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Blood Soaked Arrows

The Search

I didn’t fall asleep in my ‘tank’ with Sophia because truthfully I couldn’t afford to. I was supposed to be monitoring the little one and seeing if she adapted any symptoms. A smile formed on my face as I watched her innocently sleep. Truthfully I didn’t think anything would happen to her. She seemed to be in great health, despite how small she was for her age, and she wasn’t tossing or screaming like I imagined a small child would do from living in this new kind of world.

With a sigh I turned to look outside of my window just in time to see the old man with dress pants and a button down shirt, getting into a car. Sophia hadn’t known who the man was so I assumed that he was a new addition to the group along with a few others that she couldn’t name. I watch curiously as he left the farm. For an old man to leave here without any sort of shotgun for protection didn’t seem to be a very wise decision and judging from the fact that no one else had seen him leave gave me an even more ominous vibe.

For a split second I thought about going after him or something but then I remembered how I had told Rick that I wouldn’t be helping them out with anything and not to consider me a part of the group. I about kicked myself for saying such stupid things. I hadn’t meant to sound like such a bitch or anything but at the time it seemed like a perfect trade off. If I wasn’t close to them then I could obverse them without any bias but I could already feel a kind of connection between the group and me and it just made me even angrier.

Less than an hour later I watched as Rick and the Asian man, Glenn hopped into another car and stared driving off the farmland. With a relieved sigh I settled back down into my seat and relaxed a little bit. They must have figured out that the old man was missing and gone after him. After a couple more minutes I slowly slipped into a bored lull. Around this time I would be going through my inventory and making sure that all of my weapons were clean but the noise could wake up Sophia so I put it on the back burner.

I was about to fall back asleep when noticed that Lori, a long wavy haired brunette with a tall slender body, was nervously pacing around. If she would have been any other woman in the group I probably would have just ignored her but she wasn’t some other member. From what Sophia had told me, she was Rick’s wife and Carl’s mother giving her an important position on the group’s totem pole.

It didn’t take me very long to figure out that something was wrong as she wondered further into the fields where Daryl had last taken off to. Curious as to what she might need Daryl for I sat back up in my seat and tried to get a better view of her but she was already out of range. Disappointed that I might be missing out on something I turned to check on Sophia. She looked to still be in a deep sleep so without hesitating I pulled my keys out of the ignition, got out of the ‘tank’, and locked the car back up before heading to where Lori had gone.

It wasn’t long before I figured out that Lori had found Daryl, didn’t take too long to find them either with Daryl’s loud ass voice.

“Yeah. So what?” He scoffed. I smiled lightly at his ‘I don’t give two shits’ tone as I hid securely behind a large tree. I was close enough to hear their conversation but far enough so that if I popped my head out to take a peek at them neither would notice…well I hoped Daryl wouldn’t at least.

“So I need you to run into town real quick and bring him and Rick back.” I found myself frowning at her tone. It was full of authority, like her husband, but it was strange to think of Daryl taking orders from her.

“Daryl?” She impatiently mouthed before leaning more weight onto one hip.

I make out the light noise of metal scraping against wood. With another quick peek I saw that it was Daryl making new arrows. Daryl lifted the slice of wood up to examine how level it was and while he did it I noticed his eyes flicker over in my direction. Ah Shit. I thought when he gaze linger a moment longer than normal. He definitely knows I’m here.

“Your bitch went window shopping. Ya’ want him? Fetch him yourself.” He took another sliver out of the wood. “I got better things to do.”

I felt a shiver go up my spine at his words. God I hoped that he wasn’t talking about me and spying on him. Well technically I wasn’t spying on him but rather Lori but I’d be damned he didn’t think otherwise.

“What’s the matter with you?” Lori didn’t take Daryl’s tone so lightly. She positioned her hands onto her hips and gave off an appalled kind of vibe. “Why would you be so selfish?”

Now that did it, “Selfish?” He shot up from the stump in a rage. “Olive Oyl. I was out there looking for that little girl every single day. I took an arrow and a bullet in the process. Don't ya’ talk to me about getting my hands dirty! You want those two idiots? Have a nice ride. I'm done looking for people.”

With that he stormed over to his tent and started sticking the hallway finished arrows into the ground. Lori didn’t waste any more time trying to convince. When she was gone I moved out of my hiding spot completely. Daryl already knew that I was here so there really was no point.

