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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 39: Bright Hour, Dark Days

I found myself elbow deep in murky brown greasy water, washing one of the few large pots we have. I decided I would help Carol out today. Even if it did hurt like a bitch. We kept quiet, neither of us looking at the other. I was pretty sure everyone in the prison knew exactly what had happened last night. Probably heard it all. I kept my head down and stayed out of other people's way, hoping that they wouldn't ask me anything. I couldn't imagine anyone asking Daryl, 'cause he'd kill them. He had only just returned from hunting last night, with nothing but one squirrel. Michonne strolled over to us, katana slung over her shoulder.

"Wanna come on a run?" she asked.

I smiled and nodded, putting the pot aside to dry. I got up and grabbed my stuff that lay nearby before following her to the cars. Glenn, Maggie and Daryl were waiting for us. It seemed that we were the runners in the group. We worked well together, but now I wasn't so sure. Michonne only looked at me and not Daryl, while he stared off into the distance without acknowledging anyone. The other two kept to themselves as we packed up a car.

"Think we should bring the bike too,"Glenn mumbled, finally turning to Daryl.

He grunted and strolled over to it. Maggie then nudged Glenn.

"Oh, uhh... Harleigh? Will you go with him it's just that-"

"There's room in the car,"I said.

"Oh I know but, I ... We... uhm..."

"Look, we just think you and Daryl need to sort yourselves outm"Maggie said, stepping in. Glenn nodded. I glanced at Michonne who gave me a small shrug.

"Fine,"I grumbled, before forcing myself over to Daryl.

He looked up at me as I folded my arms, suddenly finding the ground interesting to look at.

"Whaddya wan'?" he asked, moodily.

"They want me on the bike..."

"Oh..." he said, turning the handle towards me.

"With you,"I grumbled.

"Oh. Whatever,"he said, swinging his leg over it.

I climb on behind him, placing my hands lightly on his sides. We set off after the car, eventually passing it out and leading the way. After what felt like a painfully long journey we came to the outskirts of a town, pulling over. I jumped off the bike as soon as it stopped moving. I shoved my hands into my pockets and began walking, looking at the houses on either side.

"Think they'll have supplies?"I called back to the others.

There was no response. I quickly looked back over my shoulder, thinking something had happened. No, they were all okay. Daryl was busying himself with the motorcycle, Michonne was digging through her bag while Glenn and Maggie were whispering to one another. I rolled my eyes, looks like there was no plan. I grabbed my bow from my back and loaded an arrow onto it. I made my way as quietly as possible over to the first house. I gently pushed the door open, straining my ears to anything that would pop out and try to kill me. I couldn't hear anything apart from the creaky floorboards under my feet.

I found my way into the kitchen, my eyes landing on a gym bag on the table, full to the brim with canned food. They then flicked across the room to a figure, standing and staring out the window. My instincts kicked in and I crouched down beside the door frame. If they looked over, they wouldn't spot me because of the counter top between us. I watched as the figure swayed side to side in some sort of daze before letting out a low growl. Just a walker.

I pulled my arrow back and let it fly. Just as it left my grasp the corpse decided to shift it's weight and move out of the line of fire. The arrow stuck itself into an open door of one of the wooden presses. It startled the creature, that then turned and began to drag itself towards me. I let an impatient noise escape my lips before standing up straight. Black liquid dripped out of it's snapping lips upon noticing me. I pulled my machete out and swung down twice with strength, creating a deep canyon in it's balding skull. I yanked the blade out. The body shuddered forward collapsing at my feet spurting out dark red blood. I rolled my aching shoulder, placing the machete away. I zipped up the gym bag and swung it over my shoulder. I joined the others, still at the car.

"What the hell y'all doing?"I asked, frowning.

I dumped the bag in the trunk and turned to face them.

"Well we were gonna have some sort of plan..."Glenn mumbled, eyeing the bag.

"We don't need a plan, just go loot for chrissakes,"I said, shaking my head.

Glenn turned to Maggie, jerking his head off to one of the houses. She smiled and nodded.

"You two better come back with something!"I called after them.

Glenn waved his free hand back at us. I rolled my eyes.

