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You Are The Wilderness - The Walking Dead Fanfiction


Rick Grimes finally found his son, ex-wife and a best friend safe and sound in the camp just outside of Atlanta but what happens when he looks around trying to find another familiar face and finds out she's not there? What happened to his friend and neighbour Kiara and why she isn't in the group of survivors? Will he ever find her in this post-apocalyptic nightmare of a world they all live in now?

A lot of my fanfiction takes place in few months before apocalypse, when our OC moves to Kings County to start her life away from the loving arms of her family. There she meets very handsome sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, his best friend and partner Shane Walsh, Rick's son Carl and his mother and Rick's ex-wife Lori. With the exception of retrospective chapters I will mostly stick to the course of action as described in the TV series. I will try to upload new chapter every Monday. This is my first ever attempt to write any kind of fanfiction + English is not my mother tongue. I hope you´ll enjoy it nevertheless.


Kiara McBrian

Kiara McBrian

• 24 years old • Irish roots – her family lives in Boston • father – Patrick McBrian – former soldier, now works as a homicide detective for Boston PD • mother – Mary McBrian – nurse at the Boston Children's Hospital • older brother – Colin McBrian – fire fighter for the Boston Fire Department • Capoeira instructor • was a college roommates with Maggie Green • moved to Kings County, into the house right next to Rick's, she commutes to Atlanta, where she opened her own Capoeira studio • has dark auburn dreadlocks that reach her lower back by now, small sidecuts on both sides of her head over her ears • light blue-green eyes that appear almost turquoise under the right light and very fair skin • nose piercing and sleeve tattoo on her right arm • 5'5 feet tall, figure slim and lean yet curvy • is good-natured, easy-going, fierce, loyal and independent, she masks her hurt by anger • weapons of choice – katana, hunting knife, handgun (gift from her father for her 21st birthday)

The Walking Dead characters

The Walking Dead characters



Please update soon!! I really like this story

I am really enjoying this story. I hope you go through all five seasons and beyond.

Natalie73 Natalie73

Omgsh, its getting crazy!! Hopefully kiara wakes up soon.

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX

Can't wait for updates! I'm hooked

Ashleyziur Ashleyziur

aww poor Kiara

Blakeray Blakeray