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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 18: Devil In The Church

I was sitting at the table in the common room trying to mend my bow. I was aware that Merle was watching me closely. Maybe I was looking for a fight by sitting in the same room as him. Maybe I wanted one. I tried sellotaping it back together, but once I held it up the top limb wobbled and clattered to the floor. I pursed my lips and picked it off the ground. I took a stick of superglue out of my pocket, and smeared it across the bow. I rested my chin on the table staring at the glue covered crack, as if I was sending beams of will power at it. My gaze flickered up to Merle's face at the sound of him chuckling.

"What's funny?"

"That bow is broken, girl. Ya nev'gonna fix it."

"Shut up," I growled, I knew he was right but refused to believe it.

It was my prized possession, a gift from my Grandfather, the weapon that kept me safe through all of this. I let go of the limbs slowly. It held still for a second before the center collapsed. I groaned loudly. Merle continued to laugh.

"Shut. Up." I spat again.
"Temper. I'll shout walker."

I glared up at him. My arm burned whenever I thought about my bite. Shortly after I left Daryl's cell I went to bed and passed out. Apparently for two days, I only woke up over a week ago. The group were a little freaked. I would catch them staring at me in awe, in confusion. They were frightened that I would turn any second, maybe even jealous that I hadn't.

I racked my brain, trying to figure out what to do about a weapon. I hadn't a good shot with a gun, in fact I sucked unless the victim was right in front of me. I flinched, thinking of Josh and the bread truck driver I had shot. Sometimes the rules from the past would dawn on me. Killing some one was wrong, part of me still believed that. But some part of my brain that told me right from wrong seemed to have snapped, kill or be killed I grabbed the sticks in front of me and flung them angrily across the room. Rick entered the room, stopping seeing that I was sitting across from Merle.

"I'm going to find weapons. Taking Michonne and Carl with me," he said, after a short silence.

I nodded my head, not really caring what Rick was doing.

"Keep an eye out ok?" Rick said, nodding towards Merle.

I sighed, great I was stuck babysitting.

"Yeah, whatever," I muttered, crossing my arms.

Merle's face always seemed to be plastered with amusement. I wanted to punch him. Rick placed a hand on my shoulder. I turned my head over my shoulder, catching his gaze. His hand left my shoulder and he was gone. Daryl passed him in the doorway. He walked over to my bow on the floor and picked it up.

"The hell happened?"

"Ages ago. A moron shoved me and I snapped it," I mumbled. "I can't shoot for shit."

"Sure ya can. I've seen y-"

"When they're up in my face, Daryl."

Daryl shrugged and sat down at the table. He pushed the bow towards me.

"I've tried fixing it, Daryl," I said, running a hand down my face.

I looked down through my fingers at it. On the side, ingrained in golden curled writing was my name. My grandfather had named me. It had something to do with hunting. I became aware of Glenn shuffling through a bag of supplies.

"Goddamn," I said, standing up, shoving the chair away from the table with the backs of my knees.

"Where are you going?" Glenn asked as I grabbed a gun and a machete from the supply bag.

"Getting weapons."

"Rick told you to stay here and watch Merle!"

"I'm not his damn babysitter! Besides Daryl's here!"

"Nuh uh, I'm goin' wicha," Daryl said, already by my side.

"Guess ya gonna have to take me along!" Merle grinned, holding up in his arms in a shrug.

I looked from him to Daryl, who gave me a slight nod.

"Fine," I muttered.

"Rick's going to go nuts."
"Whatever, Glenn," I sighed, leading the Dixon brothers out of the prison.

I climbed into the drivers seat, Daryl next to me and Merle in the back. I swerved the car around to face the gate which Maggie had opened for us. I sped out of the prison and onto the main road.

"Ya wanna slow down a bit, sunshine?" Merle called over the roaring engine.

I glared at him in the rear view mirror.

"Why? Am I scaring you?"

That shut him up. Eventually I did slow down, mainly because I hadn't a clue where I was. I hoped they didn't notice.

