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Dixons Don't Cry


Tessa Dixon was the product of a lot of alcohol and regret. For the first seven years of her life, she never knows her father, until her seventh birthday when her mother drops her off at his house and leaves her.

Merle Dixon was not a man to abandon a child like his father did to him and his brother. He takes Tessa in reluctantly, but then eventually treats her as if he had been there from the beginning, with the help of his much more responsible and sober brother Daryl, of course.

Now, nineteen years old, Tessa watches as the world goes to shit and people start eating each other. Love and loss, but no tears, of course: Dixons Don't Cry.

[Follows through with TWD story line because I love it, but it is a fanfiction with a new character, so things may be different, especially when season 2 starts; Rated R because of language, violence, and future themes and scenes.]

Tessa's face: Nina Dobrev (but with blue eyes) ; Nick's face: Liam Hemsworth

This same fic is also on MY Wattpad, so if you happen to see it there, please note that that is also my account. Thank you.


FOLLOW MY FAN TUMBLR FOR THIS FANFICTION! It has lots of pictures to help me create muse and you can ask Tessa or Nick or any of the characters questions and will be answered by them IC! It's really fun! CLICK HERE!


Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

Daryl is usually the level headed of the small family, though he still bears the scars from his childhood abuse. He watches over Tessa when Merle is incapacitated, and is more patient with Tessa than her father. At first, he fulfills the responsible parental figure role but is mostly just the cool uncle, and would do anything for his family. He's silent and doesn't open up easily in front of others. Eventually, he is a figure Tessa admires and looks to for guidance and reassurance. Keeping his niece safe is what Daryl cares about most. He and Tessa both are alike in awkward social aspects, but he grows to be a protector and avid member of the group. Daryl grows to be a parental figure for Tessa, even though she is growing to speak and watch out for herself and their new family. One word to describe him: protector.

Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon grew up abused by his father, and lost his mother at a teen age. Drugs, alcohol, fights, and one-night stands are his life, until it all comes back to bite him in the form of a seven year old girl in his living room. When on a fix or drunk, he's rude and crude and downright awful, but off of that, he's as much of a father as anyone could be (just don't let others know that). While he isn't the perfect dad or ever will be, he does love his family and kin. Violent and blunt. He doesn't change, and that comes back to bite him often. One word to describe him: tough.

Nick Saunders

Nick Saunders

Nick is a country boy from the next small town over by where the Greene's live. His family consisted of his father, mother, twin brother Daniel, and little sister Gracelyn before his group was ambushed by rogue bandits. Nick finds himself stabbed and wounded by said rogue group when Tessa saves him. He's handsome and funny and laid-back, and because of this, Tessa dubs him "pretty boy." Underneath his chilled attitude, he's a fierce protector of the group that help him and will do anything to keep his own safe, even if he has a habit of bugging the crap out of Tess. He's sweet, though, and grown-up for a 25 year old. But don't let the pretty face fool you, he doesn't fuck around when it comes to keeping his people safe. All he wants is to find his kid sister and his twin brother. One word to describe him: loyal.

Tessa May Dixon

Tessa May Dixon

Full name is Contessa (but that sounds like an old lady's name). She had a confusing childhood, but eventually ended up as she belonged: a Dixon. Dixon blood runs deep. She hunts, skins, scavenges, and shoots, as taught by Merle and Daryl. Like all Dixons, she has the signature blue eyes and temper (but hers is better controlled). From her dad she learned almost everything, but like her Uncle Daryl, she is kind and smart on the inside. She's nineteen and always a bit immature, especially when it comes to her family or boasting about achievements (like a two year old), but she has a lot of room to learn. Tessa is shy, but once more comfortable, she'll learn to let people in and laugh with others and care about other people. She'll learn to speak rationally and make correct decisions, even if they're hard. She does have good inside even if she can't see it sometimes, and becomes a fighter for the group and care for them all, even through loss. One word to describe her: strong.

Various Group Members

Various Group Members

Includes The Grimes Family, Shane (Deputy Dipshit), Glenn (Short Round), Carol and Sophia, T-Dog, Jacqui, Amy and Andrea, The Greene Family, etc etc.


  1. Pre-Apocolypse

    Drugs. Cancer. Abandoned. Relocated. Reborn. Love.

  2. Day 15

    News. Virus. Shock. Running. Dead. Relocating.

  3. Day 38

    Hunting. Amy. Anger. Sophia. Teaching. Appreciation.

  4. Day 62 - Daytime

    Snakes. Anger. Promises. Officer. Clothes. Ed.

  5. Day 62 - Nighttime

    Bruised. Berries. Caring. Acceptance. Fighting. Amy.

  6. Day 63 / 64

    Mourning. Scavenger. Crossbow. Toys. Glenn. Leaving.

  7. Day 64 - Part One

    Jim. Love. CDC. Jenner. Drinking. Dipshit.

  8. Day 64 - Part Two

    Showers. Shorts. Feelings. Alcohol. Glenn. Interrupted.

  9. Day 65

    Recollection. Synapses. Time. Whiskey. Jacqui. Merle.

  10. Day 67

    Letter. Carl. Highway. Herd. Missing. Confusion.

  11. Day 68

    Tracking. Bells. Praying. Shot. Farm. Blood.

  12. Day 69

    Memory. Town. Anchor. Britney. Savior. Maggie.

  13. Day 70

    Awake. Names. Nick. Shot. Blood. Connie.

  14. Day 72

    Walkers. Anger. Fighting. Carrying. Goodbye. Apologies.

  15. Day 73

    Funeral. Waiting. Shower. Fight. Family. Problem.

  16. Day 81

    Anger. Watch. Mystery. Randall. Search. Reunited.


I absolutely love this story! You probably won't update it ever again, but I would love if you did.

WelcomToTrash WelcomToTrash

So good but the Dixon's should bounce

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Andrea needs her ass kicked

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This is brilliancy

dombast dombast

This is brilliant

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