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Blood Soaked Arrows

The Goodbye

When I had finally reached the CDC I was in a daze. I didn’t listen to the doctors screaming around me or even bother answering any of their frantic questions as they carried me into the examining room. It was a room I knew all too well with its high ceilings, computers on every inch of the walls, and the big steel table right in the middle of it all.

When I felt the cool metal touch the exposed skin of my arms I knew that for the next few hours I was going to be probed, pricked, and most likely stitched. It wasn’t as if any of these things were foreign to me so it wasn’t difficult at all for me to lay there perfectly still while they did their tests. With their masks and hazmat suits on it was hard for me to tell which doctors were working on me but when someone briefly held onto my hand as the others drew blood I knew that Dr. Jenner was among them.

I felt as if I had been sitting in the examination room for days waiting for the tests results on my blood to come back. When it finally did the results were nothing surprising, I was immune. Even though I had been expecting those results I still had that small bit of worry in the back of my mind constantly nagging me, What if I’m not immune?, What if I die from this?, Would God really be so cruel as to make me immune to all diseases expect for this one? All of those nasty thoughts disappeared however as soon as I was cleared.

I let out a sigh of relief and slowly watched as one by one the doctors left the room, but one doctor stayed and I knew right away who it was. Dr. Jenner reached up and took off her mask after the all clear had been given and stared at me. I felt a slight pain in the pit of my stomach at the sad look she had written all over her face and suddenly remembered how cold I had been to her on the phone.

I opened my mouth to apologize but she lifted her hand to stop me. “You shouldn’t have done it.” She murmured.

“What?” I barked and noticed the frown that was starting to form on her face. “I don’t understand why you are complaining about it. We were able to find out that I’m immune to the disease, doesn’t that count for something?”

“Of course it does.” She said angrily taking a step towards me. “But how you went about getting infected was stupid!”

I pushed myself into a sitting position on the table before turning my body around to face her. I could feel the cold metal on the table touch the exposed skin on the back of my legs. “It wasn’t stupid, it was well thought out.”

“It was reckless!” She countered. “You ran out there blindly with only two small kitchen knives for protection? What if there had been more of them? What if you lost both of your weapons, huh? What would you have done then?”

“I would have assessed the situation appropriately and survived.” I yelled in a big huff. “It’s what I’m trained to do and it’s something that I do pretty damn well.”

She folded her arms over her chest and started tapping her foot angrily against the floor. Since I had grown up with her, I knew this stance well. It was something that she did when she was trying prove me wrong in an argument but ultimately I would always win.

“Fine,” She spat before turning on her heels for the door. She raised her card up to the CT scanner and the door automatically slid open. For a brief second I thought that she was going to leave me alone in here or something but then she started wheeling in a metal cart. I noticed the orange juice instantly knew exactly what was going to be happening next.

“You’re going to try making a cure out of my blood, aren’t you?” I spoke feeling completely hollow inside.

She picked up the glass or OJ and handed it to me. The anger that had been present on her face was now gone as she looked at me with a bit of pity. “Yeah,”

I nodded my head before taking the juice from her and sucking it down. When I had to get my blood drawn for tests it wasn’t so bad because they took out such a little amount but for something as big as this they were going to take out a lot more. Losing a pint of blood from my body made me feel weak and dizzy, it wasn’t a feeling that I enjoyed and with this new apocalyptic world it wasn’t a wise risk to take.

“Are you going to have me test out the samples?” I asked with a monotone.

She sighed before taking the glass from me and placing it back down on the steel cart and then handing me something to eat. “I don’t really support the idea of it but odds are that they are going to make you tests out the prototypes. After all you were trained to survive something like this.”

I smiled weakly at her before bringing the food to my lips and taking a bite. “And Adam?”

“Since we already have you for the possible cure I expect that they will be transferring him to Fort Benning for protection. Especially since the mutation in his blood isn’t quite as unique as yours, we won’t be able to use him for anything.”

