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Blood Soaked Arrows

The Loved One

For two days I had been cooped up in the ‘tank’ because of Randall. It wasn’t like I was afraid of the gimpy child or anything because let’s face it I could take him out with a plastic cup. No, the reason why I had been stuck in the damn ‘tank’ was because Daryl had said that I needed to make myself scarce for a while until the group decided what they were going to do with the boy.

As it turned out Randall knew a lot more than he had lead us to believe, like how he had went to school with Maggie and rode her bus. It became very clear to the group then even if we let him go miles away from here he would eventually find his way back to his group, and in turn lead them all right back here to the farm and to me. I could kind of understand why Daryl wanted me to make myself scarce after that because the group was started to makes it’s feeling clear, I was becoming more and more of a problem.

The two days had passed in pure agony. I had run out of food in my ‘tank’ and my water was nearly gone. I didn’t want to owe anyone any favors so I didn’t ask for food and Rick wouldn’t let me leave the farm so I couldn’t hunt or scavenge neither. The frustration of my situation was eating at me so badly that I just wanted to pull out a few of my guns and go crazy.

Since I couldn’t do that I decided that a nice relaxing walk around the farm would have to do. I decided that walking around the back of the house would be nice but somewhere between there and my ‘tank’ my mind slipped away. I simply walked.

I could feel the tall grass brushing against my exposed ankles with every step I took. Every so often there would be a crunch from me stepping on a stray twig or a hardened piece of dirt, but mostly it was quiet. The breeze nipped at bare arms and neck but I didn’t turn back to get my jacket. The chilly wind reminded me just how close winter was and I vaguely wondered who was going to be around to see it. The chances of me dying were growing everyday but what about the rest of the group? Would Sophia live to see the snow fall or even Daryl?

Just the thought of either of them dying made it difficult for me to breathe. They were the only people that I had any sort of ties to in this hell and without them…I wasn’t sure what would happen to me. My gaze drifted away from the ground and I looked around the farm, in search for one of them. I wasn’t sure why but I had this dire need to see one of them even if I couldn’t speak with them I just needed to see them.

A loud thud sounded followed by a cry. My head snapped in the direction of the nearby barn and I didn’t think twice. My heart was pounding inside of my throat as I ran. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to expect or even do when I reached the barn, all I knew was that I had to get there.

Another cry of pain helped to lead me to a separate section of the barn, a small shack tucked away in the corner. The door to it was left slightly ajar making it easy for me to get a firm grip on it before ripping it open.

What I saw then I hadn’t been expecting. Randall was curled up in a ball on the floor with a growing bruise on his cheek and blood gushing out of a crack in his swollen lip. His dark eyes met mine instantly and instead of seeing the evil in them I saw only the pain. My gaze traveled from him up to the dark figure that was leaning over him.

The torn off sleeves and plaid design were the first thing that caught my attention, then I noticed the blood dripping off of his tightly clenched fist. Slowly everything pieced it’s self together in my head and when it was all clearly laid out, I still didn’t believe it.

“What are ya’ doing?” I questioned praying that Daryl would prove me wrong.

With a wickedly slow pace he looked over his shoulder at me. His face was so contorted in rage that I almost believed that I had been mistaken, his eyes were sharp as glass and they cut into me. “Leave.”

His voice had been so low and threatening that it made me tremble. I yanked my gaze away from him and turned back to Randall. He was covered in fresh bruises and his shirt was stained with bright red blood. Knowing that he had been beaten gave me that push I needed.

I looked back into those icy eyes and took a step closer. “No.” I seethed.

Daryl shot up from his slouched positioned and stomped over to me. I thought that he was just going to get up in my face and yell at me until I left but I was wrong. As soon as I was in reaching distances he dug his fingers into my upper arms and dragged me out.

“Let me go!” I yelled angrily while struggling to get free.

He didn’t bother doing that however. When we reached the door he kicked it open with his boot and then shoved me outside. Not being able to reclaim my balance fell hard on my ass. I hissed out in pain as I glared up at the brut.

Daryl guarded the doorway with his arms knotted over his chest. His hard blue eyes bit into mine, “Leave.”

I pushed myself off of the ground and glared back at him furiously. “No.”

“Ya’ ain’t supposed to be out of your car.” He snapped taking a small step forward.

