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Dixons Don't Cry

Day 69

I sat at the coffee table, doing my project for English. It was the beginning of my Junior year, and my teacher Mrs. Loveless, wanted everybody to do this project about yourself. It was basically a sheet of paper with things about your family and what you liked to do, only with just pictures. After school on Tuesday when we received the project, I went down to the store with Uncle Daryl and he bought me glue and colored pencils, and several magazines. It was now Saturday, and it was due Monday, and I had barely started.

I had my pictures cut out from the magazines we had bought: some pictures of motorcycles, camo, woodland animals, and letters to spell my name out to be creative or something. But I needed pictures of my family, it was a requirement, and I couldn't draw for shit. I was alone at home, my daddy out at Skeeter's and Uncle Daryl at his house. He had been there in the morning, but then left for work. I grabbed the remote from next to me and I checked the time on the guide. It was around seven, so he should be home.

I stood and went to my room, grabbing my old leather jacket; it was a bit chilly outside in the September weather. I slid it on and left the house, closing the door behind me without a care. We had nothing to steal, and nobody was stupid enough to break into the Dixon household. I started to make the long walk down the dirt street to hit up Uncle Daryl's house. I knew I could've called, but I wanted to take a walk anyways. All that work had my head spinning (even though I hardly did a thing).

About half an hour later, sometimes walking and other times jogging to get there quicker, I finally reached Uncle Daryl's house. It was similar to me and Daddy's, but a bit smaller and a weird Robin's egg blue color. I frowned seeing that his truck wasn't there. 'He should be home,' I thought to myself. I walked up the path to his house and opened the door; it wasn't locked. While Daddy and I had no problem leaving our door unlocked, Uncle Daryl always liked to lock his just in case. Why the hell would it be unlocked?

I walked in. The lights were still on, the TV running. There was a half-eaten sandwich on the floor, and his house phone was on the couch. I picked it up and set it back in its place on the holster. I turned the TV off from our favorite show, Survival Guy. "Uncle Daryl?" I called out, though I knew he wasn't home. I grew a bit worried. It wasn't like Uncle Daryl to not be home, and to have left everything a mess.

I walked the short hallway to enter his bedroom, even though I knew that this was uncharted territory; nobody goes into Uncle Daryl's room. But I had to check if he was in there. I went looking to see if there was a note anywhere, when I saw a photo album on his nightstand. I went to it and picked it up and flipped it open. Inside the first few pages were pictures of my uncle and dad as kids, which made me smile. Dad was a teenager by the time Uncle Daryl was around eight. Suddenly the pictures of Daddy stopped and they were just a few of Uncle Daryl, and I figured that was when Dad went to Juvi. There were no more kid pictures after one of Uncle Daryl sleeping, and then they changed to pictures of me. I knew my mom had to have taken them by the age I was, but I sat down on the bed and smiled. After four pictures of me as a kid, it changed to pictures of me around nine, when Uncle Daryl went and bought the damn camera. There was when I rode a bike for the first time (before I crashed it and broke it) and when I was shooting. There was only one picture of the three of us, which I remembered Uncle Daryl making us take when we first got the camera. I smiled and took that one out, along with one of me shooting one of Dad's pistols, and me and Dad on the bike. I set the album down, and walked out with the pictures in hand.

I turned out the lights before I left, and I took the key from under the doormat and locked the door. I started to walk home, figuring Uncle Daryl might just be out. Where else would he be?

I was fifteen minutes down my walk, when I saw headlights. I held my hand up to shield my eyes and backed off the road. As it neared, I could see it was Uncle Daryl. I waved the truck down and it pulled to a stop. Uncle Daryl got out of the truck and came around to me. In the washed out light, I could see his face held a look of pain.

"Hey Uncle Daryl, I just went down to your place. You left- Oof,." He cut me off, wrapping me into his arms in a hug. I hugged him back. "Uncle Daryl, you okay?"

He pulled away and looked down at me, and his eyes were filled with sadness. "Tess, while I was just home, I got a call. Merle's in the hospital."

