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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 34: Everything Comes At a Price

Glenn and Daryl were on watch. We weren't even sure who we were looking out for anymore, anyone who approaches might just be shot without question. The night coated the house in deadly dark silence. Light pooled down the hallway and I stood up. A little too quickly. I hadn't eaten in hours. I took a second to steady myself before meeting Daryl and Glenn in the hall. Daryl had his crossbow loaded and was peering out the window. Maggie and Krista joined us, Maggie had her gun and Krista held a baseball bat. Nathan stayed behind with Charlotte who was sleeping peacefully on the couch wrapped in blankets. I readied my bow as Glenn flung the door open. All I could see was a shadow moving towards us in front of the beam from the headlights.

"Who's there?!"He demanded.

"Glenn? It's me! Don't... shoot..."Rick's voice answered as the figure came closer to the door.

We all lowered our weapons. Daryl grabbed him by the collar and yanked him into the house, Glenn slammed the door shut. Daryl identified that it was indeed Rick and let go of him. They clasped hands, almost like a high five.

"Some one gonna tell me what the hell happened? Harleigh? Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm f-"

"The Governor found us,"Daryl told him.

Glenn and Maggie looked shocked. We must have left that little detail out. Rick's face drained of colour.

"Did he hurt you?"

I shook my head.

"Is Charlotte okay?"


He let out a little sigh.

"Rick, I don't want to stay here for the night... It's not safe."

He nodded."You're right. We'll leave. Find some where else to rest-who's that?"

Maggie nudged Krista forward.

"Krista,"she replied curtly.

"She was living here... But uh... we sorta fucked it up for her,"I explained.

"You trust her?"


"Standing right here,"she muttered.

"We'll get you out of here but that's it,"Rick said.


"Nate! Get Charlotte!"I called.

We grabbed our bags and made our way to the bus. Maggie and Glenn were already in the car. Half way down the garden I started feeling a bit... off.

"THERE SHE IS!"Some one bellowed.

Gun fire crackled around us lighting up the garden path. I blinked repeatedly and felt some one grabbed my arm and steer me towards the bus. I stumbled blindly up the step and the hand left me.

"Start the bus Michonne!"

The engine whirred to life and I gripped onto one of the benches. Everything had gone blurry. My brain felt fuzzy and weird. I was lightheaded.



"Leigh? Can y'hear me?"


I felt my knees grow weak and I think I sunk to the floor.

"Leigh! Are you alright? What's going on?"

I felt something warm wrap around my waist pull me to sit up. Some one was crouching in front of me.

"Harleigh? Can you answer me?"

The face wobbled and doubled over. I blinked at the two pairs of Caribbean blue eyes.

"Was she shot? Is she hurt? Is she bit?"

"Rick calm down. She'll be okay in a minute. Make sure Michonne keeps driving. Daryl pass me that bucket she's about to throw up. Charlotte go to the back and try and get some sleep, she's okay."

My whole body lurched forward, some one grabbed the back of my head and I heard a gross splatter.

"See if we can get her to drink any water."

I tried to see through the black spots crowding my vision. My head was thumping along to the quickening beat of my heart. I felt something cold against my lips. Everything went blank.

"What?"I asked.

"Can you hear me?"


"Can you see me?"

I scrunched up my forehead and focused were the voice was coming from. Nathan's eyes peered into mine and I nodded.

"What's going on? Why am I on the ground?"I asked.

I could smell an awful sour stench of vomit somewhere.

"You fainted..."

"I did?"I looked around.

We were on the bus, all of us were safe. Daryl was by my side, holding me up. Rick stood behind Nathan looking pale and worried. He looked about as bad as I felt. I heard a rustle of a wrapper.

"Have you eaten recently?"

"I don't know..."

Nathan looked relieved.

"That's probably why. Running around in the sun on an empty stomach can do that, here have some chocolate."

Do my ears deceive me?

"Have some what?"I asked.

"Chocolate,"he grinned, pushing a bar into my hand.

I felt like crying. Rick slumped down on one of the benches, still watching me. His eyes moved to Daryl as he slowly moved his arm away from me. He and Nathan then helped me up off the ground and sat me down on a bench.

"Eat that and get some rest."

I nodded. Daryl past me a blanket and a pillow and the walked up to the front of the bus, leaving me to swallow the chocolate bar whole. I know, I know I should have savored it. I shut my eyes and began to drift in and out of a restless sleep. I heard the guys talking in hushed tones. Curiosity won over tiredness and I strained my ears to hear them.

"What ain't y'tellin' us?"

"What do you mean?"

"Saw the look y'had when she said she hadn't eaten."

I heard Nathan sigh. I bit my lip, maybe I should stop listening now. I saw Krista lying on a bench near mine, pretending to be asleep as well. She looked over at me and put a finger to her pale lips.

"Well, remember when I showed you that stuff in her blood? The immunity? From the amount I took from her there was very little blood... I think it's taking up space in her system. Almost like it's diluted her blood. She doesn't have as much as she should."

My eyes widened. Silence fell on the bus. Krista's eyes widened and she sat up.

"You're immune?!"

I shut my eyes, sighed and sat up slowly.

"Shit. Harleigh. I thought you were asleep,"Nathan mumbled.

"Were you ever going to tell me?"I snapped.

He scratched the back of his neck.

"It's just a theory. I'm not sure if it's true..."

I stared at him.

"It's going to kill me, isn't it?"


sorry im taking forever to update :/ internets bad
Thanks for all the feedback :) love you guys!


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

wolvesyroses wolvesyroses

Oh I really love this story. I hope it gets updated >< please update!

Gilyflower Gilyflower

This is the most amazing story ever on this site ever please update. Harleigh is amazing and you are a great writer.

reddeadwalker reddeadwalker

Amazing writing, as always.

SierraaDixon SierraaDixon

Holy crap please update!!! This is one of the best I've read in a long time!!!

elissa_mirinda elissa_mirinda