"Are we lost or somethin'?" Daryl asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

"No," I replied, continuing to drive.

"Really? 'Cause Woodbury's in the other direction, sugar," Merle smirked.

"Why the hell would I go to Woodbury?"

"Ain't your pretty lil sister there?"

"So? She can take care of herself."

"Oh, ho ho. Got y'self a tough one baby brother."

"Shut up, Merle," Daryl grunted.

I stopped the car fifteen minutes later, outside my old neighborhood. I had the steering wheel in a deadly grip to stop myself from punching Merle's taunting face. They were pale and now cramped. Merle got out of the car first slamming the door behind him first. I let out a slow breath.

"What are you laughing at, Dixon," I snapped at Daryl.

"Dunno," he shrugged, smirking getting out of the car.

I rolled my eyes and pushed the door open, hopping out. Daryl looked to me for an explanation once he figured out where we were.

"My grandfather hunts," I shrugged, beginning to walk.

"Wait, we came all this way for a bow?" Daryl called after me.

"I didn't ask you to come!" I shouted over my shoulder.

I heard Merle make a crude remark.

"Shut up, Merle!" Daryl shouted for what seemed like the hundredth time today.

He was soon at my side with Merle traipsing behind.

"Y'don't gotta do this, I'll find you're gramp's house. Y'know if-"

"I can do it Daryl." I sighed.

"Don't worry, I won't get bit again," I said as he shot down a walker.

He remained silent.

"What's one more bite anyway?" I joked.

He grabbed my shoulder and spun me to face him.

"I don't care that you're immune, Leigh. But y'can still be ripped to shreds," he said, firmly.

Our eyes locked. I glared up at him.

"So what? Who the hell cares if I get ripped to shreds?" I spat, voicing my thoughts.

Honestly, I didn't care. You die and it's game over. Big deal. Sometimes it seemed easier that way, no more surviving by the skin of your teeth. At least no one had to worry about me reanimating and trying to eat their guts.

"I- Rick cares, Carl cares... What's with ya? One second y'ready to fight off the whole world, next y'wanna lie down an' wait for it to end."

I shook my head, he wouldn't get it. He was simple. A simple, innocent redneck boy from the back-end of nowhere. I pulled my arm free and continued through the neighborhood.

"Shut the hell up!" I heard Daryl yell again.

I rolled my eyes, convinced I had worn deep groove in my lids from my constant eye rolling. Attract the walkers why don't you. Let's party. But none came. It was a ghost town. Finally, I found myself on my granddad's porch. I ignored the broken rocking chair, knowing that if I paid too much attention to it I'd burst into tears. I had fond memories of running up the garden to see Grandma knitting in the late afternoon sun. I sighed and pushed the door open.

The lay out was much like my mom's house. Living room to the right, bedrooms down the corridor on the left and the kitchen straight across from the front door. I turned down the corridor and walked to my grandparent's room. I opened the door slowly dreading to see something I didn't want to, but the room was empty. I breathed a sigh of relief and walked into the room. Mounted on the wall were two rifles and three bows. I frowned. There was four of each usually. Obviously I had taken the fourth bow. Two rifles were missing. I stood on tip toes to reach for my preferred bow. I had used it a few times before. It was made of white ivory wood, the limbs were decorated with laces of silver, the grip a dark brown leather. It fitted well but wasn't as comfortable as my black bow. I blew strands of hair out of my eyes. Where the hell were the Dixon's? I retraced my steps to the kitchen.

"What are you doing?!" I snapped at Merle.

"Eatin' a sandwich whassit look like?"

I raised my eyebrows.

"Where the hell-"

"Some one left it here with this note," he said, nodding to paper on the counter.

Your Grandfather and I come back once every week, we left you food, hopefully you can tell by the date when this note was written.
Take care of yourself,

"MERLE! SPIT THAT OUT!" I yelled at him.

He looked at me and kept chewing.

"Fuck you, I hope you get food poisoning," I snapped, crossing my arms.

"It's new stuff!" he said, spraying bread crumbs everywhere.

