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Blood Soaked Arrows

The Trap

My fingers were clenching onto my rifle so hard that my knuckles had gone white. The anticipation of a shootout brought a cold sweat to my forehead. Each step that those men took echoed into the room I was in like a bad horror movie. My hand twitched to cock back my gun and just take these bastards down but I knew that I had to hold it back.

Glenn and Maggie were still looking for a way out and if they were to come back then they might get caught by the crossfire. I couldn’t deal with their blood on my hands or the looks Rick’s group would give me if I returned alone. The other dilemma on my hands was that if I killed them then their group would find out about it and realize that I was close by.

There was a long painstaking creak as the men walked up to the door. I knew that a decision had to be made or else I was going to find myself staring at the barrel of a gun. My finger lifted up a notch on the rifle and clicked the safety off. I took in a deep breathe to help calm myself down and the lifted the gun up before taking a few steps away from the door.

I could hear their voices growing louder as the yelled at each other and felt the light vibrations on the hard wood floor from their rough footsteps. My index finger hovered over the trigger, ready to fire at any moment-

“Pst!” I looked over to see both Glenn and Maggie waving me into another room.

There was no time for me to ask them what they had found, I just reacted. Being stealthy was second nature to me so running across a wooden floor in combat boots without making a sound was nothing. As soon as I entered the dining area they slide the door shut and not a second later there was a bang of the front door being kicked open.

Talking at this point was not an option and whispering was too risky. Luckily the two of them weren’t stupid so I didn’t have to worry about them talking but hopefully they had found a way out. Without even asking Maggie pointed me to a window above a small liquor cabinet. The window was small but large enough to get a petite person through and if there was one thing that the undead world was good at doing it was making survivors slim.

I nodded over to the two of them and motioned for them to take the lead. Glenn ran over to the window and slid it up as quickly and quietly as he possibly could while I stayed next to the door. Maggie got up on the cabinet and gently tossed her and Glenn’s guns out before fitting herself through it.

I felt the tremors of the men’s heavy footsteps and quickly made a run for the window. If we didn’t clear this house before they walked through that door than we were screwed. Glenn had his lower half through the window when I came up behind him and shoved him the rest of the way through. He let out a loud ‘Oomph’ sound when he landed making me curse quietly. Second nature kicked in and I clicked the safety ‘on’ on my gun and then tossed it out the window. Before my rifle could touch the ground I was already diving head first out of the house. As soon as my hands touched the grass I rolled, grabbing my gun in the process before finishing in a crouched position.

My eyes met with Glenn’s as he rubbed the lower half of his back. Maggie was crouching down next to him with both of their guns in her hands. There was a bang of the dining room door being opened and I quickly hissed at the two of them, “Move it!”

There was no hesitation as we all ran for cover near the first house. Since the houses weren’t that far apart it didn’t take us long to sprint from one yard and into the next. I rounded a side of the house that was facing away from the window we had escaped from, and plastered myself against it. Maggie and Glenn followed quickly and skidded to a halt on the other side.

Our eyes met and I could tell that we were all wondering the same thing. ‘Had we made it?’ For a moment we stood completely still, making the only noise exchanged to be our slightly labored breathing. The seconds passed by like the sting of a frozen whip to the cheek, but with each minute that remained silent the cold sensation would slowly eased away. Once we realized that we were all in the clear with gave a sigh of relief.

“What now?” Glenn asked quietly.

I ran a steady hand up through my hair and gave it a little shake. “We have to get back to the truck.”

Glenn frowned before whispering harshly. “Are you crazy? As soon as we start it up they’ll be on us.”

“If we don’t go now they might take the supplies and siphon our gas. I don’t know about ya’ all but I don’t want to walk all the way back to the farm again.”

Glenn fiddled with the lip of his hat for a short moment before nodding over to me. “Alright but first we immobilize them so they can’t follow us.”

I smiled over at him. “Honey ya’ read my mind.”

