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Blood Soaked Arrows

The Way Back

I woke up to the sound of screaming. My eyes snapped opened before twisting my head to see what was going on. Bad move. Pain shot up from my shoulders and neck blazing a trail straight into my throbbing skull. My eyes instantly clamped shut from the excruciating pain and I clenched my jaw shut to hold back my scream. Red flashed behind my closed eyelids as Lori screaming got even higher, making my head ache more. I knew that something was wrong. I knew it but for the life of me I couldn’t make my body do what I wanted it to.

I felt a hand reach up and grab ahold of my dangling arm, instantly making me wince at the newfound pain. My eyes snapped back open, this time ignoring the way my neck cracked when I turned it. For a second everything was blurry, like I was looking through an old glass with an annoying flickering red light blinking every few seconds. Lori let out another ear cracking scream that rang endlessly inside of my head.

“God damn it, will ya’ shut the hell up.” My voice came out huskier than I remembered it being which made me wish for a glass of water.

Lori’s breathing was heavy and I could faintly hear her squirming around in on the seat. Her grip tightened on my hanging arm making me groan from the pain.

“Walker. Walker. There’s a Walker.” She yelled hysterically.

Walker? I thought vaguely trying to think of what the hell she was talking about. My mind seemed to be just as foggy as my sight at the moment because I couldn’t think of what she was talking about. A sound of glass breaking and crumpling down to the floor had me straining my eyes against the brown mass in front of me.

Not being able to figure out what it was I groaned again angrily and blinked my eyes a few times to try and clear up the fog. It didn’t really work all too well but my headache numbed a little. Taking a deep frustrated breath I blocked out Lori’s screaming and deadly grip to close my eyes once more, praying that when I opened them I would be able to see what all of the fuss was about.

Lori’s nails were digging into my arm and the sound of chopping grew more definite. After taking a semi-relaxing breath I opened up my eyes. The fog was still present and I became even more frustrated until my eyes started focusing on the mass. Suddenly everything snapped into perspective.

Yellow and brown teeth snapped hungrily near Lori’s horrified face making her scream even louder. Glass trickled down from the windshield as the creature pushed its way through the small opening. It’s skin was being peeled back by the sharp glass, showing the torn muscle underneath, and smearing globs of blood through the cracks.

Shit there's a Geek.{C} I slammed into action, understanding now why she had been screaming and automatically went for my seat belt. The car had landed on its side after our crash blocking Lori between the ground and me. My hands were slick with blood making it difficult to unlatch my belt. There was a resounding click and the belt hung lifelessly as my body slipped out of the seat. I fell down against Lori, smashing her against the ground and broken shards; however, by doing so I got closer to the Geek's face. The corpse let out a blood curdling snarl, spewing out pieces of flesh and blood onto my face.

Remembering that I had my Swiss knife in my back pocket I reached around for it. I almost cried when I felt the cool metal touch my skin. Yanking the knife out I then released the blade and slammed it into the Geeks protruding forehead. Blood squeezed out between the skin and the hilt of the knife in a gruesome manner.

The Geek’s grunting stopped and its body flattened lifelessly against the glass. I tightened my grip on the knife before yanking it out. A gushing slice sounded through the car making Lori gag. I blamed her uneasy stomach on her secret pregnancy and wiped the blade off on the seat. With the threat now gone I moved my weight off of Lori and started climbing up to the broken passenger window. There was a slight sting from the left over shards cutting into my skin as I wiggled my way through the window, but it was nothing compared to what the rest of my body felt like.

The cool night air bit at my skin as I moved my battered body out. I was sore and bleeding in places I didn’t even think possible but I couldn’t let it stop me. After steadying myself near the opening I reached down for Lori.

She grabbed ahold of my hand and I quickly pulled her through, neglecting the pain that was shooting up my arm. Once we were both on the ground I gave her a quick look over. There was some blood on the side of her forehead and a couple of scrapes on her cheek and hands, but other than that she seemed to be okay.

