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Hope Dies Last


Laughter sounds across the courtyard. Chloe's blonde curls bounce as she runs from her sister and Dj wobbles after them reaching with his tiny hands to catch his sisters.
When this new world started i would have never imagined children in it. This world seemed too dark and unable to inhabit such innocence. But here we are. Maggie and Glenn have two kids of their own, judith has grown into much more than we thought was possible, Carl has a girlfriend, Rick has "remarried", everyone has something from their old lives they never thought possible. Only thing missing is daddy, even though things are good, they're still dangerous, but that's beyond the walls that protect us.
An arm snakes around my waist and pulls me close his head finds my hair and he kisses it. "Never thought this would be possible." He murmurs my thoughts out loud. You'd think i'd be used to his strong southern accent by now but it still sends shivers through my spin.
We stand there soaking in our surroundings even tho we've been here for maybe four years we still act like its our last nite here, ready for the day we have to flee, even though this is supposed to be a place untouchable.
I turn to Daryl, the moon lighting his face, the face I love, and it takes me back to that night over 5 years ago, after we all escaped the place known as terminus....

ok kinda short but the rest will be longer. :) let me know what you think so far.


Beth Greene-Dixon

Beth Greene-Dixon

Daughter of Hershel, "married" to Daryl

Chloe Anna Dixon

Chloe Anna Dixon

Daughter of Beth and Daryl

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

"married" to beth,

Dj, (Daryl Richard Dixon)

Dj, (Daryl Richard Dixon)

Son of Beth and Daryl

Maddilynn Michelle Dixon

Maddilynn Michelle Dixon

Daughter of Beth and Daryl

The Walking Dead folks

The Walking Dead folks

Rick, Carl, Michonne, Carol, Tyrese, Beth, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, etc.


  1. Confessions in the Moonlight

    after they escape terminus.

  2. Chronicles of Being Taken

    Part 1. Of Beth's story: Beginning to a Hero

  3. Chronicles of Being Taken: Outrage

    insight into Beth more, and the build up to being a hero,

  4. Hope Dies Last:Where it all started

    ok so after my last installment and the scene where she is making a headband i just thought was pretty perfect. there you see the thing between them start to blossom. but just when and where and how did it all start? so here it is.


im not sure why... it certainly isnt finished

ads311 ads311

why it says complete? this isn't finish

Bethyl4ever Bethyl4ever

So far, so good :) can't wait to read more!

c1ndylou c1ndylou

I am really loving this story and can not wait for what comes next. Hope you continue!

ddbgfan ddbgfan

3 babies awe love them so much

Bethyl4ever Bethyl4ever