My eyes widened and my hand slapped over my mouth. I shook my head, shutting my eyes, not believing it. Uncle Daryl continued," We gotta get to the hospital, he was in a car accident, was being driven home when another guy slammed right into the passenger's side." I didn't say anything, I only ran past him to get in the truck.

We reached the hospital a half an hour later, after Uncle Daryl explained he was just home when they called, and that he had to get there quickly. He had driven down to their house, but by the time he had gotten there, I had been gone. I had taken the short-cut path down to his house, and he had taken the road. We were rushed into the hospital and told that Daddy needed blood, lots of it. Uncle Daryl knew he could donate because they were matching blood types, but they needed more.

"Check mine!" I said while Uncle Daryl was about to punch the male nurse who was saying there was no way to get enough and being an asshole about our insurance. They both looked to me, cutting off their fight, and then back to each other.

In minutes I was having my finger pricked to be checked while Uncle Daryl's blood was being drawn, and in another ten it came back that I could donate. I wasn't B-type, but O. "That's very lucky for your father, Miss Dixon," the nurse said as he got me ready to have my blood drawn. "Your father is a lucky man, to be alive after being hit on his side."

"Only Merle can kill Merle," I recited, and he chuckled. My eyebrows furrowed a bit in realization. "You said he got hit on his side, and Uncle Daryl said he was the passenger. Who was the driver? Is he okay?"

"She's alright, though her arm is broken and her head was bleeding quite a bit. It seems that she was taking Merle home while he was intoxicated when the accident occurred. If she hadn't hit the brakes a second later, it's likely he wouldn't be alive," he said this simply as if he was talking about the weather, and it kind of made me mad. As if these people didn't matter.

"And she's okay?" I pressed, trying to make sure. She saved my dad's life, in a way. I knew I had to thank her.

"Fine, she's getting patched up after she recovers from the blood she lost."

"Does she need blood too?"

"I'd say she'll be fine in a couple-"

"If she needs any, give her whatever of mine you can," I told him. He looked like he was about to argue, but he was silenced by the look on my face.

Dad was fine after that, but he was couch-ridden for a few weeks while he recovered, which was the most annoying time of my life. Uncle Daryl couldn't show up everyday because of work, and when I got home from school, I had to take care of his whiny ass.

It had been a long night, and an equally long morning. A funeral was held for Otis, who Shane said died to get Carl what he needed for surgery. He had also shaved his head, and I couldn't help but feel wary at his tone. I gave more blood for Carl after the funeral, and Hershel was getting ready to perform the surgery. I couldn't have helped any if I wanted to, because Hershel was adamant that only the people who truly knew what they were doing should help. So, I went out trying to find something to cure my boredom.

Uncle Daryl had left already to go look for Sophia, and I didn't want to spend my day trying to find him to find her. I went to our tent to change into a black men's shirt and a new pair of the over-sized leggings--these in a chocolate brown color--before brushing my teeth and leaving the tent. I shook my head as I noticed it was away from everybody else's tents, but Uncle Daryl wasn't there to complain to, so I'd have to save it for later.

Glenn was then in front of me, with a small smile. "How you doing Tess?" he asked.

"I ain't the one who was shot," I replied with a shrug.

Glenn rolled his eyes at me. "You know what I mean Tess," he said back. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. I lost my hair tie over the course of yesterday and didn't ask Beth if she had one (asking Maggie would be stupid since her hair was short), so I couldn't put it up. It was getting shaggy, maybe Lori would cut it for me if I asked.

"I'm fine Glenn, really," I told him, ruffling the back of my hair. It still felt clean because of the shower yesterday, as did the rest of my body. Glenn nodded slowly, trying to decide whether or not to believe me probably, before he gave a small smile.

"Alright, anyways, I came to ask if you need anything. Maggie and I are going on a run to town." I raised an eyebrow. Him and Maggie were going? Why didn't he ask me? Unless... Oh man, it didn't take social skills to figure this one out. Fucking horndog.

