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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 25: Seeing Stars

"Dad!" Carl shrieked, crawling over to his father.

"Shit! They've found me!" Nathan said, beginning to panic.

I rush over to where a hole had formed in the side of the truck. I peer through, maybe not the smartest thing to do because we're under attack. But the hole was glowing green around the rim. I frown and run my finger on it. I snapped my hand back and looked down at my finger. My skin had burned away a tiny bit, leaving a black line. I look back up at the hole and notice a green slime was eating away the sides, making it bigger.

"Get whatever is in Rick out NOW!" I ordered. Nathan fires himself into the front seat.

"If the wheels are hit we are screwed beyond repair, people!" he yelled over the roar of the engine.

I dropped to my knees beside Rick. Michonne helped me turn him onto his back. His chest gushed blood. We heard bullets ping off the sides of the truck along with the sound of Carl crying,holding his father's head in his lap.

"Listen to me, Carl, you're Dad is gonna be okay," I felt like I was lying.

Whatever they were shooting at us could eat through the truck. The hole continued growing bigger and bigger.

"Oh fuck, they're behind us!" Nathan shouts.

Daryl flings the back door up and starts shooting at them.

"Daryl! Shut that damn door!" I yelled at him.

I began to open the buttons on Rick's shirt. A bullet flew right past my nose.


He finally listens to me as the bullet begins to rip through the seat it hit. The gash in Rick's chest is glowing a sickly green. The truck is wavering around the road, it was a struggle to not fall over.

"Do you see it?" I asked Michonne.

"No," she frowned.

I rolled my eyes and reached into the wound. Rick jumps awake and began to scream in agony. Carl tried to soothe his father by telling him it's alright, while I try and hold down whatever I ate this morning. My finger tips reach something boiling hot. I pray it's the bullet. I'm wrist deep Rick gut, I'm probably doing more damage than the bullet. He passed out from pain just as I pull the bullet out. I look down at the piping hot object in the palm of my hand. It doesn't have a pointed tip, really it's just a small metal ball with a green glow. It was already nipping the skin of my palm so I flung it out the window beside Nathan.

"Watch it!" he growled as it flew past his ear.

"Get the first aid kit," I said to whoever was listening. Daryl kicks it over.

"Any of you know how to stitch?" I asked.

Michonne, Daryl and Carl shook their heads. I sighed and began to sew the flesh together. I knew I was doing it wrong, creating messy, untidy stitches but it was the best I could do.

"I remember when walkers were the only thing to worry about," Michonne sighed, resting her head against her knees.

"What the hell was that?!" Daryl yelled at the back of Nathan's head.

"Told you they were making crazy ass weapons," Nathan grumbled.

I looked at Rick's face, pausing my slow, unprofessional stitching. His chest was still. I pressed my ear down were his heart should be. No pulse.

"Rick? Rick! Wake up!" I said, slapping his face.

I couldn't press down on his abdomen, it would split the wound open again, it was right below his rib cage. I pinched his nose shut and covered his mouth with mine. My breath filled his chest. He jumped awake as Daryl pulled me away. We stared at him, he was still alive. He breathed heavily and gazed around the truck. I grasped his hand and looked down at his sweaty face.

"Can we go back to the prison now?" he breathed. I nodded.

"Hershel will fix you up," I told him. He nodded again.

"Why does it burn?" he frowned.

"Somebody take the wheel!"

Michonne clambered into the front, swapping seats with Nathan. He hopped over the back of the seat and delved his hand into his deep pockets.

"Got an icepack?" he asked Daryl.

"Daryl don't!" I snapped. He lowered his fist slowly, glaring at Nathan.

"Did I say something wrong?"


"Cool your jets, bro," he muttered pulling a brown sphere out of his pocket. I moved from Rick's side to kneel beside Carl at his head.

"This'll do,"he crouched down beside Rick.

"This will hurt. But if you had an icepack we wouldn't have this problem."

Daryl shook his head and placed both his palms over his eyes.

"I needa drink."

I hid my smirk by looking down at Rick, but he was smiling too. Color had drained from his face but he stayed awake and talked to Carl. Nathan flattened the sphere between the palms of his hands. When he opened his hands the ball was now thick brown cream. Looked like cow dung to me. He began to smear the cream on the wound.

"Those bullets are meant for walkers, they act faster on them. See, it'd hit one and the body would dissolve creating a pool of walker goo, others would walk through it and the goo would attach to them"Nathan explained, then explained the brown stuff.

"They developed this crap because some idiot swallowed one in an attempted suicide. You can't leave that place unless they decide."

"So y'saying they'll come after ya?"