I let out a sigh of relief at that. I was glad that Adam wouldn’t be out there testing the samples with me. It wasn’t that he couldn’t handle himself or anything, it was simply because he was my little brother and I would constantly be looking over my shoulder to make sure that he was okay instead of staying focused.

“Thank you,” I spoke softly before taking another bite. She nodded her head slowly before taking a deep breath and prepping my arm so that she could draw the blood.

She stopped for a second before sticking the needle and then started cursing. Completely taken by surprise by her sudden change in mood I tried asking her what was wrong but she just lifted up her hand to stop me.

She stared at me for a second almost as if she was debating on telling me something important or not. With another deep sigh she finally informed me. “The CDC wanted to have you and Adam reproduce together so that we would be able to continue our research if you ever passed away or something but I was against it. That’s why I had Dr. Martha Ridges complain about how it was inhuman to keep you cooped up here. I didn’t want you to be some kind of lap rat or something. You’re a human being and deserved to live like one, to find love like one. I just wanted you to know that.”

It took me only a second to process what she was saying and then all of that anger and worry that I had building up inside of me from yesterday suddenly vanished. She had been the one to kick me out of the CDC and it was because of her that I was able to live like a normal human even though it had only been for a little while. It was because of her that I had been able to meet the Dixon brothers.

“Thank you,” I said a little teary eyed. “Thank you.” She nodded her head before sticking the needle into my arm and that’s when everything started.

That month didn’t fly by like I thought it would, instead it was agonizing a tedious. Every moment was spent in the examination room while Dr. Jenner and the other doctors tried to create a cure. I had been able to leave the CDC only once to test out a batch and it had not gotten the results that they had been aiming for.

They were trying to create a cure that would get rid of the virus that was infecting all of ‘Undead’, but when I had shot one of them up with the serum they just died. No, I mean they really just died. The infected person would just fall onto the floor and revert back to being just a dead body. When I had told Dr. Jenner about the findings she just looked at me funny and then shut herself into an office and worked. It had been two weeks since that had happened and she still hadn’t emerged from her office.

With her locked up in that room the other doctors started getting nervous. Some that were worried about their families left the CDC without any noticed and others decided that there was no cure and committed suicide in the middle of the night. Without her supervision the CDC just gave up hope and started to fall apart. It was the worse time to be at the CDC and it made me happy to know that Adam wasn’t here to witness any of it. He was in the most secure and heavily weaponized area in Atlanta; Fort Benning.

Of course I never really did get to say goodbye to him before he was transferred but then again I thought that it might be for the best because I knew that he would have made a fuss about us being separated. I let out a depressed sigh, thinking about how Adam was far away always made me feel a little sad. He was the only one that I could really talk about things openly…well him and Dr. Jenner but she was shut into a room somewhere.

Suddenly that examination door slide open and in ran Dr. Jenner with a bag slung over her shoulder and a pair of clothes tucked under her arm, but it was the smile she was wearing that caught my attention.

“I think I’ve got it.” She beamed as she ran over to me.

I felt a little jump in my chest at what she was saying and quickly pushed myself off of the metal table, my wounds were now completely healed over so I had no trouble walking over to her.

“What?” I questioned.

She nodded her head excitedly before dumping the clothes into my arms. “I think I found the cure but I’m going to need you to go test it out, just to make sure.”

“Really?” I asked completely surprised and she nodded at me triumphantly. Shocked that she had found it in such a short time I couldn’t help but wonder. “How did you do it?”

“Well,” She began as I started changing out of my hospital gown. “When you told me that the first batch just reverted the infected people back to being dead it got me thinking that the disease might be the only thing that’s keeping them alive, or so to speak. Something in the disease kills its host and then it restarts the brainstem, leaving the person with only its instincts to tell them what to do. So it got me thinking that maybe killing the disease wasn’t the answer, maybe I just needed to change it so that the disease would restart the entire brain back up. I’m hoping that by doing that it will make the infected person a fully function human again.”

