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Blood Soaked Arrows

The Double Wammy

Those dead black eyes stared at me with the smallest spark of excitement. “Boss has had us looking all over for you, Viv.”

With those few words it was like I was tossed into a black hole with no clue on how I had gotten there or how to get out. The skin on my arms became cold and bumpy as I stared into Randall’s black eyes. There had been only one person that I had lied to about my name. One other group that had known that I had the vaccinations. Just one.

How had this happened? What were the odds that the boy that Rick ended up saving would be from the group that I had tested the vaccination out on? How had I forgotten about the threat that the large group of men posed to me.

It seemed like such a long time ago that I had encountered that gathering of vile men. Having their dark cold eyes staring at my body as I walked among them still made my stomach uneasy but what made me truly and undoubtedly scared was the fact that they were looking for me. I should have known that if I left their leader Bryan, alive then something like this was going to happen. I should have known that they were going to come after me, after the cure.

Blood was pounding in my ears as I stared into the boy’s eyes. A painful grin formed on his lips as he tightened his grip on me wrist. “I found you.”

My racing heart stopped in pure terror at what he was saying and it was then that I knew that I had to get away from him. The fear that was gripping at my throat was suffocating but I managed to yank my arm out of his grasp.

Randall frowned at me trying to leave and his mouth pulled back into a grimace. He pushed himself up on one elbow and tried reaching for me. “Where’re you going Viv?”

My breathing became shallow as I moved away from him but his eyes never left mine. He noticed how far I was getting and his body started shaking in anger. He was now yelling the name Viv over and over again and Patricia was struggling to keep him flat on the table. Hershel looked back at me and the boy with a deep frown, trying to figure out what was going on but before he could ask me a single question I ran out of the room.

My normally stealthy movements were sloppy as my heavy feet pounded against the wooden floors. In the back of my mind I noticed some of the group member looking at with concern but none of them came after me. I blew through the front door, flinching slightly when it slammed against the side of the house and flew down the steps.

Through my panic I vaguely heard my name being yelled but I ignored it. What if Bryan was close? What if he killed Rick’s group because I had been with them? God why had I stuck with them in the first place? I was halfway to my car when the voice that had been calling my name grew louder, demanding my attention. I looked over my shoulder and saw Daryl.

His brow was crinkled and his mouth was drawn in a firm line but it was his eyes that held my attention. The lightening blue color made me pause in my panicked run and held me in place until he was in reaching distance.

“What the hell’s going on with ya’ Evie? Ya’ just blew out of the house like your ass was on fire.” His eyes were trained on me, looking me over for any injures or any hints that might tell him why I was so freaked but I knew that he wouldn’t find anything.

Panic crept its way back into my mind as I nervously looked from him to my car. “I have to leave.”

“Leave? Where are ya’ going?” He questioned with his eyes growing even lighter.

I started moving to my car again. “Away. I have to get away from here.”

He followed me with a deep frown forming on his face. “Why the hell do ya’ have to go? Did someone say something to ya’? Did Shane tell ya’ to leave?”

I shook my head from side to side. “No. Not Shane. I just have to leave Daryl.”

“The hell ya’ do.” He shouted before taking ahold of my wrist forcing me to stay put.

I struggled against his grip as a feeling of urgency consumed me. I felt like if I didn’t get the hell out of here immediately then Daryl and everyone else would be massacred. “Let go of me Daryl. Ya’ don’t understand. I have to leave!”

Daryl’s grip only hardened as he took a step towards me. “Then make me understand ‘cause you’re not leavin’ again!”

That single sentence stopped me. He didn’t want me to leave? My chest grew warm at the thought despite the fact that I was still feeling terrified. I knew that I could have fought with Daryl and eventually gotten away from him but what he had just said was stuck in my head. He didn’t want me to leave again?

I didn’t want to have to fight with Daryl and when I really thought about it I didn’t want to leave him either. I stopped trying to get away from him and looked up into those pure Georgia blues and knew that I was about to tell him everything.

Feeling a little uneasy about what I was about to tell him I let my gaze fall to the ground. I was afraid about what he would think about me when I told him my story. I could have easily given those men the vaccination and then this whole ordeal wouldn’t have happened. It was all because I had been greedy, this all happened because of me.

With a shaky breath I started. “I had to test out the vaccination and the only way to do that was to give it to uninfected humans, then have those people get bitten. I had just gotten the second batch when I found a few men on the road. They lead me back to a bar that was filled with thirty people or so and every single one of them were men. The leader of them took a liking to me so it was easy to get them to test out the vaccination.”

