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Blood Soaked Arrows

The Run

There was no point in trying to argue my side of the story to the rest of the group because Shane had weaved such a brilliantly crafted lie that it had me second guessing what had really gone down. When Rick had asked me for my side I saw it in his eyes that he had already sided with Shane. Truthfully I couldn’t blame him for it or any of them for that matter because I had known the group for what? Less than a week?

With a sigh I briefly explained. “I thought that duffle bag was full of clothes and went to go bring it in. Shane thought I was stealing it and we got in a fight.”

Rick nodded his head as if I had just confessed that I was guilty of everything. He started rambling on about how if I had a problem with someone in the group then I should go to him and blah blah blah. After a certain point I just didn’t give a damn. In the middle of Rick’s rant I bent down and picked back up my knife.

Rick’s hand touched the butt of his gun at my action. “Whoa now.”

“I ain’t going to hurt anyone. I’m just picking it up so I can leave.” I scoffed at him before wiping the blade off on my jean and sliding it back into its holder behind my back.

“Leave?” Carol asked with a worried tone. I met her gaze with an arched eyebrow, not quite understanding why she would be worried about me heading back to my car.

“Yea.” I answered hesitantly.

She took a step towards me to say something else but Rick lifted up a hand to stop her. “Now hold on.” His eyes met back with mine. “I know that you and Shane don’t get along but this little quarrel was nothing to get upset about.”

Upset about? I thought irked. “The man threatened to kill me, nobody believes my side of the story and ya’ think that I’m upset?” I took a step in Rick’s direction. “I’m royally pissed off and if ya’ were a smart pig then I would suggested that ya’ back the fuck off before ya’ piss me off even more.”

Rick held his hands up in surrender at me. “Easy.” He soothed taking a step closer to me. “Maybe we all just need to take some time to cool off before making any sort of decision.”

“Ya do that.” I spat and then crossed my arms over my chest and started walking towards my tank.

“Where are you going?” Rick asked with a hard tone.

I didn’t even bother to stop. “To my car.”

There was a long pause and for a second I thought that the conversation was over but then Rick went said, “Hold on Eve.”

I had stopped because of the commanding tone that he had in his voice, and turned around to look at him. The way he held himself and kept his eyes trained on me made me see him as more of a leader than ever before.

“What?” I questioned in a nicer tone.

He took a step forward, hand extended out. “I know that being with this group hasn’t been easy but despite all of the things we have done we need you. If you need some time to get some air or clear your head I understand but I can’t allow you to leave alone.”

I frowned at him not understanding why it was so important that I stayed here. I mean, I just wanted to go to my car. It wasn’t like I was trying to leave….

A smile crept onto my face. Now I get it. I thought devilishly. The group had been worried that I was leaving them and never coming back. Ah now it all makes sense.

I decided to play along just to see what I could get out of him. “If I’m going to clear my head then I need some time away from this farm.”

He let out a sigh before lifting up a hand and scratching the back of his head. “Where do you plan on going?”

I gave a shrug. “Into town would be nice. I need to get some supplies.”

Rick moved his hand down to his chin and dragged it over crisp hairs there. From the look in his eyes I could tell that he was about to tell me no but then Carol butted in. “If it’s a supply run then I’m sure Glenn or Maggie would be willing to go with you.”

Glenn looked over at Maggie who had her sights set on me. “I wouldn’t mind showing you the town, after all it’s the least I can do to repay you for stitching up Beth.”

I nodded over at her before turning my attention back to Rick. The man let out a deep sigh. “If I allow you to leave how long would you plan on being gone?”

My smile deepened before I hooked my thumbs into the front of my jeans. “An hour or two if we’re quick.”

Rick looked over at Glenn and Maggie. “You both are really alright with going.”

Glenn looked over at Maggie and I could see that he was torn. Glenn and I hadn’t really had any quality time together so he was probably a little nervous on coming along with me but from the look that Maggie was giving him I could see that he really didn’t have much of a choice.

