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Never The Same

Chapter Five

Never The Same Chapter Five

Two Days Before The Apocalypse-3:09 PM

Avery ran a hand through her hair as she sat at Rick's bed side. Not much had changed in three weeks, he was still in a coma and he was still showing no signs of waking up. A part of her wished he would just wake up already because she needed her big brother. She needed him to help her in so many ways. If she was being honest with herself she was still struggling with her miscarriage and also Shane's infidelity even if she acted like things were alright.

"You need to wake up Rick," she spoke as she looked down at her brother. "I know you can hear me and I need you. I need you so bad," she whispered as she shook her head feeling tears stinging at her eyes. It seemed like that was all she did lately was cry. "I need my brother for advice and wisdom."

After speaking she watched Rick for any signs of change and saw none. No signs of change at all not even any little twitches or responses from him. Sighing she stood from the chair and walked outside stopping when she saw Lori and Shane in the waiting room. Ever since the shooting Shane had spent more time with Lori and Carl as well mainly because he felt guilty for what had happened.

Before she could turn to walk towards them Avery felt someone grab her arm and she looked seeing Jessica who just gave her a look.

"The Emergency Room is getting crowded," Jessica defended as she looked at Avery. "Apparently Georgia residents have finally got hit with that super bug that seemed to be contained to just Europe," she sighed remembering a news report she had heard last week about people in Europe coming down with some weird bug that had hospitalized a majority of the citizens. So far though or as of what she had heard today no one had died but there were a few people still close to death.

Avery rolled her eyes but followed Jessica, "Do they even know how it starts?" she asked knowing at this rate it almost seemed airborne. "I mean I don't want to be around some of these patients if the sickness is airborne."

Jessica shook her head no as they finally reached the Emergency Room, "Not yet, apparently there is supposed to be some press conference tonight at ten," she shrugged. "Not sure why so late but that's what they said on the news during my lunch break."

Chewing her lip Avery just nodded and moved her arm away from Jessica. Walking to the nurses station she stopped seeing the head nurse. As soon as she walked to the nurse she was handed a chart not even being asked questions.

"You get done with that patient you come to me and get another," the nurse rattled off making Avery nodded. She had never heard as much concern in someone's voice as she did today. The concern was what scared. What exactly could they be up against right now? Just how bad could this be? Surely someone somewhere would make a vaccine or someone would get better and eventually things would go back to normal.

Looking down at the chart in her hands she froze seeing the name Cheryl Bryant. The woman Shane had cheated on her with was her patient right now. What kind of sick joke was this?

Shaking her head Avery headed to the room Cheryl had been assigned and she went in, "Hello ," she forced a smile trying to stay neutral and not show her real feelings towards the woman. "How are you today?" she asked as she looked at her finally. She knew at least this time it wasn't jealousy when she said the woman looked like shit.

"How do you expect I am Mrs. Walsh?" Cheryl asked back using her snark on Shane's wife even if she did feel horrible. "I feel as if I have been run over by a Mac truck."

Avery nodded making a mental note of that, "And when did you start feeling bad?" she asked as she wrote down some stuff on the chart.

"This morning around nine. It was after my morning walk. I came back in and kept feeling nauseated and the next thing I know I passed out on the floor and my good for nothing abusive husband was actually good for something. He brought me here," she muttered before coughing.

Avery nodded again writing down what Chery had told her, "Was anything today different then other days?" she asked knowing her questions were standard procedure especially in something that was an epidemic or at least Avery was sure this could classify as an epidemic.

Cheryl coughed again but shook her head no, "Everything was as it usually is. I ate breakfast then went for my morning walk."

Jotting down Cheryl's words Avery closed the chart, "Well I am going to go now. I will send off so you can have lab work done and then after that the doctor should get back to you," she smiled before leaving. This time her smile had been genuine because she no longer had to deal with Cheryl anymore.

The rest of the day after being assigned Cheryl went pretty much the same. She had been assigned patients all whom had the same stories as Cheryl. They had gotten nausea then fainted or nearly fainted. It was something Avery knew she had never seen before but she hoped they'd have answers soon.

Sitting her last chart down on the nurses station she sighed looking around for Jessica but not seeing any sign of her. Turning she headed towards the locker rooms to change and get ready to go back home. She would have stopped in to see Rick but she knew it was too late now. It was almost ten at night.

When she opened the door she came to a stop when she saw Shane sitting on one of the benches. "What are you doing in here?" Avery asked as she walked closer to her husband. To be honest she figured Shane would be with Lori and Carl tonight. "I figured Lori would need you for something or that work would have your hands tied."

Shane laughed before pulling Avery down onto his lap after she came to a stop in front of him, "Lori is perfectly fine without my constant presence," he smiled before pulling Avery's head down for a brief kiss. "And I have tonight off. I kind of want to spend it with my wife," he whispered before kissing her again.

Avery returned Shane's kiss and she smiled on his lips glad that he wanted to spend time with her. Glad that it seemed like tonight at least he was putting their marriage first again. Maybe all her struggles could be eased if Shane kept putting their marriage first.

"I should get changed then we can go home," Avery smirked as she pulled away from Shane. "We can go home and pick up where we left off."

Shane just smirked as well watching as Avery moved off his lap. He liked the idea of picking up where they left off.

Later that night Avery awoke as she heard her phone ringing. Looking at the clock she groaned seeing that it was only one in the morning. Why would someone be calling this early?

Sitting up she reached over for the cordless and pressed talk, "Hello?" she asked into the receiver before yawning.

"Avery," Jessica spoke as soon as she heard her friend's voice. "I need a favor from you. I kind of went to the bar after work and got a little too drunk. Could you come pick me up?"

Hearing her friend's voice Avery sighed, "I will be right there," she nodded before hanging up and getting out of bed. Shane was still asleep and she really didn't feel like bothering him with this.

As she slipped her clothes back on she knew Jessica owed her big time. Jessica really owed her. Maybe she could find a way to get Jessica to work her next few shifts at the hospital for payback. Shaking her head she left the room and soon went out to her car. Getting in she started it and drove to the bar she knew Jessica liked to frequent. In fact it was where she had met her last boyfriend whom Avery was surprised hadn't been Jessica's first call.

Pulling into the parking lot of the bar she came to a stop when she saw Jessica. Waiting as the blonde got in she chewed her lip seeing that her friend had clearly been crying. "Did something happen?" she asked after she finally started her car back up and drove off towards Jessica's house.

"Kiefer hit me," Jessica sighed. "That's one of the reasons I called you. I could have rode back with him but after he hit me I really didn't want too."

Avery rolled her eyes as she listened to Jessica speak. Jessica had a habit of picking out men who'd hit her or hurt her somehow. "You sure do know how to pick them Jessie," she muttered under her breath not meaning for it to come out rude but she knew it had.

Glaring Jessica stayed silent until Avery pulled up at her house. As she opened the door she looked over at Avery. "Don't ever judge me for my choice of men when your own husband is a cheating bastard," she spat out harshly before getting out and slamming the door behind her. Deep down she knew Avery was right but that didn't get rid of the sting her words had caused.

Avery jumped as the car door slammed and she sat in the seat in shock. Jessica was right her husband was no better than some of the men she had dated. She knew tomorrow at work she'd have to apologize but for now she was going to drive home and climb into bed with her cheating bastard of a husband. The man who she still loved even if she was struggling with his mistake.



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