Daryl’s grip loosened on my arm. I looked up at him to see that he was clenching his jaw and automatically knew that he figured out what I had done to lead Bryan on. Embarrassed I looked back down at the ground and continued. “The- uh vaccination worked. I had promised to give them all the vaccination if they tested it out for me but the group gave me a weird vibe. They kept looking at me and their leader kept….” I let the sentence fall not really wanting to say how he had felt me up to Daryl.

“The rest of the group started celebrating and Bryan lead me upstairs. I knocked him out and escaped before anything happened.”

Daryl let go of my wrist completely which made me look up at him. He frowned at me before running a hand through his dark hair. “So the guys were shady is what you’re saying.”

I nodded my head and rubbed my hand over the wrist that Daryl had been holding onto. It didn’t hurt or anything it just felt like all of the blood was rushing back into my hand.

“That doesn’t explain why ya’ in such a hurry to leave though.”

I folded my arms across my chest and started rubbing my upper arms. “I told Bryan that my name was Viv. The boy that Rick brought back called me that and said that his boss had been looking for me.” I met Daryl’s eyes and took a step closer to him. “If his group finds me here with all of ya’ then they will kill ya’. I don’t want ya’ to die, not because of me at least so I thought it would be best if I just left.”

He ran his hand through his hair again and let out an annoyed sigh. He looked back over at the farmhouse for a long moment before turning back to me. His blue eyes were hard as he took a step forward and pointed a finger towards the ground. “Stay here.”

I looked from the ground to him and frowned. Daryl gave me his back and began to make his way over to the house without any explanation. I went after him and grabbed ahold of his hand. “Daryl wait.”

He tugged his hand away from me. “I have ta do something.”

“What are ya’ going to do?” I questioned holding my hand to my chest.

“Talk to Rick.”

“But Daryl,” I started but stopped when he looked over his shoulder at me. I flinched at his hard determined glare.

“Ya’ ain’t going anywhere so just shut up and stay put.” He snapped and stomped back to the house, leaving me alone in the middle of the yard.
. I didn’t stay where Daryl had told me too simply because my wounds weren’t yet healed and all this standing around was killing me. So, I decided that it was best to wait for him in my ‘tank’. I sat on the side of the drivers’ seat with my legs dangling out the open door waiting anxiously for Daryl to return.

The cold morning air had warmed up a bit as it slowly turned into the afternoon. The breeze was a little cool for a summer day making winter seem a breath away. The thought of snow on the ground made me smile. When Adam and I hadn’t been training or getting tested on we would often go outside to play and the winter was always Adam’s favorite. He loved how he could build things out of crystalized water and would always force me to make a snowman with him.

Remembering Adam left a vacant spot in my chest. The last time I had thought about him was when Dr. Jenner said that he was being shipped off to Fort Benning. I had been so focused on my work that I hadn’t thought about him since then but now I wondered what had become of him. Was he still alive and if he was did that mean that it was because he is immune or because Fort Benning is still standing?

Through my peripheral vision I noticed Daryl and Rick stepping out of the house. At first Daryl had been in front, leading him over to me but it seemed as if as soon as Rick caught sight of me he took charge. Shane decided that he needed to make an appearance as well as he stumbled out of the house and charged in my direction. Realizing that I was going to have to defend myself from either Shane or Rick I used my time to take a few short breaths.

All too soon Rick was in shouting distance. “We need to talk.”

I gave him a curt nod before hoping out of my car. “I know.”

He stopped a few feet away from me and placed his hand on his hips. “Daryl tells me that you met a group before us and promised them the cure.”

I nodded again. “That’s right.”

His brow creased as he took another step closer. “He says that they were basically the scum of the earth and that the kid I brought back is part of their group.” I silently nodded again. “I also heard that this large group of men is looking for you and would do just about anything to get their hands on that cure am I right?”

I folded my arms over my chest and nodded. “Yea but I never intended to put your group in any trouble.”

“Well you did it anyway.” It was Shane who was shouting at me now. His chest was all pushed out in a big huff as he neared Rick. His cold eyes flickered from me and then back to him. “This woman is starting to be more of a pain in our ass then she is worth.”

I felt my hands clench up at seeing that bastard again. I had been left in the desert during a storm and stranded on a deserted on an island for two months to see if I could survive, but I never held a grudge against anyone until now.