“Why?” I asked briskly. “So that I don’t see any of that?” I gestured to the barn.

He kept his gaze trained on me. “What’s happening in there doesn’t concern you.”

“The hell it don’t.” I barked. “You’re beating the crap out of that boy Daryl. He’s so bruised and swollen that he can barely speak.”

“I said it don’t concern you.”

I took another step forward and now we were less than a foot apart. I had to lift my chin up higher just so that I could glare at him. “You tell me why Daryl Dixon. You tell me why right now or I’m leavin’.”

If it was even humanly possible his eyes grew even more intense with rage. “I’ll stop ya’.”

“I’ll shoot ya’ if ya’ try.” I countered.

“Ya’ ain’t going anywhere.”

“Then tell me!”

We were both huffing from yelling back and forth at one another and at one point we must have taken a step closer because now I could smell the dirt and sweat coming off of him. It wasn’t necessarily an unpleasant smell but at the moment I couldn’t exactly swoon over it either.

Daryl gave out a growl in frustration before taking a step back. He shoved on of his rough hands through his tousled dark hair and gruffly spoke. “Fine but then ya’ have to leave.”

“Fine.” I snapped taking a step away from him.

He kept his glare firmly in place as he quickly explained. “The group wants to see if the bastard is hiding anything else from us so that’s why I’m here.”

“So Rick told ya’ to beat the living daylights out of him? That’s not you.”

“He wanted to get information. I’m getting it.” He said defensively.

“What information?” I questioned almost sarcastically. “I’ve told ya’ all ya’ need to know. There is about thirty of them, they are all men, and armed. What more do ya’ need?”

“The group thinks that there is more.”

It was really starting to get on my nerve on how he kept saying that it was what the group wanted because I knew that it was really Rick that was calling all of the shots. “Ya’ mean it’s what Rick wants.” I spat out loud.

His eyes grew a shade darker with anger and his lip twitched up into a snarl. “What’s it to ya’ if it is? In case ya’ forgot that boy in there is threatening your life too, so what do ya’ care what happens to him? Got a little crush on the babe now, is that it?”

I took a step forward and shoved my finger into his chest. “I know what will happen if he is kept alive Daryl but what I don’t understand is why the hell ya’ have to torture him for?” I noticed the way Daryl’s arms tensed up at my question and took a step back. The feel of him changed for a brief moment and for that moment I felt as if he was getting defensive. “Did he say something that pissed ya’ off?”

His hard stare wavered as he looked off to the side. His jaw was drawn in a firm line and I saw his fists clench tighter. I knew then that my suspicion was correct. Daryl might have been told to go in there and roughen the boy up a bit and then Randall must have said something that really tweaked Daryl.

The fury inside of me dimmed a bit and I was able to talk with a more calming tone. “What did he say to ya’ Daryl?”

He didn’t meet my gaze again as he slowly turned in the doorway. “I told ya’ what ya’ wanted to hear so leave.”

“But Daryl-

“Leave.” He commanded from the door way with his hard back to me. I didn’t even have a chance to reason with him before he slammed the door in my face.

At first I felt angry that he was shutting me out and was about to stomp away when I realized that I hadn’t heard any footsteps coming from inside the barn. I ran up to the door and pressed my body against it. “Daryl.” I whispered half wondering if he was still there.

The door gave just the slightest bit around the bottom before slamming back into place. Knowing that Daryl was leaning against the other side I lightened my tone even more. “Dixon just tell me what he said. Please Daryl just help me understand.”

There was a long pause between us until I felt a light bang on the door, most likely it was from him resting his head on it and then he spoke. “His group raped two girls.” He let out a hard sigh before continuing. “He said that the girls had been traveling with their dad in the woods when they came across them. Had the old man watch the whole thing.”

I felt my breath catch in the back of my throat as I stared at the roughed up wooden door. “My god.” I breathed out, not knowing what else I could possibly say.

“Yea,” He gruffly spoke before taking a step away from the door. I tried to push it open then but he must have locked it or something. “Ya’ ain’t going near him again.”

“Daryl.” I started to tell him that I could take care of myself but the words died in my throat. There was nothing I could say that wouldn’t make it seem as though I was defending Randall and his group so with a sigh I turned away from the barn and headed back to my car.

Maybe taking a walk hadn’t been the best idea.

