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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 13: Beauty's Blood

"I'm sorry," I whispered to Rick.

He nodded as Daryl's head finally snapped up. Sarah threw her arms around me. Tyler was smirking in some made up victory. I bit my lip and let Sarah hug me.

"Can we get going now?" the fair-haired man asked moodily.

I left the room quickly and rushed up the stairs to get away from everyone. I could feel tears spill out of my eyes. Maybe I could go back down and change my mind? I shook my head, Sarah was my sister. My own blood. I wiped my eyes and grabbed my bags. I made my way back downstairs to find everyone waiting for me outside. I joined them dropping my bags on the grass. Walking straight over to Carl, I dropped to my knees and embraced him. I held him tightly to me.

"Don't do anything stupid like wander off," I whispered to him.

He sniffled a bit, nodding. I pulled away, lifting off his hat and ruffled his dark hair. Lori placed her hands on his shoulders and smiled at me. I could barely look her in the eye.

"Sorry," I mumbled to her.

"It was too much of me to ask, I understand," she replied quietly. I looked down at her stomach.

"Take care of yourself ok?"

She nodded sadly and wrapped one arm around my shoulder, bringing me to her. I pulled away, I hoped they didn't noticed how upset I was.

"Least somethin' goods comin' out of this, am I right Alphie?" the fair haired man, Josh smirked.

Alfred gave him a funny look just as I hugged Carol. She didn't even try hold back tears, she clasp her hand on the back of my head.

"Be careful," she sobbed.

"You too," I whispered, pulling away.

I held Daryl's gaze for a moment before turning and following Sarah's group. I heard Sam whine beside me. I crouched down and patted his head.

"Stay," I mumbled. I got up and walked away again. I heard a whine beside me again.

"Sam, stay," I said, louder.

This time he didn't follow me. I didn't dare look behind me. I'd definitely burst into tears. My dog is my best friend, but he would better use here with Carl. Josh opened a car door for me.

"Ladies first," he smiled.

I got into the car without a second glance at him. Sarah sat beside me, smiling in delight she clasped my hands in hers. I gave her a small smile. We were kind of squashed with four in the back. Without looking out of the window at my old group we pulled out of the hotel drive and onto the road. I fought the urge to open the door and jump out.


After three days Sarah's group finally met up with the others. Well some of them. A familiar face stuck out from the three new members, it was Andy from the house were Daryl and I were attacked. He sheepishly told us that the others had never shown up, very aware of my presence. We stood in the middle of a highway filled with cars. Nathan was there too. They both recognised me I could tell from the look of horror. I hid my smile by looking at my new group. My sister, her fiance, Josh, Alfred, Bertha (the small woman from before), Andy and Nathan along with a tall slim woman with long dark red hair, a round face dotted with freckles and light blue eyes framed with long dark eyelashes by the name of Alexandria. She was beautiful, even at the end of the world. I stood aside as the new group tried to figure out what to do. I started to analyze them. There didn't seem to be a leader, like Rick. There didn't seem to be any order at all, before I knew it, they were all bickering. I rolled my eyes. What had I got
myself into now? They finally shut up and I learned from Andy that we were going to a house down the road. I nodded.

"Hey, uh. Sorry for shooting you..." I muttered. He shrugged.

"I was actually gonna go in and stop him... but you seem to be able to take of yourself," he said blushing slightly. I smiled at him.

"You and Nathan left then yeah?"

He nodded.

"Good, those guys were jerks," I said sliding into the passenger seat beside him. Nathan and Alexandria were in the back already.

"Hello, Harleigh," Nathan greeted.


"Where is your boyfriend?" he asked, bluntly.

"Daryl's not my boyfriend," I grumbled, not in the mood to talk about him.

The car started up and we headed off towards the house. It was just a small one story house but it was better than nothing. We got out of the cars and looked at it.

"I got it!" Josh said stepping briskly towards the house.

I watched as no one else went in after him. Didn't they want to give him back up? Instead Tyler and Sarah hugged while the others looked at the ground to the sky and anything in between. I slapped a hand to my forehead. How they had survived this long was a mystery to me. I caught Andy smiling awkwardly at me and snapping his head back towards the house when he saw that I was looking at him.

"All clear!" Josh shouted dragging a body out behind him. I flinched slightly.

"Not so damn loud," I snapped at him. He just smirked at me.