Just to make sure though I asked, “Ya’ okay?”

She took a couple of deep breaths, looking back and forth between the wrecked car and the dead Geek. After she collected herself she looked back at me and nodded. “I think so.” She nervously touched a hand to her stomach and I became overcome with a new worry.

“Yea sure everything is okay? The baby not hurt or anything.”

Her eyes watered a little as she rubbed gentle circles on her stomach. Not knowing if that meant that the baby was hurt or not I took a step towards her, ready to comfort her if she needed it. Lori raised a hand up at me and shook her head.

“The baby is fine. Really it is.” She spoke a little soggily. “The whole life threatening is just finally catching up with me you know? I'll be fine in a second.”

Relieved that everything was okay I gave her a gentle smile and nodded me head. “Gave the both of us a scare I’m there Lori.”

She ran a hand through her hair as she nodded at me trying desperately to hold back her tears. She turned away from me when some began to fall and I turned to give her a little more privacy. Not even a second after I turned around Lori let out a harsh scream, making me spin back around on my heels. Scared and caught off guard at the sudden appearance of a Geek Lori ended up backing into me, knocking the knife out of my hand. I cursed at not holding on to it tighter and quickly knew that I wouldn’t be able to bend down fast enough to get it before the Geek was on me.

Thinking quickly about the gun I had in my jacket I reached in for it only to find it missing. Lori and I were already backing away from the Geek at this point as it opened its grueling mouth. Lori wasn’t as injured as I was and ran to the other end of the car screaming. Knowing that I was too beat up to follow after her I headed for the ditch. It wasn’t a surprise when the Geek went after me because I was the easier catch.

The tall grass knotted around my ankles making it difficult to move through but I kept pushing. I might be immune to a bite form those damn things but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t get torn apart. My foot ran into something hard and judging from the sound it was metal. I fell to the floor with a thud and wrapped my fingers around the curved metal cap. The loud groaning from behind told me that the Geek was closer than I was comfortable with and when I felt a bony hand clamp onto my small ankle I screamed.

With the heavy hub in one hand I twisted my body around and slammed it against the side of its face just as it was leaning down to take a bite. A side hit to the head though hadn’t been enough to pierce the brain stem so I had to roll on top of the Geek with the heavy metal. I let out a cry as I lifted the thing up and started slamming it into its head. Blood, brain, and bone fragments flew in every direction until the skull was flattened.

My body felt incredible heavy after that and I let the cap fall to the ground beside the dead body. Please God let that be the last one. I begged before rolling off of the body and weakling crawling out of the ditch. When I finally managed to get up to the pavement I saw a skinny pair of legs waiting there.

“Did you get bit? Is the walker dead? Are you hurt?” Lori questioned cautiously.

“Being hurt is an understatement right now Lori but yea I’m fine.”

She waited until after she got a good look at me before reaching down to help me out. I scoffed at the thought of her being worried that I had been bitten. Wasn’t she there during my whole explanation? I was immune to the infection, was that really so hard to believe?

I felt the cold metal pressing against either of my sides and instantly looked down at her hands. She was holding on to both of our gun and I silently thanked her for getting them. Once I was back on my feet she handed over my gun and pulled out my knife from her pocket. I took them both and shoved the knife into my jacket.

My eyes wondered back over to the totaled car. “Looks like we’re going to have to walk back.”

“We’re not going back.” She spat making me twist around to face her. She looked at me sternly with her fist on either side of her hips and her eyes gleaming with stubborn determination.

“What do ya’ mean we ain’t heading back? Its pitch black out here Lori and we already don’t have a car.” I gestured over to the metal heap.

She didn’t even bother to look at it she simply took a threatening step forward and poked a finger into my chest. “My husband is still out there and I’m not going back without him.”

I snorted. “Ya’ knock that head of yours a little too hard or something?”

