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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 36: Hearts Beating In the Dark

"He's out cold,"Daryl told us.

"How did he get this far?"Beth asked, bouncing Judith on her lap.

"Dunno. The ol' man's by 'emself,"Daryl shrugged.

"Any weapons?"

"Nah, blunt knife and an empty rifle."



"Lucky son of a bitch,"I muttered."Although, I don't think we should be bringing in more people."

"Rick says as soon as he's on his feet he's out."

I nodded and stood up.

"Screw 'em, I want food."

I reached up and kissed Daryl's cheek then froze. He looked mortified. I slapped a hand across my mouth.

"OH! Shit!"

I glanced back at Beth and Carol who's jaws had hit the floor. Daryl muttered something I didn't understand and led me inside.

"Did you see that?!"Beth whisper-shouted.

Carol replied with a giggle. I covered my face with my hands once we were in the cell.

"I forgot, I'm sorry,"I grumbled.

"'S fine."

"It's not! You're not comfortable and I just... gaaah I'm sorry, I'm so stupid."

"Leigh, shuddup. 'S fine,"he said, turning to face me.

I was a little shocked he wasn't angry.


"Yeah,"he smirked with a shrug.

"What are you smirking at you ass!"I yelled, slapping his shoulder.

"Y'gone all red."

I groaned into my hands again. He pulled me into his chest, chuckling.

"Are you guys ok?"

We jumped apart from one another. I nearly tore my insides out, my hand shot to my bandage and we looked over at Hershel.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah,"I said, quickly.

He raised his eyebrow, smiling knowingly and shaking his head. Rick came out of the cell behind him. He looked from us to Hershel and laughed. Hershel went into his cell and Rick walked over to us.

"It's going to be hard to keep this a secret for much longer guys,"he told us, smiling slightly.

"How's the, uh. Guy."I asked, trying to change the subject.

"He's hit his head, must've fallen over from exhaustion,"Rick shrugged, fixing his holster.

He gave us one nod and strolled out.

"Y'wanna get somethin' to eat?"

"Uhm. Haven't you been listening to me?"I laughed.


"What's goin' on?"I asked opening my eyes.

I looked to my side, Daryl wasn't there. It was the middle of the night. People were shouting downstairs. I climbed out of bed and grabbed a checkered shirt. I pulled it on over my vest top and hurried downstairs, not bothering with shoes.

"Answer me!"Rick was yelling.

Everyone was standing outside the new guy's cell. The group turned and faced me.

"What's happening?"I asked, hesitantly.

"He says he knows Sam... He knows you,"Glenn answered.

I pushed past them into the cell. Daryl caught onto my arm but I shrugged him off. Rick was pointing his gun at the man. I placed my hand on his shoulder. He looked down at me and lowered the gun. I then turned my eyes to the man and I nearly fell over.


"Yes! Yes, Harliegh!"He got up quickly and pulled me into him.

"Oh my god,"I gushed, shaking slightly.

I felt like I was dreaming or something, this was crazy. I was so happy I nearly started crying.

"Look atcha. All grown up."

"Clear out guys,"I heard Rick say, followed by the dragging of footsteps.

My grandad pulled away, his hands still grasped on my shoulders.

"I knew you'd make it. Look atcha. What's this?"He pointed to my bandages.

I shrugged.

"Got shot."

He blinked and nodded. He looked the same really, maybe a little more worn out. He had lost more of his light brown hair, revealing a bald patch on the top of his head. He was tall, broad and strong, maybe a little thinner than before.

"What happened to you?"I asked.

"Well, I was with a group but we got into some trouble... Many of them died... guess I fell and bumped my head."

I hugged him again, as if he was going to disappear.

"And... the others?"He asked.

I stood back and shook my head.

"Just me and Sam."

He nodded and sat back down.

"I found you, that's enough."

"I'll let you sleep..."

"Seeya, sweetheart."

I smiled and left his cell.

"Is that, was that..."Daryl was spluttering.

"Yeah,"I laughed."It's him, it's my grandad."

"What's his name?"Rick asked.

"Call 'em Jay,"I shrugged.

I went back upstairs. Daryl came in a few minutes later.

"What's up?"I smiled.

He shrugged.

"Nothin'. Crazy, ain't it? That y'found each other."