I started laughing. Enough to where I had to lean on my knees for support. I looked up after a minute, calming my laughs, and Glenn was looking at me like I was crazy. "Can I ask why you're laughing?"

I shook my head and stood up, a wide, true smile on my face. I don't think I had smiled this genuine in a while, except for when Carl got shot. Hell, I don't even know if I had laughed this hard. I poked my finger to Glenn's chest, grinning like a crazy person. "You wanna get with Maggie!"

"What?! No!" Glenn bit back, his face turning redder than when he downed the wine at the CDC. "I'm not like that," he muttered, and I rolled my eyes. He was probably thinking I was hurt or some shit.

"Hell Glenn, we ain't married," I said, shaking my head and pushing him back a little. "If ya like Maggie, I don't care."

"But, you were mad and-"

"Hell Glenn, any woman would be mad if the person that groped them forgot about it, but I'm not even sure if I like ya, Short Round. If ya haven't been able to tell, I don't really do feelings, neither does any of my family." He hesitated before nodding and looking away awkwardly. I sighed and rubbed the bridge of my nose before continuing, leaning a bit closer. "Let me come with ya on the run, I'll watch out while ya put the moves on Farmer's Daughta over there," I whispered, and Glenn jumped back and punched me in the shoulder. I started laughing at his blush, and I punched him back with a grin.

"I'm just fuckin' with ya Glenn! Now let me go get my shit out of the tent, and I'll come with you guys, watch your back while you put the moves on Mags." I walked away from the blushing Glenn and retreated back into the tent, grabbing my bow and quiver of bolts, and an empty duffle from the highway to carry supplies in. Did I just tell the guy I made out with and had grope me that I'd help him get laid?

The answer is yes, yes I did.


"So you have everything on that list?" I asked Glenn for the third time from the backseat of Carol's car. He nodded again and told me that he had everything. He seemed a bit jumpy for some reason, and I brushed it off as nervousness from our conversation before. We neared the small pharmacy where Glenn parked, and we all got out. I got out on the driver's side, and nudged Glenn with my crossbow. He looked at me and I winked, and his face flushed red, making me grin.

"I'm gonna go down a ways, see if anything else can help up out," I told the two of them, and Maggie nodded. Glenn glared. I ignored him though, and checked with Maggie," Meet back here in an hour or so?" She nodded, and with one last wink at Glenn when Maggie turned away, I set off in the other direction.

I walked down the street, bow in hand, scanning for any walkers. There weren't a lot from what I could tell. It was strange not to see any. I walked into a small clothing store, figuring I could get some new clothes for our group. I walked in and took down female walker. I stood over her to grab my arrow out of her forehead, and wrinkled my nose. She smelt awful, and looked pretty thin. Her once blonde hair was now missing in places and covered with gunk, and her face was missing a chunk. I shuddered and yanked my arrow out, the end covered in the black, sticky blood. It dripped and I made a 'yuk' sound, before wiping the arrow on some ugly ass sweater with horses all over it. Nobody would be missing it.

It was a chic looking little place, and I walked around, looking at everything. They had nailpolish on one of the shelves, and I slid my hand on the counter and brushed them into my duffle. Sophia might like those when she got back, maybe I could get all of the girls together or something. I never painted my nails anything but black before, and I got a bit excited at the idea of doing something with other girls. Beth and Maggie seemed to like me, which I wasn't used to, but even if they didn't, I could probably sucker Glenn into letting me paint his nails. I could picture him in pink.

I moved a bit aways, and found lots of shoes. I looked down to my hunting books, and knew I had to get something for when it became more hot. I loved my boots, but they weren't the kind you wore during summer with shorts. I looked through the shelves, and finally found a pair of sneakers that were the least plain, but they were still blue and white striped with white laces. I threw them in the bag, figuring they would do even if they got dirty.