I took a few steps closer to his little camp but stopped to lean against the old brick wall that was randomly there. Daryl didn’t pay much mind to me as he muttered to himself and looked through one of his bags. He must have moved the wrong way or something because he hissed painfully before reaching a hand up to his side.

Recalling how he had yelled at Lori about how he had taken an arrow and bullet for Sophia I instantly became worried. Was he seriously injured? Instantly I made my way over to him.
“Ya’ okay there Daryl?”

“Peachy as a babe’s ass.” He shouted straightening himself up and walking over to another bag. “Be even better if ya’ could mind your own damn business though.”

I let out a sigh before wandering over to him. I could see his mouth morph into a stern frown and even noticed that he was watching from the corner of his eye. “Yeah I’m sure ya’ would be Dixon, now what’s this I hear about ya getting all scrape up?”

He grunted. “Didn’t ya’ hear? The world’s gone to shit. I’d think of it as some pretty damn good luck to just get a cut out here nowadays.”

A smiled played on my lips before I extended my arms and started looking over my body. This got Daryl’s attention pretty darn well because now he wasn’t hiding the fact that he was looking at me. “What the hell ya’ doing now?” He said quizzically.

I bent down and lifted up the leg of my jeans for show before showing him a dazzling smile. “I guess I’m luckier than you then.”

He frowned at me. “Yea’?”

I nodded. “Far as I can see I don’t have a single scratch on me.”

The corner of his mouth twitched before he let out a brief hoot of laughter. “A few days with this group and I’m sure we’ll be able to fix that right up for ya’.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at him as a small amount of butterflies fluttered around in my stomach. “Well that’s a relief, if I don’t shed a little blood soon I’ll start thinking that I’m invincible or something.”

Daryl just stared at me with a shadow of a smile playing on his lips. He gave me a curt nod and then returned back to wildling his would be arrows. I didn’t want him to think that my little visit was over so I moved closer to him before taking a seat. He let out an annoyed sigh but didn’t take his eyes off of his work.

“What are ya’ doing now?” Muttered pretending to be aggravated.

“I’m sitting with ya’.”

“I can see that.” He slid the knife down the wood smoothly. “Didn’t ask for your company though.”

I smirked. “Didn’t need to.” He paused midway down a cut and looked over at me with one eyebrow cocked up. With a laugh I continued. “Ya know I’ve really missed talking to ya’ Daryl.”

He seemed taken off guard by me and even turned a bit grey. “Did those docs fuck with your brain or something?”

I gasped. “No.”

“Well they must have done something to ya’ head.”

“Why? Did I say something weird?”

He nodded his head before turning back to his wood and it looked as if he was finished talking about it. Well I wasn’t the kind of girl who just went cold turkey on a conversation midway through so I elbowed him.

He knife veered a little off to the side but it wasn’t a big deal. Daryl still managed to muster up a glare for me before briskly asking, “What?”

I rolled my eyes at him. “What’s so weird about me?”

“Everything.” He snorted making me elbow him again. “Will ya’ stop doing that already I’m holding a knife woman.”

Now I was the one who snorted. “A little nick for an answer…mmmm well it’s a cruel world now so,” I went to hit him again with my elbow but he scooted out of the way and stuck the knife into the ground.

“Damn it if I would have known that ya’ were going to nag me about it I would have kept my mouth shut.” He hovered over his knife, staring at the worn leather handle, before moving his attention over to me. “I’m not really known for my sparkling personality ya’ know,”

I smile mischievously up at him. “I never said ya’ dazzled me country boy. I just missed talking to ya’. It’s refreshing compared to all the doc speak I used to hear and now with nobody else around to talk to it’s almost comforting.”

He shifted around uncomfortably before digging his hands into his front pockets. “Yea’ well as long as ya’ don’t think anything other than that I suppose it’ll be fine.”

“Oh yeah and what are ya’ going to do if I do?” I asked teasingly which made him frown at me and scoot a little farther away. “Not talk to me anymore?”

“Na’ that would be cruel I would just shoot ya’ instead.”

I gasped at him thinking that he was being serious because he hadn’t really been joking around me with much but then I saw that evil little glint in his eye and realized that he was actually teasing me back. I burst out laughing at him and was about to say something witty back when I heard footsteps approaching. Instantly Daryl and I looked in the direction of the footstep.

