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Dixons Don't Cry

Day 64 - Part Two

I threw my bag and weapons into the empty room next to Uncle Daryl's, almost at the end of the long hall Jenner had brought us to. There were bedrooms down this hall, a living room/rec room type space, and just when we all thought it couldn't get any better than a warm bed to sleep in and games and alcohol, Jenner said the magic words.

"Go easy on the hot water."

Naturally everybody was scrambling, all of us wanting to feel that hot water, so much better than the cold lake water of the quarry we bathed in. And now we hadn't bathed in days, trying to salvage all of our water since there wasn't much left.

I slipped out of my brown boots and took my socks off, throwing them in the corner next to a chair. I grabbed clothes out of my bag, grimacing that none of them were pajamas. I usually slept in my jeans since this all started, and didn't see the necessity. I sighed and grabbed my new clean clothes from today and left to the showers.

I walked into the shower room, which had different stalls lining the walls. I grabbed a towel from the rack. Some of the group were already in the shower and some leaving. I waved hi to an exiting, shirtless T-Dog with a blush before I slipped into a stall in the corner. I set my clothes and towel on a shelf to keep them dry while I showered. I stripped down and set my dirty clothes up with the others, before twisting the knob on hot.

I gasped at the hot water singed my skin, but then sighed deeply as it became the greatest feeling. The dirt and grime and blood fall from my body, leaving a murky brownish-red pool of water going down the drain at my feet.

I washed my body with the small, bland vanilla soaps that were like heaven right now. I stayed in the shower for half an hour, just scrubbing and rinsing my body and hair. I washed my hair and condition twice, just to feel the smoothness of the wet strands through my fingers. I shaved with what I had brought at the start of the apocalypse and never really used but a few times, mostly just wearing t-shirts and jeans.

Finally, I turned the shower off, and quickly dried myself off with the fluffy towel. I threw on my new jeans and black razorback tank-top after my new undergarments. It felt nice to simply be clean again, dressed in new clothes. I used the towel to ruffle my wet hair and get it a bit drier before I tied my hair back in a messy bun on my head.

I gathered all of my dirty clothes and left the bathroom, quickly moving down the hall to the room I had picked for myself. I threw the clothes on a chair in the far corner of the room and plopped onto the bed. The alcohol was making me tired yet completely awake, a weird combination, but it felt good nonetheless. The bed was soft, and I sank right into the soft mattress. The pillow was firm just how I liked it. I settled myself into the middle of the bed, resting on top of all the sheets. I laid for a minute but then grew uncomfortable in the jeans. I sighed and stood and crossed to my bag, digging for anything to wear. I finally found a pair of jean shorts in the bottom of my backpack. "Yes!" I muttered to myself, quickly stripping out of my jeans and hobbling into the shorts, my balance thrown off from the wine.

As I was finishing pulling the jean shorts up, the door opened. "Hey Tess, your uncle sa- Oh God!" Glenn had opened the door and after getting a good view of my bare things, sharply turned and closed the door quickly. My cheeks flushed bright red in anger and embarrassment at the Asian boy.

"Fucking Glenn," I hissed as I yanked my shorts up and buttoned them. I crossed the short distance to the door and yanked it open, giving a sharp glare to the Asian boy standing in front of it, his face red and his eyes looking like a kicked puppy. "What?" I asked sharply, my Dixon temper kicking in.

"Tess, I'm sorry!" he started, and it read in his expression. "Daryl said you were in this room and I just wanted to talk for a second." His lips kept tugging at the sides in nervousness, and I had my eyes squinted at him, looking sharply like Uncle Daryl did when he gave to the look. Yeah, that look.

I pursed my lips before rolling my eyes and nodding, opening the door so he could pass through. He walked in and I closed the door. And turned to Glenn who was standing awkwardly in the middle of the small room. "What'd you wanna talk about?" I asked him as I walked over to the bed and plopped down in the side of it, crossing my legs and leaning back on my hands.

Glenn looked to me and his eyes only widened a bit, making me raise an eyebrow. "Uhh..." he said, awkwardly looking away.

"Well? You come bargin' in here, see me with my shorts down, an' ya can't even tell me what you was gonna say?" I ask him, trying not to smile.

His face flushed bright red and he started to stutter out a reply, but I just laughed loudly, throwing myself down on the bed. I sat back up and shoot my head at Glenn's very confused, very red face. "I'm just fuckin' with you, Short Round," i said, shaking my head and laughing in between words. He was so easy to rile up. It was just somethin' we did in our family, fuck with each other. I remember Daddy used to rile me up about a hunt and it's get me so pissed. Then I learned to fight back, and it became sort of a competition between the three Dixons.