It was later decided by Rick and Shane that it was best to kill Randall. Despite what group Randall was with and what a threat he was to me personally I didn’t wish for his death. Every time I looked at him I saw him as just a stupid and reckless kid. He didn’t deserve to die for that.

Of course I wasn’t a part of the group so it’s not like I really had a say in the matter and the only reason I found out about it was because Carol had told me. She seemed to be trying to get closer to me and I wasn’t sure if it was because I had saved her daughter, had the vaccinations, or simply because she liked me but either way I enjoyed talking to her.

After Carol left it wasn’t very long until an older man with tourist looking shirt on started making his way over to my car. He must not have been around when Sophia was pointing out who everyone was because I couldn’t give the old man a name.

He wasn’t as clean shaven as Hershel though. He had a full white beard covering his chin and even though it was clean looking you could tell that he hadn’t trimmed it in a while. He had on a fisherman looking hat on and a Ruger M77 Hawkeye Bolt-Action Rifle slung over his back. Despite the fact that he was armed and coming my way I didn’t see him as much of a threat, I mean I’m in a loaded tank here I think I have the upper hand.

As soon as he was close enough he gave me a charming smile and introduced himself. “I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced before. I’m Dale.”

I gave him a nod from my seat in my car. “Evelyn.”

He nodded back to me. “I don’t mean to waste your time or anything so I’ll get right to the point. Rick thinks that it is best to kill Randall and he’s given me some time to try and reason with people to let him live.”

I scoffed. “Well then you’re wasting your time on me.”

His smiled dropped off of his face at my comment but he didn’t look pissed but more disappointed. “Now I know the boy’s group is looking for you and I know that they aren’t the best people but I don’t think that the boy should suffer for it. He hasn’t done anything wrong.”

I cocked my head to the side. “So what would you have him do? Let him go?”

He shook his head. “No I understand that we can’t do that but maybe if we let him be part of our group. Give him a chance.”

I smiled at the man’s naive but sweet thinking. “I’m not sure if ya’ realize this Dale, but I’m not a member of your group. I have no say in this matter.”

“Of course you do.” He spoke with a slight shake in his head. “You have more power in this group then you think.”

I crinkled my nose at him. “Why because I have the vaccination? You think I’m the type of girl who would just hold that over your heads and make ya’ do my bidding?”

He took a step closer with his palms in the air. “No that’s not what I was getting at. I’m saying that because you’ve survived on your own and are still a decent person then you can be rational here.”

“The rational thing would be to kill him.” The man looked at me as if he knew that I was a hopeless case. With a sigh I slid out from my ‘tank’ and took a step closer to him. “But the humane thing would be to let the boy live.”

A smile broke across his. “So you’ll stand on my side?”

I ran a hand through my knotted greasy hair. “I still don’t think that is such a great idea Dale. Even if you think I’m being humane here the others will take it as just being nosy.”

He gave me a reassuring smile. “I don’t think Carol would or Daryl for that matter.”

My gaze fell at the sound of Daryl’s name. “I don’t think Daryl would agree with us at all.”

“Daryl said to me that he didn’t care either way if the boy lived or died and to me I think of it as an advantage.”

My attention snapped back to him at that. “Daryl said that he wasn’t for killing him?”

He gave a shrug of his shoulders. “That’s what he said.”

I felt a genuine smile form on my face. Well what do you know. I had assumed that since Randall’s group had raped those two girls them Daryl would feel resentment for him but he surprised me.

I turned around to get back into my truck, thinking that this conversation was over. “Well thank ya’ for this little chat Dale it was really enlightening.”

“Actually I was hoping to talk with ya’ a little bit more.” He stopped me.

I looked over my shoulder at him and felt one of my eyebrows lift in confusion. “Oh?”

He nodded. “I wanted to get to know you a little better. Not many people seem to have given you that much of a courtesy so allow me to be the gentleman here.”

A girlish giggle erupted from my mouth as I stared at the man. He must have been quite the stud back in the days because he sure was a charmer now. I reached into my ‘tank’ pulled out an old panic looking blanket and then flattened it onto the ground. Dale caught on pretty fast as he shrug his gun off of his shoulder and placed it along the side of the blanket. He sat down close to me and bombarded me with questions.