Her frown deepened. “My head is just fine.”

“Well then show me the sense in running around in the middle of the night with seven rounds, no car, and no clue of where the hell we are. Hell ya’ don’t even know, Rick could already be back and worried about where ya’ ran off to. They could all be looking for us right now.” I tried explaining but she was already shaking her head at me.

“If Rick was back then we wouldn’t have been sitting in the middle of the road for so long. They would have found us by now.” She suddenly spun around and started heading in the direction we had been going before we crashed.

I cursed at the stupid, mule-headed woman and began chasing after her. “So you’re just going to wonder around aimlessly hoping to find him? That isn’t a good idea Lori especially in our current conditions. I say we head back see if Rick is there and if he isn’t then we wait til’ morning. After we get all patched up we can head back out with more people and a vehicle. ”

I finally managed to catch up with her and was quick to snatch her hand. She spun around to face me with her gun aimed right at my head. “You try stopping me again and I’ll shoot you.”

Anger and frustration filled my body until I was shaking. I absolutely despised having a gun in my face. If I hadn’t been so beat up and she hadn’t been pregnant or Rick’s wife I would have disarmed her and shot her. Another option that popped into my head was to just leave the stupid bitch but if something happened to her because of it then I would most likely be the one who got shot when I made it back.

I yanked my hand away from her and spat. “Fine then I won’t stop ya’.”

She pinched her lips together in a disbelieving manner before turning back around and walking. I followed behind her making sure to keep the pain of my own injures under check.

She sighed before looking over her shoulder at me with an even angrier face. “What are you doing?”

Pissed that she was getting angry at me for doing what she had asked in the first place I snarled. “Following ya’, now lead the damn way before I get even more pissed.”

There wasn’t much talking after that. Lori and I traveled down the paved road for what felt like hours. I had already lost a decent amount of blood from not binding my injures or even cleaning them for that matter, and judging by how far we have been walking we were both exhausted. Lori would bump into me every so often, not even realizing that she had, and would just mindlessly continue onward. It was almost like we had become one of the undead in a sense.

When a pair of headlights crept up from behind us we didn’t even notice until we heard the car door slam shut. Lori stopped walking but for some odd reason she just stood there staring blankly into the night. I on the other hand did turn around to see Shane running out of the car. His eyes were glued onto Lori and all I could think was It’s about time.

“You alright?” Shane asked obviously talking to Lori seeing how he brushed right passed me.

Shane rushed over to Lori, grabbing ahold of her and shining a light onto her body searching for any injures. “I’m fine,” She reassured.

He was quick to notice the cut on her head and gently he brushed the hair back to get a closer look at it. It was the way he touched her so carefully that made me wonder think that he was acting a bit strange towards her. I could understand him wanting to be gentle with her because she had been in an accident but his way of conduct seemed odd.

“No, you’re not fine I saw the wreck. Look at you. What happened?” He insisted glancing over at me for an answer.

Lori however was quick to explain. “Looked down at the map, hit a walker.”

He scoffed lowering his flashlight and rubbing his scruffy chin. “Well next time you stay put and you won’t need a map. Come on I gotta get you back.”

“No,” She took a step away from him with a pair of wide and scared eyes. “No, we got to find Rick.”

Rick looked from the car and then back to Lori. “He’s back. They’re all back safe and sound.”

I frowned at his obviously lie but said nothing. If he was going to take us back then I had no problem with it.

“Really?” Lori questioned but I could already tell that she believed him.

“Yea,” He nodded taking ahold of her hand and leading her back to the car. His eye’s narrowed as they landed on me and his face twisted. “What do you think you were doing with Lori?”

Thinking that he was being protective over Rick’s wife I rolled my eyes. “She asked me to come along.”

He opened up the passenger door for her and helped her inside before closing it. “That isn’t what I was asking. I asked what you were doing with her because if I remember correctly you wanted nothing to do with our group and that you weren’t going to help us with anything. It all makes me think that you had an ulterior motive for tagging along.”