I yanked out my hunting knife, flipped it around in my hand a few times, before instructing Maggie and Glenn on what I wanted them to do. They both nodded curtly and set out to our blue truck. I made my way over to the bandit’s truck and about laughed when I realized that they hadn’t left anyone to watch their vehicle.

I smiled confidently at the target before quietly making my way over to it. I had just positioned the knife onto one of the grooves of the tire when I suddenly hesitated. The tire on a truck was thicker than most cars and if I jammed a knife it it would be difficult to get back out. With a disappointed sigh I put my hunting knife away and swung my gun around. I backed up and quickly shot at both tires. The bang of each shot was followed by the harsh whoosh of air escaping from the tires but I didn’t have time to watch them go down. As soon as I heard the tires deflating I spun around on my heels and ran for our truck. Vaguely I heard the shouts of Bryan’s men from inside of the house and knew that they would be shooting at me if I didn’t get out of there.

The blue truck was in my sight and I could see Maggie move her mouth from the back window. She must have been telling Glenn to start up the truck because as soon as her mouth closed the truck was roaring to life. In the mist of that roar I could hear the men trampling out of the house followed by the angry yells. I was only a few feet away from the bed of the truck when the first shot went off. It was soon followed by other shots and it only made me run faster. There was a sting on the upper half of my left thigh but I paid no attention to it and quickly jumped into the bed of the truck.

“Go!” I yelled and Glenn slammed his foot down on the gas. The sudden jerk of the truck made me bump my head against the inside of the bed and I let out a curse. Shot from their guns echoed in the air but none of them managed to hit the truck. With no way for them to catch up to us I lifted my head up and leaned against the back of the truck. In the distance I could see the men blurring into nothing but black sticks.

When we got back to the farm I went to jump out of the bed and realized that I had been shot. The pain in my upper thigh stung and for the first time I noticed the blood that had now stained my jeans. I let out a curse at not noticing it sooner. Gently I open the small blood soaked tare in my jeans and examined the wound. I let out a relieved sigh when I realized that it was just a nick. Ignoring the slight sting I got from it I leapt over the side of the truck bed and landed gracefully on the ground.

Maggie and Glenn were already walking away at this point. I knew that they would go to Rick immediately after we returned but a part of me had been hoping for a chance to talk to Daryl first. I scanned the area quickly and when I didn’t seem him I felt vexed. I had wanted to see him before anyone else so that I could apologize for going off on my own and completely ignoring him when all he was trying to do was look out for me.

My shoulders slumped forward in disappointment as I followed Maggie and Glenn. They were keeping a leisurable pace but something must have caught their attention because the next thing I knew they were sprinting. Automatically I looked up to see what all of the fuss was about and noticed that the group was all crowded around the barn that had been holding Randall. When I noticed that the door was wide open I felt the air in my throat get stuck. Why was the door open? I wondered fearfully. Had Randall escaped?

Before I could think twice about it I hiked the strap of my gun up on my shoulder and ran after Glenn and Maggie. It wasn’t long until we were amongst the group and as soon as I joined them my eyes found Daryl. I wanted to make my way over to him so that I could stand beside him and quietly ask him what was going on but I was stuck. Those gorgeous blue eyes held me in place an all I could manage to do was helplessly stare up at him as the world crumpled under my feet.

“What’s going on?” Glenn questioned Rick.

He turned from the open door and carefully examined each one of us. His eyes lingered over the blood stain on my jeans but when no one gave an explanation for it he simply moved from me to Maggie. When he was satisfied with our condition he answered Glenn. “We think that he escaped.”

My gaze never left Daryl and now that my fear of him escaping had been confirmed all I wanted to do was rush over to him and explain what we had found in town. I wanted to tell everyone that Randall was more of a threat now than ever before and that danger was closing in on us, but I just stood there.

“How could that have happened?” Maggie’s voice was hard despite how shaky her hands were.

“We don’t know yet but we think that he slipped his cuffs.” Rick explained.

“Is that possible?” Maggie asked.

“It is if you’ve got nothing to lose.” Andrea sighed.

