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Blood Soaked Arrows

The Cure

The son of a bitch was not making things easy for me. He groaned and snapped as it struggled to turn its head around and take a bite out of my hand.

“Sorry but not today ya’ little bastard.” I finally jammed the syringe into the back of its skull and pumped the black liquid into its system. Almost immediately the geek stopped struggle under me and laid there completely still; dead. I cursed loudly at failing again and threw the empty syringe across the pavement.

The first shot I had practically wasted on a geek when I had tackled him to the floor and blindly stabbed it into the back of its head. Little did I know that the geek had been missing half of its god damn chest, so even if I had brought him back to life he would have died in seconds.

It had taken me a fucking week to find a geek that wasn’t badly injured and still he hadn’t come back to life. I felt frustrated as I rolled off of the dead body and made my way over to my ‘tank’. I mumbled out a few other choice curses before reaching for a bottle of water and chugging it down. It had rained the night before last making it easy for me to collect fresh drinking water.

I tossed the empty water bottle behind my seat before climbing in and yanking an apple out of another bag. The CDC had supplied me with a lot of army food, the kind that you just add water to, they were filling but tasteless and I only ate them when I couldn’t find something else to eat, which didn’t happen all too often. Taking a generous bite out of my apple I started thinking about the last vial of the supposed cure.

After living in the CDC for nearly my entire life I had picked up on a few things. I couldn’t name chromosomes or anything but I could think in technically terms. Dr. Jenner had told me that she had modified the virus into making the entire brain active instead of just the brain stem, hoping that with a fully functional brain the person might be able revert back to a normal human being. The creature coming back as a supercharge Geek though had crossed my mind but judging on how the last one just played dead I suspected that that wasn’t going to happen.

I tossed my apple out of the window before starting back up my ‘tank’. Maybe the serum was a fluke and Dr. Jenner needed to spend a little more time on it or something. I tapped my finger against the steering wheel as I thought more on the subject, it’s not like I had anything better to do anyway.

“Maybe it has to do with the brain.” I thought aloud as I drove down an old road and suddenly I gasped. “I’ve been going on about it all wrong damn it. That last one had to be in his late thirties or something. The brain by then is fully developed and restoring that many dead cells might be too much even for the mutated virus. “But what if the brain was still developing?”

I snapped my fingers together and laughed at my own discovery. “If the brain was still developing then maybe it would be easier for the virus to restart it. Ah it’s perfect! I have to find a kid to cure!”

Suddenly was on the search again. I drove for another two days and found absolutely no geeks at all. It made me want to grab a gun out of the back and just go crazy outside until the sound attracted them from all over but that would be a waste of ammo.

I found myself on a road that was leading me to the middle of nowhere. There were miles of fields, pastures, woods in every direction leading me to believe that I was in some kind of a farm land or something. Knowing that farmlands like this normally didn’t have a heavy populated area to being with, I starting cursing. There was no why I was going to find a barely touched undead child way out here.

I reached over to the passenger’s seat and grabbed ahold of my discarded map. Once I found out where I was I was surprised to see a highway not too far off. Thinking that I could turn myself around there and head to a bigger city I started to turn my tank in its direction; however, a certain noise caught my attention.

It was a gun firing off in the distance and my head instantly snapped in that direction. I turned back around and drove a little further down the road and noticed the first house that I had seen in miles. It was a big white two story farming house with lots of trees in the yard and a big barn not too far behind it.

More gun fire started going off and I didn’t even hesitate to press my foot down on the pedal. With that much shooting going down there had to be a group of geeks nearby and at that moment my mind was far away from thinking about the cure. Right now all I could think of were that there were people in trouble.

I didn’t bother using the driveway and instead found myself speeding all over the yard. With each bang I heard I thought more and more about how scared they must be. I noticed the group of people standing a few feet in front of the big old barn firing their guns at the many geeks that were coming out of it. They were so busy shooting down the geeks that they didn’t even notice that I had pulled up.

I noticed all of the men standing there firing off rounds and an imagine of Bryan and his crew flashed in my mind making me instantly start to regret coming to their rescues. The last thing I needed right now was a bunch of sexually deprived men but just as I was about to turn away I noticed the women and small child. Most of the women were kneeling down on the ground cowering in fear at the sight of the geeks and one small child was among them, there was even a blonde headed woman stood amongst the men in shooting down the Undead.