I just stared at her for a moment completely amazed at how incredible she really was. It normally took years for someone change a virus and she had done that and more in less than a month. I was at a loss of words when suddenly she continued.

“Another thing I was able to do was create a vaccination from your blood so that the people who aren’t yet infected won’t be able to contract the virus. Although I’m not sure if it will work either so I’m going to be giving you those to test out as well.” I had finished dressing by this time and so she took the pack off of her shoulder and handed it to me. “From the pint of blood that I drew from you I was able to get a hundred and twelve vaccinations created and all of them are in there along with the three cures that I whipped up. The large black vials are the cure and the small yellow ones are the vaccination.”

“Why do I need to go out into the field to test out the vaccinations? Why don’t we just give them to everyone that’s here and test it?” I questioned.

“Because I don’t want to risk a life of a doctor that could potentially be the one to create the cure, if mine were to fail.”

“I see,” I raised the bag onto my shoulder and then reached for my compound bow that was hidden behind her lap coat. “So what about the cure huh, why is there only three?”

She shrugged her shoulders as she began walking me out of the room. “Those ones were difficult to make and take up a lot of time. I wasn’t going to waste time on something that I wasn’t even sure was going to work.”

As we made our way done the hallway I felt a chill run up my back. The last time I had been out here there had been doctors running all over the place and people screaming at one another but now it was quiet. The cold air licked my arms like a ghostly touch and the sound of our shoes clicking against the cement flooring was the only noise to fill the halls. It made me feel as if I was in some sort of graveyard or something.

When I heard few sets of footsteps coming from another hallway I felt relieved that there were still people here. Dr. Edwin Jenner turned the corner after a few more steps followed by two older looking doctors. Dr. Edwin was an older man with thinned light blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and a wider face. I had met him once before because he was Dr. Candace Jenner’s husband. I had never held any good feelings for the man however because he wasn’t as smart as his wife or even as friendly, compared to her he was just a man that worked here.

When his eyes met with his wife’s I could see a slight smile touch his lips then he looked at me and his smile fell. “Who are you?” He asked as if he was the one running the place now.

I found myself frowning at the fact that he didn’t recognize me and then I remembered that we had only met once when I was very young. “Eve,” I said curtly.

His frown depended as he sneered down at me. “Well Eve, what are you doing in the CDC? Oly authorized personals are supposed to be in here.”

I found myself smiling at his question because in my head I was mocking him. Only the top notch doctors were allowed into the Origin Program and only they were allowed to know of Adam’s and mine’s existence. I was about to snap at something along the lines of “Well maybe if you had a higher IQ you would know.”, but Dr. Candace intervened before I could say it.

“She been running errands for me outside of the CDC since communications are done and we’re not allowed to go outside.” She spoke with a very cheerful tone.

Dr. Edwin snapped his attention from me and gazed at his wife softly before nodding his head. “I see, well make sure that no one finds out that you are sneaking her out. You know how they hate us opening up the doors around here with that plaque running rampant outside.”

She batted her big grey eyes up at him and smiled. “I’m just letting her out is all sweetie, I won’t even be going outside.”

“Alright,” He spoke lightly and then looked over at me and instantly hardened. “It was nice meeting you.”

I nodded my head and strained my face for a smile. “Oh please the pleasure is all mine,” I said almost mockingly.

He glared down at me before looking back at his wife one last time and walking passed us. I really had no reason to hate him but for some reason I just did. I mean he acted like he owned this place half of the time when obviously he wasn’t even smart enough to be a janitor. Why she had picked him for a husband I would never know.

She grabbed onto my hand and tugged me the rest of the way down the hallway before coming up to the back door. The military men that used to be stationed there were all long gone after a massive group of the Undead came and killed all of them off. Now the CDC relied solely on staying inside their protective dome and hardly ever opened up the doors, well expect to let me in and out.