"Of what? You killed a walker, congratulations," I shoved him out of the way and led the way into the small house. I felt some one tug me back. I looked back at Sarah.

"Apologise," she instructed.

"For what?" I asked, shaking my head. "I don't know if you realise, Sarah, but walkers still have ears. Honestly, how did ya'll survive."

Sarah just frowned at me. I went into the small sitting room and lay down on the creaky sofa. I wasn't bothered eating with these morons so I went straight to sleep.


Waking up in the morning wasn't easy; I had a crick in my neck and my body ached. I missed my hotel bed. I stared at the ceiling contemplating leaving and going back. But Sarah would find some way of stopping me. I stared glumly out the window above the couch. I missed Rick, Carl, Lori, T-Dog, Glenn, Maggie, Carol, Hershel, Beth, Sam and god dammit I even missed the redneck bastard. I knew they were ok though. They were survivors, unlike these tools.

"You miss them," Nathan stated. I grunted in response.

"Why'd you leave then?"

"My sister needed me," I muttered.

"What about what you need?"

"Shut up," I sighed.

Andy gave me a supportive smile. I tugged the corners of my lips to smile back. It was an effort but I liked this guy. He sat up from the floor, Nathan was on the other couch.

"So what's the plan?" Nathan asked.

"I dunno. Who do you guys follow?" I asked, rubbing my eyes.

"We just kinda do what we're told," Andy mumbled, shrugging his shoulders. I nodded my head. No surprise there...

"Let's go," Tyler said appearing in the door.

We left the house, for no damn reason. It was perfectly fine with no walkers around. I sighed and slid into the back one of the cars.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Gonna find an apartment, high ground," Tyler replied from the drivers seat.

Him and Sarah were holding hands. They never stopped touching one another, they either were hugging or kissing. It made me sick all this touchy feely stuff displayed before my eyes every day. Before I knew it we were in a part of some city. Tyler had to slow the car down, we were going to be swamped.

"I think we should turn around," Andy suggested. I silently agreed, this did not look good.

"Shut up, you coward. Power through Ty!" Josh yelled.

Jesus, did he have to be so loud. His laugh boomed through my ears as he threw his muscly arm over my shoulder. I leaned away from him, towards Andy. Why oh why did I sit beside this moron?

"Get y'arm off of me. Or I'll break it off and shove it up your-"

"Harleigh!" Sarah groaned, cutting me off.

Nevertheless, Josh quickly retracted his arm. I caught Andy smirking, obviously he hated the guy as much as I did. The walkers were on us now, slamming their palms on the windows. We were surrounded. I sighed again, great these psychos were going to kill me. Sarah was already screaming. How were we related? I kept quiet and waited for Josh's new genius plan to spill out of his mouth. 3...2...

"Just plough through 'em man!" he said.

Tyler sighed and floored it. The car bumped and jumped about as bodies flew beneath the bonnet. I rolled my eyes and yanked Josh's shotgun out of his hands. I pushed the roof top window open. It was his ammo so I went nuts. Shooting everywhere, sometimes I managed to hit and kill. I decided to focus on the closer ones, the ones slapping against the window. They'd crack the glass soon. Behind us the rest of the group were following in the other car. I ducked back into the car.

"This is useless turn back-"

"Andy quit bein' such a damn pussy-"

"Josh. Shut the fuck up he's right," I said standing up for him.

Tyler nodded and swerved the car around. He floored it again, plowing through the countless bodies. We drove back out of the city, the others still following. We were a few miles out when Tyler pulled over.

"Something's wrong," he muttered.

He got of of the car and walked around to the front. He signaled for us to join him. We saw what the problem was immediately. The whole front of the car was damaged from bashing down walkers.

"Just plough through, huh?" I asked Josh.

"It's ok. We'll find a new car," he shrugged.

"It's nearly dark. Where the hell are we gonna find a car, numbskull?"

"Jeez, Harleigh. Why are you so negative?" Sarah asked folding her arms.

I gawped at her; dear lord how had she gotten this far? The other car pulled in behind us. I was beginning to think she had managed to get everyone to do as she had asked. Still a spoilt little girl, not even an apocalypse could change her.

"Saw a motel back that way, jam packed with cars," Tyler said.

The group decided that was best and we headed that way on foot. Josh was giving Andy a hard time the whole way there, shoving him and giving him abuse. I wanted to step in and stop him but I just wasn't bothered with these people. I knew I would eventually leave and go back to Rick. I needed to. I wouldn't survive with these people even if one of them was my sister. We reached the motel.