Insulted that he would say such a thing I barked. “What?”

“You see,” He started as he circled back around to me. “I believe that you just want to break up our group until we’re fighting over this ‘cure’ of yours. Far as I can tell this whole ‘cure’ business is a bunch of nonsense because you haven’t given a single one of them a test yet. Not to mention the fact that I’m supposed to believe that you are immune to this whole thing. I don’t think so.”

Realizing that I was being corner into something nasty I took a step back and glared up at him. “I am immune and I saved Sophia, ya’ dumbass.”

He scoffed. “Yea for how long? You said that you don’t even know if she is really cured and that it never worked before her. As far as she is concerned I think she is still a walker and I’m not going to wait around for her to turn. As for you,”

He reached over and snatched the gun away from me. “Hey!” I yelled but he was already shaking his head.

“If you’re immune and all then you will have no trouble getting back to camp even if you do so happen to get bit along the way.”

Rage was boiling over in my stomach making my entire body quake. “That’s my gun ya’ motherless bastard.”

He perked my anger even more when he looked down at the small gun with a mischievous smirk on his face. “You sure about that? I know my guns and this one here belongs to me.”

“Ya’ can’t just take away my gun!” I yelled taking a threatening step towards him.

He twirled the gun around in his hand reminding me that he had the upper hand and turned to walk to the driver’s side. “I’m just taking back what is mine. Have fun getting back.”

My jaw dropped open when he hopped into the driver’s seat. “You’re not seriously leaving me out here without a weapon.” I yelled disbelievingly.

“Sure I can. You’re not part of my group anyway remember?” He slammed the door shut before I could say another word and starting reversing the car.

Furious at what he was doing I ran after him screaming, “Ya’ bastard! When I get back I’m going to kill ya’. Do you hear me? I’m gonna rip your ass apart!”

His tires screeched against the pavement as he turned the large vehicle around and sped back from where he had come. I chased after those fading taillights screaming as loud as I could until they were out of sight. Of course I knew that it was a mistake to be screaming in the middle of the woods at night but damn it I could hold in my anger. It was bad. I knew that. Damn it I was so fucked it wasn’t even funny.

I kept up a quick pace while walking down the road stopping only when I heard a twig snapping. When that happened I didn’t wait around to see what it was; I ran. When I reached the wreck sight I started cursing again but this time I didn’t do it vocally. I wasn’t even half way back yet and I already felt like I had lost way too much blood. My head was spinning and I felt as if I was going to pass out any minute.

I started thinking about how I should have listened to Daryl and stayed back on the damn farm. Fuck me for getting caught up with Lori. That bitch hadn’t even gotten out of the damn car to argue my side, she had just sat there. My rage fueled me to press onwards until I felt as if I had left my feet a few miles back. I wanted to rest then, to call it quits and start again in the morning but then I remembered Sophia.

That little girl was sleeping all alone in my ‘tank’ with no way of getting out. The group could try prying open the doors but everything would be useless without the keys. There was a jingle of said keys hitting the metal on my knife and I started jogging a bit faster. What if Sophia had woken up while I was away and gotten scared? She must be so scared alone in that big old thing and it was tarring me apart inside for leaving her there. How could I have abandoned a small child like that?
How could I leave her when I was supposed to be monitoring her condition, making sure that she wasn’t in any pain or reverting back to a Geek. Becoming even more fearful of what my actions might have ‘caused I ran down the road, never stopping to catch my breath or even to see if a Geek was following me. That little girl was all I could think about now.

Dawn was about to break when I finally arrived at the farm. In the distance I could see the light purple and blue mixing into the sky making it resemble a bruise more than a promising morning. My feet were dragging along the road as I forced myself onward. I was almost there. I wasn’t sure how much blood I had lost along the way or even how far I had traveled by my eyes were drooping and my arms felt like lead. I felt as if I was walking on this treadmill looking at a picture of the farm but never getting any closer to it.