She stopped next to the door before reaching into her coat and digging out a set of keys. As soon as she tossed them to me I smiled. They were a pair of keys that we had stolen from a military issued Armet Gurkha F5; the thing was a mix between a tank and a SUV. What made it unique was that it had double fiber glassed windows that could withstand a rocket launcher and after being modified by a Civil Engineer, its engine ran on Carbon Dioxide and sunlight. If all of that wasn’t cool enough it also was stocked to the T with enough weapons and ammo to take down a small country.

Dr. Jenner took a step towards me and pulled me into a tight hug which ended up pulling me out of my thoughts about the car. “Be careful out there okay.”

I nodded as I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a tight squeeze. “You know I will.”

“Well just remember that you’re immune and not invincible.” She whispered softly making me smile.

“I’ll try to keep that in mind.”

She tightened her grip on me. “If you do meet any survivors out there, remember that the world we used to live in has changed and they won’t be…as friendly as they used to be.” She was on the brink of tears now which made the back of my throat feel tight.

“You’re starting to make me think that this is the last time we will ever see each other or something.” I spoke a little hoarsely because of the tears I was holding back.

She pulled herself away from me and swiped at the tears on the edge of her eyes. “You’re right I’m just being silly from the lack of sleep or something.” She gave me a weak laugh and then stared at me for a moment longer as if she was trying to take a mental picture of me before I left.

I smiled weakly before turning and looking at the big metal door. This felt too much like a goodbye and I couldn’t afford to start breaking down once I left here so I tried getting that sad face she was making out of my mind.

She must have realized that I was ready because she clicked the door open and sunlight flashed my eyes which ended up helping me to blink back my tears. I looked out and saw the ground covered with bodies. Most of them had died human and the rest were the remains of what used to be classified as human. My eyes scanned the ground quickly searching for any of the Undead and when nothing caught my attention I started walking to the ‘tank’.

I was halfway there when I felt a tug on my arm. My head automatically snapped around to see what had grabbed ahold of me.

“You know I’ve always thought of you as my little sister, even though I’m just your doctor?” Dr. Jenner cried and I felt my stomach drop as tears started to drip down her eyes.

I rolled my eyes at her overdramatic good-bye and pulled her back into a hug. She cried hard into my shoulder as I rubbed her back, trying my best to sooth her. “I’ve always thought of you as my big sister you know?” I spoke in a soothing tone but it only made her cry harder.

We stood there for a long time and when she finally pushed herself away from me her face was all red and blotching. I pointed it out to her and we both started laughing before I turned away from her again and headed to the car. The thing was a huge so I had to grab onto the side bar on the driver’s side and swing myself up to get in. Once there and tossed the medicine and my bow into what little space remained on the passenger’s seat and then started it up.

I had held my tears in all this while and I knew that if I looked back at Dr. Jenner now as was I driving off I would definitely break down. So because of my own pride I refused to look back, because of that one move I didn’t notice the walker that had sneaked up to her as she neared the door. I didn’t notice it bite into her shoulder and infect her. I didn’t see her escape back into the building after being infected and bleed profusely from her shoulder. I couldn’t go back and save her at all because I had been too stubborn to cry.

It would one day become my greatest regret.
After driving around in my ‘tank’ for five hours a band of cars caught my attention. There were three motorcycles with the gang and two minivans. Thinking that I could possibly use one of them to test out one of the vaccinations I pulled up beside them. They lead the way down another road and then finally stopped at an old wooden bar. It must have been their base or something because they had two cars positioned in front of the building like a gate and an armed man standing post on top of each one.

When more men started piling out of the minivans carrying their own guns my stomach turned a little uneasily. It became even more unsettling after I scanned the crowd of beefy men hoping to catch a glimpse of a woman or child but none came into view. I prayed that they might be somewhere in the bar or something but as I popped open my side door and watched as the guys eyed me I knew that they hadn’t seen a woman in a long time.

I twisted my keys out of the car and then hid them in an inside pocket in my pants. Next I looked behind me and grabbed a .22 to hide in my jacket as well as a grenade, a Swiss pocket knife and one yellow vial.

