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Lost Redemption


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Lost Redemption is set on a universe that combines elements from both The Walking Dead TV series and the graphic novel.

The following contains SPOILERS for the TV series up to season 4 and the graphic novel up to issue 121.

Lost Redemption is set some time in the future – much after the graphic novel’s issue 121. It’s a universe where the war against The Saviors left all four groups – Alexandria, the Hilltop, the Kingdom and the Saviors themselves – alone and unprotected. Their camps were destroyed and their leaders broken. They had to run away, find new shelter and fight to survive. The two main differences with the graphic novel background are: I based Carol on the TV series character – she’s still alive and Sophia is dead; and I included Daryl Dixon from TWD TV series in this universe.

The story follows new characters coming into the group and how they find our beloved characters after the devastating war. As the story develops we will get to know these new characters, their stories, their pasts, as well as what has happened to Rick's group.

Reviews are welcome in the comments about the story and also about grammar. I’m happy to get corrected in that area in particular.

Hope you enjoy this fanfic as much as I am enjoying writing it!

Disclaimer: I do not own The Walking Dead or any of the characters from the graphic novels and TV series mentioned in this blog. All quotes from the series and characters belong to their rightful owners Robert Kirkman, Frank Darabont, AMC, etc.
All characters that don’t belong to the series belong to me including Nora Walton, Julian, Samael, Lucian, Jackson, etc…

Rated R for language and violence.


Nora Walton

Nora Walton

We follow her as her path crosses with the group.



Great new chapter :) so guess the crazy carl will be the new enemy. love that idea

Glad you liked it. I was dying to publish that chapter, It's the reason I started writing this story :P

WOW!!! Great chapter! what hs happened to Carl? Poor him. Poor Rick. That was amazing.

Of course! I'm only basing Carol and Daryl on the TV series, the rest are all based on the comic books. I picture Michonne as a mix though because I don't particularly like how she gets involved with everyone and is so desperate to get a man on the comics so I'm taking her character from the TV series, but her bigger experiences - like what happened with the governor and her back story before the apocalypse - from the comics.

Great Chapter :) Quick question: Can you explain which characters are the TV counterpart and which ones are their Comic counterpart.
Loving Michonne being in it :)