I shut my eyes and rubbed my forehead.

"You are such a pain."

"Your welcome, sweethea-"

"Call me that one more time and I'll break your jaw."

Merle smirked and raised his hand defensively.

"Alright, princess."

I gawped at him and shook my head. "Whatever."

Daryl's footsteps broke the silence in the room.

"What y'doin' Merle?!" he asked, outraged.

"Lil' Red's Grandma left us some food, baby brother!" he cheered.

"What?" Daryl crossed the room and yanked the note out of my hand.

My breath caught in my chest again, seeing that he was standing so close. What's wrong with me? Snap out of it, Harleigh!

"What were you doing?" I breathed.

"Hmm? Oh... Looking at some pictures," he rolled his muscular shoulders.

"Is that a new hobby or something?"

"Somethin' like it," he smirked, putting the note down. "Congrats, your grandparents are alive."

"Y'don't actually believe that do ya?" Merle asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Merle, there's a note," Daryl sighed, opening a bottle of water.

I was unsure. It would be great, but part of me didn't believe it mainly because...

"My 'Nana' died about eight years ago,"

Daryl choked a bit then gawked at me.


"Also, it was addressed to only me, what about Sarah?"

"Got it all figured out don'tcha, princess?" Merle chuckled.

I whipped out my gun and pointed at his head.

"What do you know, asshole?"

"Hey! Put it 'way. Leigh!" Daryl shouted.

"It's ok, baby brother. Hm, hm. Ol' Leigh here ain't gonna hurt me."

"Don't call me Leigh, asshole."

Merle's amused face finally changed to something serious.

"I'm jus' saying, I already knew about ya bite before Daryl found me. Hmm? You're famous in Woodbury, sweetheart. Everyone knows."

My hands shook slightly, I soaked up this new information.


Merle leaned against the counter, shrugging.

"The Governor's a very persuasive man."

I paused, lowering my gun, I asked him what he did to her.

"Same as Maggie, I'm guessing. I was too busy," he chuckled against. "Your quick through those woods, girl."

I smiled and glanced at Daryl. He gave me a slight smirk back.
"There's more weapons back there, by the way," I told him.

He nodded. I followed him out.

"Y'think he's bluffin'?" he asked taking the guns down from their shelves.

"No, I believe him. I think we should get out of here quickly though."

He nodded, putting the guns into his bag. We met up with Merle outside the house. I shut the door behind me.

"Beautiful day. Ammi right?" Merle sighed, stretching his arms.

Right then, Daryl fell to the ground. I frowned in confusion, running to his side.

"Daryl? What-"

He had his hand clamped to his side, blood the color of motor oil spilled between the gaps of his fingers.

"Merle! He's been shot!"

"Beautiful day to get sho-what?"


Merle scurried around to the other side of Daryl and pulled Daryl's arm around his shoulder. I did the same on the other side.

"C'mon you pussy!"

"I ain't a pussy!"

"Don't push it Daryl! You could do more damage."

"There! There they are!"

Barks of gunfire immediately followed. We hobbled down and alley outside of the estate and hid behind a dumpster. We set Daryl down on the cobbled stones and crouched beside him.

"You go get the car, I'll stay here," Merle said.

"Hell no, I'm not leaving a one handed man to look after him! You could take his eye out with that thing!" I pointed to his knife hand.

"Fine, I'll go get the ca-"

"Fuck no. How do I know you won't drive off?"

"That's my brother!"

"Had no problem leaving him before," I grumbled.

"What did you say to me?" Merle snarled.

I glared up at him, I wasn't afraid of him.

"Y'all better shuddup or I'll get the damn car," Daryl snapped.

Merle spat on my boots and left us in the alleyway. I sat down beside Daryl. Both us leaned against the smelly green dumpster.

"Sorry," I mumbled.

"S'okay. I already gave 'em a speech 'bout it," he said, putting effort in to fake a smile.

"Really?" I grinned.

"Mmm," he shut his eyes.

"Daryl, you gotta stay awake," I groaned, facing him.