Without giving it much thought I grabbed a first aid kit that was tucked under my seat, along with the black bag full of vaccinations, and the last cure. Firing ceased before I could even close my door and I watched as the last geek fell to the floor. The two blonde women that were near an old man started crying for some unknown reason and even though the men were all now lowering their weapons nobody paid any attention to me.

I was only a few feet away from the group now when I heard another moan coming from inside of the barn. It had a haunting cry to it that sent shivers up my arms and as a small shoe stumbled its way out into the light I knew that it belonged to a child.

She stepped out of the barn hesitantly, as if she was afraid to come out, and her cold dead eyes locked onto the group that was in front of her. As she continued to advance towards the group I could do nothing but stare at her. She looked so young with her short dirty blonde hair, lanky features, and a childish rainbow t-shirt on. I would put her at being no older than elven or maybe twelve.

My god the girl had to be younger than Adam, I thought as I stared at her and suddenly I became angry. How the hell had she been turned? What parent had left their child unprotected in this kind of ruthless world?

A woman with short grey hair started screaming and running in the direction of the child but was stopped by one of the men, I didn’t pay either of them much attention but instead kept my eyes trained on the little girl. With all of the anger that was pitted up inside of me I started shaking as I made my way towards the child.

Another man, one with firm eyes and a hard whiskered jaw started moving to her as well. I saw the glimmer of his gun as he raised it up and instantly knew what he was planning.

“No!” I screamed running in his direction. Without even thinking about it I whipped out the small .22 caliber gun I still had in my jacket and shot the gun out of his hand. The noise had attracted the girl’s attention and she turned her hungry eyes on me.

I could feel the gaze of the group turn towards me but I didn’t dare take my stare off the child. With a quick look I noted the only visible injure was on her neck and immediately decided that it needed to be stitched after I injected her with the serum.

Before another member of the group could point their guns at the child I ran towards her. She drew back her pale lips and grunted at me before taking a step in my direction. As I ran towards her I didn’t think about what I would do if the serum failed again, I only thought about making it work and saving the little girl’s life.

I reached for her slender shoulders, pushing her down to the ground before flipping her over. She moaned and fidgeted under my grip but I held her down. One of my hands felt its way into my bag before pulling out the giant syringe filled black liquid.

Before I injected her with the serum I looked up at the man, whom I had shot at, and snarled, “She’s mine.”

I turned my attention back to saving the small girl and shoved the needle into the base of her skull. She snapped and growled as I watched as the black liquid disappear into her head. When the last drop of the serum had vanished from the vial she suddenly stopped moving. I froze for a moment, letting the fear I had been holding back consume me, but then I noticed the bright red blood oozing from her neck.

I threw the empty syringe away from me and reached over for the first aid kit. Grapping gauze, a needle, and some thread I hurried to close up her wound before she hopeful became conscious. While I was finishing stitching her up I noticed the slight movement of her back rising and falling as she took slow steady breaths.

Her grey colorless skin was slowly gaining a pinkish tint and I could feel one of her fingers twitch next to my leg. I quickly cut the extra thread away from her stitch before flipping the little girl over and bringing her closer to my chest. Her small delicate head lolled from between my shoulder and arm.

I brought my other hand up to her face and moved a few strands of hair out of the way before tapping it gently with my palm. “Little girl.” I whispered to her hoarsely, “It’s time to wake up little girl.”

She moaned slightly and crinkled her eyebrows together making my stomach jump with excitement. “Little girl,” I repeated. “It’s time to wake up now little one.”

Her eyelids slowly eased open before slamming shut again and she brought up a hand to cover her face from the sunlight. Her lips trembled slightly as she tried to form a word but I couldn’t catch what she was saying.

“What was that?” I asked rubbing my thumb over her smooth cheek.

“I-I have a headache.” She whispered groggily.

I laughed. “I bet you do.” I moved my hand over her arm and brushed her short hair back a little. “Does anything else hurt?”

She groaned before letting her arm drop from her face touched a finger to her stitched neck. As soon as her finger touched the wound she instantly pulled back and winced at the pain. “My neck.”

“Oh I know little one but don’t worry about it okay, it’ll heal.” I reassured her. “So tell me, do ya’ remember your name?”

She blinked up at me for a second with her big brown eyes and then mumbled. “Sophia…Sophia Peletier.”

My smile grew, “Sophia,” I cooed. “What a pretty name.”

