tomorrow okay. Right now I just want to sleep."

Shane nodded a smile forming on his lips as he slipped an arm around her waist. "I'm sorry," he whispered before kissing her shoulder. He wanted her to know that before she went to sleep. That he was sorry he messed things up between them.

Shivering when Shane kissed her arm, Avery closed her eyes wishing that a part of her wasn't wary in trusting him. She wished she could trust him fully but that had been shattered.



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