“At least I’m not a jackass.” I scoffed at Shane. His lips twitched as his eyes connected with mine.

Rick looked between the two of us in surprise but quickly got over it. “I don’t know what is going on between the two of you but you can save it for later. Shane,” He placed a hand on his friends shoulder and pointed to the house. “Brother I need you to go back and make sure that Hershel doesn’t need any help with Randall.”

Shane looked at Rick with disgust. “First the boy wants to kill you, then we find out that he is part of a vicious group that is after this little slut,” He gesture a beefy hand at me. “And you still want to save his life?”

“I know what I’m doing Shane.” Rick informed sternly.

Shane stood there glaring at him for a long time until finally he spat. “Fine.”

He stormed away from us cursing and mumbling a bunch of things that none of us were able to catch. Rick let out an exhausted sigh before running a hand down his face and turning back to me. I noticed how dull and tired his grey eyes were then, and realized how much stress Rick was dealing with right now. He had fought people off in town, saved one of the people that had shot at him because he was still a child, and now was dealing with my problems. I would have added the whole Lori thing too but I wasn’t sure if he knew about that one yet.

“I apologize for Shane’s outburst he’s been going through a tough time lately.”

Weren’t we all? I thought to myself as I brought my hands up to my shoulders and rubbed them gently. I had my leather jacket on and a shirt on underneath that but still I kept feeling chilly and I didn’t know why.

Rick noticed how I wasn’t really interesting in commenting or excusing Shane’s behavior so he quickly continued. “You said earlier that you didn’t intend to put any of us in danger. What exactly did you mean by that?”

I gave a sideways shrug and notched my chin over to my ‘tank’. “I mean that either I would have left and taken that Randall kid with me, or I’d take on the gang alone.”

Rick opened his mouth to say something, closed it, looked back and forth from my ‘tank’ to me and then said. “How were you planning on taking on thirty armed men by yourself?”

I snorted out a laugh. “Ya’ don’t think I survived this hell on good looks alone do ya’? I have my own personal armory in that tank.”

“Then why didn’t you take them out to begin with?” he questioned.

I frowned at me. “I try to avoid taking out the living as much as possible and besides those weapons are meant for the protection of the vaccinations.”

He stood there staring at me for a long while. I thought maybe I was being evaluated or something so I instantly dropped my arms to my side and held my head up high. His gaze became unwavering as he held my stare.

After a long while he finally spoke, “Would you give us the shots before you left?”

“No,” I answered bluntly. “I haven’t had enough time to evaluate your group.”

“I thought you’d say something like that.” He nodded in agreement. “In that case, I’d appreciated it very much if you’d stay and as for the boy…well let him be our problem.”

“But what about his group?” I asked worriedly.

Rick turned on that note and slowly walked away. “Let’s just take this all one step at a time.”

I watched as Rick made his way back to the house before looking over at Daryl. His cool blue eyes were already settled on me as if they had been waiting. I took a shaky step towards him. “So I stay?”

“Damn straight ya’ do.” Daryl grunted before turning around and following Rick.

I didn’t realize how much I had been dreading Rick’s decision until now. It felt as if this heavy cement block was lifted off of my shoulders and it made me feel all giddy inside. I couldn’t resist the smile that was spreading across my face as I followed behind Daryl. My eyes wondered over his back as he walked and I suddenly wondered if his back had always been that broad.

Daryl and I had just made it into the living room when Hershel walked through another door wiping blood off his hands.

"I fixed up his calf the best I could, but he'll have some nerve damage. He should be off of his feet for at least a week." He stated professionally at Rick.

As if expecting as much Rick gave a curt nod before addressing the rest of the group. "Once he is good enough to walk on his own we’ll send him on his way with a canteen."

"So you're just gunna give him a care package and send him on his way?" Shane questioned. "That’s how you plan on taking care of this?” Shane scoffed before taking a step towards him. “He was with another group; you killed what, three of them? Their gunna come looking for him and when they do their realize that we have {C}her{C} as well?" He pointed a guilty finger at me.

"They left him for dead, no one's looking for him." Rick explained. “And we blindfolded him so even if he does manage to find his way back to his group he won’t know where to find us at least.”

"Ya know what?! I'm gunna go get him some flowers! Look here folks, we're back in fairy tale land!" Shane said storming out of the room, but Hershel stopped him.

"Ya know we never discussed what you did at my barn. Rick says you've got to stay, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Now do us both a favor and keep your mouth shut." Shane let out a breath before turning and walking out.