“We’ll be fine.” Maggie answered crossing her arms over her chest.

I could feel a little bubble of excitement build up in my chest. Rick looked back over at me with serious eyes. “You have to stay within their sights at all times.”

I nodded immediately. “Not a problem.”

His stare hardened. “And while you’re out there you have to listen to what Glenn says.”

My smile dimmed at that one. I was older than Glenn and definitely more experienced than him so taking orders from the kid wasn’t going to be easy. I wanted to argue with Rick about it but I could tell by the firm line of his lips that it was either listen to him or not go at all.

“Fine.” I grumbled.

“Alright then,” Rick turned back to look at Glenn and Maggie. “I guess you all had better get packing.”

The group slowly dispersed and started hauling other things into the house. I was so surprised and shocked as to what all had just happened that I just ended up standing in the tall grass. A giant smile spread across my face as a little giggled burst through my lips. I couldn’t believe that I was finally going to get away from this farm and actually do something. It had me so giddy that I didn’t even hear Daryl pulling up on his motorcycle.

“Why are ya’ smiling like an idiot for?” He asked as he put down the kick stand and shut of his beast.

I turned at the sound of his voice and my grin grew. “I get to go on a run.”

He frowned at me. “What?”

“Yeah.” I nodded happily as I made my way over to him. “Rick’s letting me go into town with Maggie and Glenn.”

Daryl’s frown didn’t lessen as he scanned the yard looking for Rick, but Rick was already inside the house with Lori. “When the hell did this all get decided?”

“A few minutes ago,” My smile dropped at Daryl’s attitude. I hadn’t really expected him to be as excited about it as I was but I hadn’t anticipated him being edgy either. “Why?”

His baby blues met back with mine and there were streaked with a brilliant teal color. “Rick should know better than to let ya’ leave.”

“But Daryl,” I took a step closer to him with a confused feeling. “I won’t be gone long.”

“Ya’ stupid?” He snarled swinging himself off of his bike and then turning to face me. “There are some nasty bastards out there looking for ya’ and ya’ want to go on a supply run? Do ya’ have a death wish that I should know about?”

“Damn it Dixon.” I cursed taking another step closer to him and jabbing my finger into his chest. “How many time do I have to tell ya’ that I can take care of myself! I’m so sick of sitting in my ‘tank’ for so long that it is literally driving me crazy. If I don’t get a change of scenery soon I’m gonna pump a few rounds into Shane’s ass.”

Daryl’s teeth snapped together. “Ya wanna go? Fine then leave I don’t fucking care.” He sidestepped me and turned briskly towards the door. “Only caused me a bunch of problems anyway, damn bitch.”

“Fucking Red Neck!” I yelled after him in a fit of rage before spinning on my heels and heading over to my tank.

I was still fuming by the time we got into town. Maggie and Glenn had wanted to take my ‘tank’ because of how indestructible it was but Rick had vetoed the idea. Basically the man didn’t trust me not to ditch the new lovebirds and head out with the vaccinations. Honestly if I wanted to leave the group then I would have done it by now but Rick didn’t seem to get that. So we had ended up taking the blue truck that had belonged to a guy named Otis. I had no clue who that was and when I asked about him Maggie got depressed.

The town looked like every other town in the world now, deserted and hopeless but the good news was that the buildings were still in decent shape. Glenn parked the truck next to a gas station and from that point on we walked.

“Explain to me again why we are leaving the truck behind.” Glenn asked nervously as he looked back at the small blue dot.

I smiled over my shoulder at him. “Because I need to stretch my legs and sitting on those old seats makes my ass hurt.”

“It still doesn’t seem like a good idea though.” He complained.

I rolled my eyes at the Asian. “If your so worried about being out in the open then ya’ more than welcome to go back.”

Glenn rubbed the side of his shotgun with his thumb. “Rick said to stay together.”