"It is."

"But uh, Leigh? Y'know, Rick did say he'd have to leave."

"It's different now..."

"It isn't Leigh... He's still another person to feed."

"But he can help, he can hunt. He's really good... and he's able to fix stuff. We share the same blood... literally, we're the same type."

He didn't look too convinced. I paused for a moment and thought.

"He's family, Daryl... He's all I've got. Don't you miss that?"

Daryl looked at the ground, raised one shoulder and dropped it again.

"You're my family. Rick, Carol, Glenn 'n' all."

I smiled and nodded. I'm pretty sure I said something along the lines of that to him.

"We'll deal with it when the time comes I guess."

I began unbuttoning my shirt, getting ready to go back to sleep. I'm suddenly aware of Daryl's eyes on me.

"Hey Daryl?"

"Uh huh?"

"Do you ever... uhm... no. Nevermind."

"Tell me."

I blushed and shook my head, looking down.

"Nah, nothing."

"C'mon, tell me."

I sighed.

"Ever think about sex,"I grumbled at the floor.

I glanced up, he's scratching his arm awkwardly.

"Yeah... I guess."

I bit my lip and nodded.

"I mean... I could've died y'know that right?"

"Uhm, yeah."

"Well, maybe we should... I dunno..."

"No, Leigh."

"Why not?"I almost whined.

"Y'can get preg-"

"Nope! No I can't,"I grinned.

I grabbed his hand and placed it on my arm."I have a bar. Remember?"

"Y'grampa is down stairs!"

"Well this is a giant ass prison you idiot! Wasn't talking right here, for chrissakes."

"I dunno, Leigh."


"I dunno-"

"Please. Please. Please,"I begged over and over.

I didn't care if I sounded desperate, it's been ages! And I wanted to see Daryl naked, but that's not the point here now is it? I like Daryl, maybe even love him. Maybe. He remained silent, staring at me. Then, I realised maybe I shouldn't pressure him into it, maybe he STILL wasn't comfortable.

"Do you not want to...?"

"Jesus Christ yes I do, Leigh. Every time I'm 'round ya I think 'bout it!"

"So then what the hell are we waiting for?"I snapped.

"It's dangerous... Distractin'... We gotta focus, Leigh. Y'ain't well."

"I'm fantastic. C'mon, please?"

He was quiet again, thinking. Probably about the pros and cons of it all. I sighed.

"I hear it relieves stress."

I watched him for another while, still bloody thinking. I then kicked a bag laying on the floor.

"Jesus fucking Christ man! I am asking you to fuck me! C'mon!"I whispered harshly.

He then smirked and breathed a laugh.

"No need t'trow a temper tantrum."

"Y'frustrating piece of-I'll show ya a temper tantrum y'lil shit. I've been waiting for EVER, would y'just-"

He smashed his lips to mine, shutting me up. A small smile played on my lips as his lips moved slowly against mine.

"Alright. We gotta be quiet, I know a place,"he whispered, after breaking away.

I grinned, hugged him and almost bounced out of the cell with him following behind. He took my hand and led me out of the cell block and through the winding passages of the prison. He shoved a door open and let me in first. He checked to make sure no one followed us and shut the door.

"So, what the hell was this place?"I asked, looking around the room.

It looked like a room for the staff to take a break in. The only object that caught my eye was the table and I smirked to myself. I turned back to face Daryl who had just finished locking the door. It then set in what we were doing and I couldn't help but to feel a bit nervous. Daryl shrugged a shoulder and watched me. Both of us were unsure of what to do now, we stood apart from each other. I couldn't remember how to start or what to do or say. If we waited it would get awkward and we would just be standing around for the rest of the night. So I closed the space between us and planted a kiss between his collar bones that peaked up over the top of this shirt.

"Hi"I laughed, peering up at him.

Then slowly, he lowered his head with his eyes on mine. It was as if he was asking permission to kiss me. Which I found funny because I half forced him into this. Of course you fool I want you to fucking kiss me. But I couldn't move or breath. I had never imagined getting this far, I thought I'd be dead by know. I mean, I really should be. His lips were suddenly on mine. He pressed himself against me. Our hips met, I grinded gently into him. He reached up and grabbed my face, making sure I couldn't move away.