"I am," he whispered, not opening his eyes.

I punched his arm.

"C'mon, pussy!"

"I ain't no pussy!"

"You just got called a pussy by a girl, pussy."

"SHUDDUP!" he shouted, sitting up. I patted his head.

"That's m'boy."

My eyes caught sight of his darkening shirt. He was losing blood way too fast.

"Shit," I lifted his shirt a little and pressed my hand onto his wound. He flinched.

"Y'hands are fuckin' cold!"

"Sorry," I mumbled.

"Look, Harleigh... I think y'should jus-"

"Nope, not leavin'," I said, firmly.

We locked eyes and he gave me one short nod before flinching with pain. I frowned and pulled closer to him. Using my knife I ripped the leg of my jeans and wrapped it around his waist. I looked down and realised I looked stupid, so I tore the other side off and threw it into Daryl's bag. Just then the dumpster vibrated with a gunshot. I heard a guy yelp. I peered around the corner.

"His bullet ricochet, what a lose-"

My words were cut off by the sound of more gun fire.

"Mother of divine," I muttered to myself sliding my gun out of it's holster.

I leaned around the side of the dumpster and shot blindly at the men down the alley.

"Y'got the worst damn aim," I heard Daryl mutter behind me.

"Trying my best here-oh out of bullets."

I looked at Daryl. He sighed, as if bored. I reached for my bow, he caught onto my hand.

Shaking his head he said: "My crossbows ready and loaded, y'don't have to expose y'self either."

I tried not to be giddy with excitement. I constantly pestered him to let me use it. Grinning, I slipped it off his shoulder. I knelt up and rested the crossbow on top of the dumpster. I squeezed the trigger, I got pushed back a bit with the force of letting the arrow fly, just managing to keep my balance.

"Don't waste my damn arrows!" he spat at me.

"Sorry," I mumbled missing again.

The third time I shot the main guy right through the neck. Before I could celebrate though, a bony, decaying hand clamped around my wrist.


The body inside the dumpster began dragging me towards its gaping mouth. A bullet cracked straight past my ear, numbing the snarls of the creature. I felt Daryl tug my shirt.

"What y'doin'?!" he snarled.

"Let go," I hissed.

He looked up at me and released my t-shirt. I flung myself into the dumpster, hacking the geek three times with my machete. I knelt up in the dumpster and shot arrows towards the men. Bullet shells were scattering across the floor, clinking off each other.

"Come on out girl! We got your sister! And your grandparents!" one shouted.

I rolled my eyes and heaved myself out of the dumpster, landing beside Daryl.

"What's happening?!" he growled.

Obviously he was pissed I wouldn't let him do anything. Where the hell is Merle?

"Get ready to run. There's a door just up from here."

"Harleigh what-"

I lay down on the floor and placed my feet against the side of the dumpster. I shoved it with all the strength I had.

It moved about an inch.

"Well that was anti-climatic," I frowned.

Daryl breathed a short laugh. I leaned against the dumpster and shoved. Daryl dragged himself to keep up with me. I stopped just after the door.

"Dude, fuck this," I yanked my bow out from behind my back, loaded it and shot down another guy.

I crouched down and loaded again. I continued doing this until they were all dead, hurt or ran away. It felt good to use a bow again. I then kicked the door down and helped Daryl inside. I pulled the dumpster across the door, shut the door and blocked the door with a couch. Daryl watched me in awe.

"What?" I asked panting.

"Nothin'," he shrugged before I helped him up the stairs.

He sat down on a creaky bed. I put my hands on my hips and paced the room. Then, something outside the window caught my eye.

"Hey, does the Governor wear an eye patch?"

"I guess, Michonne took his eye out. Why?" Daryl sighed leaning against a wall.

I loaded my bow again and tip toed over to the window. There he was, in the middle of the street yelling at some guys and one blonde girl. He was tall, with short brown hair and a black eye patch. Which reminded me of an oreo-stop thinking about food Harleigh. I lined up my shot, steadied my breathing. I was about to release the arrow when a loud honking filled the air causing me to jump. The arrow flew out of my grip, hitting the blonde girl in the shoulder. The Governor looked from her to my window, as he pointed I slammed myself against the wall.

