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Ghosts Of Who We Are

Phone Calls

Two New Voicemails @ 6:55 pm

Damnit, V. Can you please call me back A.S.A.P? It’s Rick, I’m not sure if you have my number, it’s (404) 555-3787. Dad is- well- he's- um, just call me back please.

One New Voicemail @ 7:01 pm

Vanessa, God damnit. This is a family emergency. Dad is dying and you’re not-

That second voicemail quickly got Vanessa’s attention as she pressed the “End” button on her cell. She hadn’t heard from her brother in a few months- so right off the bat she should have suspected some sort of emergency. But to be honest, she probably couldn't have cared less.

Since she moved out of Georgia, her family resented her. That wasn’t a reaction she wanted to earn from them, but she should have known that’s how they were going to treat her. Since then, Vanessa wasn’t invited to any weddings, births, or even funerals. The last time the young 26-year-old came to King County, Georgia, was when her brother Rick and his wife Lori invited her to their son, Carl’s fourth birthday party.

Rick was four years older than Vanessa. Despite their age difference, the two remained very close growing up. The difference in age didn’t stop the two from getting along so well. She was always around his friends, and she was always happy to rough house with the boys.

It wasn’t until Vanessa turned sixteen, that their relationship shattered. Rick had started going steady with Lori, a girl he always had a crush on throughout high school. In unexpected events, Rick got the young girl pregnant and being the gentleman he was, he was going to stay with Lori and help her raise the child. Hell, the two got married not too long after. Rick was a very loyal man, and a man of his word, no doubt. Gaining so much responsibility, he started to neglect the relationship he had with his younger sister.

Once she graduated, her parents were both at a very, very old age, while Rick was slowly aging on his own due to the stress of raising a family. And because her and Rick lost their connection, she also began to lose friends. Her friends were his friends, and now she had none.

There was absolutely nothing holding her to King County, Georgia.

Secretly, the younger Grimes applied to tons of out-of-state colleges. Because her grades were so impeccable in high school, she got into all the schools she applied to. But none of the schools had interested her such as Stanford University. Of course, with such a great opportunity, and luckily enough to have won so many scholarships, Vanessa took the chance without consulting any of her family members.

She was going to do this on her own.

The phone rang, taking her out of her thoughts.

“Vanessa, damnit. I have been calling you for the past hour! What is wrong with you?”

A ghost of a smile played on her lips as she listened to her brother’s tone of voice. [i]Just like Rick..[/i] He was always so controlling, yet caring and oh so overprotective. It made sense he decided to join the police force.

“What’s going on with dad, Rick?”

He released a sigh, filled with pain and desperation, “he’s sick. He hasn’t been feeling well. The doctor’s don’t think he’s going to make it.”

“Oh..” Vanessa didn’t know what to say to Rick’s news. She loved her father, and she wanted to see him, but she couldn’t help but wonder why neither of her parents have tried to contact her in the last few years.

“Vanessa, he asked for you.” Rick blurted out, “he said he wanted to see you one last time.”

Tears rested at the brim of her eye as she blinked to fight them back.

“Please, Vanessa, come home. We need you here.”


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