The whole mood was very refreshing; it was so light and friendly that for a moment I forgot that we were on a farm in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the undead. He asked me about the CDC, Dr. Jenner, and Adam mostly. Since the conversation was light I didn’t really think about how they were all dead. It was nice to remember the good times I spent with them and it made me feel as if they were all still alive. After, what felt like only minutes Dale asked me about how I had come to know Daryl.

“At first I thought you two were lovers or related.”

I gasped at his tease and gave him a swat on the shoulder. “How on earth would ya’ think that we were related? I look nothing like the man.”

He shrugged, “I assumed that you got the better end of the gene pool.” We both laughed for a moment before he continued. “The way you two are always arguing I assumed that you were close. So is it lovers then?”

I cracked an even larger smile at that. Me and Daryl lovers? Oh that would be the day. “God no. Have you held a conversation with the man? He’s so thick headed some times that I wonder if a rock would break against it.”

“So what exactly are ya’ then?” He questioned.

I felt my smile drop at the thought of that. Daryl and I were well acquainted with one another and I definitely held a soft spot for the man but friends? I wasn’t sure if that was the best word for it.

With a shrug I finally replied. “I don’t know exactly. I mean we were neighbors for an extremely short time and barely even got the chance to know one another before we were separated. I want to say friends but I don’t think that is the right word.”

“Do you care for the man?” I nodded immediately and Dale’s eyes shined a little as if he had found some secret hidden meaning. “Would you side with him on a matter that was important?”

I let my eyes wonder to my feet as I thought about that one. “I suppose if it really meant something to him and didn’t hurt anyone else.”

Dale’s sneaky little smile grew before he let out a sigh. “My wife and I used to be a lot like you and Daryl. Of course I didn’t go around eating raw squirrels and she didn’t live in a tank but none the less we were like you two. My Erma had a lot of fire and I was just plain hot headed.”

I scrunched my nose together at what he was getting at. “You’re thinking that Daryl and me are gonna hook up?”

He started shaking his head instantly with a big dopey smile on his face. “Hook up? Oh no darling you’re going to fall for that man and he’ll drag his feet for a while, but don’t worry about it too much because I’m sure you’ll knock some sense into him.”

I felt my eyes grow wide and my mouth clamp shut as I stared at the old man. He gave me a relieved sigh before picking himself up off of the ground. “Now wait a second here. Daryl and I ain’t gonna-

“Now don’t you try to fight me on this girl I’m old and still stubborn as hell. You’re not going to be able to change my mind.” He snorted out a laugh before shrugging his rifle over his shoulder. “Anyway we best be heading over to the house. The meeting is going to be starting up soon.”

I rolled my eyes at Dale and how he just wanted me to leave it all at that. Dale seemed with it and all but maybe deep down he was a crazy old coot. I prayed for that to be true as I picked myself up off of the ground, rolled up the blanket, and tossed it into the tank before closing it up.

Dale led the way to the house and I felt a little uneasy being brought into all of this. I knew that this wasn’t going to be a good idea but Dale was determined that I attend. When we walked into the house all eyes were on us. Dale walked until he found a comfortable wall to lean against while I stayed next to the door.

It was awkward for me to stand there next to the door, knowing that everyone was looking at me with a bit of surprise. After taking a deep breath I looked around the room. Carol was standing right next to the door so I decided to just stay with her.

I would have gone over to where Daryl was but he given what had happened earlier between us I figured that it wasn’t the best idea. Nonetheless my gaze still wondered over to him and as soon as my eyes met his I cursed Dale. My face lit up like a firecracker as soon as I wondered into those Georgia blues. My heart was racing inside of my chest in a mere second.

Immediately I snapped my attention away from him and glared at Dale. That old coot messed with my mind saying those cursed things. I was in the mists of calming myself down when I noticed how eerie it was in here. Everyone was now looking at the ground or playing with their hands, not really knowing who should speak first or what they should do.

Glenn finally broke the silence. “So how do we do this? Just take a vote?”

I folded my arms over my chest and looked at the Asian sitting on the piano bench. He looked more nervous than usually.

Andrea was quick to speak after him. “Does it have to be unanimous?”

Then Lori, “How about majority rules?”

Rick finally spoke and took a step forward addressing the whole room. “Well let’s- let’s just see where everybody stands and then we can talk through the options.”

Shane gave a nod next to Andrea. “Well the way I see it there’s only one way to move forward.”

