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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 17: Dixon Returns

Michonne and I were outside by an overturned van near the prison gates.

"Guns in here," I said to her.

She hadn't said a word to me the whole morning. I didn't mind too much, I didn't know what to say to her either. Rick told me she had led them to were Glenn and Maggie were. He didn't trust her yet, something about how she left them. I liked her, she didn't yap.

"Harleigh," she said, I turned around at the sound of her voice.

She was looking towards the prison. Rick was walking down towards the cross at the bottom of the yard. We watched as he stopped and began to spin around. He stopped spinning then began to run in this direction. Michonne reached for her katana just as he raced past us. He opened the gate and ran outside. Michonne locked the gate behind him. We stared in confusion as he stood still outside the prison fence.

"He sees her," I whispered to her. "His wife, Lori."

"I know how he feels," she whispered back.

I nodded, placing my hands on my hips. It was roasting outside today.

"Go inside and see what the others are doing will you?"

She nodded and slung her katana over her shoulder. I sat up on the over turned van, watching Rick. If this wasn't so serious I would've been extremely amused. I watched him for a few minutes tilting my head to get a better look at him through the fence. I chuckled slightly, screw it I might as well be entertained.

"You think this is funny?" Glenn asked, appearing beside me.

His face was battered and bruised. I shrugged my shoulders.

"The Governor is coming and you're sitting here laughing at a sick man," Glenn stated.

"Yeah, I am. Anyone that goes by the name of 'The Governor' is a joke."

"Harleigh, he hurt Maggie, he-"

"Then why are you out here, talking to me?" I snapped at him.

I had never snapped at Glenn before. But like the others, he had changed too.

"Just keep watch," he muttered.

"Aye aye Captain," I saluted.

He shook his head and walked away from me.

"Hey! Rick!" I called, he turned towards me for a moment.

Maybe I should go get Hershel or something. I hopped down off the van and jogged up towards the prison. I pushed past Glenn who was talking to Carl about entrances or something.

"Hershel, can you go talk to Rick? I can't get him to come inside."

Hershel nodded. I helped him to his feet and followed him outside. Carol and Axel were chatting and laughing away. I stood beside them and watched Hershel hobble down the yard to Rick. I felt Carol's arm wrap around my waist, to comfort me as she continued to joke around with Axel. Comforting me from what I didn't know, but I felt safer with her near. I rested my head on her shoulder and stared sleepily down at the ground.

"Are you okay, Harleigh?" she asked, softly.

"I'm just tired," I mumbled. She nodded and looked out at Rick.

"He's sorta funny, ain't he?" Axel commented. "I mean, is he safe"?

"Sure he is, he's got us this far," Carol said, although I heard doubt in her voice.

"I think tha' Harleigh should take over. Mean, least 'til 'e sorts 'emself out."

"Never again," I grumbled, rubbing my forehead. "I gotta go inside I'm too tired. Call me if you need me."

"Alright sweety," Carol smiled as I turned and walked back towards the prison.

Axel started talking about how he ended up in prison as I bent down to tie my shoelace. A loud crack snapped the air. I shot up and turned back, Axel and Carol were both on the floor.

"Holy shit!" I gasped, frozen to the spot.

All I thought about was Hershel and dashed past them on the ground. Blind with confusion. I mangaed to dodge the bullets shooting out of no where. Beth pulled Carl away while I crouched down behind a wooden crate

"Carol! LIE BESIDE AXEL!" I shouted back to her, hoping she had already figured out to do that.

The first bullets strafed through the air around me. I had to get to Hershel. I only had a hand gun. Guns crackled through the air, echoes following. I could hear Carol's frightened crying behind me as bullets whistled through the air. Suddenly everything fell quiet. I stood up slowly.

"Go," I hissed at Carol just as Maggie ran out with more guns. She hid behind a cabinet shooting at a man in the tower.

"Maggie! I have to get down to Hershel!" I yelled at her.

I ducked back down as more explosions blasted through the air. Everything fell quiet once again. I looked over at Maggie.

"Do you hear that?" she asked, wide eyed.

A car engine grew louder and louder. I peered around the side of the crate. The gates burst open as a orange and yellow truck rolled into the field, nearly knocking Michonne down.

"Fuck," I muttered.

We stared at the bread truck in complete silence. Was it a bomb? The back of it suddenly dropped with a loud clunk. I watched in horror as walkers began to spill out the back of the truck towards Hershel. A woman got out of the truck, dressed in what looked like a bullet proof vest and a gas mask. I got up and raced towards her.

