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Blood Soaked Arrows

The Guilty

Everyone was silent as we stood circling around Dale’s grave. His body was already buried and people’s tears had long since dried up. At first I had cried and yelled just as strongly as the rest of the group had but now I just felt empty and used. I wasn’t sure what it was I was supposed to do next. Should I tell the rest of the group that I was sorry for their loss or just go back to my ‘tank’.

I felt like an outsider imposing in on the group’s private moments. Everyone else was consoling one another and reminiscing about what Dale had done or said to them, while I stood by myself looking down at his fresh grave. Maybe it was because they didn’t know that Dale and I had shared a moment and that was the reason why no one approached me, or maybe it was because nobody cared how hurt I felt.

I shook my head at the tears that started to brim the corners of my eyes. This wasn’t about me right now, this was about Dale. With a deep breath I swiped the tears away with the palm of my hand and stared down at Dale’s grave. Every time I looked down at the freshly turned dirt I could picture Dale being the one buried only a few feet under. In my head I kept imagining that he was standing behind me and I just wanted to look over my shoulder to smile at him, but he was there. He would never be there again.

There was a sound of shoes moving through the tall grass and I turned praying that it would be Dale, but before I could even get my hope up my brain reminded me that I was standing over his grave. Seeing an angry tear stained Andrea though definitely caught me off guard.

“This is all your fault.” She spat before pulling back her hand to slap me.

I bewilder as to how something like this could be my fault that I didn’t even think to doge the slap. The sting of her hand smacking against my flesh had more bite then I had expected. The slight pain had barely registered to me before I was bombarded with more of her screams.

“If you would have just given us the vaccination Dale wouldn’t have been killed. You killed Dale you self-serving bitch!” She pulled her hand back a second time for another hit but someone grabbed ahold of her wrist.

I followed Andrea’s as we both looked up to see that it had been Rick. His eyes were focused Andrea as he spoke. “This isn’t her fault.”

“Dale died because a walker attacked him. A walker!” She explained furiously as if she had been the only one who witnessed it. “If he would have had the vaccination he could have pulled through. Dale could have lived.”

“No, he wouldn’t have.” I said weakly but they had caught it. I averted my eyes from the two and looked down at my boots. “Dale’s abdomen was ripped open along with other organs, he was going to die even if he did have the vaccination. There was nothing I could’ve done.”

Andrea stared angrily at me for a long time before her face scrunched back up in anguish. “I know that. I know. I’m sorry I just didn’t want him to die.” She sniffled yanking her wrist away from Rick and running away.

I watched as she left feeling mix between remorse and regret. If I had given Dale the vaccination would he have held off the Geek differently? Would he still be alive?

Rick cleared his throat forcing me to pull myself out of my own thoughts and to focus back on him. “Andrea isn’t normally like this. She’s just…we’ll all just going through a really hard-

I cut him off by putting up my hand. “I know,” I said with a light smile. “Ya’ don’t have to explain anything to me.”

Before he could make another remark or start up an awkward conversation with me I turned away from him. I had noticed Daryl leaning up against the side of a tree staring at Dale’s grave and suddenly I wondered if Daryl blamed me for his death as well. The rest of the group was dispersing now so we were close to being alone.

He caught sight of me approaching and pushed his body off of the tree. His blue eyes stayed on me while I walked closer to him and as I stared into those eyes Dale’s voice replayed in my head. “Darling you’re going to fall for that man…”

I felt my heart skip a beat inside of my chest, paused for a split second to force that thought and the feeling that they brought inside of me onto the back burner, before taking another step closer to him.

We stared at one another for a while and it felt as if we hadn’t spoken in ages. The need of asking him if he blamed me for Dale’s death was building up inside of me until final the damn broke.

“Do ya’ blame me?” I asked averting my gaze and staring instead the tree behind him.

“What for?” He questioned shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

I twinned my hands together and started to twist them nervously. “For Dale’s death.”

Daryl stopped shifting his weight around and planted his feet firmly on the ground. “What?”

I stiffened a little at his harsh tone and started to regret asking him the question. “What are ya’ stupid now?” I snapped my gaze up to meet his glare. “Walker tore him open and I shot him. End of story.”

With that he reached down to pick up his crossbow and then slung it over his shoulder. He gave me a slight nod to tell me that it was the end of the conversation and then started heading over to where Andrea, Shane, and T-Dog were waiting.

After burying Dale it was like everyone wanted to pull together and do something. Daryl and the others had all decided that they were going to go around the farmland and see if they could find any other walkers mobbing about. I wasn’t exactly thrilled to see Daryl leaving but I knew he could handle himself.