When I finally entered into the yard it felt like it was an illusion. The dark scenery paired with the morning fog that hovered low to the ground made me feel as if I was in a horror movie waiting for some monster to come out an attack. I found myself laughing at my own thinking. I suppose the possibility of that happening wasn’t so slim anymore. Rounding the side of the house I picked up on the sound of metal scraping against metal and instinctively opened my Swiss knife.

There was a dark figure leaning against the side of my car running something along the side. Giving how dark it still was I wasn’t able to make out what or who was standing there until the creature cursed and through the piece of metal to the ground. I knew instantly by the clank that whoever was trying to break into my ‘tank’ wasn’t having much luck.

The person lifted up their hand and started banging on the bared window. “Sophia, just open the damn door.” He demanded.

Recognizing the deep voice as Shane’s made me tighten my grip on the knife. Given what Shane had told me earlier about how the child was still a Geek in his mind I highly doubted that he wanted to get in there to let her out. Damn bastards trying to get at my gear and meds.

Rage fueled my body once again giving me the strength to continue on however it didn’t help me be stealthy. Shane must have heard my shoes shuffling around behind him and he was quick to turn. We froze for a second staring at one another, him with a gun pointed at my forehead and me with my knife pressed against his throat.

“What the hell are ya’ doing?” I hissed.

He smirked at me in disbelief. “Trying to get Sophia out.”

My jaw clenched together as the urge to slice the knife into his skin became great but I was suddenly distracted to the little girl inside of my car. Tears were streaming down her face as she banged against the glass. Her eyes were wide with fear as the stared directly at me and her face was blotchy. Her eyes flickered back over to Shane and I could see the fear growing as she stared at him.

Instantly I knew. Shane scared her. I let out a scream and pressed the edge of my knife closer to his skin. “What did ya’ say to her?”

“Nothing,” He smiled knowing that even though I had a knife pressed to his throat he still had the upper hand. “But if I was you I’d start lowering that weapon. I think we both know who would win here.”

By biting the inside of my lip as hard as I could, helped to calm me down. Slowly I lowered my weapon and luckily he did the same. “I did what ya’ asked now get the hell away from my car.”

He frowned down at me and I could see the twitch of his finger move over the trigger of his gun. I was getting ready to defend myself when something caught Shane’s attention. He’s eyes wondered to something behind me and I quickly turned to see who it was. After all I didn’t like being snuck up on.

When I turned I say Daryl and my heart just fell. His clothes were messy and covered in dirt along with his arms and face. Every part of him seemed dark and filled with malice including those cold Georgia blue eyes. He’s gaze was locked with mine making chills run up my arms.

He opened in mouth, ready to snap something nasty, when something else caught his attention. His expression froze as his gaze slowly trailed down the length of my body. My back stiffened automatically knowing that I looked quite a sight.

Daryl closed the distance between us and pushed a few strands of my hair out of my face. Not really wanting him to see how badly I was hurt I yanked my head back and avoided his piercing blue eyes. His voice was hard and demanding. “What the hell happened to ya’?”

I jumped at his harsh tone and took a step back, bumping into the side of my car. He didn’t follow me but instead took a step back himself.

Thankful for the added space I quickly muttered. “The car crashed.”

“I know that.” He growled making me look back up at him. “Ya’ been here for a while though, I thought that you’d have yerself all clean up by now.”

I frowned at him confused at what he was saying. “I just got back Daryl.”

Daryl’s face twisted into something even fiercer as he turned his hard glare onto Shane. “Thought ya’ said she came back with Lori and ya’.”

Shane looked between Daryl and I almost surprised to see Daryl questioning him. He finally folded his arms across his chest and sneered at Daryl. “I didn’t say anything.” He nodded his head over to me. “She started threatening Lori and me to get away from her so I left.”