“Then stop whining.” I scowled turning my attention back to what was ahead of me.

Maggie kept her mouth shut as we walked down the road and only talked when I asked her about a building. After a while we came across a grocery store. I looked back at Maggie and instantly she looked up at the building.

“Last time I checked there were some energy drinks and chips left but mostly everything else has gone bad.”

I hitched the empty messenger bag up on my shoulder and smiled slightly. “Hey I’ll take some nasty energy drinks over nothing.”

With that we wondered into the small grocery store. The outside wasn’t glorious with its white peeling sides and broken windows, but by comparing it to its surrounding buildings it probably hadn’t been anything special when it was up and running either. I kicked some of the trash and debris away from the glass doors before looking inside.

There were no windows on the outside of the store, so the only light that made it inside was coming through the doors. I could make out the outlines of the stands and see some of the broken tiles on the floor but that was about it. I peered into the dark store harder, trying to scot out as much as I could before opening up the doors but it was just too dark. With a sigh I yanked the small torch out of my back pocket pushed the button on the bottom.

The light wasn’t very big but it would be enough to help me scavenge through the store. I shoved the light into my mouth and switched my M4A1 into my other hand so I could open the door. Once inside I raised the gun up slightly as I did a quick sweep of the place. There was a gurgling noise coming from my left and instantly I made my way over to it. The sound of flesh being torn apart by a hungry geek was all too familiar too me now.

As I slipped into the next aisle I saw two decomposing corpses tearing into the flesh of an animal that had somehow managed to get inside. I grimaced at the sight of blood and guts splashed around the ground and moved to take out my hunting knife. The light I was carrying caught the Geeks attention and then their gluttonous rotting eyes were focused on me. I quickly discarded the empty bag and used my gun strap to swing my gun behind me. Shooting at them would be too loud and wasting bullet wasn’t something that I enjoyed.

One of the geeks spewed blood as it raised itself up from the gut smeared floor. In one fluid motion I jammed the long blade into its skull and yanked it back out. The other geek grabbed ahold of my ankle and pulled itself closer to my leg. Guts and pieces of flesh were dangling from its mouth and slapped against my ankle as it drew near. I flipped the blade until the handle was next to my thumb and jammed it into its skull. The beast let out one last blood snarl before falling to the floor. I leaned down yanked the blade from its head and then cleaned it off on the corpses tattered clothing before sliding it back into its holster.

“God what were they eating?” Glenn asked from behind me. I turned to see him looking down at the mangled body that they had been working on.

“A dog I think.” Maggie informed with a disgusted grimace.

I couldn’t exactly talk with the torch in my mouth so I just gave a shrug before bending down and picking up my discarded bag. Glenn stood there for a moment taking in the fresh zombie kills and the dead creature while Maggie and I went through the aisles.

Like Maggie had said earlier there really wasn’t much there that was still good, some water bottles, energy drinks, cereal, candy bars, and a few bags of chips was all that we could rummage up. With a sigh I stuffed each item into my bag. It wasn’t a lot so I knew that it wasn’t going last long but hopefully we would be able to hit a few more places before heading back. We were out of the store in less than ten minutes before leaving.

“There is a small group of houses about half a mile down. If we’re lucky we can gather a few more things from there.” Maggie said after catching my disappointed look.

“Should we grab the car first?” I asked. Personally I would have no problem getting back to the truck if something were to happen but chances were that Glenn and Maggie weren’t as fit as I was.

“Let’s just grab it to be on the safe side.” Glenn instructed.

I gave a nod before turning around and heading back to the gas station where we had left it. It didn’t take too long to get back and as soon as we did Glenn hopped into the driver’s and started it up. I didn’t think the trip was going to be that far so I jumped into the bed. Maggie was spot on with how far away the houses were at but I had expected more than three of them.