As soon as I hoped out of the car all eyes were on me and a few hoots and whistles sounded throughout the group. I took a deep calming breathe before take a step forward and slamming my door shut behind me. A built man, possibly their leader, stepped forward with a cocky grin on his face. I immediately didn’t like him because his coal black eyes were focused on my tits instead of my face.

“Well,” He said with a thick southern accent. “What’s a fine ass little lady like yerself doin’ in a place like this?”

I found myself frowning at his greeting and started to twirl the yellow vial around in my hand. “I’m looking for a man-

“Well sugar look no ferther.” He interrupted rudely before taking a few more steps closer to me with that cocky ass grin still plastered on his face.

The way he was staring at me made me feel violated on so many levels and judging by how tight his dirty jeans were getting it wasn’t hard to imagine what he was thinking about. To even have him imagining such things about me made me want to take out my knife right now and cut of his… precious cargo, but I held myself back. Judging by the lack of woman and how all of the men were greedily looking me over I suspected that they all wouldn’t think twice about gang raping me so I had to play this very carefully.

So I put on a cute little smile and cocked my head to the side so I could expose part of my neck. “Oh so you’re willing to help me with my needs?” Based on the fact that he had been the first to step forward to greet me and how none of the others had I knew that he had to be their leader, meaning that if he claimed me as his then the others would be forced to back off, or at least I hoped.

“I can definitely help ya with that.” I could see the hunger in his cold eyes grow as he snaked his arm around my hip and pulled me closer to him, making sure that I felt his erection in the process.

I wanted to throw up right then and there but I didn’t, instead I took a step back and smiled politely at him. “That’s not the only thing that I need help with though.”

“Oh?” He said letting his hand slid down to my ass.

I brought my hand up to his blood grey t-shirt and rubbed my palm against his chest. “Well you see, I’ve come into possession of this bag and the old man that I stole it from told me that he had taken the cure from the CDC. I was hoping that maybe you could help me…test it out and see if it works.”

His gaze lost a little bit of lust during my little rant and I mentally cursed for dragging on my lie. “What did ya’ have in mind?”

Knowing that if I didn’t get him back to thinking with his dick again and soon he might just have his men overpower me and take the vaccinations away without testing them out at all. That would definitely not be good.

I raised myself up on my tip toes and until my nose was touching his chin. “Well I was thinking that we could give the dose to one of your men and let and undead take a little bite,” I dragged my teeth against his chin to get my point across and was greeted with a firm squeeze to my ass. “then we watch to see if he shows any of the symptoms. If he doesn’t then I am more than willing to share bounty with you… what was your name again?”

His breathing was warm against my cheek as he dropped his head down a little. “Bryan,” He said roughly against my face making me catch a whiff of his shitty breath.

I about gaged on my next sentence. “I’m Viv.” I lied before taken a small step away from him. “So what do you say that we get this whole cure thing out of the way first so then me and you can spend a little time getting to know one another?”

“Sounds like a deal.” He squeezed my ass again before slapping it and then brought it back up to my waist. I let him pull me into his side and watched as each face on his men started to fall. I had most certainly played my cards right so far. “Mikey!”

A larger man stepped forwards with a shaved head and a tattoo running up his neck. He looked to be somewhere in his forties and judging by the amount of leather he was wearing he had mostly likely been one of the guys that I had followed back on a motorcycle.

Mikey’s face paled a little bit as he looked from Bryan to me. “Yeah, boss?”

“Me and my gurl here are gonna need ya’ to do a little favor for us.”

His face got even paler as he stared wide eyed at his boss. “I’ll do anything for you, boss.”

“Good.” He a wicked smile creaked on his face. “Then Viv here is gonna give ya’ a cure and yer gonna go and test it out fer us by letting a ‘biter’ get at ‘cha.”

I felt a little sorry for making Mikey go and test out the cure for me, I mean the guy looked like he was about to faint. If I could have switched places with him then I would have, but Dr. Jenner needed to see if it worked and this was the best option I had at the moment.

