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Dixons Don't Cry

Day 81

tumblr: http://mischiefauthor.tumblr.com/ (READ AUTHOR'S NOTE AT THE END!) Special new chapter in Nick's POV!


That was all he could really feel; anger and hurt. Those men attacked them, shot at them. Nick had told Rick that these were the men who attacked his family, but he still brought the young asshole back.


The name was like dirt on his tongue, fucking disgusting. He didn't even have to speak it. Nick slammed his fist down on the roof of the RV. Frustration was his most prevalent emotion, and it was all for that asshole sitting in the shed. He didn't shoot like the others, but that little asshole had stood back and held his little sister, ready to take her with them. Nick knew he was weak though, when the fourteen year old girl slammed on his toe and made a break for it. Nick's heart ached every day for her, the little girl who would have rather taken her chance with flesh-eating dead people than humans; he knew she picked right though.

"How old's your girly?" One of the men asked, the one who came looking for his two men.

Nick buried his face in his hands. Randall's leg was just healing, and they had already gone to drop him off somewhere. It all changed when apparently he went to school with Maggie--he could lead them back here.

The only person that seemed to know what needed to be done was Shane. Randall needed to be dead for them to be safe. Nick had only been in the group for a little over a week, but he had made ties here, ties that bounded him tightly. Nick trusted most of them, and he knew that his best chance of survival was with this group--even though some of them were likely to be killed soon.

His eyes drifted out onto the open farm. He volunteered for watch alone, not really wanting to be around everybody. It was a toss-up on what was going to happen to Randall, and Nick couldn't help feel a little betrayed. He had been brought into this group injured and stabbed, got thrown into fucking drama, and helped all he could, but none of them seemed to want to believe that Randall was a participator in the rogue group's evil, even as a bystander.

Killed my fucking mom, made Gracelyn run off, took Danny...

It hit Nick like a ton of bricks. Those fuckers had taken Danny. Nick knew that his twin had to have been an asset to the men, even as another mouth to feed. Nick and Danny--although fraternal twins--both shared similar qualities. They both grew up learning how to shoot, both were pretty athletic, and both were smart. While Nick was the more laid-back of the two, Danny thought shit through and always had a plan. After being taken, Danny had probably thought Nick would be dead.

But Nick could feel it, the twin bond; in his head, like a wire, he felt his connection to his twin brother. There was no way he could be dead, and he was sure Danny felt it too. A small smile danced across his lips. He started to put himself into his twin brother's shoes: what would Danny do?

Nick snorted at the thought, comparing it to the phrase, What would Jesus do? "Well, set a plague of cannibals onto the earth, first of all... Nick chuckled at his own joke; he'd have to tell Danny that one, when he found him.

Danny would get integrated with the group, step one. After that, Nick likely would have just winged it, as he had been doing so far, but Danny always had a plan. Kind of reminded him of Glenn in a way, but Danny was more of a calculator and could think through things, not just routes.

Step two, Danny would figure out the ropes, be trusted, tell them fake secrets and pretend to belong. Learn where the weapons were.

Step three, take some of the shit from the assholes who killed his family, and find Nick.

"Gotta find Danny," Nick muttered to himself with a small grin. He could go tonight, sneak away and find his brother, and bring him back to the group. He'd probably be asked to leave, but he would have his twin, and together they could find Gracelyn. They'd survive, and it'd be the three of them.

Nick heard a loud scream followed by a stream of mixed laughter. His eyes moved to the figures of two running bodies, and a small smile tugged at his lips again. He looked away for a moment to locate the binoculars, and once he had them, used them to return to the figures.

One thing he would miss when he left, would be the mystery of Contessa May, who he fondly and teasingly called Connie. He loved fucking with her and getting her to blush; it was cute the way her tough little face softened and turned red as a tomato, before shoving him away and making him smirk. A part of him reveled in the fact she let him call her Connie, but not anybody else. He watched her run away from Carl, who seemed to be holding an outstretched intestine from a squirrel and chasing her with it; Nick knew it probably didn't gross the country girl out, but she was just trying to amuse Carl. She had been teaching him to skin all morning, and Nick had been watching for a while, up until Shane and then Dale went to talk to her within two hours, both probably asking her opinion on Randall though she had made her opinion clear.

He felt a bit guilty, as he had pretty much ignored her after the initial discussion about Randall, where Dale had pointed out Tessa saved Nick just like they did Randall; Nick was happy Tessa pointed out that Nick didn't try to kill her and was attacked, but not everybody seemed to care, even after Nick identified them as the attackers. Stupid fucks, aren't ready to live in this world, make choices. Bet they all voted for the death penalty before this, can't seem to do it now. That first night in the house they had set up sleeping bags by each other, but by the next night Nick was outside in protest of Randall, leaving his friend Connie in the dust.