Slowly one by one the group started to dissipate leaving Daryl and me alone in the living room. The feeling of being uneasy was slowly creeping up on me so I turned towards Daryl and mumbled, “Are ya’ sure it’s a good idea for me to stay here?”

When he didn’t immediately answer me I ended up dragging my gaze away from the hard wood floor and up to his tightly drawn face. His lips were pressed so tightly together that they disappeared against his skin, and his eyes had morphed into such a cold dark blue that it brought chills to my arms. He took a loud step towards me which made my back instantly stiffen.

“You’re stayin’.” Daryl said in a commanding tone.

I nodded my head. “I know that’s what Rick said and all but I mean I’m not a part of your group and I don’t want to be putting ya’ all in any unnecessary danger.”

I had lowered my gaze again to the floor feeling a little confused about why I was acting the way I was. It wasn’t normal for me to be this….concerned for others especially when it complicated my own survival; I mean I was always taught to lookout for number one.

I had been so preoccupied with sorting out my mixed feelings that I hadn’t even noticed Daryl taking a step closer. There was a light tap on my chin and I snapped my head back up. Immediately I noticed the change in Daryl, his gorgeous blue eyes had soften dramatically and his face was so calming that it put my restless stomach at ease. He leaned forward slightly, bringing his face closer to mine while still keeping his distance.

In a warm southern drawl he huskily replied. “Ya’ saved Lori and Sophia. I think that makes ya’ a part of this group whether ya’ like it or not, as for the bastards that are after ya’,” He took a step away from me and let a devilish smirk play on his lips. “at least they’re a lot easier to kill.”

I let my own smile play on my lips as I watched Daryl. How did he manage to always make me feel so at ease? I wondered taking a gentle step towards him. His smile slowly dropped off of his face at my advance and I could see his body starting to coil.

Understanding that he liked his personal space as much as I did, I smiled warmly at him. “Thanks a lot Daryl.”

His smile was now long gone but his eyes still held that hint of softness. “Just stating a fact.” He scoffed before averting his eyes from me.

I reached out and touch a hand to his bare shoulder, liking the little tingles it sent up my arm. “Still Daryl, thank you.”

He looked back up at me and for a moment I couldn’t breathe. His blue eyes had gone dark again but it was different this time. Not really understanding what it was he was feeling I went to say something else but Daryl just took a step back, shaking his head at me as my hand slipped off his shoulder.

“Don’t mention it.” Daryl grunted before turning around and walking out of the house. I trailed behind him with quietly until we were in the yard. I could sense that Daryl wanted to go off and do his own thing so I started making my way to my car. I only made it a few steps before I felt a hand grip my arm.

“Where ya’ going?” I looked over my shoulder and was surprised to see that it was Daryl.

“To my car.” I said with a raised eyebrow.

Daryl frowned at my answer. “Why?”

I looked between him and my car. “Well I thought ya’ wanted to be alone.”

Daryl let his hand fall from my arm. “Didn’t say I did, did I?”


“Then hurry it up.” He turned and started leading me towards the rest of the group. I followed behind him because I had no excuse not to. He ended up leading me over to where the group was. They were all sitting around a fire pit on lawn stairs and tree stumps.

Rick was talking about what had happened while he was in town. I hadn’t meant to really listen in but then one of the group members mentioned a plan on going to Fort Benning. Instantly my attention was caught as thoughts of Adam filled my head.

“No we can’t go to Fort Benning.” Rick said slicing his hands through the air.

“Why not?” Someone question.

“Because Fort Benning is gone.” Rick informed with a depressive sigh.

In that single moment I felt the world slip out from under me. “What did ya’ say?”

I could feel the eyes of everyone landing on me but I didn’t take my eyes away from Rick. He ran his hands down the length of his face as he stared at me. “The two men that I killed at the bar said that they had run into a solider that was stationed there. It’s burned to the group.”

Gone? My chest and throat grew tight making it hard for me to breathe. This can’t be happening. My knees became weak as I tried to take a shaky step forward.

“No.” I whispered tightly trying to keep a hold of my emotions. I couldn’t fall apart. I just couldn’t. Despite my wishes however my tears began to build up in my eyes holding back sobs became even more difficult as thoughts of my family raced through my head. First I lost Dr. Jenner and now Adam.

Tears dripped down my cheeks and my knees finally gave out, unable to hold up myself up anymore. In the distance I could hear voices maybe someone was calling my name but they were all too far away. Too far for me to care about. My dirty hands covered my face, trying to wipe away the salty water but it was useless. Everything was useless. My family was gone. I was all alone. I had nothing left.