Fury pumped so hard through my veins until all I could see was red. I was so worked up now that I didn’t even think to keep my voice down. “The hell I did. Ya’ left me stranded in the middle of nowhere and took my gun!”

Shane glared over at me rubbing his finger along his gun in a very threatening manner. He looked back at Daryl ready to come up with another lie but before he could even open his mouth though Daryl was standing in front of him. He slugged him right in the jaw before Shane could even think to block it. Shane staggered back holding a hand up to his face and glaring at Daryl.

Daryl quick closed the distance between them again with the intention of punching him but Shane was ready for it. He grabbed ahold of Daryl’s arm and yanked him forward. Daryl was thrown off balance by it and Shane took the opportunity to get him in a head lock.

The kind of head lock that Shane put Daryl in immediately caught my attention. It was a kind that wasn’t easy to get out of, one that was taught to mostly law enforcers and wrestlers. Taking into account Shane’s hard build I immediately assumed that he could have been either. Without even thinking about it I yanked the keys out of my jacket and unlocked my ‘tank’.

Daryl’s grunting and Shane’s yelling was shoved into the back of my head when I yanked open the door. Sophia was there automatically wrapping her small arms around me and crying into my neck. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her how sorry I was for leaving her but there was no time.

“I’m sorry Sophia but I need to help Daryl.” With that I pulled the little girl away from me and pressed her back into the seat. Tears were still streaming down her cheeks but she stayed put.

I reached over her and grabbed the first gun I could get my hands on; an AK-47. My guns were always loaded so I cocked the sucker back and slid out of the car. Daryl was kicking his boots against the ground, trying to Shane off balance so that he would loosen his grip but Shane had his feet planted firmly to the ground.

He had on a proud smile at having control over Daryl and tightened his grip making it harder for Daryl to breathe. That got me super pissed off. I lifted up my gun, aiming it careful at Shane and shouted.

“Let him go.” Shane’s eyes attention shot up to me and his smiled fell at the sight of my gun.

Instantly Shane loosened his hold on him and Daryl pushed himself away from him coughing slightly. I glared at the evil man in front of me and let the idea of shooting his knee caps play in my head. My finger was already gently pressing against the trigger and all I needed to do was add a little more pressure and it would all be over. The bastard would be dead and my thirst for his blood would be sated.

It was the quiet sob that stopped me. I looked over to see Sophia kneeling on the seat of the car looking right at me and my bloodlust vanished. Looking back at Shane I snapped, “Get outta’ my sight.”

Shane looked from me to the little girl and nodded. He gave me his back and started walking away but not before he gave Daryl and little smile. There was a twitch next to Daryl’s temple and I watched as he clenched his fists up but he didn’t act on it.

When Shane was finally gone I lowered my gun and sighed. “God I hate that man.”

Daryl nodded his head in agreement before turning to face me. I jumped a little bit, not realizing how close he was to me and instantly took a step back. Daryl looked away from me then and turned his attention to Sophia.

“Get something in yer eye?” Sophia gave him a little sob for an answer before covering her face up with her forearm and nodding her head. Daryl scoffed at her playing along with him and folded his arms over his chest. “Well then it looks like you and Evie could both use some fixin’ up.”

I frowned at the name Evie. People at the CDC had called me Eve because of the whole biblical sense and a select few called me Evelyn, but no one had ever called me Evie. Daryl walked up to Sophia and stared rummaging through my car in search of a first aid kit. I watched as he pulled out the green kit and started unzipping it.

He wasn’t smiling or anything while he did it but there was a sort of soft and caring feel to him. He turned to see me watching him and lifted an eyebrow up at me. “Ya’ gonna make me drag ya’ over here or what Evie?”

My shoulder relaxed as I brought a hand up to my mouth to cover up my smile. Daryl would only get anger if he saw me laughing at him. He grunted at my odd behavior and went back to picking things out of the first aid. I think I was going to like being called Evie…as long as Daryl was the only one using it.


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