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Blood Soaked Arrows

The Day It All Started

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing annoyingly beside my bed. At first I just sneered at the damn thing hoping that somehow it would magically combust or something but when another aggravating ring sounded through my bedroom and nothing caught fire, I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

With a groan I reached over and picked it up off of my nightstand. I had been sleeping on my stomach last night so when I went to look at it I had to lift my body up with my elbows. I caught a quick glimpse at the time on my phone before groaning again. Is it really 2pm right now?

Pissed that I had over slept and ruined my grand scheme of bitchin’ out the CDC this morning I ended up snapping into the receiver, “What?”

“Thank god you finally picked up,” Dr. Candace Jenner practically cried into the phone, “Listen Eve, something has happened and we need you to come back to the CDC as soon as possible.”

Fear began to burn its way into my chest as thoughts of Adam filled my head. Had his sickness returned after I had left? Was he in critical condition? Oh god why had I left him there all alone?

I asked worriedly, “Is it Adam? What happened? The doctors said that he was cured. They said that he was fine when I left-

“He’s fine.” I let out a sigh of relief and loosened my grip on the phone. “But listen to me Eve, things are bad outside. We don’t know what it is but it’s some kind of disease. It has to be some kind of disease because people don’t just attack others like that.”

“Like what?” I cautiously asked before picking myself up off of my bed and padding over to my dresser. Her words were so mushed together and broken that I could hardly catch what she was saying. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Listen!” She cried desperately into the phone making me come to a pause at my dresser. I had a shirt clenched between my fists as she continued yelling, “People- The dead. People that should be dead are walking around outside and killing regular people. I saw someone stab one through its heart and the bloody thing didn’t even flinch, it just bit into the person’s flesh and ate them! Do you understand me now? It ate a living person!”

Her explanation sounded like a bad horror movie but by how hysterical she sounded I knew that she was really freakin’ out about it, which meant that she was speaking the truth. I could feel something in my mind click and from my many years of harsh training I knew that it was my survival instinct kicking in. I let myself take in a deep shaky breath before putting all of the fear and worry I had building up inside of me and locking it away.

When I exhaled it was in one solid moment and without wasting any more time I reached into the bottom of my drawer for a different shirt. It was a tight black short sleeved shirt with breathable fabric along the underarms. I set down the portable phone on the top of the dresser before changing my top. I could faintly hear Dr. Jenner crying into the phone but she was too hysterical now to understand.

I quickly changed into a pair of light black running pants and then I slipped into a pair of my running shoes. When I was done I picked back up the phone and crisply asked, “You said that they looked dead what did you mean by that?”

She paused mid-way through a cry at my voice and when the silence continued to drag on I started to get aggravated. I thought I was going to have to repeat myself but then she weakly responded. “Like a dead body would l-look like. Their skin is pale and the wounds have stopped bleeding no matter how bad the injury had been. It’s almost like their blood is clotted or there is just none left.”

I walked out of my bedroom with only the phone in my hand and the clothes on my back before heading down the stairs. “You said that you saw someone stabbed it in the chest and it didn’t die right?”

“That’s right but if they get hit in the brain it stays down.” I found myself smirking at her answer. Now that’s something I can use.

“Go for the head, got it. What about their attacks? Are they slow, fast, methodical, or what?” I opened up the kitchen door before asking and then padded my way over to the knives. I didn’t have any weapons here because the CDC hadn’t moved them yet. A knife would do me just fine anyway. I didn’t grab my chief’s knife because that would just be too much of a hassle of get out of a skull and it was bulky, so instead I grabbed two paring knives.

“You could outrun them if that is what you’re asking but as for methodical I’d say definitely not. Their like a bunch of starving animals, and if they see or hear you they chase after you mindlessly.” She spoke more calmly.

I nodded my head roughly and then realized that she couldn’t see the action. “Okay, so their stupid is what you’re saying. Anything else I need to know?”

“Yeah,” She said as if she had just remembered something important. “The military is here at the CDC to protect the building until we find out what the infected undead people have. There is a caravan coming to pick you up and should be about there by now.”

“Infected?” I questioned feeling my hand tighten around the two knives.

There was a long pause on the phone before she answered. “Eve, I know what you’re thinking of doing and I’m begging you not to do it. You’re too valuable to the CDC and I love you too damn much for you to go and do something so reckless.”

I scoffed. “The CDC values me because I’m an Immune. They’re going to want to test me out on what those dead people have eventually so I might as well get it over with now and on my own terms.”

“No!” She cried. “What if you’re not immune to it? Did you think about that? I don’t want to lose you Eve.”