"Oh, thanked you Jesus!" I said to myself, going for the clothing racks. Right there was a flannel vest, in blue and black. I threw a small and a medium into my bag with a grin. I searched more racks all around and ended up with more pairs of black leggings (that would actually fit, hallelujah) and panties I actually liked (boyshorts and even a few lacy things just because they were all that was left). Socks galore for everybody too. I threw in some more of the plainer tank-tops and shirts, not knowing what the other women liked. I was about to leave with my now heavier duffle stuffed with things, but stopped when I noticed something on the small jewelry counter.

The bracelet caught my eye. It was a navy blue leather, a simple double strip that tied in a loop on either side and held a silver anchor and rope design; the way it was wrapped by the leather made sure it would not fall away. I picked up one and slid it on my wrist, smiling at how it fit snugly on my skinny wrist. It wouldn't fall off, and it looked pretty, but not too girly. I looked at the second one, and I grabbed it and threw it into the duffle. Sophia would like it, I was sure of it. When we found her, I'd give her the bracelet, and show her that it matched mine. I think she would like that.

I picked up a golden necklace with a pretty flower, wondering if Carol would like it, when I heard bullet shots. My head snapped up, and I threw the necklace in the bag and zipped it up before running to the door. I opened it carefully and looked down the street, where all of the hidden walkers were now limping. They were banging on the door of a small, boarded up store. I saw men running out into a jeep, and I quickly ducked into the corner to hide, but still positioned so I could see the street. The car quickly sped off in the opposite direction of Glenn and Maggie, and I let out a breath of relief. I could probably sneak in the back alleys and make my way back to them, now that all the walkers were drawn where they shot. Stupid fucks, took down walkers with a gun.

That was when I heard the screams from inside the building. Even down the street and through the glass door I could hear the screaming, and my face paled. They... they shot people. I could hear my dad's voice in my head, telling me to make a run for it, that they never did no thing for me, that I shouldn't feel guilty, but I couldn't help it. I groaned, Sophia and Carl's faces flashing in my eyes, and I knew I had to help; somebody could be alive. I looked around for anything to help, since I knew it was useless to use my bow on all of those walkers. My eyes met up with something behind the counter, and I grinned. I took note of the back exit for emergencies, and quickly had to put my plan into motion.

I opened the player and checked for a CD, where a Britney Spears pick was located. They must have played this during the day or breaks, since it was such a small town. It ran on batteries, and that was good. I turned it on and placed it in between the door and the wall, keeping it propped open. I slung my duffle and crossbow on my back and pressed play. The beat started low, and I slammed my hand on the volume button, until it was blaring out.

I ran towards the back exit, swinging the door open and running behind three buildings.

Baby can't you see, I'm callin'--

I waited on the side of the third building, watching as the walkers groaned and made their way down to the small boutique. I grinned, seeing my plan was working. I felt pretty fucking smart. The noise was attracting them, even if it was fucking Britney.

With the taste of your lips I'm on a high, your toxic-

Finally, it cleared enough of them over, where they were now going inside of the boutique after the radio. I ran across and stabbed the walkers that got in my way, which were only three. I made it to the building and threw the door open quickly and closed it tight. I looked around; it had been a small second-hand store, where I practically grew up from childhood to when I was nine. There were several mattresses on the ground, and it looked like the place had been raided, probably by the men that left. I saw a body on the ground of a bloody woman, and I grimaced and looked away, figuring that she was probably the one shot. I left her, and moved farther back into the store, and gasped when I saw the body.

He was bloody in several places, they looked like cuts from a knife, but on his chest with his white shirt, there was a profusely growing blood spot. "Oh shit," I breathed out, and I ran forward to where he was propped against a used couch. I put my ear close to his mouth, and I could feel his breathing. I sighed out in relief.

"I'm gonna help ya out man, jus' hold on, okay? Stay with me," I told him, not sure if he was conscious or not. I started digging into my duffle for the walkie-talkie.

"They- they got my group," he muttered. I nodded and placed my left hand on his shoulder and squeezed. He groaned loudly, and I winced.

