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Ghosts Of Who We Are

King County

Shane Walsh was enjoying the day he had to himself. His partner, Rick Grimes, had the day off. For the first time in a long time, Officer Walsh had the whole day to patrol by himself. He smiled as he sat in his cruiser, sipping on his lukewarm coffee. It was a gorgeous day in King County, Georgia. One of the best days they’ve seen in quite some time.

King County was a town with very little crime, it was rare Officer Walsh had to arrest one of his people. It was a small town that they lived in, everyone knew everyone, and everyone was considered a neighbor- no matter what part of town someone lived in.

Shane Walsh was taken off guard when the speedometer in his cruiser started beeping. Shane lifted his sunglasses a little bit off his eyes and saw that a car was going twenty miles above speed limit. Seeing that he didn’t recognize the vehicle, he decided to set off his siren to attract the driver’s attention.

To be honest, had he recognized the car to be one of his buddy’s, he probably would have let their speed slide.

Approaching the unknown vehicle, a BMW make, he asked the driver to roll down the window.

“Ma’am, do you realize how fast you were going?” Officer Walsh asked pulling out his ticket book.

The woman driver appeared to be frustrated, looking through her bag, presumably trying to find her license. Once she pulled out her wallet, the woman removed her sunglasses and looked up to the Officer that had pulled her over.

“Well, I’ll be damned.” She smiled handing the man her license.

He took his sunglasses off and folded it on the collar of his police uniform, a smile quickly finding it’s way onto his face.

“Vanessa Grimes,” he said, smile stretching ear to ear. “She returns!”

“Shane,” she smiled.

Shane always had an attraction to the younger Grimes during their teen years. She was the Prom Queen in everyone’s mind. So fun, wild, daring- damn near the opposite of her older, overprotective brother. It was because of the older, male Grimes that Shane never tried anything with Vanessa.

She was too precious.

But they were all grown folks now, what was stopping Shane? He hadn’t seen the younger Grimes in years. Too much time has passed, he had to take his chance now while the opportunity presented itself.

“You gon’ write up that ticket?” she said with a smile, her southern accent not so prominent as it was years ago.

“Look, because you’re someone I hold so dear to me, I’m going to forget you were going thirty-five in a fifteen mile zone.” Shane laughed. “But for the inconvenience, please, let me take you out to dinner.”

Vanessa smiled at the young officer, “Sorry Walsh. I’m here on family business. That’s all I can say.”

“Okay.. Well, don’t think you’ve gotten rid of me that easily.”


same story on mibba.


You're never going to update this, are you?

Please do more! This is great :)
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