"Comin' Michonne?"I sighed, placing my hand on my hip.

"Nah, you two go ahead. I'll catch up. Wanna check these cars for fuel first,"she replied, picking up two of the red containers.

I muttered an okay and began walking up the road, with Daryl following behind.

"Seems t'be sorta empty,"he commented.

"Think they got hungry and moved,"I replied for the sake of conversation.

I didn't feel like listening to one of our silences, but I couldn't seem to avoid them. I picked a house and led the way inside. Downstairs was definitely walker free. We went to the kitchen and I threw open all the cabinets, drawers and presses. There were a few cans on the top shelf. I reached up on tippy toes, the tips of my fingers brushing off them. I turned to ask Daryl for help to find that he was watching me closely.

"What?"I asked, frustated.

He could see that I was struggling and he didn't bother help.

"Thought I told y'not t'wear shorts on runs."

"It's like an oven outside, Daryl"I replied curtly."Now will you help me?"

"Thought y'didn't need me?" he countered.

I let out a sigh, pulling my hand down my face. I grabbed the back of a chair and swung it over. I climbed up and grabbed all of the tins before jumping back down.

"If you're not gonna help me at least do something useful like, look for medicine in the bathrooms."

Daryl shrugged his shoulders and sauntered off. I was going to kill him for sure. I put the tins down on the table and followed him upstairs in search of a bag to put them in. I passed the bathroom he was rooting in and into one of the bedrooms. One of my new guilty pleasures was rifling through other people's belongings. I dragged a black leather briefcase out from under the bed. I flicked the gold clips up and opened it.

"Whoa,"I breathed.

Inside was so much money, if I rolled in it I would drown. They were bound together by elastic bands, which I took off and put into my pocket. Along with the money was a pistol, fully loaded. I couldn't see any ammo lying around but I still pocketed it. I yanked open the beside drawers to find loads of letters. Love letters at that. What kind of a person was this guy. Sitting down, I flicked through the pages, chuckling to myself at how lame they were.

"What y'doin'?"

Daryl's voice made me jump about fifty feet into the air.

"Jesus. Cough or something man!"I gasped.

Daryl raised an eyebrow with an amused look on his face. I blushed and focused on putting the letters back to hide it. I stood up and went over to the wardrobe to look for a back pack. I found one at the back. I opened it up.

"Whoa,"I repeated, lifting up clear plastic bags half filled with white powder.

I looked at Daryl just as a loud growl caught us both off guard. A large man launched himself at Daryl, teeth on show. Daryl began pushing him away, his hand flew to his hunting knife but it slipped out of his grasp. I panicked, ran forward and shoved the walker away from him, sending him over the banister. I heard a loud crunch, signaling that he fell on his head. I grabbed both of Daryl's arms as soon as silence fell, scanning them for any marks.

"Did he get you? Holy fuck. Are you okay?"I gushed, flipping the palms of his hands upwards.

When he didn't respond I slowly looked up. His eyes met mine.

" 'M fine."

I dropped my hands back to my sides and nodded.


I rolled my shoulder again, wincing this time. I went back into the room for the bag. I spilled the contents on the floor.

"I hurt ya. Di'n't I?"

"Huh? No, I'm okay,"I said, picking up the medicine he dropped on the floor.

I glanced at the labels and hoped that whatever was on them was right.

"Y'shoulder. I did that," he mumbled.

I bit my lip and looked back up at him. His expression just showed sadness and I immediately forgot about everything that had happened. I didn't want him to be upset.

"No, I think I slept on it funny. I do that sometimes."

I watched as he stepped closer and gently unbuttoned my shirt. He moved the sleeve down exposing the bruised flesh of my shoulder. He cringed as I dropped my eyes.

"Shit, Leigh. I did that."

"It's fine, I mean I was being stupid."

"No. I shouldn'ta... I uh... it's jus'... Leigh, I'm sorry."

I gave him a little smile."I forgive you. I'm sorry for saying I didn't need you."

"It's nothin', Leigh, y'were mad."

I nodded, blushing slightly. His lips attached themselves to my shoulder, like he was trying to kiss it better. I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his neck, breathing in his familiar scent. He drew me in, closely and tightly.