I watched as Shane hopping into the blue truck and started up the engine. Daryl hopped into the bed of it with T-dog and then patted the side of it with his open palm. As the started moving I noticed Daryl looking in my direction. I wanted to raise my hand up and wave him good bye or say something witty to him but I ended up just standing there watching him leave.

I heard Carol calling my name. I turned to here to see her buddle from head to toe in a heavy duty coat and scarf. She had a gentle smile on as she made her way over to me but I could see that the smile didn’t touch her eyes.

“Aren’t you going to put something warmer on?” She asked.

I looked down at my outfit. I had on a cameo tank top, a light blue plaid shirt that Beth had lent me, my leather jacket, a dark pair of jean, and a pair of black combat boots that I had found hidden in the back of my ‘tank’. I thought I was perfectly fine with what I had on.

“No I think I’ll be fine.” I answered.

She frowned a little at me. “Are you sure? It wouldn’t be any trouble for me to lend you something.”

I appreciated that she was showing concern for me so I gave her a friendly smile. “It’s really alright. My whole life I’ve been taught how to with stand any kind of environment so my body has already adapted to the weather.”

She puckered her lips slight. “Well let me know if you change your mind.”

“I will.” I gave her a nod.

She looked passed me at the distant blue truck and gave a sigh. “I really hate it when they go off like that.”

I looked over my shoulder at it small blue dot. “Why’s that?”

She gave a shrug. “I always get this feeling that some of them might not come back.”

Her saying something like that only made me worry about Daryl, as soon as those feeling arose though I quickly smashed them down. Daryl had survived this apocalyptic world so far, so I knew damn well that he could take care of himself. “They’ll come back.”

“How is it that you are so sure?” She asked fiddling with her nails nervously.

“They all just lost someone important to them. Each one it filled with pain and anguish, so much so that they wouldn’t do something stupid that might get them killed.” I looked over at the woman who was somehow becoming my friend and smiled. “They’ll be back.”

With that little bit I walked away from Carol and headed over to where my tank was. My stomach growled hungrily from not eating since lunch time yesterday. The fact that Rick didn’t trust me to leave was really gnawing on me, enough so that I was becoming desperate.

The thought that this group was now four members weak made me smile. With four of their gun men gone it would be pretty damn easy for me to sneak away from the farm. At least long enough to get some hunting done.

Maybe I could hunt down a Cerulean Warbler or something. I thought hungrily. With winter fast approaching those kinds of bird should be migrating through Georgia. Sure squirrels and woodchucks would be another good hunting choice but I always preferred bird, smaller creature but tender meat.

I swung open my door and hopped right in. There was a walkway behind where the driver’s seat was because the car was so big. It really was like a tank. I looked over the medium sized armory displayed along the path way. Or a storage truck. I thought silently. Walking along the small path I came across a compound bow and a quiver of twelve arrows. Of course I could have chosen a gun but I didn’t want to waste the ammo when I could just as easily retrieve an arrow.

I slung the thing over my shoulder and then tucked a hunting knife and a .40 caliber Glock 22 standard handgun in my jacket. If I came in close contact with a Geek then they would come in handy. With all of my things pack I exited my tank, looked around to make sure the coast was clear, and then headed straight for the nearest patch of woods.

The game in the woods was good considering the cold weather but I didn’t get a bird like I had hoped, instead I got stuck with a woodchuck and a rabbit. Neither were my top choices but I made do with it because I was so hungry and if I stayed out for too long the group might wonder where I had gone. Bringing back my kills though wasn’t an option because then they would wonder where it was that I got them.

After quickly skinning them and starting a low fire I cooked them halfway. I didn’t have the luxury of waiting until they were all the way done so I ate them part way raw and then cleaned everything up. When I finally made my way back I was relieved to that the blue truck was parked up next to the house. I felt anxious to hurry back to the farm. I wanted to see Daryl just to make sure that he….to put myself at ease.

I halted to a stop when I noticed three people heading over to my ‘tank’. I let out a fierce curse quickly realizing that I was about to get caught. From where I had exited the woods I was close to the barn so I ran over to it. The field between the two was large and the possibility of getting caught was even worse.

With a steady foot and quick thinking I made it work. Every time I saw a person walking around I ducked into the tall grass. It took me a little longer that I wanted it too but when I reached the barn I quickly discarded my bow in to an empty barrel and re-lidded it. The bow would have been too much of a give-away so it had to go… for now.