I took a sharp breath as Daryl grabbed me, pushing me against the wall. His rough skin contrasted with mine as his hands roamed my body. He continued to kiss body ached already because he had a vice like grip on my hips, pinning me to the wall peeling with paint. I began unbuttoning Daryl's sleeveless shirt and tossed it to the ground behind him.

We were both out of breath, my pulse was sky high, almost deafening as it thudded in my ears. I slid my hands over his torso, moving along his ribs, over his chest, to the back of his neck and up into his hair. I pulled him closer, raking my fingers along his grimy back. He knotted his fingers in my hair, I became conscious of how greasy and dirty it was. I tried to push it to the back of my mind. I was going to enjoy this, it could be my last. Daryl pinned me against the wall with his hips, grinding into me. Groaning, I moved my lips along his jaw, across his collarbones and over to his shoulder. Daryl pulled back a moment, looking at me.

"Alright?"I asked breathlessly.

He nodded and peeled my tank top off over my head. His eyes darted down to my chest and back up again, blushing slightly. I blushed too, I felt a little shaky around Daryl like this. He trails kisses down my neck. His hands are on my waist now, his dirty nails digging into my skin. I begin unbuckling his belt. He pulls my head up so he can kiss me again. His kisses are urgent and almost mind blowing. I'm still weak from the the bullet I took, but Daryl's holding me, I won't be falling over any time soon.

He crushes his lips with mine, his tongue skimming along my mouth. He starts thumbing the button on my shorts and before I know it they're around my ankles. He hooked his thumbs beneath the sides of my underwear on my hips, and he dug his fingertips hard into my thighs before pulling them down. His hands move to the backs of my thighs and he lifts me up. His rough hands slide down to the backs of my knees and he hitches me up. My legs tighten their grip on his hips. He then carries me over to the table and sets me down. I watched as Daryl's gaze traces along body. I grinned before I pull him down with me and he rests his body on mine.

"Tell me t'stop if I hurt ya,"he murmured, gesturing to the bandages.

I nodded and bit my lip, nervous again. It was a constant battle between excitement and nervousness. His eyes connected with mine and he hovered over me for a second. His hands were on either side of my head. I leaned up and pressed my lips against his lips as he lowered himself closer. As soon as he slipped himself inside of me, a gasp escaped my lungs. I clutched to his hair and buried myself inside his neck. I heard him groan with approval.

He started slowly before picking up the speed, his breath becoming labored and hot against my skin. The table started rocking, it's legs hitting against the floor and bumping off the wall. The temperature in the room started to rise, we were both sweating and panting. His teeth scrape along my skin, his hand traveled up my stomach, brushing against my rib cage, avoiding the bandages and gripping onto my bra-covered breast. His hand slipped under the fabric and I tighten my grip around his neck.

His crystal blue eyes met mine, until they darted down to my mouth and I brought our lips together. I had to break away as I gasped again. Daryl moved his head closely beside mine as he slammed against me even harder, causing me to moan again. Daryl was grunting next to my ear with every thrust. I heard him utter a few curses making me grind against him harder.

I planted more kisses along his neck and shoulders. My back was now sticking to the table, my skin was becoming irritated but I didn't care. Everything left my mind as I felt every muscle in my body tighten, my back arched and I moaned one last time. Daryl collapsed on top of me and we took a few minutes to catch our breath. I looped my arms around his neck and kissed his forehead. He kisses my breast bone before unhooking my arms.

He got up quickly and hopped down off the table. He threw my tank top over to me. I frowned.

"What's the rush?"I asked, throwing it on over my head.

"They're gonna come look for us,"he muttered, pulling his pants up.

He then threw the rest of my clothes over and I quickly got dressed.

"Hey!"I called before he could open the door. He looked over his shoulder at me before facing me. I swung my arms around his neck and kissed him again.

"Thank you."

He breathed a nervous laugh.

"Yes, m'am,"he smirked.

He laced his fingers through mine and we headed back to the cells.


Goddamn I hope it was okay because it took me ages to write, I kept laughing and having to stop dear lord.

I hope you enjoyed-...ok.
2nd chapter of today just because you're all awesome yup.
PLEASE COMMENT? and all that shit. If you haven't yet then do it. I like reading them x


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