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I'm Not Dead, I'm Just Not Alive.

Cold Night

My mind was weak as was my heart, The images flashed through my mind every time a flash of lighting would light up the sky. I had taken refuge in an abandoned house, no walkers and no humans; worst of all there was no food and I was starving.

"Mom I'm home, Can you believe some guy tried to bite me today at work? The god damn guy looked like he was sick as hell...Mom?" I yelled for her as I walked into my quiet house.

Walking around my house and into my kitchen I paused as I saw the crimson red puddle on the floor, My heart started to race as I slowly walked closer; It led from the kitchen towards the stairs that led up the bed rooms. There were hand prints all over the floors , they were small indicating that they belonged to my sister. Tears started to brim at my eyes as I walked to the bedroom door where the trail of blood led.

My body screamed for me to turn and run the other way, Not to open the door and not to see whos blood that was. Slowly I pushed the door open with a shaky hand; As the door slowly open a low menacing groan came from inside the room.

"Mom?" my voice was low .

As I entered the room the first ting I saw was my little sisters body laying on the floor with her stomach ripped open, her guts were ripped from her body and her eyes were shut.I placed a hand over my mouth and looked over to where my mother was; she was hunced over my fathers body with her hands inside of his chest. Groans of hunger came from her throat and the blood of my father dripped from her hands. A gasp of horror left my mouth causing her to look up at me,Her eyes were a tint of yellow and white;her whole eye was filled wit busted viens and her neck was ripped wide open.

Taking a step back I saw the doog sitting a corner scared for his life.

I didn't think, I turned and ran for my life.


So for some reason my computer is being extra slow today and its driving me nuts, So that is where I am going to leave this chapter today.


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