As Glenn regained composure, his embarrassed expression turned into a stupid smile as he sat down on the bed next to me. "You are something else," Glenn said, shaking his head.

I shot him a cheeky smile before we both chuckled again. It grew silent between us for a minute. "What did ya want Glenn?" I asked him cutting the growing awkward silence.

"Oh, I uh," he stumbled over his words and his cheeks were red again, and he wouldn't look at me.

"I just uh, wanted to talk to you, about..."

"Spit it out already, dear God," I snapped, my patience growing thing as the alcohol set in my tiredness. I rubbed my eyes with my palms, and nearly took my eye out as Glenn blurted out,

"I like you!"

I froze, slowly lowering my hands from my eyes. He... liked me? I wasn't stupid enough to think he meant as a friend, but was he really thinking what he said? Before I could say anything, Glenn started to talk, so I averted eye-contact.

"Well, at least I think I do," he sighed, pinching his nose for a second before sighing again. "It's just, since I showed at camp I thought you were pretty, like of course, but then your dad and uncle were crazy and I thought you were--no offense. But then I started seeing you around more and you were just shy and the other day at the store and before that run to Atlanta and we held hands and dinner and I don't know!" He groaned and covered his face with his hands, falling back onto the bed. He didn't move his hands, and I sat still, trying to process everything.

He thought I was pretty? I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and blushed a bit. Glenn was cute, even if he was a China-Korea-whateverthefuck-Man. He was funny and he was smart, two things I did think were admirable. We had fun together and laughed together, and he made me feel normal. Tonight as we drank together we had bonded a bit more it seemed. But did I like him? I don't have feelings for people--for boys; none of them had my heart like Uncle Daryl or Daddy had. Glenn had made me feel those weird butterflies, and right now they were shaking a storm up. I think I like him, but I still don't know.

"I don't know either," I said softly, my shyness creeping up in the form of heat in my cheeks. Glenn sat up and sighed again as we both sat in silence.

Glenn broke it after a few minutes. "What do we do?" he asked. I shrugged and looked to him, actually meeting his eyes. They were dark brown, almost black, and he looked a lot better all cleaned up and without that stupid fucking hat. His dark eyes met my blue ones, and my breathing hitched.

Glenn's lips met mine without me expecting it, and at the touch of our lips, the alcohol in both of our systems kicked alive. We grabbed on to each other, our lips attacking each other's quickly. My arms wrapped around his neck as I pulled him closer, and his went around my waist.

He pressed me onto the bed without breaking our intense kiss. We broke off to awkwardly catch our breaths, before going at it once more.

Glenn pressed his hips into me and I wrapped my legs around his lips, making him groan against my mouth. I liked him, I was sure of it, or at least that was what my clouded mind was screaming as Glenn kissed me.

I groaned as he pulled away. "Don't be a pussy," I told him, pulling him back down to me and biting his bottom lip. He gasped from how hard I nipped him. When he didn't respond, I did it again. Finally, Glenn nipped my lip back, making me smile against his lips as I tightened my legs. I felt his length against my thigh, and I chuckled a bit as Glenn's mouth moved awkwardly down to my neck and started sloppily kissing. Had he ever kissed a girl before? Oh well, I thought, fuck it, he can learn.

I grabbed Glenn's hands from my sides and slowly slid them up my sides, nearly to my breasts. Glenn started to moan and his hips bucked, he nearly was about to grab my breasts, I started to moan-

Knock, knock. "Tessa?" Uncle Daryl's voice carried at the door.

That snapped my senses into me and in two seconds I had my legs unwrapped and Glenn kicked to the floor with a loud thud. He scrambled to his feet and flattened his hair, and ran to the chair in the corner, throwing my stuff to the floor and sitting down, covering where his hard-on was showing by sitting awkwardly. I sat up and fixed my shirt and called out to my uncle," Come in!"

Uncle Daryl was clad in his normal clothes, but looked cleaner than ever. He entered the room and his eyes landed on Glenn's awkward stature and my all-too-casual one. I was sure my lips were swollen and my face was flushed.

"Just checkin' on ya Tessa," he said, his hunter eyes looking deeply at me, taking in every detail. He look away from me and to Glenn Yep, he knew. "'Bout time you should sleep, come on chinaman," Uncle Daryl said, grabbing Glenn's arm and yanking him up, dragging him out of the room and slamming the door shut.

"Goodnight," I whispered, before sighing and laying down and shutting my eyes, my head spinning.


Poor Glenn, doesn't know where to put his hands. Comment <3


I absolutely love this story! You probably won't update it ever again, but I would love if you did.

WelcomToTrash WelcomToTrash

So good but the Dixon's should bounce

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Andrea needs her ass kicked

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This is brilliancy

dombast dombast

This is brilliant

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