Dale instantly disagreed. “Killing him. Right?” He shook his head. “I mean why even bother to take a vote? It’s clear which way the wind is blowing.”

Rick rested his left hand on a nearby chair. “Well if people believe that we should spare him, I wanna know.”

Dale’s shoulders sagged a little and I felt as if this was the first time I was seeing him so weak. What had happened to the old coot that had been sweet and teasing just moments ago?

“Well, I can tell you it’s a small group.” Dale paused for a moment and looked over to Glenn. “Maybe just Me, Glenn and Evelyn.”

At the sound of his own name Glenn looked up at Dale with a guilty expression. “Look, I-I think you’re pretty much right about everything, all the time but this-

Dale raised his hands towards him. “They’ve got you scared.”

Glenn pointed his hand out towards the door. “He’s not one of us. And we’ve lost too many people already.”

Dale looked down at Glenn disappointedly before looking over at Maggie. “How about you? Do you agree with this?”

Maggie took in a quick breath then turned her attention towards Rick. “Couldn’t we continue keeping him prisoner?”

Daryl replied instead. “Just another mouth to feed.”

My head snapped back over to him. I was surprised to hear him speak at all really but what he said did have a point. If the group were to keep the boy prisoner then it would be a burden on them all.

“It may be a lean winter.” Hershel commented.

“We could ration better.” Lori stated.

“Well, he could be an asset. Give him a chance to prove himself.” Dale reasoned.

Glenn frowned at the thought. “Put him to work?”

“We’re not letting him walk around.” Rick declared.

“We put an escort on him.” Maggie spoke.

Shane gave a sarcastic smirk. “Who wants to volunteer for that duty?”

“I will.” Dale answered.

“I don’t think any of us should be walking around with this guy.” Rick said.

“He’s right.” Lori agreed. “I wouldn’t feel safe unless he was tied up.”

“We can’t exactly put chains around his ankles, sentence him to hard labor.” Andrea said.

“Look,” Shane started. “Say we let him join us, right? Maybe he’s helpful, maybe he’s nice. We let our guard down and maybe he runs off, brings back his thirty men.”

“So the answer is to kill him to prevent a crime that he never even attempt?” He said angrily. “If we do this, we’re saying there’s no hope. Rule of law is dead. There is no civilization.”

Hershel spoke up again. “Could you drive him further out? Leave him like you planned.”

Lori was quick to shoot down that idea. Then the group slowly drifted into how it was all just a bad idea for them to leave him somewhere and started talking about ways to kill him.

Dale irrupted them. “Hold on. You’re talking about this like it’s already decided.”

Daryl took a step forward catching my attention as he did. “You’ve been talking about this all day, going around in circles. You just want to go around in circles again.”

Daryl wasn’t really stating that he wanted Randall dead and from the looks of things he was just talking to Dale personally. I hadn’t known that Dale was the only true person here who wanted Randall alive and it kind of surprised me.

“This is a young man’s life and it is worth more than a five-minute conversation! Is this what it’s come to? We kill someone because we can’t decide what else to do with him? You saved him.” He pointed his hat towards Rick. “Now look at him, he’s been tortured. He’s going to be executed. How are we any better than those people that we are so afraid of.”

I listened to them. Talking back and forth with no one really saying anything helpful. No one could think of a better way than listening. At one point, after Rick had given the rest of the group the floor Dale’s eyes fell to me. I looked up into those old worn out eyes and could think of nothing to say. How could he expect me to change the minds of an entire group?

When I said nothing it seemed to have been the last straw for him, Dale started talking about how he had lost hope for everyone and walked away. It hurt my heart to see the man I had just gotten to know like this, but what could I have done? I had no power in this group without using the vaccinations and without them I had no other leverage.

When he left in a broken sort of way I felt as if I had failed him. I snuck out of the house after him and went back to my tank.

It was dark outside when I finally got everything sorted out in my mind. I knew that the guys were stringing Randall up in the barn so I hurried over there. I had made my decision and even though I hated to do this to them, I’d be damned if I let Dale down again.

I made it to the door just as Rick lifted his gun up to the masked boy. I noticed the slight hesitation he had as he held the gun firmly one hand. I thought for a moment that he wasn’t going to go through with it. That he was going to change his mind. Then something flashed in his eyes and he cocked back the gun.

Daryl and Shane were in the barn with him but I paid neither of them any attention as I burst through the doors. Rick looked over at me with a surprised expression but I gave him not time to question me.