Everyone started to turn their heads from side to side in search of Randall but other than that no one moved. Glenn was about to say something else, maybe tell rick about what had happened in town, but as soon as he opened up his mouth another voice cut him off.

“Rick! Rick!” I tore my gaze away from Daryl and looked to see Shane stomping out of the woods with blood running down his nose and chin.

Lori took a few steps forward and yelled. “What happened?”

“He’s armed. He’s got my gun.” He yelled once he neared the rest of the group.

“Are you okay?” Carol asked from beside Sophia.

“I’m fine. Little bastard just snuck up on me and clocked me in the face.” He explained finally joining the group. I could now see that his nose was definitely broken but I had a hard believing that anything else was true.

A small weak teen like Randall sneaking up on a highly trained officer like Shane wasn’t very believable. Not to mention the fact that Randall had stolen his gun and managed to get away from him which left only two options, that Randall was a bigger threat then we had initially thought or Shane was lying.

Rick turned to the group and instructed. “Alright Hershel, T-dog, get everybody back to the house.” He pointed over to Glenn. “Glenn and Daryl come with us.”

Daryl lifted up his crossbow and loaded an arrow into it while everyone else started heading over to the house. I stayed trapped between the two groups decided which course I wanted to take. Go inside where Randall wouldn’t be or look for the weasel and take care of him myself.

“I’m going with ya’,” I swung my gun from behind my back and took a step towards Rick.

“No,” My head turned to see Daryl glaring over at me. “You’ll only slow us down. Go into the house with the others.”

“The hell I will.” I argued taking a step closer to him. “Ya’ know I can take care of myself. Randall is my problem.”

His eyes narrowed at me. “He ain’t just your problem now he’s all of ours.”

“Daryl’s right.” Rick agreed with a serious look at me. “He’s our problem now and I need you to stay at the house.”

I opened my mouth to argue with him but Daryl stopped me. “Ya’ need to let Hershel have a look at that wound anyway.”

I looked over at Daryl, surprised that he had seen the blood on my pants and then felt embarrassed that he had seen it. “It’s not deep.” I mumbled.

“Don’t care.” He spoke with a hard tone before giving me his back and walking over to Rick.

I knew that the discussion was now over and that I was going to be stuck at the house no matter what I said but for the moment I couldn’t move from my spot. I watched as T-dog gave Shane his gun and Carol yelled for the men not to kill Randall.

“Wasn’t the plan to let him go?” She cried looking from Daryl and then back to Rick. “Can’t we just let him go?”

Rick had his back already to her as he started leaving. “The plan was to cut him loose far away from here, not on our front step with a gun.”

“Don’t go out there you don’t know what could happen.” She tried reasoning with them but they were already heading towards the woods.

“Get everybody back in the house.” Rick commanded. “Lock all of the doors and stay put!”

I watched as they quickly disappeared into the tree and felt something heavy resting on the inside of my chest. I reached up and grabbed ahold of the piece of shirt between my breasts and prayed that this ominous feeling wouldn’t mean anything.

Slowly I began to regret my decision of not telling them about what had happened in town. What would happen if they ran into one of those men while searching for Randall or worse, what if Randall found one of them and brought Bryan’s group to the farm while they were away?

My time for wondering off into space was cut short when Andrea and T-dog started ushering me and Carol into the house. There was no time for me to argue or brush them off so I simply followed them inside. As soon as I was in everyone got to work on closing up the windows and moving stuff around as if a horde of walkers were about to come through the front door.

I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do so I ended up walking back outside and standing on the front porch. Technically I wasn’t listening to what Rick had instructed for the group to do but then again I wasn’t part of the group. I figured that maybe it would be a better idea for me to just wait out here…just in case a certain group or someone decided to sneak back here.

It didn’t take long for the group to realize that I wasn’t inside and when that happened, the whole fleet decided to come out to get me.

“You have to come inside Evelyn.” Lori stood in the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest.

I didn’t even look over at her from my perch on the porch railing. “I don’t have to do squat.”