"HARLEIGH NO!" Maggie shrieked.

The woman was too busy trying to shoot Michonne that she didn't notice me sneak up behind her, dodging bullets as I went. I grabbed her ponytail and yanked the mask off. She screamed just as I put the barrel of the gun to her head and squeezed the trigger. She slumped to the ground but before I could celebrate I felt tiny little knives dig into my forearm. I swore and shot the walker before he could tear my flesh away.

I felt a bullet whizz past my hair. I ran around and hid at the back of the truck, hearing bullets smack the other side of it. I pressed my hand down on my second bite. Blood seeped between my fingers. Fantastic. I took a deep breath then bolted towards Hershel taking down as many walkers as I could along the way. I threw myself down on the ground beside him.

"You're bit!" he said.

"Don't worry about it," I muttered back.

"RICK! GET THE FUCK BACK INSIDE!" I screamed back at him hearing the car engine starting up and driving away.

I shot down more walkers and helped Hershel to stand.

"You should have gone inside!"

"Don't worry about it!" I spat at him handing him one of the crutches that was too far for him to reach.

I led him back shooting the rest of the walkers that had been in the van. We joined the others, panting slightly.

"They got Axel," Carol was saying shaking her head.

I looked down at Axel's body, now with bullet punctures. I crinkled my nose and turned to Carl.

"Are you alright?" I asked. He nodded.

"Harleigh you're bleeding... Oh no!" Carol cried.

Her eyes filled with tears and she held her hands over her mouth. I looked down at my forearm.

"I'm so sorry, Harleigh. You shouldn't have risked your life for an old man like me."

I shook my head. "You have daughters that need you, Hershel. Besides I'm fine- Glenn put the gun down."

"You're gonna turn, Harleigh."

"Wait," I sighed. "I've been bit before."

"Quit lyin' Harleigh, let's just-"

I rolled up my shorts to reveal my old bite. Glenn lowered his gun.

"How do we know that's not a dog bite? From Sam?"

"Daryl was there, it when we were separated."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"He told me not to."

"Bullshit," Glenn spat at me ."He's not here Harleigh and I don't believe you."

I stared at the man in front of me. Was this Glenn? Was this my friend? He raised his gun, turning the safety off.

"Wait for three days then. I don't even feel off like I did la-"

"Y'wanna lower that gun?" a southern accent behind me drawled. I spun around to face Daryl, my heart nearly burst with relief.

"Is it true?" Glenn asked.

"Is what true?" Daryl asked, slinging his crossbow over his shoulder.

"That she's been bit before."

Daryl looked from Glenn to me.

"Y'told 'em?" he asked, angrily.

"I don't know if you noticed Daryl but there's a gun in my face."

He shook his head at me. "Yeah she was, passed out for three days, that's all."

Everyone looked at me oddly. I pressed my right hand down on the new bite.

"Well, well, well. What have we got here, hm? Baby brother's helping out lil' lady."

My face fell as a familiar man walked around Daryl.

"You!" I shouted.

"Me," he said holding out his arms.

Merle was the man who chased me? For crying out loud what a small world.

"YOU FUCKING CUNT!" I screamed running towards him.

Daryl caught me around the waist holding me back from beating the shit outta Merle.

"What did you do to my sister?" I spat at him.

"Wait, you've met Merle?" Rick asked.

"He tried to fucking kill me because I wouldn't go into motherfucking Woodbury!"

"You were near Woodbury?"

"Ages ago, why?"

"That's were the Governor's from, Harleigh!" Rick yelled, pointing towards the direction he and his men had disappeared off to. I turned back to Merle.

"You mean to tell me, that YOU KNEW GLENN?! AND YOU STILL DID THIS?!" I roared, outraged.

Daryl's grip grew tighter. Merle's amused expression infuriated me even more.

"You fucking white trash waste of space, I'm going to rip your motherfucking throat out and shove it right up your ass! You're gonna wish your dumb skank of a mother never fucking conceived you! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"

"Hey, shut up," Daryl growled.

I continued to struggle against his grip, desperate to draw blood from Merle.

"I'm going to kill you," I hissed at Merle.

"Oh I don't doubt it, huh? Wouldn't be your first time murdering some one eh? Joshy's cock not big enough for you, slut? How's mommy, hm?"

I froze in Daryl'sarms. I glared up at him.

"Harleigh I-"

I punched him in the stomach causing him to bend over. I leaped towards Merle and shoved him to the floor, punching and kicking him. Rick grabbed me and pulled me away.

"Harleigh calm down," he whispered in my ear.