Her lips jerked up shyly at the compliment making me laugh softly. The crunching sound of feet moving closer had me snapping my head up and glaring at the same man that I had shot a gun away from. His eyes were wide as he stared at the girl and I could see his legs wobble from under him.

“Sophia?” He mumbled weakly. “Sophia.”

He started walking a little faster toward us and I automatically grabbed ahold of my gun that I had discarded on the ground and aimed it at him. He didn’t even notice that I had a gun pointed at him until my gun made a slight click, sliding a new bullet into its chamber. That got his attention loud and clear as he stopped walking and instantly straightened up at the sight of the weapon.

“You take another step closer and I’ll pull this here trigger without a second thought.” I warned coldly.

The man’s eyes widened as he looked from me and then back to Sophia. “I don’t mean to startle you or anything ma’am it’s just that…that child there, she was…is a member of our group and to see her change back has me…well I guess all of us,” He gestured to the group behind him but I didn’t take my eyes off of him. “a little taken back.”

“She was a member of your group?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“That’s right,” The man nodded his head slightly before taking a cautious step forward. “It was originally her and her parents but we lost her father to an attack not too long ago however, her mother is right over there.” He pointed a finger over to the grey haired woman who had run recklessly towards the barn earlier.

I didn’t even get the chance to look over at the woman before Sophia started twisting herself around in my arms. “Mama?” She turned her head to the side and as soon as her gaze met with the older looking woman she began crying. “Mama!”

From the corner of my eye I could see the older woman weeping out Sophia’s name as she struggled to get free from the man that was holding onto her. I linked my arms around Sophia’s back and chest and tightened my hold on her.

“Sophia, Sophia wait!” I spoke loudly, “I can’t let you go over there yet. Sophia, sweetie ya’ can’t be with your mama yet.”

Sophia started crying in my arms at not being able to go over to her mother and the man that had been talking to me frowned. His grey eyes darkened slightly and I could practically feel all of the questions he had running through his mind, but he didn’t confront me about what I had said until I had Sophia tucked back against my chest.

“Why are you keeping her away from her mother?” he spoke softly but I could sense his anger layered beneath it.

Sophia quieted her sobs at the man’s question. I wasn’t sure if it was because she was wonder why I was keeping her away as well or if she was just calming herself down, but either way I loosened my grip on her.

“This is the first time that the serum hasn’t worked and I’m not quite sure what kind of symptoms she may develop. So I don’t really think it’s safe having her wonder around just yet.” I spoke truthfully. Even though she had reverted back to her sane human state I wasn’t full convinced that she wasn’t going to plop down dead at any given moment. I didn’t want to get her-so-called group’s hopes up.

“Are you saying that she’s still infected?” The man asked.

I shifted mine and Sophia’s weight around, feeling a little bit uncomfortable at the question. “I’m not comfortable answering that question at the moment.”

Another man, with Greek looking features and black hair, took a step towards the man I was talking with but his eyes were trained on Sophia. “If she is still infected and may turn back to a Walker at any moment then I think it might be best for us to just take care of the problem now.”

I could feel Sophia gasp in my arms and start trembling at his threat. For a man in her group he didn’t really seem to be all that friendly, which made me feel very protective of the little girl in my arms. “If ya’ so much as point that gun in her direction I will kill ya’.”

The man scoffed at me before cocking back his gun and slowly raising it up. The guy that I had been talking to turned and pointed his own gun at the man before I did. “Put the gun down Shane.”

Shane looked over at the man, saw the gun pointed at him, and automatically lowered his gun but not without a hateful glare directed at him while he did it. “If that little girl changes back into a Walker and attacks anyone in this group, the blood will be on your hands brother.”

Angered by Shane words the man picked himself up off of the ground and yelled, “She’s not going to turn!” Even though his back was to me I could see the slight movement of his head turning as he looked at the rest of his group, silently letting them all know this. When he was convinced that he had all of them settled he looked back at me and I could see his own doubts lingering in his eyes, wondering if the little girl in my arms was going to change back into a flesh eating monster.

Feeling a need to comfort him I nodded my head, “She won’t turn.”

He inclined his head at me in gratitude and I watched as the group behind him relaxed a little bit. “Now that we know that there is no threat present, it seems as if we have gotten off on the wrong foot.”

He took a step closer to me before extending out his hand. “My name is Rick Grimes.”