"Get the hell outta here then! Y'leadin' em to us!"

"They don't know where we're going, fool."

"So where are they? How many are there?" I asked as Rick squeezed my hand tightly, groaning in pain.

"They holed themselves up in an abandoned asylum, rigged it up with fancy computers, robbed technology from places like the CDC. Twenty scientists and their families. Dunno how many victims."

"The CDC? That place went down, how could they have gotten stuff from there?" Rick asked.

I wrapped my arm around Carl's shoulder, protectively and reassuringly.

"How are they making medicine and weapons," Nathan replied with a shrug.

"So y'don' really know anythin', do ya?" Daryl sighed.

"Not much no."

Rick strained to look up at me.

"I trust him. He had my back... him and Andy," I whispered.

"Never thanked you for that... loved him like a brother," Nathan said sadly.

"No big deal, I was waiting to do it since I first met him."

"Douche bag," Nathan smirked.

"What are you guys talking about?" Carl asked.

"Nothin' kid," Nathan laughed slightly, wrapping a bandage around Rick's torso.

So we sat back and waited to arrive at the prison. The hole in the side of the truck had slowed down it's growth. I tried not to think of what those scientists would do if they caught me. Nathan's arm looked infected from the needles, it was blue and purple... What if they threw me to walkers, waited until I was mangled then see how my body fought off infection. Maybe they'd want to know how many bites it would take to kill me. Maybe they would inject me with weird shit, or take my blood. I flinched, I hated needles.

"Y'alright?" Daryl whispered beside me.

"Yeah, just worryin' over Rick," I shrugged.

"He'll be ok."

I nodded, he better. I felt guilty for some reason. But I had asked to get out of the street. The truck came to a stop.

"We're here," Michonne stated, she hoped out and opened the back of the truck.

"Oh thank god, thank god," Carol was saying. She stopped, seeing Rick. "Oh God, what happened?"

She looked to me, covered in his blood.

"Long story," I muttered standing up.

"Who's the black dude?" Tyreese asked, pointing at Nathan. I looked at my charcoal friend.

"Nathan. He's cool."

"What the hell happened?! What happened to the truck?!"

"Glenn, shuddup and help them get Rick inside," I sighed.

He hopped into the truck, he, Daryl, Nathan and Tyreese carried him into the others grabbed the supplies we had managed to get from the horrific run.


"Okay so there's The Governor, some guy's brother and crazy scientists after you?" Maggie asked.

We were sitting on the benches outside talking. I picked at the dirt beneath my nails, eyeing the scar on the palm of my hand and sighed. I was 70% scars 20% bruises, the rest of me had a tan from being under the hot Georgia sun. Daryl says I'm like a peach because I bruise so easily. One tap and my veins snap.

"Pretty much..."

"Still don't understand the Governor part."

"Nate says he found out about the scientists... He says the scientists are rewarding anyone who hands themselves or others over,"I shrugged.

"He's sorta hot," she mumbled tilted her head to get a better look at him. Right now he was pouring lake water on the yard. We were trying to wash out any walker parts left behind so we could plant crops.

"I guess," I smirked. I took her left hand and looked down at her ring.

"But don't forget about Glenn, missy," I laughed.

"You can have him then," she giggled. I shook my head laughing.

"Anything happen here while we were gone?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Nah, you guys had all the fun."

"I'm goin' huntin'," Daryl said, coming out of the prison.

"Oh, I'll come to," I said, standing up.

"No y'ain't."

"What? Why the hell not?"

He rolled his eyes and walked past me. I followed him out the gate and down the dusty path.

"Is this about everyone one in the world after me? Because we can deal with that. I doubt there even in the woods, why would I be in the w-"

"Leigh, shuddup."

I grabbed his shoulder and turned him to face me.

"Are you seriously gonna make me stay in this damn prison for the rest of my days?" I sighed.

Daryl frowned down at me.

"I dunno, Harleigh! But y'ain't comin' with me alright?!" he snapped.

"Why not?" I whined. He sighed.

"If somethin' happens out there t'ya I won't be able t'do anythin' 'bout it," he said lowering his voice, even though the others were nowhere near us.

"Yeah, what if you go out there and something happens to you? I'll come after you."

"Nothin's gonna happen to me out there, Leigh," he smirked.

I punched his shoulder.

"I hate you so much, fuck you," I muttered, trying not to smile.

"I'll be back soon, promise," he murmured, inches away from me.

I wanted to hug him, but he was the type of guy that didn't want other people to see him showing any affection. I crossed my arms and nodded.