"Oh that's rich coming from you," I laughed coldly. "What did you do to my sister you little fucking rapist!"

"He ain't no rapist!" Daryl said, straightening up and grabbing my upper arm.

"That bite musta really screwed ya up girl," Merle laughed towards the sky, still on his back.

"Your sister's fine, so's her little boyfriend," he muttered, getting up off the ground.

"How the fuck are you related to Daryl?" I whispered. Daryl let go of my arm.

"Swearin' ain't very lady like, sweetheart."

"Bite me," I spat turning around and walking away.

"Crazy bitch," Daryl muttered.

I spun on the spot and slugged him right in the jaw. He stumbled back a bit, holding his jaw. I walked quickly back into the prison and opened Hershel's kit. I took out bandages and disinfectant. I sat down on the steps and washed my bite with warm bottled water. Everyone began to file into the block, no one spoke, no one looked at me. Carl locked the door before Merle could follow.

"It should be her that you lock in here not me!" Merle yelled pointing his stump towards me. I dabbed disinfectant onto the bite.

"We trust her word. Anyway, I think you deserved that," I heard Rick say.

I smiled, not looking up. I was glad Rick had my back.

"Watch it!" Daryl snarled.

Rick shook his head and walked away from Merle. Merle was leaning against the bars with his arms on the inside glaring at me. I looked up at him and gave him the friendliest smile possible. He shook his head, muttering to himself. I wrapped the bandage around my arm, pressing pressure on it to stop the bleeding.

"Why are you doing that?" Maggie asked.

"Don't want it to get infected do I?" I laughed.

She smiled, a true smile. The first real one in days probably. Daryl trudged past me up the stairs without a single word. I rubbed my forehead. Ok, maybe punching him wasn't the greatest idea ever. I stood up to follow him only to feel a hand fall on my shoulder.

"Let me talk to him first," Carol whispered. I nodded.


She smiled and left me to go upstairs. I looked at Hershel who was sitting with Maggie, Glenn and Beth. He called me over and took my hand in his.

"Thank you. For saving me," he said, sincerely. I nodded.

"Look, Harleigh.. I'm sorry-"

"Glenn, you were scared. I get it," I smiled at him.

He stood up and hugged me tightly. I hugged him back.

"And your face looks kinda funny," I giggled into his shoulder.

"Thanks," he laughed pulling away. I walked over to Carl then. I knelt down beside him.

"Hey," I whispered. He smiled at me.

"Sorry for going psycho bitch in front of you."

"It's just Merle," he shrugged. I laughed quietly, standing up again.

"Harleigh," Carol said, crossing her arms. "You can go up to him now"

I nodded. He lay on his bed twirling an arrow in his hands. I leaned against the door frame.

"Hi," I said, shyly. He grunted.

"Ye look sorta different, Leigh."

"You do too," I said, scratching the back of my neck. I think he's mad at me... I bit my lip and sighed.

"I'm sorry for punching you... and calling your mom a skank," I mumbled, rubbing my shoulder and looking at the ground. I looked up again to see him smirking.

"And?" he pushed. I shrugged. He sighed and looked at the bunk above him.

"Sorry for telling 'im about ya mom."

It was my turn to smirk. "You tell him anything else about me?"

He cast his eyes to the floor and bit his nails.

"Told y'could beat his ass."

I moved closer to him and sat on the bed beside him.

"Did that."

"Y'sure did."

"What else did you tell him?" I asked, innocently.

He shrugged looking almost ashamed. He raised his eyes to mine. "Tol' 'em I missed ya."

"I missed you too," I whispered.

He sat up slowly bringing his face close to mine. I swallowed and glanced quickly at his lips.

"Y'gotta good punch, Leigh," he muttered.

I smiled, my breath caught in my chest. Disappointment washed over me as he leaned away again, lying down.

"Really missed ya," he mumbled to the floor.

I felt weird, not knowing what to do with the feelings that had just hit me.

"You missed Rick losing his mind," I said, laughing slightly.

Daryl pushed himself up on so he could see my face clearly.

"Ya know 'bou' Lori, right?"

I nodded.

"Tha's why he's losin' it, Leigh. My ol' man went nuts after the fire."

"Wait," I frowned. "You're dad loved your mom?"



*gasps* does Harleigh have feeliiiiiings? ooooooooh what ever will I do with with that who knows ooh :D
notice how i called this chapter dixon returns? Which one am i talking about? I AM SO SMART good lord. I'm kidding i just couldn't think of wtf to call this why did i decide to have chapter names idek


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