Lori was trudging her way over to us with her gaze glued solely on me. Curious as to what she could possibly want with me I tensed up. The two of us had never spoken a single word to each other so whatever it was that she wanted it certainly couldn’t be good.

“I went to your car to talk to you but you weren’t there.” She called out still a few feet away.

Instantly I became on guard around her. My car was filled with weapons as well as the vaccinations so I was sure that she had tried getting inside of it even though I hadn’t been there. Too bad for her that I had locked the damn doors before I had left and without the keys Sophia couldn’t leave and no one could enter my ‘tank’.

I picked myself up and crossed my arms over my chest. “Thought I’d get some fresh air while the little one was asleep.”

She tilted her head to the side with an over sincere smile on her face. “I thought as much.” Her eyes wondered over to Daryl, sparking slightly as if she had just unveiled a big dark secret.

Frowning at whatever it was her mind was insinuating about Daryl and I made me even more edgy. “What is it ya’ want?”

Her friendly mask faded at my annoyed tone but she was quick to repair it. “My husband Rick, went out to find Hershel a while ago and he’s not back yet. Beth is getting worse and we really need him back.” Her real feeling snuck through her mask and plucked at my heart strings. “I’m getting worried about him as well, he isn’t normally gone this long.”

Realizing that she was truly concerned for her husband I felt kind of sorry for her. She must have realized that she was starting to sway me because she blinked those tearful baby blues at me and did a little hiccup of a sob. On the brink of breaking down to do whatever it was that she was going to ask of me I quickly tried to reassure her first.

“Rick’s a big man and I’m sure he’ll be back soon with Hershel.” I figured that Hershel was the old man in the nice clothes who had been the first to leave because I already knew that the Asian with Rick was Glenn.

She gave me another tearful sigh and brought her hand up to her mouth to try to cover it. “You don’t understand I need my husband back now.” With that she dropped her hand to her stomach and touched it gently. For a second I just stared at her strange reaction and then her settle hint hit me. The woman was pregnant. Caught off guard by her secret I looked over at Daryl to see if he already knew about it. The man was glaring at Lori with his arms firmly placed on either side of him, clearly not noticing her big secret at all. It was obvious now that she had meant only for me to know and suddenly I felt obliged to protect her.

Unfolding my own arms I let out a sigh and started walking towards her. “So I’m guessing that ya’ want me to accompany ya’ on your search?”

“That’s right.” She nodded sternly, letting her fake tears and mask vanish. “We should get going now before it gets to dark outside.”

Feeling aggravated that she had won me over so easily I grunted. “Fine but we’re taking a different car.”

She instantly frowned. “But yours is more equipped and heavily armored.”

“There is also a recovering child in there and I refuse to leave her here unprotected. Now we either take a different vehicle or I’m not going.”

She scoffed before turning on her heels and stomping back towards the old farmhouse. I smirked at winning some part of this conversation and quickly went to follow her.

“Ya’ shouldn’t go.”

I turned back to Daryl to see him frowning deeply at me. With a sigh I forced a smile back onto my face. “Ya’ worried that I can’t take care of myself?” I teased.

He stared at me for a second with a blank expression and no matter how hard I looked into his eyes I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. Maybe he really is worried about me. I thought and suddenly felt bad about teasing him. I was about to apologize to him but then he was frowning at me again.

With a grunt he gave me his back and started walking towards his tent. “I don’t give a damn what ya’ do but don’t come bitchin’ to me when something goes wrong.”

I rolled my eyes at him and then angrily turned back around. It was clear that the backwards hic didn’t give a rat’s ass about me and I shouldn’t expect him to but for some reason it made me mad. It was true that I hardly knew the Dixon but I had assumed that we were at least friends.

I was still working myself up over him as Lori and I hopped into a tan 1996 Mercury Sable. It wasn’t until we were halfway down the road that I started calming down. I was on a mission right now, I had to be clear headed and ready to act in case something happened especially since I didn’t have my variety of weapons with me. All that I had on me was a Swiss Army knife that I had hastily stuffed into my back pocket and handgun with only two shots. When I had been driving along the road earlier that day there hadn’t been any signs of Geeks so the odds of running across one were low. As backup however Lori had brought a gun as well and between the two of us I believed that we would fare well against any Geeks that happened to cross us.