I moved my gun over to my other hand and grabbed ahold of his hand. “Evelyn Mela.”

There was a short silence between us as we shook and after I had let my hand fall another gun cocked back. My eyes shot into its direction only to see the man that had been holding down Sophia’s mother angrily stomp over to me. At first all I could see him as was a threat with his big gun, hard tan muscles, and an angry expression, but then I noticed the glint in his blue eyes and felt a snap in my chest.

“Daryl?” I had barely uttered the words when he lifted his gun up to my head and kept it there.

“It wouldn’t be wise for ya’ to lie to us.” He threatened with a dangerous tone that had me shaking.

“What are ya’ talking about Daryl? I haven’t lied.”

“Well ya’ sure as hell ain’t Evelyn ‘cause that bitch is dead.”

I sneered up at the barrel of the gun. “I’m not dead Daryl, I’m sitting right in front of ya’ y’a stupid redneck. Now if ya’ don’t get that gun out of my face in the next five seconds I’ll show you who’s dead.”

“You’re wrong.” He snarled but moved his gun a little bit lower until I could feel the metal kissing my neck. “I saw her get shot at and if she didn’t die that way then she sure as hell died from the Walker bite on her arm.”

I removed my arms from Sophia and angrily got up off of the ground. “If you’re saying that I got turned into a Geek then you’re more stupid than I thought. I got shot in the leg you dumbass and on top of that I’m immune from becoming your so called ‘walkers’.”

“No one’s immune.” He said sternly before raising his gun back up at my head.

I became so frustrated and pissed at him that I screamed before smacking his gun away from my face. A shot rang out and out of the corner of my eye I saw the bullets dig into the ground. Daryl maneuvered his gun in his hands and brought it back to hit me with the butt but I grabbed ahold of the gun. Using one of my feet I positioned it behind one of his and used my weight to shove him backwards. He fell back to the ground and I tumbled after him. Once on top of him I drew back my fist and punched him right in the jaw.

He let out an angry curse and swung his gun up at me landing a blow to my ribs. I howled out a cry at the shooting pain on my side and accidently gave Daryl the opportunity to switch our positions. The back of my head slammed against the ground making my teeth snap together. Daryl lifted up his gun again, cocked it, and then started to aim it at my head. Before he could get it there I swung my knee up and hit him right between the legs. He let out a grunt as he fell slightly forward.

I shoved him off of me and rolled away from him. I didn’t have any intentions of killing the man unlike him so my moves were a little half assed. He on the other hand had seriously been trying to put me down which made my chest ache.

Not wanting to fight with him anymore I did the one thing I could think of to do. I shrugged off my jacket just as he was recovering from my kick. His eyes met mine in a deadly glare but his was much more fearsome, which made me tremble a little.

“If I’m not immune then how do you explain this.” I showed him the scar on my arm and watched as his eyes slowly widened. Even though the wound had been stitched it still left a nasty looking scar, reaching from one side of my forearm to the other. “Ya’ were right in that I was bitten by a Geek and if I had been a normal person then I would have turned into one of them or died, but I’m not normal Daryl.”

He sat there for a moment, taking everything I had just said in and then slowly picked himself up off of the ground. He took a small step closer to me and glared down at the scar on my arm, his gorgeous blue eyes scanned over every little sharp edge and bumpy ridge that my skin had making the pit of my stomach jump a little bit. His eyes flickered up to my face as realization started to sink in. I smiled back at him relived that he knew that it was finally me but then his frown deepened.

“If you were Immune then why didn’t you come with us?” He snapped referring back to the time when him and his brother had been getting ready to run away from the Geeks.

In a flash all of those torn feeling I had been feeling were brought back to me. I had wanted to run away with them and let the whole CDC thing become just a memory but at the same time I felt obligated to go back to the CDC because that was where Dr. Jenner and Adam had been.

Instead of saying any of that though I simply smirked at him. “I was shot in the leg remember.”

His face became even more twisted with anger. “Don’t give me that shit ya’ could have called out to us and we would have come runnin’. If ya’ didn’t want to come with us then ya’ could have just said so instead of fuckin’ wasting our time. Could have beaten the damn rush out of Atlanta if we hadn’t been waiting around for you ya’ stupid bitch.”