In the mists of my despair I felt a pair of strong hands gripping onto my upper arms. I didn’t think to see who it was, I just through myself into their chest and cried. The feeling of losing everyone you ever cared about was unbearable. It stripped me down until the only thing I could feel was sadness, regret, hopelessness, and those strong arms. I don’t know how long I stayed there crying because time didn’t matter to me anymore, but when my tears ran out and my throat was to soar to let out another sob I pulled away.

The arms that had held me fell away from me and I finally looked up to see who I had broken down on. Daryl looked back at me with those concerned blue eyes and hard face. I felt extremely embarrassed that I had broken down on him so shamelessly so I averted my eyes. If I could have I would have stood up and walked away but all of my crying at left my body feeling weak and used. It was pathetic.

“Are you okay?” Someone asked and I didn’t even bother finding out who it had been.

Was I okay? What a stupid question. I thought angrily. Keeping my anger to myself I weakly responded. “If ya’ asking if I’m going to cry any more than the answer is no.”

There was an awkward silence that engulfed the group and we sat there for a while, without saying a word until, “Did you have a loved one stationed there?”

I recognized the voice as Carol and immediately looked up at her. She was sitting on the ground, not too far away from me, with little Sophia in her arms. The little girl’s eyes were filled with concern and maybe even a little bit of pity, making me feel even more ashamed that I had broken down.

To answer Carol’s question I nodded before roughly speaking. “Adam was there.”

“Who’s Adam?” Daryl asked with a harder tone and strangely enough I appreciated it. Even though I felt numb and broken didn’t mean that I liked being treated as such. I kept my eyes on Carol however, just because I wasn’t sure what I would do if I looked into those blue eyes again.

“He’s my little brother.” I murmured sadly letting my gaze fall to the ground.

Another person chimed in at that. “If he’s your brother then doesn’t that mean that he can’t get infected to?”

My stomach turned at the question and without thinking about it I suddenly snapped. “He wasn’t a blood relative and even if he did manage to be immune that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have been torn apart by those things!”

I couldn’t stand being around these people anymore and even though I felt dead and exhausted I knew I had to leave before I said something regrettable. Forcing my body to do what I wanted was a lot harder than I had expected. For example my legs wouldn’t stop shaking and my balance seemed off.

Daryl was quick to grab onto me but I slapped his hands away as soon as they touched my skin. I didn’t need his help. I didn’t need his pity or anyone else’s. On that note my legs finally seemed too corporate so I tried picking myself up. Suddenly my balance pitched forward and the ground seemed all to close.

Daryl caught me by my waist. “Stubborn woman ya’ are.” He curtly remarked and helped me stand properly.

I tried shrugging him off but he wouldn’t let go. “I don’t need ya’ help.”

“Shut up.” He snapped and dragged me more than helped me over to my ‘tank’. When we reached it he yanked the side door open and practically threw me in there.

“Stop manhandling me.” I commanded.

He grunted out something incoherent before reaching behind my seat and pulling out a water bottle. He uncapped it and then handed it to me. I snatched the water out of his hands and took a long swing out of it.

When my thirst was quenched I took the cap from Daryl and twisted it on with a sigh. He stood there for a long time in silence and I didn’t even try to look at him. I couldn’t. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed for crying on him and having him carry me back to my car that I couldn’t even begin to describe it.

After another moment Daryl turned to leave. A part of me realized then that if he left….there would be nothing to distract me from thinking about my family. Nothing to stop me from breaking again and I wasn’t sure if I could handle it.

“Wait!” I cried making him stop instantly. He looked over his shoulder at me with a masked expression on his face. I wasn’t sure if that meant that he was done dealing me or not but either way I felt the fear of breaking down again clawing at my chest. “Please stay.”

Daryl met my gaze and this time I didn’t look away. He turned back and with a sigh came over to my ‘tank’. I felt relieved that he was going to stay with me and automatically started scooting over in my seat for him. Daryl looked at the space I was giving him then looked to the ground. He leaned his back up against the back of my ‘tank’ before taking a seat on the ground next to my open door.

I felt a smile tug on my lips at him but didn’t dare let it spread. The exhaustion and emptiness finally got the best of me as I laid myself out of the seat and fell asleep knowing that Daryl Dixon would be there when I waked.


Thank you very much for those who have commented and messaged me XD this chapter is for you guys!


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