After a few more gropes from Bryan and a couple of sexual innuendos from me, I had the possible cure in Mikey’s system and we were on our way into the bar where they had a ‘biter’ locked up in a closet. I made sure to keep my hand close to the gun in my jacket in case I had to intervene and Bryan made sure to his grip on my ass.

The group distanced themselves from the closet so that they wouldn’t accidently get bitten but still managed to get a good view at what was about to happen. Mikey looked back at his leader in hopes that this would all end up being just a big joke but when Bryan said nothing I saw a little piece of him die right there.

He opened up the closet to reveal a very nasty looking creature. Truthfully the thing didn’t even look human. Its grey skin hung in chucks around its face leaving a clear view of the blacked muscles and clotted blood that should have been hidden underneath skin. The long stingy dark hair that fell around its face led me to believe that the creature used to be female but with a bloody and tatter shirt covering the rest of its body it was hard to tell. The geek drew back it’s blacked and ripped lips and let out a blood dripping growl before limping its way towards Mikey.

When the creature was close to him he lifted up a shaky arm and let it bite him right in the hand. As soon as I saw blood gushing out of his hand I gripped my fingers around my small gun and started to lift but someone else beat me to it. The creature’s held snapped backwards from the gunshot and quickly crimpled to the floor in a bloody heap. Mikey was screaming like it had bitten him in the throat inside of his hand and I let out a little sigh.

The men took care of the geeks body while I went over to Mikey and wrapped clothes around his wound. Bryan wasn’t all too happy that I was giving someone else my attention but I was done dealing with his constant groping. After his wound had stopped bleeding everyone just sat in a spot and waited. No one talked and almost nobody moved as we watched over Mikey for the next few hours.

It had been dark outside for a long time now and even longer since Mikey had been bitten but still he wasn’t showing any signs of being infected. With a light smile I finally called it. Dr. Jenner had created an immunity to whatever virus now plaque this world.

“He’s cured.” The men all cheered and started cracking open beer and whiskey in celebration over Mikey making it.

Bryan however didn’t join in with them. Instead he loomed over my shoulder and grabbed ahold of my waist once again. “Are ya’ going to be sharing that cure now or am I just going to have to take it from ya’?”

Giving him the cure would have definitely been the right thing to do but for some reason I felt as if it was the last batch that was ever going to be created and suddenly I realized that I didn’t want these people to have it. No one had said anything to Mikey being the test dummy and all of them had been giving me lustrous glances even though I was with their leader, which lead me to believe that I was mostly likely going to be some kind of groupie if I didn’t get out of here soon.

I looked up at him through my eyelashes and smiled devilishly as a plan formed in my head. “I already told you the cure is all yours Bryan,” I touched my hand to his cheek and slowly ran it down the length of his body stopping just below belly button. “But this whole life and death ordeal has gotten me a little excited ya’ know so I was thinking that maybe we could go somewhere private for a hot hour or so.”

Bryan didn’t even bother replying to me, he simply grabbed ahold of my arm roughly before hauling me up against him. He practically dragged me up the stairs of the bar and into a room. I knew exactly what he wanted and I sure as hell wasn’t going to give it to him.

As soon as his lips crashed down onto my throat I brought my leg up and kneed him right in the balls. He let out a high pitched moan before falling to his knees and with the change of his height it made it easy for me to slam the butt of my gun into his head. He fell to the floor not even a second later unconscious. I didn’t think twice about what I did next. I lifted up the only window in the room and thanked whatever god was looking out for me because they had given me a ledge to work with.

Once I got onto the ground it was all stealth well that and then fact that the two guards that had been originally stationed in the front had decided to go inside for a little drink. It was easy for me to sneak my way over to my car and leave without a single person noticing that I had left.

Now that I knew that the vaccination worked there was only one thing left for me to try out. The real Cure.


The Armet Gurkha F5 along with the Cure (big black one) and the Vaccinations (small yellow ones)

I hope that you all enjoyed and Daryl comes back in the next chapter and this baby will start to feel like a real love story. I just wanted to set down some things about her and introduce some people before they started.

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