“Rick said-

“I don’t take orders from Rick.” I spat finally tarring my gaze away from the woods and looking over at her. “If I said I was keeping watch would ya’ back off?”

Andrea walked over to me with a confused expression. “Keeping watch from what? Randall?”

My own frown increased as I turned back to looking at the woods. “Something like that?”

She scoffed before moving closer to me. “T-dog and I are already doing that?”

“Ya’ getting a good view from the bordered up windows?” I asked sarcastically.

I could tell that it had riled her up a bit that I had pointed out the poor view from inside but before she could muster up any sort of comeback Maggie stepped in. “Are you worried about those men that we came across in town.”

I felt my stiff shoulders relax a bit at her knowing the reason for my moodiness but my stomach turned at the questions that the group was bond to start asking.

“What men?” T-dog brushed pasted Lori in the doorway and stopped next to Maggie.

Looked over my shoulder to see that Maggie was staring right at me, waiting for me to explain things and when I didn’t say anything she took on the responsibility. “On our run we came across a small group of men. Evelyn never really went into detail about them but from the way she was acting I can assume that they were from Randall’s group.”

I watched as each member of the group realized how much of a threat Randall being loose was and slowly their fear turned to anger.

“You knew about this and you didn’t tell the guys before they headed out?” Lori yelled at me from the doorway.

I sat a little bit straighter on the railing and glared over at her. “It didn’t really come to mind until after they left.”

Lori pointed in the direction of the woods and took a step out of the doorway. “My husband could be dead right now because ‘it didn’t come to mind’.”

“I’m sure your husband is just dandy. Glenn is with them and probably told them about it already.” I informed. “Besides, if those men found your husband I would have heard the shot.”

Instead of easing her mind it only made Lori angrier, but she must not have known what else to say because she kept her mouth shut. “Maybe those men were just scavenging, maybe they aren’t even from Randall’s group.” Beth spoke from behind Lori.

I let out a sigh because dropping this subject was obviously not going to happen. “I overheard them talking about how they were looking for me and how they were even searching the farms.”

“So does that mean that we aren’t safe here anymore?” Carol fretted and pulled her daughter closer to her.

I looked at Carol for the longest time before turning my attention back to the darkened woods. It had been almost dawn when Maggie, Glenn and I had returned home and in less than two hours it was now dark out. Even with my sharp vision and trained eyes it was difficult to see into the woods now.

I kept my eyes trained on the woods nonetheless when I replied to Carol. “I would say yes but I Rick’s the one with the final say.”

Nobody spoke after that because they all knew that what I had said was true. The decision on whether or not to leave this farm was going to be up to Rick and that couldn’t happen until after he returned. Some of the group wondered back into the house and fiddle around with a bunch of meaningless things and some even started up conversations with one another but I stayed where I was.

After another hour had passed the group became antsy wondering what was taking them so long. A shot echoed through the night sky and fear consumed me. Who had fired the shot? Where had it come from? I waited and listened for the sounds of screaming or the growling of the undead but the night stayed silent. I was starting to get worried and even debated on going out to look for them but then I saw two figures moving along the side yard. My eyes focused in on them as best as I could but the darkness consumed them, leaving only dark shadows.

I tighten my grip on my gun and straighten up a bit as I watched them move closer. Slowly I was able to add detail to their figures and judging by the way they were walking I knew that they weren’t walkers. I assumed then that it might be one of Bryan’s men because I didn’t want to think that we had somehow lost two men in the search for Randall. As they stepped into the light though I my fears only grew.

Glenn was the first person to catch my attention and a worried cry lodged itself in my throat. I moved my gaze to the still dark figure that was walking beside him and prayed that it was Daryl. When the man inched into the light I noticed his leather jacket and Georgia blue eyes immediately.

Unable to contain myself I slid off of the railing and ran over to meet them. My attention stayed trained on Daryl as I ran and I noticed his eyebrow hitch up at me running towards them. My heart was racing inside of my chest by the time I finally reached them. The urge to wrap my arms around Daryl and hold him close to me was great but when I got close to him all I could do was stare into his blue eyes.