With a sigh I jumped out of the back, leaving the bag behind this time because I didn’t think that we would find all that much in here. The first house that we went into was nothing special. There weren’t any blood smears or turned over tables which lead me to believe that whoever had lived here had cleared out before this town was over run. Sadly the people here had had more time to pack because there was nothing left in the cabinets.

We looked around the house for anything that could be helpful. The only thing I found was a needle and some dental floss. To the untrained eye this stuff could have been easily left behind because they thought it was useless but this dental floss could come in handy. I stuff both into my pocket and headed to the next house. It came as no surprise that it was empty as well and we were about to move on when I heard something from outside.

The roar of a noisy old engine sounded loudly outside and I raised a hand up to Glenn and Maggie. Cautiously I walked over to a window and took a peek through the blinds. I didn’t recognize the black truck but just to make sure I gestured over to Maggie. She was there in an instant looking out the side of the window.

“Is it one of yours?” I asked softly.

She pulled away from the window. “No.”

My curious and cautions expression turned into a glare when I noticed four men getting out. Each one was smeared with dirt and their clothes were worn and nearly in shreds. Their harsh expressions were what caught my attention the most followed shortly by their two rifles and three handguns. I shrank down to the floor and pressed my body closer to the wall so that they wouldn’t see me.

The men wondered into the house that we had just cleared only they didn’t look as if they were scavenging. With a bang they kicked in the door and piled into the house next door. Once inside Glenn touched a worried hand to my shoulder.

“Are they part of Randall’s group?” He asked quietly.

I picked myself up off the ground and dusted off my jeans. “I don’t recognize them but that doesn’t mean that it is a no.”

“Well maybe they are scavengers like us then.” He tried reasoning.

Both Maggie and I shook our heads. “They didn’t have any bags.”

He took a deep breath before looking over at Maggie. “Should we make a run for the truck then?”

I ran my hand through my long hair. “They’ll notice us if we do.”

“So then what do we do?” He questioned getting a little annoyed.

I scanned the room we were in quickly, hoping to get some kind of idea but the room only had the front door and the window. Escaping unseen from this room was not going to happen. “Go check the other rooms and see if there are windows that are out of view or a back door.” I instructed Maggie.

She swung her rifle around from her back and nodded towards me before heading off. Glenn went in the opposite direction as Maggie while I stayed where I was. The sound of the men banging their feet against the porch instantly had me on guard. I leaned back down towards the window and watched them as they angrily left the house and began heading over to this one.

“We’ve been looking for that girl all week. Do ya really think she’s around here?” One of the burly men asked.

Another one with a beard and a scar on his cheek answered, “Boss thinks that she’s hiding up somewhere so we gotta look.”

I felt my throat grow tight as I watched the men heading over to this house. “Yeah I know, it’s a good thing that we only have a few more farms to look at though because I’m tired of steeping in animal shit.”

One of the men with a rifle laughed. “Maybe ya should pay attention to where you’re stepping then.”

“Shut up.” The man growled before stepping onto the first step. “Let’s just find that damn bitch, get the vaccinations, and fuck her.”

The men around him nodded in agreement before following him onto the porch. I let out a groan as I rubbed my hand against my forehead. Not only were Bryan’s men a few feet away from me but they were also looking at the farms meaning that even if I did manage to escape from here then it wouldn’t be very long until they found me again.

Damn it! I mentally cursed before swinging my gun around and taking a step away from the wall. If I had made this trip alone then it would have been easy for me to slip away but because I had Maggie and Glenn with me I couldn’t do that. Now I was stuck here until one of them came back meaning that I had to hold down the front.

“Fucking Dixon just had to be right.” I cursed out loud and clicked the safety off of my gun. As the sound of their loud footsteps came closer to the front door I was suddenly wishes that that damn red neck was by my side.


I'll have another update posted later tonight so be on the look out!! Thank you all so much for all of your support and comments. I try really hard to work on my plot points and I'm really happy that you are enjoying the story.


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