"Sorry," I muttered and grabbed the talkie. I pressed down the button. "Maggie, Glenn? Hello? It's Tess. I need you to drive down the street the way I walked, you'll hear Britney Spears playin'. Ignore tha walkers and stop in front of tha boarded up place. I got a guy and he's been hurt, just come quick!" I placed the walkie talkie on the ground and pulled at the guy's shirt. He groaned as I tried to pull it off of him.

"I know it hurts, but stop bitchin' for two minutes. I gotta see what we're workin' with, you ain't been bit, right?" He shook his head, and slowly helped me get his white shirt off. I ignored the heat in my cheeks at his toned muscles and arms, and looked at the stab wound on his chest. He had been stabbed pretty deep.

"We're on our way, Tess. We'll go around so we don't hit all those walkers. Just stay put," Glenn's voice filtered through the radio, and with my left I kept it on the stranger's chest, and the other I reached for the talkie. "Gotcha Glenn, hurry, he's losing blood, we gotta get him to Hershel."

Once again I threw the talkie down. I grabbed his shirt and spread it out on the ground, and started cutting long and thick strips from the fabric. With the help of him being able to shift slightly so I could get a few of them around, I tied them tight over his biggest stab wound. He groaned a bit, but I had them tight to hopefully stop the bleeding. I looked over his other marks again, and frowned. These looked like cuts, not stabs. "What happened?" I asked him.

His voice was low, but he muttered out, his eyes still closed and his breathing heavy. "They... raided here. Fought them when they tried to take my kid sister... she ran outside but there were walkers... brother got taken... shot my mom..." he breather in heavy in between, and my frowned deepened. He lost his whole family to other people, people.

We gotta doctor, he'll fix you up, you're comin' with us," I told him, and he nodded, his head lolling away from me and his long light brown hair hanging down his forehead, dripping with sweat.

"Tess, we're outside, hurry now." Maggie's voice came through the walkie. I threw it in the bag along with the knife and placed the bag back on my arm.

"Come on, pretty boy, we gotta go.," I said, and grabbed his arm. I heaved him up and he helped, but shit he was heavy. I started making my way towards the door, dragging him on my shoulder. He walked but not well, the pain and blood loss getting to him. We only had a little ways to go.

"Come on, asshole, I can't carry you the whole way!" I grunted to him as I tried to support his weight. He really was about twice my size, and his body weighed a ton. I shifted and pulled his arms around my shoulders, his hands hanging just below my breasts.

I heard the smirk in his voice as he said," Man, second base and I didn't even have to buy you dinner, must be my lucky day."

"Shut it or I'll feed you to the walkers, buddy." My face was warm with my blush.

He chuckled. "Walkers? I like that."

We made it to the door and I opened it. A new song had started, blaring down the street.

All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus-

"Oh, this is my song!" he said, and I snorted and shook my head. The car was parked in front, and Maggie got out of the passenger quickly to help me carry the stranger. We helped him get into the backseat quickly, and then we both climbed in, Glenn speeding off.

Our breathing was heavy at our kind of close call, and then the man's head smacked into the window, passed out. I leaned over and listened for breathing, and the warm air tickled my ear. I let out a breath of relief.

I looked to the two in the front, and after I caught my breath, I smiled a small smile. They looked disheveled and their faces were flushed. "Don't tell me I interrupted," I said, a smile on my face. Glenn didn't say anything, but through the mirror I could see his face turn red. Maggie turned around and grinned at me.

"You didn't, the fuckin' gunshots and Britney song did."

We laughed when Glenn groaned and slammed his head into the steering wheel.


Memory; check. Tessa and Glenn friendship interaction; check. Save mysterious hottie; check.

Gasp, I wonder who Tess saved. I wonder who this group of evil guys was. (It's a little bit easy to tell tbh). I actually loved and had fun writing this chapter guys, and I'm sorry, but I'm a die-hard Glaggie shipper, I just couldn't do it. This leaves off in an awkward place but it'll pick up.

Who is the mysterious muscular hot guy Tessa managed to save? Find out next chapter, dun dun duuuuuuun! *flies away*


I absolutely love this story! You probably won't update it ever again, but I would love if you did.

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