He watched once more as Tessa started laughing louder, grabbing Carl's wrists and mock wrestling with him. Nick smiled; she was so tough, but so gentle. She was a damn mystery sometimes, even after he had gotten to know things about her. She was nineteen, still immature sometimes, but she was smart, and knew how to carry herself, and damn it if she wasn't pretty. Back before all of this shit, he wasn't sure if his twenty-five year old self would have ever gone for the six-year younger girl, especially with an uncle like that (he could only imagine her dad), but with the world wild and people dying, he considered it fucking luck that she had hauled him out of the store and saved him, for nothing, and just so happened to be fucking pretty. She was ready to kill Randall, but had given Nick a chance when she knew nothing about him; it was a damn mystery.

Maybe he would ask her to come with them, when they left. She was a friend to him, even more than that. She had saved his life, and given him somebody to count on, a place to stay, a place to belong. He was sure she would love Danny, even if his brother was a little bit more uptight than himself. No, she would love Danny, and after witnessing how much she cared for the Sophia girl, Nick knew she would just adore Gracelyn when they found her. Danny and Grace would love her too, she was sweet and funny, could hunt, maybe teach Grace how to skin like she did with Carl. A family, a little fucked up family, but a family they could be. He could get to know her more, and maybe, one day soon, they--

Nick's fantasy was cut short when he saw Daryl making his way to Tessa and Carl. All at once the little picture in his head was gone, as Tessa and Daryl looked at each other and spoke a few words, before Daryl gripped her shoulder and handed her a long snake and retreated. A smile was on her face at her favorite piece of game (as she had told Nick that first day), and she quickly turned to Carl, probably telling him she would teach him about the snake now. Connie and Daryl had been fighting for a while, and he knew the snake was a peace offering. Nick felt his hope drop a bit, knowing that Tessa would never leave her uncle; by the way she talked, her uncle was all she had left, and he knew no way she was leaving if he didn't.

Maybe Daryl could come too, Nick thought to himself, moving his binoculars from his brief glance at Connie's turned ass (she was wearing those shorts--good Lord, even Glenn had looked once today) and moved them to Daryl. Hope was gone though, when he watched Daryl walk to where Carol was on the porch, and handed her a small flower. No matter how much he would deny it, Daryl would not leave; he belonged here, and here he would stay, and since he would stay, Tessa would too.

Nick sighed and set the binoculars down. It was the late afternoon, and Nick knew he had to leave now while everybody was occupied. He could take a car, and he would be gone in just enough time to get Danny and come back to get his things and leave. He needed to get a car first and knew Rick wouldn't let him have one. A light went off in his head, and Nick smirked. He knew exactly who to ask.

It took him ten minutes to get off the RV and find him, but when he did, Nick faced Shane with confidence.

"Hey Nick," Shane nodded to him with respect.

"Hey," Nick replied with a nod of his own. He moved closer to the standing Shane, who held a rifle across his chest. "I need a favor."

"How big of a favor?" Shane asked with a raised eyebrow, eying him a bit skeptically. Nick bit his lip nervously, before placing his hands on his hips and looking to the ground as he spoke.

"I know my brother is with those guys, and these guys at the bar gave a hint of where they might be. I wanna go check it out, bust my brother out, and then I'll be gone," Nick explained to the man he respected. A silence fell between them. Nick's light blue eyes met Shane's dark ones, and they both held each other's gazes, trying to read the other.

It was a minute before Shane asked," I'm just supposed to let you have a car? How am I supposed to trust you, man? How do you even know you're brother's there?"

"Look, I'll be out of your hair. If they're where Randall says, I'll have my brother, and I'll come back and kill Randall for you--it won't be a problem, I'll be leaving anyways. Gotta find my sister. He's alive; he's my twin, I just know."

It was several more minutes of debating, before Shane nodded, and agreed to give Nick keys to one of his cars. Shane pulled a pair of keys from his pockets, but before dropping them into Nick's hand, he looked him square in the eyes. "You got my back, kid?"

"I got you, man," Nick agreed with a nod, and the keys were in his outstretched palm. He bid Shane a goodbye and turned to leave the barn area, where Shane was guarding Randall.

"It ain't my business, but can I ask a question?" Shane asked him, and Nick turned one more to face him.


"What about the girl?" Nick didn't need to ask who he was talking about. A pain erupted in his chest, but Nick simply shook his head.

"She'll be fine. Take care of her."

"Will do, man." Nick trusted those simple three words more than any other person besides Daryl; Shane would be able to keep her safe the longest, in the end. Shane told him where Randall said they were, and he left.

Nick gathered up a gun from the RV quickly and quietly, grabbed one the emergency bag left in there, before heading to the designated car. He threw in the gun and his bag in the seat and slid in, quickly starting up the car. He drove off without a hitch, and was soon on the road, making his way to where Randall's instructions dictated. He would find his brother, he could feel the mental string tugging.