"Balls," I turned to face Daryl but my eyes fell on an empty bed.

"Daryl?" I whispered.

No answer. My whole body tensed as I inched slowly out of the room. All I could hear was the buzzing in my ear. Great, I'm deaf aren't I?

"Daryl?" I called out again a little louder.


My words were muffled by skin slapping across my mouth. A hand gripped me tightly and pulled me back into a barrier like chest. Fingernails dug into my cheek as I began to struggle.

"Now, now, wouldn't want to call your boyfriend back here to me, do we?" an unfamiliar voice whispered in my ear, causing shivers to slide down my spine.

I was being pulled back down the stairs and out into the alleyway and onto the paved street.

"Think you owe Andrea an apology," The Governor said, striding over from the blonde girl, who was sitting down on the sidewalk.

The guy behind me let go. I rubbed my jaw. To my surprise Gov held out his hand for me to shake. I glanced down at it and crinkled my nose.

"Wadd'ya wan'?" I muttered.

The Governor grabbed my arm and flipped it over so my palm faced the sky.

"Dog bite?" he asked, a small smile played on his lips.

"Yeah," I replied, in a bored tone.

"This is her!" he yelled.

He then grinned happily at me. The blonde woman, Andrea I think he said, came over, already bandaged up.

"You're immune?" she asked, holding her shoulder.

"I guess," I grumbled.

"Milton's going to have a field day," The Gov said to Andrea.

"Why didn't you wait around for your grandparents huh? Don't you miss them?" he asked.

Where the hell were all my weapons? I left them on the damn bed beside Daryl! I even stupidly dropped my bow and quiver to look for him!

"Your sister said you would wait," he smirked, hoping to trigger a nerve.

It didn't. He had sick twisted smile that told me that this guy had done something to Sarah. But she tried to warn me. She knew our grandma had passed away. I didn't reply.

"Bad aim by the way," he said, nodding to Andrea.

"I was aiming for you," I growled.

"Yeah, stupid rednecks, am I right?"

"Merle," I groaned as Merle was pulled out of a neighboring alley onto the street.

"Hey sugar!" he called, waving happily.

I felt my wrists being pulled behind me and tightly handcuffed.

"Now where's Daryl? Hm? Where's your boyfriend?" The Gov asked.

"He didn't come," I lied, quickly.

"Why were you calling for him?"

"I always call Merle, Daryl. They're brothers," I said.

Trying to make eye contact with the Governor was hard, I didn't want to look at his eye patch. It gave me the creeps.

"Are you two alone?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied, Daryl had to get away.

Some how.

"You know Rick?" Andrea asked.

"No. Just me and Merle. They found me a while ago. But Daryl left us in the woods after a fight."

I looked at Merle. He looked puzzled but he nodded.

"It's true."

"Are you alone?" he asked, again.
"Obviously," I replied.

"Then I guess, if we take you to Woodbury, no one will stop us?" The Gov said.

He wasn't asking. More mocking me I guess.

"Guess not," I shrugged. "You can take these handcuffs off, I've no weapons and I can't run."

The Governor actually considered it and ordered the cuffs to be taken off. I was then shoved into Merle's chest. He caught and steadied me.

"What's the plan?" he whispered.

"I don't have one," I said through my teeth.

Great, I was stuck with Merle while Daryl bled to death somewhere.

"Congrats on the car horn."

"Y'all wouldn't hurry."

"Kinda busy trying not to get shot."

I had my back to him. I was leaning against him from sheer tiredness. I'm glad he didn't shove me away because I was about to fall over. We watched quietly as the Governor talked to four men and Andrea.

"Feed 'em to walkers," Governor finally decided.

I froze. How in the name of all that is good do we get out of this one?

"Where's Daryl?" Merle questioned.

"He was right behind me. He was bleeding a lot," I whispered.