I cringed at his harsh words but tried my best to conceal my reaction. I never would have thought of Daryl being so cold or saying those kind of things to me but some part of me still didn’t believe it. “So your saying that if I had told ya’ to just leave me behind then ya’ would have?” He opened his mouth for an answer but I cut him off. “’Cause Merle gave me the impression that ya’ would have broken down my bloody door and drag my ass out there regardless of what I had to say.”

His mouth hung open for a second and I could see something move in the depths of his ocean blue eyes but pay much mind to it. “Merle gave ya’ the wrong idea then.”

I scoffed at his answer before picking myself up off of the ground and folding my arms over my chest. “Merle only came over to get me because he was worried about you and when I told him that I couldn’t leave he said that ya’ was going to kick his ass for leaving me behind.”

Daryl’s frowned at me again. “Merle was gonna leave ya’?”

“After I told him that I was Immune, worked for the CDC, and had a bunch of military men coming to pick me up he was.”

“Ya’ told him all of that but ya’ didn’t think to tell me?” He spat.

“I told him not to.” I yelled back.

“Why the hell not!”

“Because I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone that Daryl, but I knew that he wouldn’t leave if I hadn’t told him and if I didn’t convince him to leave then you wouldn’t have left and then both of you would be dead right now because the fucking military would have killed ya’ both if I hadn’t fucking saved your asses!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

We were both glaring at each other now, waiting for the other to add more fuel onto our heated argument but we both just ended up standing there, breathing heavily at one another. It ended up being Rick who broke the two of us apart.

“I’m sure that the two of you have a lot of sorting out to do but if you don’t mind saving it for later I would really like to ask you a few more questions.” He explained calmly.

I tore my gaze away from Daryl and looked back over at Rick. With a nod in his direction I turned away from Daryl and started walking back over to my bag. I picked out a small yellow vial before motioning Sophia to come back over to me. She looked over at Daryl for a second then back to me before slowly making her way over. I smiled lightly to her once she was there and stuck the needle into the vial.

I wanted to give her a dose of immunity before Rick and his group started hounding me with a bunch of questions. I didn’t want to get into another argument or something and end up forgetting to give it to her or something.

Sophia looked down at the needle in my hands and turned a little grey. “Are you giving me a shot?”

I smiled reassuringly at her before nodding my head. “Yeah but don’t worry about it okay? It’ll just be a little pinch and then it’s all done.”

I had just stuck the needle into her skin before another member of the group emerged out. This one was an old man with white hair and neat button down shirt that was tucked into his dress pants. “What are you giving her?”

I glanced over at him before return my attention back to Sophia who was desperately trying not to look at the shot. “I’m giving her a vaccination.”

“To what?” He questioned curiously.

Once the vial was empty I pulled the needle out, set it aside, and found a Band-Aid in the first aid kit. I tapped her arm once I was done and she cautiously looked down at her arm before smiling at me. “Well, I just used up the last cure so until more is made I wouldn’t be able to turn her back into a normal human being if she gets bitten again. The vaccination is so that if she does get bitten by a Geek again then she at least won’t get infected and turn into one .”

Rick looked back over at me with a shocked expression. “You have the vaccination for this disease?”

I sighed before turning back to the black bag full of vaccinations. By my count I had a hundred and ten vaccinations left which might seem like a lot right now but when I thought about how many people were probably still alive in this world and how long it was going to take me to get back to the CDC it seemed like very little.

“That’s right.” I zipped up the bag and hauled it over my shoulder. When I turned back around to face the group I noticed how every single one of their stares were focused on my little black baggy.

I glanced over to Daryl and noticed that he wasn’t looking at the bag on my back at all. Oh no, he was staring right at me and between the gluttonous stares of the group or his pissed off glare I was more afraid of him.

Shane took a step towards me but this time he kept his gun pointed at the ground. “I’m guessing that that little baggy there is just full of them right?”

“You would be right.” I rested a hand on my hip and leaned into it. “But this bag here is mine and so is the medicine that is inside of it.”

“Well I was hoping that you would share.” He gave me a lopsided smile, waiting for me to saying something back to him, when I didn’t his smile grew just a little bit more. “Yeah I didn’t think so either.”

As soon as his gun was lifted up from the ground I reached into my jacket to pull out my gun but realized that my jacket was on the ground a few feet away from me, leaving me completely defenseless. My gaze flew back up to barrel of his gun and I found myself just staring into the black hole.


Thank you all for reading!!! I hope that you enjoyed it and I hope that I have semi captured Daryl :/


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Francesmbezenah Francesmbezenah

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