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It's For Them, Not Me


“What happened?!” Callista gasped as she rushed over to the teacher who came into her classroom. She had blood draining from her wrist and she seemed to becoming paler by the second.

“On of the kids… bit me,” she whispered as she clasped her hand around the bite wounds. Calli gasped in disbelief, “He.. he wasn’t alive anymore, I had called 9-1-1 to get help for him, he started convulsiving and as I was doing compressions he came back and bit me..”

“Jenna you know .. you know that is not possible,” she said stamming over her words as she tried to process what was going on. The thought of a boy dying, and then coming back to rip some flesh off of a good friend of hers just didn’t seem to be processing with her, and understandably so.

“Kids keep at your work, and do not get up from your seats,” she said to them firmly, hoping to keep their attention off the scene in front of her. Fortunately they all did as they were told, she didn’t know how she planned on explaining this to them. Was this a terrorist attack? Probably not, maybe mother nature had had enough and was fighting back. There were endless possibilites.

“Miss Fry, Daniel, Anna, Patrick, John and Michael’s parents are here to pick them up, they are meeting them at the class room. Do not release them into the hallways they will knock on the door,” the voice said shakily as, in the back she could hear the commotion of many parents urging them to just let them go grab their children. This was utter chaos, and right now she had no idea what to do other than to try and keep calm. Callista used her sweater to stop the bleeding on the Jenna’s arm, it was slowly stopping the blood was becoming thick and discolored.

“Okay, please send help one of the teachers is hurt!” she advised to the voice over the intercom with a shaken voice.

“Send her out of the room immediately,” The voice said quickly, as if the words couldn’t fall out of her mouth quick enough. Callista was confused, what did they mean? Why would she do something like that, it didn’t make sense to her. She couldn’t leave her best friend in the hallway to bleed to death, something bad had to have been going on but she was so illinformed she had no idea what to do. She jumped when there was a loud banging on her classroom door, through the small glass part of the door she could see it was the parents, waiting impatiently for her to allow them to come inside.

“Whats going on?” she asked one of them, her voice shaking. She saw one of the fathers eyeing Miss Jenna and he lead her out into the hallway. She didn’t know what he was doing for her, or to her. Maybe he was getting help for her, that was all she could think about. She had her class to worry about and keep safe, she’d do anything for these kids.

“Nothing good,” the mother spoke her voice seemed shaken and unsteady, “The people on the news told us to get out of the cities, and avoid people whove been bitten,” she explained to her vaguely, Calli still had no idea why they would want them to do that.

Her chest tightened, she looked at each of her students, how was she supposed to keep them safe? This was an impractical situation. Bites?

“What do you mean? What happens when they’re bitten?” she asked her as she touched her shoulder.

“They die… then they come back and try to eat you,” she replied to Calli quietly as to not scare the children, “I haven’t seen it happen but my husband has, and he said it’s terrifying. The CDC isn’t even giving us an explanation. It’s best if you just get out of here yourself,” she told her as she left with her daughter and husband.

Before Calli could gather her thoughts there was screaming sounding through out the hallways, she looked at the remainder of her class. They were all staring at her for answers she didn’t have, all she could do was comfort them to the best of her ability and right now that seemed almost impossible for her. Airi attached herself to her leg in fear.

”Shhh, it’ll be alright, just um..close the blinds and get your nap time mats out, okay?” she said to them, “We’re going to be fine,”

”We’re going to be okay,” she assured them, jumping as two gunshots sounded through out the hallway startling the kids and causing them to break out into screams and sobs. Calli crooned to the four students and had them all gather around her so she could cocoon around them all.

“Shh, it’s okay.. everything is going to be okay,” she stammered, her words falling out of her mouth just to appease the small minds of the children in her arms.


This is part one, I will update it when I have more written. This was totally on whim, I'm not even sure whom I'm pairing her off with at this point. If you have any idea who you want her paired with leave a comment below;



please update

Blakeray Blakeray
rick or daryl. Update soon please, I'm interested in what happens next
Veren Enkeli Veren Enkeli
please make it a merle love story cus there not many?
Esme Sybil Esme Sybil
Make her the one girl to fall for Merle :D
MissMarthaXx MissMarthaXx
hey, wheres the next chapter?
tetralibria tetralibria