My labored breathing was shakier then it should have been and for the longest time my mouth couldn’t form any words. Daryl’s height towered over me as his stayed locked with mine. I tried to compose myself so that I could talk to him but I couldn’t fix my ragged breathing.

The corner of Daryl’s lips twitched. “Don’t tell me that ya’ were worried about me Evie.”

“Shut up.” I yelled at him. My face lit up with the embarrassment that I had been caught worrying about the stupid redneck and I immediately turned my head to the side so that he couldn’t see it. “I was just happy that Glenn made it back okay.”

“Chinaman’s over there.” He jerked his chin somewhere behind me and I turned to see that Glenn was already halfway to the house.

I cursed at myself for getting caught in my own damn fib. “Guess I should go over and talk to him then.”

“Guess so.” The gleam in his eyes caught my attention and I found that I was trapped in his gaze again.

I shifted my weight from one side to the other and tightened my hand on my gun strap uneasily. Daryl looked to be perfectly fine so I knew that he hadn’t found any trouble yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

I moved my gaze away from him and took a quick look behind him. Daryl must have thought that I had spotted something because he turned his head and followed my gaze. When he saw nothing he turned back to me with a questionable expression, “Lookin’ for someone?”

“Where are Rick and Shane?” I asked.

He frowned down at me. “Ya’ mean they’re not here?”

I looked back up at him and slowly shook my head. “No.”

“I heard a shot.” He said looking down at my gun.

“Wasn’t me.” I explained and his eyes traveled over to the house. “None of us fired a gun. Maybe it was Rick, maybe he found Randall.”

Daryl’s eyes met mine again. “We found him.” He said referring to himself and Glenn.

I frowned up at him confused. “I only saw you and Glenn though. Where’s he at?”

“He’s a walker.”

My eyes grew wide. “What?”

“Weird thing is that he wasn’t bit. His neck was broke.”

“Oh my god.” I lifted my hand up to my forehead, feeling the headache that was coming on and took in a deep breath. “Are ya’ sure that he wasn’t bit or scratched?”

“We ain’t stupid we checked him and the broken neck was what killed him.” He shot back at me.

I ran my hand through my hair. “I don’t like the sound of that.”

“Don’t think anybody is going to.” He sighed moving his crossbow on his shoulder up.

I looked over my shoulder at the house. “We should go back and tell them, huh?”

“Yeah,” he said and started walking. I followed him back to the house but when he went inside with Glenn I stayed out on the porch.

I could hear Lori inside asking the same question that I had moments ago and let out a sigh. A few minutes had passed and I decided to sit back up on my perch. I had just settled down when a movement in the field caught my eye. I turned my head to see small figures limping about near the barn and instantly sucked in my breath.

“Holy shit.” I cursed hopping off of the ledge and taking a few steps back. The groans from the mass of walkers that were spilling out from the dark horizon, claimed the night in a deadly chant. The amount that was pouring onto the farm had to be somewhere in the hundreds. I was about to turn and warn the others of what was happening when two dark figures caught my attention.

The two didn’t move around like the walkers did so I instantly knew that it had to be Rick and Shane. They weaved themselves through the mass as best they could and ran to the barn. I cursed at their stupidity for locking themselves in that death trap and without even thinking about it I leapt over the railing.

I yanked the hunting knife that I had thankfully not wasted on popping tires and started to run to the barn. A horde this big would be able to level that barn in a few minutes and those dumbasses had locked themselves in. When I reached the head of the mass I began to weave through the walkers as gracefully as possible but even though I didn’t make a sound they still managed to catch my scent. In a matter of seconds I had a trail of Geeks growling behind me, their hungry mouths chopping at the smell of my flesh and their gluttonous eyes bloody with hunger. I looked at the barn that was few feet in front of me and the starving undead behind me.

“What the hell did I just get myself into?”


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