I was holding onto the knives so hard that my fingers were tingling. I had never heard her get so emotional over me before and personally I didn’t like it at all. Of course some deep part of me felt a warm tingle over how much she cared about me but the other, more dominate half was angry that she wasn’t seeing things rationally.

“How do I get infected?” I whispered harshly into the phone.

“No! I won’t tell you. I won’t.” She screamed.

I snapped. “You’re not my mother; you are a doctor in the Origin Project whose sole purpose in life is to make a perfect being, so start acting like it. Now tell me how to come in contact with the infected or so help me I will take matters into my own hands and you will not like those results.”

I heard a shotgun bang from next door and knew that the Dixon brothers already knew about people coming back from the dead. Vaguely, I could make out the two brothers shouting back and forth at each other and even thought that I had heard one of them say my name. Another shot sounded, telling me that time was just about up. “Tell me damn it!”

There was a pause in both the phone and in the Dixon’s and I could feel my eyes wonder over to the kitchen window that looked over to their property. I felt a little jump in my stomach at seeing Daryl running across his yard with a couple of bags slung over his shoulder. He threw them in the back of a pick-up with a few weapons before looking over to my house.

I could see his gorgeous blue eyes scanning the side of the house and knew that he was looking for me, but when he’s gaze turned towards the window I was standing near I made sure to lower myself down to the floor. Maybe I did it so that I wouldn’t have second thoughts about getting infected or maybe I did it because I didn’t want to have another person worrying about me, I wasn’t sure.

“Bitten,” A soft crackle came from the phone and I realized that I let the phone fall away from my ear.

I cursed before picking it back up and asking, “What was that?”

Her voice was emotionless as she spoke. “You have to get their blood in your system somehow or get bitten. Those are the only two ways we known of right now that can get people infected.”

“Thanks,” I spoke gently into the phone as another gunshot went off and this time it sounded closer to my house.

I was about to pull the phone away from my face but stopped me. “Just don’t….Just don’t die okay?”

For the smallest of seconds I let my hard exterior drop. I regretted how I had yelled at her about not being my mother and had basically forced her into telling me how to get infected but I wasn’t going to apologize for that last part. This was something that I needed to do, something that I needed to prove to myself more than the CDC, because if I wasn’t an Immune then what purpose did I have?

I smiled faintly before replying. “Hey now, who do ya think you’re talking to doc? I’ll be back at the CDC before ya’ know it.”

I hung up the phone quickly before standing up and tossing it into the empty sink. The phone made a few clanking noises against the inside of the sink before settling down and in that time I had mentally prepared myself for what I was going to do. With a quick glance out the window I could see that Daryl was no longer standing there looking for me but he and his brother also hadn’t left yet because the truck was still there. Well that or…

There was a bang at my back door but this time it was from someone banging their fists into it instead of a gunshot. “Girlie! Hey Girlie ya’ in here?”

I knew instantly that it was Merle calling me because he was the only one that didn’t call me by my name. Another gunshot went off and I sighed dramatically. Those two were going to kill off all of those freaks before I could even get the chance to be bitten. I walked over to the front door just as it was kicked in. Luckily I had reacted quickly enough and jumped out of the way before the door had hit me.

Merle’s gaze fastened onto me as soon as he saw me. He had his double barrel shotgun directed at me and his face was scrunched up as he took a step in. He looked down to see the two knives that I was holding and my grip on them tightened.

“Ya heard then?” Merle nodded his head to the two knives and then brought his eyes up to look at me.

I nodded my head slowly and watched his expression carefully. Merle face twisted into something awful as he lowered his gun down a notch and turned around in my door way.

“Then what the hell are ya standing around fur? Them geeks ain’t just gonna walk on past your sweet little ass. Get a move on!” He walked further out onto my porch and I followed quickly behind him, without even bothering to shut the door on my way out.

I immediately noticed the three bodies lying across their lawn and found myself frowning. There had clearly been four gunshots and yet there were only three bodies. I blew it off to be a misfire or something and followed behind Merle as he led me down my porch steps. Merle had his eyes trained on the edge of the woods that was in both of our back yards. I followed his gaze and noticed the four geeks trickling out of it. Merle brought his gun back up and aimed before firing. The one that was closer to the edge of the woods went down with blood spewing out of its neck and a chuck of its skull flying off. Before the dead body could even hit the floor the remaining three were already turned in our direction.

Each one gave out a gurgling roar before running towards us, they held out their arms weakly as they ran, and let their mouths gape open. I could feel a cold chill run up my spine as they neared and Merle outstretched his arm behind him and shoved me over in the direction of his house.