At first I thought that the trip was going to be quiet and I was really happy about that because I didn’t really want to talk to Rick’s wife, but she on the other hand had a different interpretation of quiet.

“So I’m guessing that you don’t really know anyone’s name yet huh?”

I rested my head back against the seat and sighed. “Sophia told me everyone’s name.”

“Did she tell you about the Greene’s family then?” She smirked at her own question and I realized the Greene’s must have been the people that Sophia hadn’t been able to name.

“I suppose not.” I scoffed.

“Well there is Hershel, he owns the farm that we are on and he’s the closes thing that we have to a doctor. Then there are his two daughters Beth, she the younger one with blonde hair, and then her older sister Maggie. Then there is Jimmy, Beth’s boyfriend, and Patricia. I don’t really know what Patricia is to the family but she is the older woman with blonde hair.” She informed.

I nodded my head and silently prayed that that was the end of our conversation but it was only the beginning.

“So how is Sophia fairing?”

I sighed stuffing the gun I had been playing with back into my jacket and turning to look out the window. “She’s doing just fine.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yea.” I grunted.

She began to tap her finger against the steering wheel as she silently thought of something else to say. “So what’s the story with you and Daryl?”

I pulled my eyes away from the scenery outside and looked back at her with a frown. “There is no story with us.”

She smiled knowingly at the road. “But you knew him before all of this happened didn’t you?”

I don’t really know why but I felt a bad feeling creeping up in my stomach. It wasn’t like I was embarrassed to admit that I knew Daryl and his brother before the world turned to shit but for some reason I thought it was best if she didn’t know. I mean I was the only person with the vaccination and if I ended up only giving it to him than the rest of the group might think that it was because I favored him or something.

Obviously I didn’t want that to happen because then it would cause problems for the both of us so I simply shrugged my shoulders at her. “We were neighbors for a day before I was called back to the CDC. I don’t really know anything about him other than the fact that he hunts and has a brother.”

“Ah I see.” She said a little disappointed.

Thinking about Merle for the first time in a long time I turned to her and asked. “Say have ya’ ever met his brother?”

Judging by the way her grip tightened on the steering wheel I assumed that she had. Her jaw clenched just as her back stiffened. “You mean Merle?” I nodded. “Yeah I met him.”

I smiled for thinking that the old man was hiding somewhere on the farm. “Oh yeah and where is that little bastard at?”

She turned her head towards me with an awkward expression on her face and instantly the smile on my face fell. It was obvious now that the reason I had not seen Merle on the farm was because he wasn’t there. She opened her mouth to say something but I quickly raised my hand to stop. With a shake of my head I turned back to looking out the window.

Merle and me never really got around to be close friends but I couldn’t lie and say that we didn’t have some kind of understanding with each other. He had been the one that came to get me that day fateful day and he had been the one to get Daryl to safety. Thinking about how he was now dead made me sad and suddenly I felt horrible for not noticing sooner. Daryl must be in so much pain without his brother.

Lori reached over to me and at first I thought it was to comfort me or something so I flinched away. Then I heard the clank of her gun hitting the plastic cup holder and the rustling of paper. I turned to see her pull her eyes off of the road and unfold the map on the steering wheel.

I was about to say something about her not knowing where the hell we were going when a figure caught my attention. My gaze snapped back to the road just in time to see the Geek wondering aimlessly out of the woods and onto the road a few feet ahead.

“Lori, look out!” I screamed.

Lori dropped the map with a gasp and latched onto the steering wheel. Her foot must have slammed down the accelerant instead of the brake because we were speeding even faster towards the limping Geek. I braced my arms onto the door and dashboard just as the Geek rolled onto the hood and slammed into the windshield. The glass smashed into a clear oval shape but the glass held. Not being able to see anything now Lori swerved the car, the wheels screeching against the pavement.

The next think I knew the car was in the air and we were both screaming. There was a bang as the car hit the ground and started rolling. Not being able to control what my body did my head slammed into the ejecting dashboard as the airbag deployed. I didn’t remember feeling any pain in that moment. All I recall was the sound of metal crunching, glass breaking, and screams before I was dragged into darkness.


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