"Walk," one of the Governor's men ordered, pointing his gun at us.

We were led down the road and into an old petrol station. They shoved us into the back room, tying us both to chairs. The Governor's boots filled the silence of the small, dimly lit room. I could hear him breathing behind me. He lowered himself to my level.

"Let's see how immune you really are," he whispered in my ear.

I felt like gagging.

"You're sick," I spat.

He chuckled and left us.

"We gotta get out and find Daryl. He's bleeding to death somewhere," I said, struggling against the rope holding me to the chair.

Merle just looked in my direction without a word. I racked my brain for any idea to get us out of here. There was one small window above some empty shelves. Merle was too big for it, but I would definitely make it through.

"Ya care about my baby brother?" Merle spoke after a moments silence.



"Why not? He has my back, I have his."

"Always believed no one would care about him 'cept me."

"You didn't tell him that did you?!" I snapped.

Merle didn't reply. Jeez, no wonder Daryl was so cut off.

Light pooled into the room, animalistic growls made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I heard chains clinking together and a lock open. I watched over my shoulder as the chains slipped off the necks of the walkers and crash to the ground.

I rocked my wooden chair forward and stood up in an awkward crouch. I swiftly set the chair back down beside Merle facing the walker. I kicked a lunging walker in the face, it's lopsided head snapped back, blood slapped the wall. It stumbled and fell to the floor. Another walker tripped over it and limped towards us. Merle had been trying to stand while I fought off the monsters. I heard him clatter to the ground behind me. The idiot had fallen over.

"You alright, Merle?!" I asked placing both of my feet on a walkers chest to try fight her off me.

I heard him grunt in reply. I flicked my foot up and snapped the slack jaw of the animated corpse. One was making it's way over to Merle.

"No, no, no," I heard the panic rise in Merle's voice.

I shoved the battered body away from me. She tripped over the one on the floor, which had been trying to get back up using it's broken limbs. The female walker tumbled to the ground, cracking her head off the tiled floor. One down two to go.

I stood up again, dragging the chair towards the walker attacking Merle. He was trying to use his chair to get it off him. Suddenly, I felt my chair slip and fall to the floor. I looked down at my raw wrists and stood up straight. I eyed the window momentarily.

"Y'not gonna leave me here are ya?!" Merle's strained voice cried out.

"Nope," I grabbed the collar of the walker, spun him to face the legs of my chair.

I shoved down and impaled his decaying body onto the chair. The first walker had finally dragged itself off the ground. I ran towards it, grabbing the front of it's shirt and forehead and slammed the back of it's head into the hard brick wall. Blood, brain, and bone fragments flew in every direction until the skull was flattened. It let out one last gurgle and I released my hold on it. It slumped to the floor, creating a pool of blood. I caught my breath before tending to Merle. I pulled the chair up-right along with him.

"Damn, princess, ya kick- ye've been scratched."

"Doesn't matter," I muttered over the groans of the impaled walker.

My cheek did burn slightly... I began untying Merle. My hands were slick with blood and I was shaking slightly from adrenaline. He stood up and rubbed his wrist.

"Now what?" he asked.

I shrugged looking up at the window again, then to him.

"You're too big for that damn window," I muttered.

"Ya can go. Find my lil brother."

I shook my head. "Not leavin' you here."

"Y'ain't got a choice, sunshine."

"I'll come back," I whispered.

He was frowning but gave me a slight nod. He hoisted me up onto the shelves. I knelt on the top.

"Gimme a chair leg."

He snapped a leg off and tossed it up to me. I smashed the window open. I grabbed two large shards of glass, handed him one and crawled out. The shattered glass pricked at my skin, but I ignored it. I got up onto my feet. What now? Find Daryl. I jogged around the side of the building. Peeping around the corner, I saw there were a two of guards keeping watch by the petrol pumps. I bit my lip. They had guns and I had a shard of glass and a chair leg. I retraced my steps to the back of the building where I had spotted a ladder. I would have to jump the rooves.