“Daryl should be waiting up in the truck. I want ya’ to make a run to it and ya’ better not stop, ya’ hear me?” Merle shouted not taking his eyes off of the geeks who were closing in.

My heart warmed up to the thought of Merle protecting me. In all of the years I had been at the CDC people had constantly thrown me into dangerous situations, and no matter how beat up I had gotten or how hectic the task had been, no one had ever lifted a finger to help me. It was a shame that I couldn’t let him help me out.

I took in a deep breath before saying. “I can’t go with ya’.”

Merle twisted his arm around him again and shoved me back a few steps. “Damn it woman, do what I tell ya’ to and get to the fuckin’ truck.”

The back of my shoe came into contact with something hard. I looked over my shoulder and felt my breath in my throat catch. Hidden along the side of my steps was the fourth body. His head was towards the ground so I couldn’t see his face but I imagined that even if it had been facing me there wouldn’t have been much to look at. The back of its skull was blown out and nasty bloody gush was splattered all over its back and along the side of my porch. The sight of it really turned my stomach but not because of the gory mess that had been made, oh no, it was because that thing had gotten so close to my house and I hadn’t noticed it.

I glared over at Merle’s back before taking a step forward. “I’m not going with ya’ because there is something that I have ta do.”

“Ya’ really think I give a damn about what ya’ have to do? Daryl and I ain’t leaving here without ya’ so get your ass in gear.”

I groaned at how stubborn he was being before grabbing ahold of his arm and yanking his attention away from the geeks. There was only one thing that I could tell him that might make him leave, the truth. “You’re not listening to me, ya’ thick skulled hick, I can’t go with ya. There is a caravan coming for me because I am a valuable assist to the CDC. I’m immune to all known diseases or at least was until this little infestation.” I gestured towards the geeks that were closer in and Merle cocked his gun back and shot his last round at the one in front of us. “It’s my job to see if I’m immune from it as well and if I’m correct, that was your last round.”

He let out a stream of curses before turning around and looking me straight in the eye. “So what you’re their lab rat or somethin’? That ain’t right even for a woman.”

“It’s my decision to stay and that is final. I’ll be just fine on my own now get going.” I snapped angrily.

Merle looked back at the truck that Daryl was starting and started cursing again. “I don’t know if ya’ have balls, are stubborn, or just plain stupid but either way Daryl isn’t going to like that I left ya’ behind.”

Hearing Merle say his brother’s name had my heart pumping and I realized then that it was Daryl that had wanted to come over here to get me but Merle, being the big brother that he was, had insisted that he do it while Daryl packed their shit. I suddenly felt extremely grateful that he had been the one to come after me instead of Daryl because if it had been him then I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do what I was about to.

“You can tell him whatever you want that will make him leave but just don’t tell him about the CDC. They won’t take him knowing about me too kindly, ya’ hear and if he decides to come lookin’ for me it’ll just cause trouble.”

“So what exactly am I supposed to tell him?” Merle almost yelled.

“Tell him then that I got infected and there was nothin’ ya’ could have done.” I spoke calmly before rushing past him to the two geeks that were now in reaching distance. I didn’t hesitate in stabbing one of my knives through one of their skulls. The knife slid pasted the skin of its forehead with easy but it took more force to jam it past the bone of the skull. The thing fell to the ground before I could even bother taking the knife back out.

I turned to the other one quickly and kicked it square in the chest. The geek fell to the ground with a hard thud but the creature didn’t seem fazed at all. I could hear Merle screaming for me not to do it but I was too late. I threw myself over the geek on the ground and placed my knees on its arms so that it couldn’t scratch me. It reared its head up and it was then that I finally got a good look at it. The eyes were glazed over with a thick angry white and its skin was as grey as a dead person. The geek had thick chunks of blood and meat hanging from its mouth and a large gash leading from the side of its neck down to its chest. A living person wouldn’t have been able to walk around with that kind of injure yet this thing was.

It peeled back its dark lips and growled at me, showing its chipped blackened teeth. I took a deep breath before placing my one hand with my last knife on its forehead to keep it steady and then took my other to its mouth. “Shut up.” I sneered before it bit down hard on my forearm.

Its teeth dig in through my skin and muscle making me let out a scream as the blood trickled down my arm. Satisfied that the bite was deep enough I brought my other hand from its head and raised up my knife before plunging it into its skull. Its jaw went slack which let me pull my bleed arm out of its mouth.