After that I pulled my hair down from its messy ponytail and started to air it out as I walked around the barn and into everybody’s sight. Casually I made my way over to my ‘tank’ and recognized the three figures as being Rick, Hershel, and Daryl. Seeing Daryl made me feel so relieved that I almost rushed over to them.

Daryl was the first to notice me nearing them and quickly turned with a frown on his face. “Where’ve ya’ been?”

Rick and Hershel both turned away from my car and looked in my direction at Daryl’s question. I ran my finger through my hair again and felt a piece of grass. With a smile I pulled it out, looked at it briefly until they had all noticed it and then dropped it on the ground. “I took a nap in the grass.”

Daryl’s frown deepened. “Ya’ have a car.”

“It’s not good on my back.” I stretched my arms up in the air. “Besides the cold was refreshing.”

As I got closer to them I could tell that Daryl was skeptical, as for Rick and Hershel they looked as if they believed me. “Did ya’ need me for something?” I asked ignoring Daryl’s hard stares and looked at Rick.

“We’re moving our things into the house since it’s getting colder out and was going to help you get settled in there as well.” He explained.

I frowned at how he had assumed that I would just follow along with his plan. “I’m not moving into the house.”

Rick took a step towards me with a confused frown on his face. “Winter is practically here. If you stay in that car you’ll freeze.”

“Oh please.” I scoffed taking a step over to my car and slapping its side. “This baby has housed me for mouths, she can handle the winter.”

Rick opened his mouth to say something else but his mind must have drawn a blank. I could tell that he was still unease about the whole situation so with a sigh I rolled my eyes.

“I can move it closer to the house if you’d like.”

He gave me a quick smile. “That would make me feel a whole lot better.”

“Hmpf.” I grunted with a smile on my face. Rick gave me a nod of his head before turning around and leaving with Hershel. I watched them as they headed back to the house and noticed everyone else carrying in boxes in.

“What were ya’ really doing?” I turned back to see Daryl shrugging his crossbow up a notch on his shoulder.

With a sigh I took a step closer to my car and opened the driver’s door. I pulled out my gun and placed it inside but decided to keep my knife on me. “I got hungry so I went hunting.”

“Thought ya’ had food stocked up .”

“I ran out.” I took a step away from the door before shutting it and turned towards him.

His blue eyes stayed trained on me. “Could have asked the group to spare ya’ some.”

I scoffed, “I don’t want to own anyone anything.”

His gaze hardened. “So ya’ went out alone after we just finished burying someone?” He took an angry step closer. “Don’t sound too smart to me.”

“I can take care of myself Daryl.”

“Right,” He spat. “Ya’ came back with a glock. I’m guessing ya’ didn’t get anything did ya’.”

I felt a proud smile forming on my lips. “Oh I killed some game Daryl.”

He crossed his arms over his chest. “Geeks don’t count.”

A laugh bubbled out of my lips. “Didn’t even come across one, I must have been too quiet for them to hear.”

“Or just lucky.” He spat. “What’d ya get?”

I linked my hands behind my back and giggled like a child. “A woodchuck and a rabbit.”

He glanced inside of my tank to where my glock was. “With that gun?”

“Nope.” I shook my head from side to side with a smile. “With my Archery Anarchy Compound Bow.”

His eyes widened for a split second before they turned disbelieving. “Bullshit.”

“I stashed it behind the barn so that Rick wouldn’t get suspicions.”

A smile cracked across his face before he shook his head at me. “Well aren’t you one sneaky little bastard.”

I smiled proudly. “Damn straight I am and ya’d be smart to remember that.”

Carol called over to Daryl and I, ending our first playful conversation. She nodded her head over to us, silently signaling that she needed some help moving things into the farmhouse, Daryl left to help while I got to work on moving my tank.

After moving it next to some of the other parked cars I hopped out and twirled my keys around my finger before stashing them in my front pocket. After helping the group carry in a few things Daryl had gone off to collect his motorcycle. I smiled at the fact that Daryl rode such a loud beast. Most people might have seen it as a stupid idea because the sound would definitely attract walkers but I just saw it as him being confident in his abilities….and maybe a bit cocky.

I went over to Andrea and helped lighten her load. Her eyes grew when I did that and I assumed it was because she thought that I would hold a grudge against her for slappin’ me around earlier. I gave her a friendly smile while I hitched the basket of folded blankets higher on my hip. She stared at me for the longest time before she finally nodded her head and returned my smile, and without a single word being exchanged we were on good terms.

I followed the rest of the group into the house, T-dog told me where I could put the basket at and once I set it down I hurried outside to grab something else. There was a black duffle bag lying on the ground next to some of the cars. I assumed that it was a bunch of clothes so I went over to grab it. My hand had just touched the straps when a hard tanned hand wrapped around my wrist.