I clambered up the ladder and swung my leg onto the flat roof. I then jumped onto the higher roof of the petrol station. I kept my steps as quiet as possible, seeing as I was right above the guards. I edged over to the side where I would jump to the next building. I looked down, if I miscalculated this jump and fell, I would easily break my legs. I took a deep breath and stood up slowly. I backed away from the edge and took a running leap, shutting my eyes. I felt myself falling, I tumbled onto a hard surface. I opened my eyes slowly. I had made it! I stopped myself from punching the air and peered over the edge of the roof.

"Did you see that?"

"See what? There's nothing up- WALKER," a bullet blew above me, I heard a body slump behind me.

I turned slowly and came face to face with a dead walker. I jumped and clasped a hand around my mouth to stop me from screaming. That was close.

"What a waste of a bullet, man!"

I sighed with relief, thank god for stupid guards. On the roof was some sort of settlement where the walker had been trying to survive. I'm guessing he died of starvation. Luckily for me though he had a handgun in his holster. I clicked it open, three bullets. Better than nothing. I made my way along the rooves until I came to the house were Daryl and I had been hiding. I smashed the skylite with my boot and hopped down into and attic.

"Daryl? You in here?" I whispered.

"Over here," I heard a faint voice call.

I rushed towards it and crouched down beside Daryl. He gave me a short smile. I frowned and slapped him across the face.

"Ow! What the hell, Harleigh?!" he snapped, holding his face.

"Where the fuck did you go?!"

"Up here! Good lord."

"You could have at least told me!"

"I did! But y'were too busy pretending to be an assassin, turned 'round y'weren't there."

"We gotta get you to the car."

"Where's Merle?"

"At the car," I lied.

He locked eyes with me, grunted something incoherent and stood up slowly clenching his side. I wrapped my arm around his waist and threw his arm over my shoulder. He protested to my help until I told him to shut up. I help him walk down the attic stairs onto the landing.

"Are you able to carry all that stuff?" I asked him referring to the crossbow and bag slung over his shoulder.

"Yeah," he breathed.

We made our way slowly down the stairs and out of the house. I checked the street, empty. We struggled over to where I had heard the car horn go off early. I flung the driver door open and sat Daryl down.

"Merle's not here!" he said, angrily.

"I'm going back for him!"

"Well I'm comin' with-"

"No. No you're not," I said shoving him back into the car.

"If we're not back in an hour, leave."

"No I'm not le-"

"Daryl. Leave in an hour," I said, firmly.

He stared up at me then at the ground giving one nod. I took my bow, one of the rifles, a duffle bag and made my way back over to the petrol station. The guards were still there.

"Hey! How'd you get out!?" one shouted as I raised my rifle and shot the other down.

"Drop you're weapon!" the man said shakily pointing a gun at me.

I squeezed the trigger and shot him, taking yet another life and feeling nothing. I retrieved their weapons and threw them into the bag. I kicked the door down. I whistled loudly, to see if anyone or anything would come out. I went down to the room where we had been held.

"Merle?" I called.

I kicked the door open. He was sitting up against the wall. He looked up and laughed when he saw me. I could tell he had been beaten. He was covered in cuts and blossoming bruises. I crossed over to him and held out my hand. He caught it and heaved himself off the floor.

"Didn't think ya'd come back, princess."

"Said I would," I shrugged. "Where's everyone?"

"Lookin' for you."

"Shit. We gotta run."

We ran out of the building and towards the car.

"Wake the fuck up Daryl," I let out a frustrated sigh and pulled him out of the drivers seat.

I climbed into the back with him as Merle started the engine. I opened Daryl's bag and took out the other leg of my jeans. I unwrapped the blood soaked one around him and threw it out the window. I tied the new one around him and watched as he began to nod off.

"Stay awake," I whispered to him.

"I am," he muttered, frowning.

I was aware of Merle's eyes on me through the windscreen mirror. I wrapped my arms around Daryl's waist and pressed my hands down. He flinched.

"Gonna get you to Hershel," I told him.

He nodded, shutting his eyes.


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