Merle’s voice was closer now and I could hear him cursing all the way over to me but I was too busy looking at the bite. It hurt like something fierce but I wouldn’t allow the pain to take me over. I couldn’t let it take me over. Not with Merle watching.

“Stupid! That was damn stupid of ya’. Damn it girl.” He leaned over to look at the blood gushing wound and just glared at it. “Just damn it all.”

He reached into his pocket grabbed out an old ragged bandanna and tossed it to me. I nodded a thank you because I was sure that if I opened up my mouth I would cry. I added pressure to my wound before binding the cloth around it.

I could hear the growls and moans coming from the woods as well as the cars driving down the dirt road and knew that it was time for the Dixon’s to go. I forced myself to stand up and look Merle straight in the eyes. He had blues that were similar to Daryl’s only his were a lighter shade of blue.

“Merle,” We both turned our heads to see Daryl standing a few feet away. His eyes were trained on his brother at first but slowly they slide down to me. “What are ya’ two doing just standin’ around? We gotta get a move on.” I watched as his eyes fell down my arm to where the blood soaked rag was and saw as his face fell a little.

“Go start up the truck Daryl.” Merle said coldly before turning his back to me and walking towards his brother. “It’s time to go.”

Daryl frowned at his brother before looking back at me and I could help but feel a little jump in my stomach at seeing those gorgeous blue eyes once again. “I think it’d be best if you left now Daryl.” My voice came out cracked from trying to hold in my screams and I could see that Daryl noticed it.

“You bit?” He asked before swallowing hard. I stared at him for a moment longer before letting my head fall. “Fuck.”

I could see Merle look back at me from the corner of my eye and I prayed that he had enough sense to keep what I had told him a secret. When he looked back at his brother and gave him a little shove I felt relieved.

“I said it’s time to go!” Merle yelled.

“And what?” Daryl shoved his brother back. “You want to just leave her like this? Maybe there is something we could do, maybe someone could help.”

“There is nothing that you can do.” I said a little harder. I placed my other hand on my wound and tried not to flinch from the intense pain. After taking a step towards them both I looked from Merle and then back to Daryl. “Just let me go my own way and leave Daryl. Get out while you still can.”

I could hear the men on the caravan pulling up to the front of my house and kicking down my front door as well as the walkers groaning from the woods. If the caravan saw them with the walkers there was a chance that they might accidently get shot, after they were only supposed to be picking up one woman.

Daryl stared at me the whole time as his face slowly began to show his anger. Merle noticed how we were being closed in on and started pushing at Daryl’s shoulder. “We gotta go!”

Daryl looked away from me to Merle and yelled. “This is bullshit!”

Merle grabbed ahold of his brother’s arm and started pulling on him. “It doesn’t matter.”

Daryl’s eyes flew back to me as he was being pulled at. “Come with us. We’ll get ya’ some help.”

I felt that tug in my chest at him yelling at me to leave with him and in that moment I almost gave in. I almost said screw the whole immunity deal and just ran towards the Dixon brothers, but then the geeks broke through the forest’s edge and the military started spewing out of my back door with guns banging.

My moment to make a decision was taken from me when a stray bullet shot through the back of my leg. I was so unprepared for the pain that I let out a scream as I fell to the ground in pain. I could hear Daryl screaming at Merle and Merle screaming back at him but when the rest of the military started shooting off rounds I was unable to hear what they were arguing about.

Geeks started roaring and grunting loudly as they came out of the woods in herds. I could hear some of them fall but was in too much pain to think to look over, but when I heard a truck roaring to life though I forced myself to look up. I watched as the military aimed their guns on the truck and instantly knew that I had to do something.

Neglecting the pain I felt in my arm and leg I ran over to the walker I had stabbed in the forehead and drew out my knife. Without even thinking about it I drew my arm back and threw the knife across the yard. The knife embedded itself in the arm of a man that was aiming at the truck, making him scream out in pain.

“I’m over here ya’ idiots!” The men all turned their attention away from the truck and onto me. The captain of the men started ordering them around and soon they were filing off of the porch to get me. As soon as I felt a pair of arms settle around me and then pick me up off of the ground I immediately turned my attention back to the truck.

It peeled out of the yard at that moment and I felt as if I could cry. I had missed my chance to leave with them and now I might not ever see them again. The fact that I had lost the first people that I had ever become friends with almost crushed me. It was the only thing that I could think about as the military shot down the geeks and then carried me to their cars. Once I felt the cars moving on the dirt road I opened my eyes and look up at the blue sky. It reminded me of Daryl Dixon’s eyes.


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