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I Promise I'm Coming Home

I Love Him I Just...

Dasha sighed as she walked into the house that night after work. It was three bedrooms one bath, made for a family, and it was empty now, just her. She didn't ever admit to being lonely since it wasn't her style, but when she came home at the end of the night, she was reminded that she was indeed alone. All alone with Daryl in a prison cell with Merle, saving the money she put on his books to buy a package of Ramon noodles over eating beans and ham sandwiches every day, with whatever else thrown in that the prison considered a meal. It was lonely, she would walk through the house and not hear the sound of video games, the thick 'hick' draw of her lover yelling at the T.V, her baby 'Sugar' barking at the tv, clearly as angry at the game as Daryl was.

She didn't hear Merle in the kitchen bitching about how she didn't have the beer he was wanting. Every step through the empty house resounded that she was alone. The clicking of her heels echoed every step against hard wood floors as she walked into the kitchen, eyes trailing across the room where right beside the stove sat Sugar, a ten month old blue nose Pitt Bull, who perked up at the sound of a person, only to whine when she saw that Daryl wasn't home.

"Not yet girl, but he sends love."

Dasha sighed as she refilled the water dish and food dish on the floor where the dogs bowls were before she walked back through the house, without Daryl home she walked through the house more often than she normally did, mainly to make sure that no one had come in while she was gone, and also to simply keep herself busy. She had told Ellie that it got easier, though as Dasha walked into the bedroom and saw the large bed empty and waiting.. she had told Ellie it got easier, but even Dasha found herself questioning the logic she held so tightly to.

At the small little cafe, Dasha looked over the menu in front of her debating about what looked good and what didn't, only raising a brow as she noticed the woman she was with wasn't really looking at the menu, she was just staring into space, looking like it would come to life and begin talking to her.

"So what is he in for?"

Dasha smirked seeing the woman seem to snap back to reality and look almost offended at the question that Dasha had asked, but the dark haired woman didn't think that she had warranted that look. The two women were in the same position, both of their men were in prison and they were left to pick up the pieces of a broken life and figure out how to make it work.

"He didn't do it. Shane is a good man, he wouldn't do something that would get him thrown in prison."

The green eyed woman firmly believed what she was saying and Dasha had to smile, she knew that feeling, hell she had lived that feeling. But she shrugged figuring that she would go ahead and let the comment slide, besides if Ellie planned on getting through this with her man in prison, she was going to need help.

"Hm...so you say, but no bond, someone thinks he's guilty."

Dasha knew that in reality she should feel bad, but she wasn't being judgmental, when Daryl went in, she got all the pitying looks, all the judgmental glares from people who didn't know her from Joe, she sill got that look and with her job now, well she fit in perfectly with the stereotype 'trash' that people would think she was when they didn't know her.

"I...can you just take me home? I appreciate the offer for lunch and everything, but I just.. I want to go home."

Ellie couldn't stand it, she didn't want to be in the presence of this woman, she didn't want to hear if it got easier, she didn't want to hear that someone some where thought that Shane was guilty, she could easily SEE that herself, obviously someone thought the worst of him and made it look like he had done something.

"Okay, we get lunch another time."

Ellie was glad that the woman didn't seem to make a big deal about taking her home, they hadn't ordered anything so Ellie just set down a few dollars for the drinks before walking back towards the black Trans Am, and gave the woman her address. Though the ride was quite, Ellie didn't' feel like talking, this woman..'Dasha' had already made it clear that she thought Shane was guilty, or thought that they were in the same position..they weren't! Shane was innocent and would be proved innocent, Ellie didn't know what her man had done and she didn't care either.

Dasha just shrugged though as she drove, she could tell that the woman probably wouldn't talk anymore, not that she could blame her, it was a lot to take in, and Dasha could understand, especially since whatever this..Walsh man had done something pretty bad if he if was in without a bond. Though when Daryl went in he had a bond, she couldn't afford it but it was there, and with Merle's track record no bonding company would even look at the case.

"We are same, you and I, we're in same boat."

Dasha said as she drove, the radio was playing the country sound 'I Hold On' making Dasha smirk while she was Russian and most wouldn't think that she still listened to Country, she did, she blamed Daryl since he had started her on it in their youth in high school.