"Guys, I don't like this," Andy voiced.

"Oh shut up, wimp," Josh snarled.

"I'm with Andy," I sighed.

"Fine, you two girls stay here then."

I shrugged my shoulders and sat down on the damp grass. Andy sat down opposite me.

"Why do y'let 'im push you 'round like that?" I asked.

"Easier I guess."

Moments of silence went by without a word spoken. We heard gunshots from inside the motel. Andy looked to me to see what we should do.

"Probably only a few walkers," I shrugged.

He nodded. Next, we heard screaming. I frowned and stood up.

"Ok, that sounds serious."

"HELP!" some one shouts.

"We gotta go, c'mon"I say taking my bow out. We rush towards the motel. Not a walker in sight.

"Harleigh, I don't think we're dealing with walkers," Andy said slowly.

I agreed.

I marched towards one of the doors and kicked it in. No walkers. I look back at Andy, he has his revolver ready, covering me.

"Sarah?" I called down the corridor.

Next thing I know I'm on the floor. Had Andy just hit me? I could feel my body being dragged along the ground. Carpet burn turned to tarmac scratches. I felt too dizzy to fight what ever had a grip on me. What the hell was going on?


Was that Lori? Carol?


"Daryl?" I croaked.

"Harleigh wake up."

I opened my eyes and sat up slowly.

"What the hell's goin' on?" I asked.

"They've got Alexandria, they've got Alexandria," Bertha was gasping.

"Calm down, we'll find her," Alfred comforted.

"Harleigh, I'm so sorry! They snuck up behind me," Andy apologised.

"Waste of space, you are."

"Will you quit it this was your idea!" I snapped at Josh. This guy sure was a moron.

"Now some one explain."

They told me that a group of men had captured us, and we were locked in some motel room. But, they had taken Alexandria. I still had my bow which was all I cared about. In fact everyone still had weapons. So I'm guessing we're dealing with amateurs.

"I found keys to an RV though," Josh said, expecting a prize.

"Fuck you," I said. "Y'all get to the RV I'll find Alexandria."

"Harleigh no-" Sarah began to argue.

"I have to stop them."

"Don't go alone, bring Josh-"

"Fuck no."

"I'll go," Andy offered.

"Yeah, cause that ended well last time," Josh said, sarcastically.

"Sure, Andy," I smiled, ignoring Josh.

I got took out my knife and began to kick the door down. As expected, there were two goons guarding the door. I plunged the dagger into the barrel like chest of the man while Andy shot the other.

"Quick, go," I instructed.

Andy and I rushed to the building where Tyler saw them take Alexandria. I ran in first, just to be grabbed.

"Well aren't you a pretty little thing!" a middle aged man breathed on me.

He was more disgusting than any sight I had seen so far. And that's saying something. A hole burst through both sides of his head. He fell limply to the ground. I thanked Andy as he lowered his gun. He nodded and we hurried up the stairs. I could hear them. I hesitated outside the door. I heard Alexandria screaming and crying. I really didn't want to see what was about to see.

"You stay here," I whispered to Andy.


I loaded my bow and kicked the door down. Two men were pinning Alexandria down while the third... I averted my eyes. This was sick. The only good thing was these guys were gonna die with no dignity.

"Come to join the party?" one asked. I crinkled my nose with disgust.


I snapped the arrow at him, it flew through his eyeball.


Second guy was dead. Now the third guy was bricking it, beginning to plead with me for his pathetic excuse of the life he managed to cling on to.


Right through the forehead. I grabbed Alexandria's clothes off the floor and tossed them to her. I turned away to give her some privacy. She was blubbering. I didn't blame her. No one should go through something like that.

"There's an RV outside," I told her, awkwardly.

She passed me and left the room. I followed after her.

"Are you ok?" Andy asked me.

"Fucking disgusting," I muttered.

We hurried out to the RV. There wasn't a lot of room but it was better than nothing. The only noise inside was Alexandria, still crying. Bertha was petting her hair trying to soothe her. Andy and I sat down side by side. I shut my eyes and wished I was back at the hotel. When I woke up we were pulled over.

"Gonna look around," Andy explained. I yawned and stood up, Alexandria stayed behind.

"Where are we?" Tyler asked looking for a sign down the road.

The group began to disperse I strolled over to forest, maybe I could find something to eat. Andy came with me, seeing as he didn't want to put up with Josh's crap. He walked behind me keeping an eye out for walkers.

