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It's For Them, Not Me


"Alright munchkins, sleep while you can. You know we can't stay here too long or the biters with find us," she told them after kissing each of them on the head. It had been weeks since they'd been locked in the school, it wasn't just her and her class anymore. She had collected four more kids before they ended up leaving, she was thankful she coached the schools soccer team, because she ended buying her car specifically for that purpose.

Callista's car was a 2008 Chrysler mini van, the swivel n'go. It had a table she could put in for them to draw and color. And she had two portable DVD players that were charged by the car, and headphones for everyone. It made it easier on her, and kept them quiet.

In the trunk of the van, she had supplies galore. She'd raided several houses while the kids napped, she knew their schedules by now, and had Lucas there to monitor them in case she didn't come back before they woke up.

"Miss Callista, I'm not sleepy," yawned Airi who was obviously exhausted.

"Of course you're not," she laughed a little as the girl laid on the bed between two of the older kids. She had been lucky to happen upon pull ups and medicine. Everyone but Airi was potty trained during the day, so they wore pull ups at night while Airi wore them full time til she could control her bladder.

"I'll come wake you in the morning," she told them softly. She had all the mattresses in one room - she was going to keep watch for a little while to make sure no biters followed them. Callista shut the door, putting the dresser in front of it blocking the door. She went to where she would be keeping watch which was out on the roof, she knew even if anything did get inside they wouldn't be able to get to the kids, which was her main goal. Keeping them safe.

As she sat on the roof she looked around the property, it seemed pretty empty - so she wasn't too concerned. They were a good ways away from the city, so there weren't too many biters out this far. Even so, she was scared. These kids depended on her, and Airi being only three had been so brave throughout this all. Of course she knew it was because she couldn't understand everything that was going on at the moment.

"Really wish I knew what was going on," she murmured to herself, she hadn't come across any people in a while now. She had gotten stuck on the highway for a moment but moved to the side road, then took some back roads into small vacant towns where people had already evacuated. They were about twenty miles from Atlanta, and in a house that had a steel fence and tons of land. She had considered staying here but she knew that it'd be reckless and stupid to get comfortable.

Sighing, she decided it'd be best to get some sleep herself. She had blocked all the doors with furniture and pulled all the curtains shut. She moved the bulky wood dresser from their door and peeked in on them - all asleep. Her mission was accomplished. Most of their journey had been spent sleeping in the car but they needed to stretch out - and this was the perfect opportunity. She walked into the room, shutting the door behind her and moved the dresser in the room in front of the door. Since they were on the second floor she opened the window, again looking about the area to the best of her ability before settling on the floor with her back against the wall.

She needed sleep - it'd been so long since she'd slept comfortably.

Callista awoke to Airi sitting on her lap and playing with her dolls. "Hi, my name is Franklin," Airi said making her dolls talk to one another in the appropriate toned voices.

"And I'm Wendy," she said in a high pitched girl voice making Callista laugh and kiss her head.

"You're awake!" she said excited and hugged her, "Guys she is awake,"

"Are you all hungry?" she asked grabbing the strap of the bag and pulling it towards her, she saw them all nod simultaneously.

"Alright, pop tarts it is," she said to them and doled out the food equally. She smiled and handed them all some water, she didn't need them getting dehydrated - it was death sentence if they did. It was already so warm out, she didn't need a sick child on her hands.

"Miss Callista where are we going next?" Emma asked as she drank her water and yawned sleepily since she'd just woke up.

"Well, we could keep going in the direction we have been, or we can go more out into the country and find a farm house," she told them lightly, "In a farm house we'd be able to play outside and grow our own food,"

"Oh! that'd be fun!" Ian said excitedly, probably not understand the work that would go into growing their own food. Not to mention she didn't even know how they were going to make it through the winter. The stores had been selling summer clothes when this happened - to find winter clothes she'd probably have to go to a sports store or something pretty close to it.

"So, are you agreeing on the farm then?" she asked as she looked at the kids curious. All of them nodded in excitement. She had hoped they would, she had found seeds out on a small run she did. Tomatoes, corn, pumpkin, squash and several other kinds of vegetables.

"We'll leave with the sun is a little past midsky," she told them as she stretched, "for now play quietly, I have to organize some things before we go,"

Callista was looking through their bags making sure everything was where she'd kept it. They were notorious for moving things or shuffling the bag up when they looked through it. Things would work out eventually, nature would correct it self, there was no way humanity had survived this long to be devoured by the dead.


Chapter two is up, if you're interested in learning more about Callista and the kids you can check them out HERE. She is one of my many roleplay characters and I love her to bits. If you want more then let me know, also voting for whom she will be paired with will be ended on the fourth chapter - then I will begin to move things in the direction of romance.

The Bachelors are; Rick, Shane, Daryl, Glenn and Merle (which would be odd but I'm up for it,)


please update

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rick or daryl. Update soon please, I'm interested in what happens next
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please make it a merle love story cus there not many?
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Make her the one girl to fall for Merle :D
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hey, wheres the next chapter?
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