The little suburban home came into view and Dasha stopped when her GPS said that she had reached the destination, and she flicked her eyes back to Ellie and sighed taking out a card, it had her name and cell phone number. "If you need help, call."

Ellie looked at the card and nodded before stepping out of the car slamming the door and watched as it sped off. She wasn't in the mood o talk to anyone, she just wanted to go home and crawl in bed. She didn't want or need the remainder of the day to sulk on. Though when she opened her front door, something didn't feel right... it was a off feeling like something was out of place, almost as if someone had been in her personal space. Ariel would of called if she was coming over, and Chulupa would of gone ape shit if someone was here, nothing was out of place...

'I am loosing it..'

Just as Ellie turned on the lamp, a silhouette of a figure was on her couch causing the redhead woman to shriek and stumble back wards, hitting her hip against the little side table that was beside the door.

"Ellie! calm down! It's me, it's Rick, shit I didn't mean to scare you, calm down!"

A slightly deep voice said making the green eyed woman look at the figure, now in the light she could see that it was indeed Rick, her near brother in law, and her husband's best friend since before Ellie even knew Shane was alive. Rick was in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, eyes wide like she had scared him as much as he had scared her.

"Jesus fucking Christ Rick! call before you come over or something, how did you even get in?"

"Spare key under the flower pot. You need a new hiding spot."

Ellie sighed and shook her head rubbing her temples before sighing. "Look I'm exhausted, I've had a shitty day, did you need something?" She liked Rick like a brother in law, and he was a nice enough person, divorced and had a son, but still right now she just wasn't in the mood for company.

"I just thought I'd check in, see how you were holding up?"

Ellie looked at Rick and shook her head, she didn't know how to answer that question, so instead she shrugged. "I woke p this morning, showered and made it out of bed, so that's something." Ellie didn't complain when Rick said he would be checking in, that he would be there if she needed anything. He was a nice guy, a good guy, so Ellie shook off the feeling of... offness that hung around when she was with Rick alone, and instead turned to feeding the animals, and washed the dishes, settling in for the night. Though as the sun sunk below the horizon she felt herself laying on the couch with that same ache in her heart, as she forced herself up the stairs to her room, Chulupa and Ser Pounce already on the bed waiting, Ser Pounce on Ellie's pillow while Chulupa sat at the foot of the bed. Well at least she wasn't sleeping totally alone.

Across town, lights were on in a bar, the words 'Dragons Lair' lit up in green and red and blue, music was pulsing inside of the small club, inside you could hear people talking, singing to loud and screaming about how someone cheated at a game, and the DJ announcing names of the girls who took the cat walk towards the lit up pole. Dasha was so used to the atmosphere of the bar, she didn't even notice as she slid the strap of her to high heel into place when her name was called.

Cat calls and men holding out bills to slip into her outfit. She didn't even flinch at the sweaty touches to her legs and inner thigh when she moved closer, she just fell into her routine sliding her top off and sliding along the pole. Daryl had hated her job when she first started, but they needed the money, with his record him getting a job had been hard, and bills had to be paid and Merle hadn't been offering up any ways to help!

Five minuets later, the dance was over, and she was walking off stage and back towards the bar, tying her top on just as Hershel handed her a bottle with a faint smile.

"Go see Daryl today?"



"Another year."

Hershel nodded and went back to whipping the glass that he had been working on earlier while Dasha took a drink of her beer. Her eyes drifted around the bar, about Daryl and Merle, about her house and the life she had now and she sighed. She could feel another head ache coming on.

"Hershel, it will get easier right?"

The man looked at her with a raised brow. "Do you love him?"

Dasha looked at the bar tender, her hesitation wasn't something new, she had hesitated a lot lately when she was asked about her feelings for Daryl, she loved him she knew that as plain as she knew that she needed oxygen to survive, but she had to wonder....

"I love him, but..."

Hershel shook his head. "If you love him, then you fight to keep your love strong, he will be home, and you will have him again. Now I think you got a admirer." Hershel said nodding towards a man who was sitting at a table, a drink in one hand and a smile on his lips and waved a bill around. Dasha sighed and nodded forcing a smile to her lips as she walked towards the man, time to get back to work.


Okay here's ch2 I know it's a little jumpy but it's set in Dasha's POV with some of Ellie's pov thrown in as well. Italic's are for memory, if you will. Okay enjoy. :)


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