"Hey! Harleigh?" he called.

I spun around ready to kill any number of walkers. Frowning, I noticed we were completely safe, not a walker in sight. I joined Andy and saw why he called me. A familiar looking bolt stuck out from a tree. It was one of Daryl's. I scanned the area, but couldn't see him.

"Daryl?" I called out.

The little bit of hope that had filled my body was gone in a split second. He must have left in a hurry since he had left an arrow behind. I glanced at the ground. Printed into the dirt and mud were dog tracks.

"They were here," I smiled.

At least I knew they could still be alive. I began to follow the dog prints. Andy kept by my side this time.

"If we find them, will you go back?" he asks, sounding nervous.

"Probably. You can come too," I smile to him. He casts his gaze back to the ground.

"I don't think so, Harleigh."

"C'mon, they treat you like shit..." I rolled my eyes.

"I think Daryl would kill me."

"Daryl? Nah, he'd have to get through me first!" I laughed. "Besides, we can't survive long like this. How many mistakes have they made? They're idiots."

"Even your sister?"

"ESPECIALLY my sister!" I sighed. Andy grinned.

"I didn't wanna say, but she annoys me."

"She annoys me too, man," I laughed, I felt a bit guilty then.

I mean, I was suppose to care about her. But part of me wished the military got her. Horrible I know, but it would've been easier. She was not meant to survive in this kind of world. She was even more a city girl than I was and refused to kill anything at all. Andy continued to joke about the other members of the group, I joined in as we continued to follow the tracks. A loud familiar crack of a gun shattered our lighthearted jokes. I turned to Andy who had turned to a sheet of paper.

"That sounded like it came from the road," he said, I agreed.

We raced back to the road. Screams and sobbing filled my ears. We burst out of the forest. Alfred was the first we had met. He had his head in his hands and was whispering to himself.

"What happened?" I asked, trying to catch my breath.

"Alexandria," he answered not looking up. My sister practically fell out of the RV crying and screaming. Tyler was trying to shush her, since she was making an awful racket.

"What's going on?" Andy asked.

"She killed herself. She killed herself," Bertha said, panicking.

"What? Inside the RV?" I asked. Bertha nodded slowly.

"Great, we'll either have to spend the rest of the day cleaning it out or get a new-"

HARLEIGH!" Sarah screeched at me. "Alexandria is dead!"

"Yeah she is. We have to continue on without her!" I yelled back.

"Harleigh's right," Andy agreed.

We received a nod from Nathan. Right there. That's when I decided I would leave with the him and Andy to go back to Rick and the others.

"Shut up you little faggot," Josh sneered, striding over to where we stood.

Andy backed away, behind me in fear of being beaten. I pushed Josh back.

"Back off,"I snarled. Josh shoved me back, hitting bruises that covered my shoulder.

"Make me, whore."

For the first time, Nathan steps forward and punches Josh square in the jaw.

"Y'don't touch a lady like that, asshole,"he snarls.

Josh backs up a bit then, seeing as Nathan was taller and bigger than him. I couldn't help but smirk.

"Stop fighting," Sarah sighs. "Let's just bury her."

Of course when it comes down to it, it's Nathan and Andy who have to dig. Alfred and Bertha were too weak, Tyler was busy holding Sarah who didn't want to break a nail and Josh rarely moved ever, only to scratch his own ass. I realised if some one would scratch it for him he'd do nothing at all. I didn't listen to Nathan and Andy's protests as I grabbed one of the shovels off of them. I stabbed the earth with my shovel and began to dig.

"Thanks," I muttered to Nathan, he smiled, showing his straight but slightly dirty teeth. I don't know if it was because he had punched the guy I hated most in the world or what but I looked at him completely differently. He wasn't some pest I had to put up with, more of a friend I guess.

"Andy and I were saying we think we're going to leave," I told him as his shovel pulled a pile of dirt out of the ground. "You wanna join?"

"Sure," he smiles.

"We just have to pick the right time," Andy sighs, wiping the sweaty palms of his hands on his shirt.

That'd be soon. Right?


Haha I don't know why it makes me laugh but I have this up on other sites and the majority of people wanted her to stay. I had this written out before the first chapter was uploaded so I'm not doing this on purpose... Don't worry though I love Daryl way too much to not talk about him ;D Thank you for commenting it means a lot believe it or not x


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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