“What do you think you are doing?” Shane hissed before tightening his grip.

I glared over at him. “Helping haul shit inside.”

“Right,” He sneered. “Like you weren’t just about to steal this bag of guns.”

I looked between him and the bag at my feet and noticed the white letters on the side reading ‘Sherriff’. Instantly I released the straps but Shane didn’t loosen his grip. I sneered up at the man. “I didn’t know it was full of guns.”

“What did you think a bag labeled ‘Sherriff’ had in it?” He scoffed, “Or did the big white letters on the side of it escape your notice too?”

“I didn’t notice it until now.” I tried yanking my wrist away from him but Shane didn’t loosen his hold.

His lips curled into something between a snarl and a smile. “Rick’s too tuck in his ways to think that he could just gain your favor and you would become this savior, but me…” His eyes wondered down to the bag then slowly back up to me. “I knew that I should have just taken care of you when I had the chance.”

I wasn’t sure if the rage that was boiling over inside of me was from the hatred I felt towards Shane touching me or if it was because he was still undermining my abilities, either way I wasn’t going to let any of this continue. Thinking quickly, I made my wrist bigger by balling up my hand before hastily straightening it and folding my thumb inwards. With the little extra space I was able to slide my hand out of his tight grasp before he could tighten his grip again.

Shane looked down at his empty hand. The anger built up inside of him and his hand shook with it before his eyes met with mine once more. The murderous glint in them was enough to send anyone into a panic but I welcomed it. His hand flashed forward to grab ahold of me but I dodged it with ease.

“Don’t touch me.” I hissed taking a small step back. Even though I wanted to rip him apart I knew that the rest of the group might not agree with it. To them it seemed as if Shane was an important member of their group and I was still the outsider.

A faint smile touched his lips before he spread his arms out wide. “I’m just doing what Rick doesn’t have the stomach for. Don’t you want to be with your family? Who was that doctor you were close to again… Dr. Candace Jenner, right?”

My jaw snapped together so harshly that I felt as if I had chipped a tooth. I hated the fact that he had soiled her name and even more that he was baiting me to come closer to him. My body was shaking with rage when he took a slight step forward. His hand didn’t snap out this time but instead snaked its way closer to me. His eyes never flickered from mine and I assumed it was because he didn’t want me to notice how close he was getting. Problem was that he didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

As soon as I felt the tip of his finger touching my skin I snapped. All of the rage that had been building up inside of me was let loose. I snapped my hand down on his wrist and yanked him forward. I had caught him off-guard and his body pitched towards me. I was quick to head butt him in the nose.

I felt the crunch against my skin and the warm spray of blood. He let out a yelp of pain before stumbling backwards. While he was dazed I retrieved the hunting knife that I still had on me from its safe place behind my back. The knife felt lighter than I remembered as I lightly spun it around my hand. Shane removed his hands from his face and glanced down from the blood then back up to me. He was infuriated at me that made him sloppy. He was so mad that he didn’t even notice the knife in my hand.

Shane ran head first at me and all I could do was laugh at his foolishness. With a dodge and a quick even steady swing I sliced into his upper arm. He let out a loud curse and before touching a hand to the wound. Judging by the amount of blood I had gotten the blade deep but not deep enough to hit a tendon or a major artery. Shane looked confused as he stared at the cut on his arm then he turned his attention towards me and noticed the blood dripping off of my knife. His eyes grew wide and for the first time I believed he realized what a threat I was to him.

Shane’s curse had been loud enough for the other members to hear and soon they were all rushing outside. There were gasped and questioned asked but I paid no attention to any of them. Soon everyone was circling around us but my gaze never wavered from Shane’s.

A small smile tugged on his lips and I was at first confused as to why he was smiling at a time like this and then it dawned on me. I let out a curse as I glanced at all of the worried expression surrounding the two of us. Everyone that looked at Shane saw him with pity and the ones that looked at me were of shock and anger. Slowly my mind pieced together how this whole ordeal looked like to them. I was the bad guy holding the bloody knife and Shane innocent wounded victim.

A commanding voice boomed out from behind me followed by the click of a gun. “Put the knife down.”

I recognized it instantly as Rick and my knife shook in my hand. “It’s not what it looks like.”

“We’ll sort that out later.” He paused for a second to press the barrel into the back of my head. “For now I want you to put the knife down.”

Seeing that Shane was part of their group and close friends with Rick I found the scale tipped in his favor. With a pathetic smile I let the knife fall from my hand. “Your decision was made as soon as ya’ saw the knife in my hand.”


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