I'm coming, Danny, he thought to his brother, and stepped on the gas a little harder.


Nick drove out to the location--a little place by a windmill. He could tell this had to be the place since it looked fortified. The building had a large fence around it, but he still had to hide because of the guards. After scouting for an hour, Nick retreated back into the woods to wait for nightfall, when it would be easiest to make an escape.

So Nick waited, the rifle in his hands just in case. His mind wandered all over the place, eventually curing his boredom with stupid acts. He pulled his father's wallet out after an hour of unloading and reloading the gun several times.

Nick wasn't sure why he took the wallet when his dad died; he just felt like he needed a token to remember him by. He was happy he took it too, thinking about it, as his father had the pictures in his wallet.

For a long time he analyzed each photo. The first was Gracelyn's recent school picture; she had just started her eight grade year was was supposed to be going into her freshman year, freshly fourteen. Maybe it's lucky, Nick thought to himself with a smirk as he ran his thumb over her wide smile, Freshman year sucks.

The next pictures were of Nick and Danny, their senior portraits. Though fraternal, in high school, the two looked a lot more alike. You could tell them apart easily, but the resemblance in the blue eyes and brownish hair and facial structure was undeniable. Nick's hair was more disheveled and wild while Danny's was combed and neat, Nick's smile was wide and cheeky, and Danny's was wide but still had a hint of maturity. The twins were best friends, but Danny was always the one who had a bigger sense of responsibility.

The last photo was one of those stupid family pictures, taken at easter when both boys had come home from college (raising hell together at University of Georgia). His mom insisted on it almost three years ago, and bought them all matching white dress shirts and new jeans. Gracelyn stood out with her wild brown curls and toothy smile; she was only ten here, but that smile was eternal. His mother and father stood together, smiling. Nick smiled, hoping they were both in a better place now, far away from all this shit.

It was growing darker now, and Nick knew it was time to scout again. He grabbed Dale's borrowed rifle and got out of the car. He slowly made his way through the trees; it was about a fifteen minute walk from where he parked the car to the fence. He stayed hidden in the tree-line, crouched in a bush. He could hear voices, and Nick tried to hone in on them.

"-hate fuckin' patrol," a male with a deep accent swore.

"Just get over it, Georgie" he heard a familiar voice state, and Nick's stomach flipped. Danny!

Georgie complained still," Just because we barely joined, they put us on the graveyard shift! Fuckin' bullshit!"

Nick rolled his eyes at the Georgie guy; he sounded pretty young. He let them talk a bit more before Danny told him to shut up, and Nick knew it was his time to get his brother. How the hell was he supposed to get him over here? Probably should have thought about that, Nick thought sheepishly; Danny always made the plan, not him.

It took him a minute to think before an idea hit him. His dad had taught the two of them a bird's whistle, so they knew when to shoot. Danny would recognize it, he had to. I'm here Danny. Nick put his index and middle finger into his mouth, and made the loud whistle.

"What the fuck is that?" Georgie asked, his voice a little worried. "Biters don't do that, do they?"

"Don't be fucking dumb. It's this bird, big piece of game," Danny answered, his voice low. Nick knew that Danny recognized it. Nick whistled again, and Danny laughed.

"What? Why the hell ya laughin'?" Georgie demanded from Nick's twin.

"It's a big bird; I'm gonna try to go get it before it gets too dark, those birds could feed some of the kids, they'll need it tonight since rations are low today."

"Alright, go. Long as my little brother gets an extra hunk of leg from this bird, and ya don't let Boss know letcha go!" Georgie said.

"Will do. Thanks Georgie," Danny said, and Nick made the whistle once more as he heard Danny's steps. Nick stepped farther back into the trees as he heard the footsteps gradually get louder and louder, until he finally saw the outline of a man. Danny's familiar face was illuminated by the light, and Nick grinned at his brother wide. Danny smiled back, and with a nod, the two ran, Danny following behind Nick.

They reached the car after eight minutes of running, and Danny let off two shots into the air to give a bit of stall time. Into the passenger seat he went, and Nick in the driver's. As soon as the brothers were in the car, Nick punched the gas and turned quickly, moving to get back onto the main road. After five minutes of driving along the path, he hit the asphalt road and was down the path for farm.

It was silent between the brothers for a minute, before Danny broke the silence.

"Thanks for coming for me, bro."

"Wasn't ever going to give up looking."


I'm going to start adding pictures to some chapters. I'd like to share what gives me inspiration to write certain chapters. This chapter started off in Tessa's POV, but then Nick just slapped me on the shoulder and said "Hey, no, you gotta tell it like this." And so I let Nick tell the story, which led to finding his brother, Danny. Seems like everything is going pretty good, huh?... HAHAHAHA. Not for long obviously. After the next chapter, everything will start splitting from the show for a while.

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I absolutely love this story! You probably won't update it ever again, but I would love if you did.

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