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Rick and Michonne reach Terminus


Michonne watches as Rick explains to Karl why he must stay at the camp.
“Karl, Michonne and I need to go on a supply run and I need you to stay here to watch and protect Judith.” “Rick, I can help you, you need me.” Karl says. “Why are always treating me like a little kid?” Karl walks away in a huff leaving Rick standing speechless with Judith in his arms. Michonne sees Rick and says, “Let me see if I can talk to him.”

As Karl walks toward the tent given to them by the camp, he unzips the tent walks inside and zips it back up and sits down on the sleeping bag.
Michonne decides to walks up to the closed vinyl door of Karl’s tent. “Knock, Knock can I come in for a sec?”
Karl unzips the tent door then goes back to sit down. As Michonne pushes the door open she walks in zips the door back up. She sits down next to him, “Karl, you are one of the luckiest people today. You and your father were able to reunite with Judith. This is a dream come true for you and Rick. You may not realize it but you father is giving one of the most important jobs in the world to him right. The most important thing in this world to him is keeping the three of you together. Rick has to go on this run for supplies for you and your sister and he trusts you and only you to look out for her so that the two of you will never be separated again. He knows that she will be safe in your care. If something should happen to him out there he will feel better knowing that the two of you are together”, She says. Michonne explains, “Karl, I can’t tell you how to be a man that is your father’s job. But I can tell you how to be an adult. Being an adult requires that you put your ego and your pride aside and to look at the bigger picture. Not to always be concerned with what you want. Believe me you don’t want to pass up a moment with Judith. Not one. I would give anything to hold Andre in my arms one more time. Anything, please don’t be blinded by your need to prove how strong you are to your father he already knows it. O.k?” With a deep exhale Karl realizes that Michonne is right and says, “O.k.” “Right now the most important thing to your father is keeping the three of you together, always.” Michonne tells him.
Karl stands up with a look of Michonne being right and begins to unzip the tent. “One more thing”, Michonne says. “Do me a favor, stop calling him Rick. Two of the greatest titles that anyone could ever have is being called Dad. And I am sure you can figure out what the other title is o.k.?” Karl says, “O.k.” and walks out.

As Karl walks out he zips the tent back up only to find Rick walking around from the back of the tent. “Karl? Can you do me a favor? Can you take Judith over to Tyreese’s tent and get her something to eat?” Rick says. Karl looks at him then at Judith and smiles motioning Rick to pass her to him and he tells him, “Sure Dad”, and begins to walk away while talking gibberish Judith.

As Rick watches Karl walk away he looks up towards the rising sun with smile and begins to walk toward the vinyl door of the tent to thank Michonne when he hears her sobbing. Rick decides that this probably isn’t the best time and walks toward the supply crate to get weapons and bags for the run.

Twenty minutes later Rick sees Michonne emerge from the tent with puffy eyes yet a look of seriousness on her face. Rick begins to walk towards her with his hand extended handing her a couple of bags. “You ready?” he says. Michonne nods her head once and puts the bag around her shoulder. Rick can see in her body language that she has become withdrawn with a look of hopelessness in her movement. “Let’s go” Michonne says and begins walking toward the train tracks not looking at Rick.

As they begin to walk together along the train tracks in silence Rick leans down a little bit in order to catch her eyes while she is looking down. “Hey, thanks for talking to Karl. It seems as though you’re the only one he will listen to reason.” She looks up and turns towards him with a one corner smile, “It was my pleasure he’s a good kid.” He is just trying to find out where his place is in the group other than with the kids, that’s all.” “Well you have definitely got a gift when it comes to Karl” Rick tells her. Michonne gives a little laugh and keeps walking. “Although there was one little inaccuracy that I overheard you tell him.” They both stop walking, “Oh, what was that?” she says. Rick looks toward the tracks that they have to walk and then looks at her and says, “The number, you got the number wrong.It’s four. The most important thing to me is keeping the four of us together.” Rick starts to walk again but pauses for Michonne to walk with him. With a smile of reassurance on her face she starts walking again and says, “Well, I guess I stand corrected.”


  1. Chapter 1: Is there such thing as luck anymore

    Michonne, Rick and Carl reach Terminus looking for a miracle

  2. Chapter 2: Idle talk

    Rick asks about Andre'

  3. Chapter 3: Welcome to Elysium

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  4. Chapter 4: HTH Shock Treatment

    Pools of Zombies

  5. Chapter 5: The Price of Elysium

    Rick discovers that Elysium Fields is far from it's definition

  6. Chapter 6 "Maybe"

    What was once taken for granted in the old world is now like christmas morning in the walking dead world.

  7. Chapter 7: Curiosity

    There is plenty of curiosity to go around between Rick and Chonne'

  8. Chapter 8: Full Circle

    Rick and Michonne start to understand the meaning of full circle

  9. Chapter 9: No regrets

    Rick and Michonne soon find out what it's like to live with "No Regrets"

  10. Chapter 10 Dry goods

    Rick and Michonne start getting prepared to leave Elysium..well sort of.


I am sorry to respond to this so late; I stopped posting on this site a while back because Richonne fanfiction wasn't getting very attention if any at all.
But that thanks for the review you are a doll!


lanie-love09 lanie-love09

I know I'm pretty late with this comment, I only read your story a week ago and then today. I really enjoyed your story and rendering of Michonne and Rick. I think you did a masterful job of matching their recent loss with both of their characters. It's one of the best fanfiction stories that I have read. I would suggest proof reading a little more. There were a few typos that kind of distracted from the story, but overall I was very pleased. I hope that you will submit more stories, especially on Rick and Michonne, I will definitely be following. Thanks.

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