“I will not give the vaccination to a bunch of murders.” I spoke firmly with my hands resting on each hip.

Rick didn’t know what to do at first and looked over to Shane for help. Shane had been holding onto Randall and when he caught sight of me he gave the boy a shove to the ground. “The hell you doing here?”

I paid him no mind though and kept my attention focused on Rick. “You’re asking me to decide whether or not your group is worthy to have my vaccinations. I didn’t give it to the other group that raped and murdered people, so what makes ya’ think that I would give it to a group that is starting to lose sight of its humanity?”

Shane was now in reaching distance of me and as soon as his hand gripped my arm I acted. I twisted my arm around his, forcing him to let go of me, and swung my leg under one of his. I grabbed ahold of his arm while he tried to reclaim his balance and shoved him down to the ground. Once on his stomach I twisted his arm high behind his back until he was yelling out in pain.

“Alright!” Rick yelled and I looked up to see him lowering his gun. “Alright.”

I looked back to Shane and lowered myself down until I was able to whisper in his ear. “Ya’ think you’re so tough because ya’ all beefed up but let me let you in on something. Ya’ don’t hold a candle to the likes of me so if ya’ touch me again, I’ll kill ya’.”

With a shove I pushed myself off of him and turned away from them. I had enjoyed taking Shane down like that even though I hadn’t caused him much damage it had been a nice little display of my awesomeness. Still I felt dirty and that wasn’t because of Shane. I hadn’t found a way to make them change their minds without using the vaccinations and it made me feel horrible.

I was wondering back to my ‘tank’ when I heard the scream. Immediately I knew that it was Dale. Even though I wasn’t carrying any weapons I ran towards one of the fields. Daryl had heard the scream as well and since he was at the barn he was ahead of me. In a matter of seconds I saw the Geek leaning over in the fields and my heart was throbbing in my throat.

Daryl tackled the Geek off of Dale and in the distance I heard the sounds of the rest of the group coming. I was the first to see it though. The blood and guts spilling out of his stomach. The whole there was massive and I knew instantly that there was nothing I could do. Dale’s scared and pained eyes found mine instantly and I fell down beside him in tears. He tried speaking but it just came out in grunts in gurgles. The rest of the ground was suddenly surrounding him, all crying and gasping at the state of their friend. Rick was screaming for Hershel and Andria took the opposite side of me, trying to tell Dale that everything was going to be okay.

Rick turned back to Dale with a desperate look in his eyes. “What can we do?”

I placed a hand on Dale and sniffled back a cry. “There’s nothing we can do.”

Andrea slapped my hand away from Dale’s face. “You don’t know that.” She cried.

I didn’t pay her any mind though as I stared into Dale’s eyes. “I’m sorry.” I cried tears brushing down my cheeks. “I’m sorry.”

Hershel was suddenly there and Rick asked him again. “What can we do? Can we move him?”

With a sad look Hershel shook his head. “He won’t make the trip.”

“You have to do the operation here. Glenn get back to the house.” Rick instructed but it was all useless.

Hershel reached over and grabbed ahold of him. “Rick.” With another shake of his head Rick finally understood. He turned away from Dale screaming into the night air and Andrea’s cries grew more intense.

I placed my hand on his still warm cheek and cried. “I’m sorry Dale. I’m sorry.”

He wasn’t able to make a coherent word as he gurgled and gasped. Andrea was the one who turned to the men for help. “He’s suffering. Do something!”

Rick stared at Dale’s wide eyes for the longest time before pulling out his gun. He took aim with shaking hands and I knew that he wasn’t going to be able to do it. Not to Dale. I turned my attention back to Dale trying to keep him here as long as possible.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and knew that it was probably Shane telling me to move out of the way. I glared up at him over my shoulder but was surprised to see that it was Daryl holding Rick’s gun. Even more hot tears slid down my cheeks as I stared up at him. A sob hiccup in my throat as I looked back at Dale one last time before scooting back.

Daryl knelt down in my spot and put the barrel right on Dale’s forehead. There was a whisper of a click as the gun cocked back. Daryl leaned a little bit forward, never having his eyes wonder away from Dale’s. “I’m sorry brother.”

With another click and a bang Dale was gone.


Thank you for Reading and I hope that you enjoyed it!


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