"And don't try come after me," he said turning and walking away. "I asked Glenn to keep an eye on ya."

I groaned, throwing my head back. He knew me too well. Little shit. I even heard him chuckle to himself. I rolled my eyes and went back to the benches, Maggie had gone inside. I sat down and hugged my knees to my chest, watching Daryl's receding figure.

"He'll come back," Nathan said appearing beside me. I threw my eyes up to him.

"What makes you believe that?"

He shrugged.

"He got caught by Woodbury soldiers once."

"And he got out."

"With help."

Daryl had told me everything that had happened in Woodbury and everything that had happened while I was gone. I still regretted leaving Rick's group. I blamed myself for my sister's death, if I just stayed she might still be alive. I led them to Woodbury... I rubbed my forehead. I always felt so alone without Daryl near me. He lost his family, I lost mine.

Nathan sat down beside me.

"Ever feel like giving up?" he asked.


"Same... you guys really did save me... another day there and I could have ended up mutated like the others."


"Yeah, some people were even growing extra limbs. We're screwed if they die, y'know?" he laughed a little.

I nodded, blinking rapidly. Was the man Daryl and I met been one of the victims? There had been people on the roof in lab coats. Why hadn't they taken me there and then? Why would people try to do even more damage in a world like this? Why not just survive? Nathan sat with me for a while until Hershel called him in to look at Rick. It was nightfall and I was still sitting, balled up on the bench. Daryl would often stay out hunting all night, so maybe I'd be stuck here 'til dawn. There was no way I'd be able to sleep anyway. I only had Sam for company, he gave up eventually and asked to go in. I didn't get up, but Glenn opened the door. As Sam trotted in Glenn sat down beside me.

"Harleigh, it's cold out here. Come inside,"he said, placing a hand on my shoulder. I looked at him.

"Don't the stars look so pretty?" I mumbled.

"Yeah, great. Come inside, you'll catch a cold."

"No," I said, casting my eyes back to the black ink sky.

He sighed and left me by myself again. I dozed off now and then, jumping awake every two minutes. I felt heavy weight press down the bench.

"Don't the stars look so pretty?" I said again. He grunted in response.

"'S why I liked bein' out huntin'. City lights would wipe 'em outta the sky," Daryl said.

I leaned against his shoulder.

"Never have them in the city... Catch anything?"

"No," he sighed.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and cuddled into his shoulder. I didn't care if he shoved me away, I had waited for hours. But he didn't push me away, he didn't do anything really, just allowed me to hold onto him.

"You been sittn' out here since I left?"

"Yeah," I said, gazing up at him. He was frowning deeply.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I dunno," he mumbled. I moved my head to rest on his chest.

"That's a new star," he said, pointing to sky.

"Name it," I laughed. He fell silent.

"What if that's everyone, looking down at us?" I asked.

"Maybe t'is," he chuckled.

"Are you laughing at me?


We were quiet again.

"Hey, Leigh?"


"Do y'really hate me?"

I sat up and looked at him.

"Of course not Daryl. I just hate the fact I could lose you any day," I answered, honestly.

He shifted his weight under me uncomfortably.

"Guess I feel the same way," he murmured, wrapping one of his arms around my waist.

"Jesus y'freezin'," he flinched.

I rolled my eyes and moved so I was up on my knees. I snaked my arms around his neck and pecked his lips repeatedly. Once he was done flinching I deepened our kiss, tightening my grip around his neck. I threw my leg over his lap, straddling him so he couldn't run off. I slid my tongue past his lips, kissing him passionately. I had huge butterfly knots in my stomach. I was so happy he was returning such a huge sign of affection. I was a little surprised. He pulled back sooner than I wanted. He stared breathlessly up at me blushing a deep crimson. I giggled and kissed his nose.

"That was better than last time," he smirked. I blushed too and nuzzled into his neck.

He held me closely to him and I felt like the safest chick on the planet.


dear lort i do hate lovey-dovey shit IM DOING THIS FOR YOU yuck. so yeah, imagination needed for this chapter coz those kinds of weapons don't exist ... BUT EVIL SCIENTIST GOTTA HAVE SOMETHIN' AMMI RIGHT?! yes. yes I am.

anyways can't wait to hear from y'all ANY ADVICE ON ROMANTIC CRAP IS APPRECIATED or did I do ok with that last paragraph idk i just hate mushy stuff hence why it took me 22 chapter i am so sorry for all of you Haryl shippers... heh...it won't always be that cute and fluffly don't worry.

So thanks for reading the story and this stupid message because it means a lot

thanks for commenting n stuffs, you're all awesome i love you and hope you have a fantastic day x


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