"Y'gonna be the end o' me Leigh,"he murmured against my skin.

I laughed slightly and nodded.

"Did y'mean it?" he asked stepping back.

"Mean what?"

"Tha' y'love me..." he said, with a small smile.

Blushing, I shrugged my shoulders.

"I dunno. I don't wanna freak you out again."

"Just not used t'people sayin' it t'me..."

"Well you better get used to it Daryl,"I muttered.

I scratched the back of my neck.

"Did you mean it?"

He gave me a puzzled look.

"That you don't love me..." I elaborated.

He began chewing the skin on his thumb, his eyes on the floor. I nodded and continued packing the medicine. I carried the bag downstairs to the tins I laid out on the table.

"I care abou'cha Leigh. I wan' y'to be safe... wan' y'to be happy."

I looked over at him standing in the doorway.

"I like havin' ya by my side. I like holdin' ya... kissin' ya,"he mumbled, his face reddening.

"I like tha' y'talk t'me and I'm able t'talk back..."

For once I had no idea what to say to him, he never talks about stuff like this.

"I like tha' I don't gotta do much t'keep ya happy. 'Cept maybe hold y'hand. But I can't even do tha' in front o' the others."

He paused for a moment staring at the floor.

"I ain't ashamed of ya or anythin'."

I stood gawping at him for a moment wondering how the hell I was suppose to respond to that. When I opened my voice to speak it came out small.

"I know. I understand."

He nodded then came over and helped me put the cans into the bag.

"Lemme carry it,"he said, taking the bag out of my hands.

He swung it up onto his shoulder. I hooked my fingers into his belt and pulled him closer to me. My lips found his. I knotted my hands in his hair, smiling as he returned my kiss.

"Aw, look at you guys!"

I jumped away, grabbing my bow and aiming towards the voice.

"Jesus Michonne, fuck."

"Told you I'd catch up,"she said, with a smirk and a shrug.

She turned and walked out, signaling us to follow.

"Scared the shit outta me"I grumbled, following her."Don't laugh at me Dixon."

We were back out on the road again.

"That bag can fit more crap into it."

"There's a store with food up the road. I'm gonna keep looking in these houses,"Michonne said.

We nodded and headed up the road towards the store. Daryl leaned against the door in an attempt to open it.

"Locked,"he muttered.

I picked up a lose brick. I was going to through it at the glass half.

"Wait a minute. That'll make too much noise."

I dropped the brick and then gave the door two powerful kicks. After the third it swung open, hitting the wall behind it.

"Jesus,"Daryl breathed.

I laughed and followed him inside. This place hadn't been looted at all.

"I don't like this,"I mumbled.

"Why? This is good."

"I dunno... Y'know, if it's too good to be true it probably is."

Daryl shrugged his shoulders and set off down one of the aisles. They weren't tall so I could still see him and he could see me. I started piling the tinned food into the bag before finding my way to the cosmetics. I picked up a bottle of hairspray and shook it.

"Leigh y'don'y need that,"Daryl said, coming over.

I took the cap off and took out my lighter. I created a short blast of fire and shut it off again before looking at Daryl.

"Ok. It migh' come in handy."

"Get more lighters will ya... ooh and some smokes."

I stared longingly at the candy racks, full up but I knew all of it would be gone off. I was getting really tired of eating beans all day. I walked over to one of the stores windows and peered out through the gaps in the blinds. I saw Michonne hauling a crate down the middle of the road. It was making a loud scraping noise and I hoped it wouldn't attract any walkers.

"Hey Daryl?"


"Do Glenn and Maggie EVER help out?"

"Yeah... They jus' gotta screw aroun' first,"he muttered.

He jumped over the counter and joined me at the window.

"I'll go help her."

"Alright, I wanna check upstairs, they might have more stuff in storage."

Daryl hesitated before nodding.

"Y'call if anythin' happens."

"This place is locked down Daryl... The shop keeper might be here but that's about it."

He nodded and pulled the door open. I watched as he joined Michonne and lifted one side of the crate. I opened the back door into a small room. On the ground was an old blue mattress. The shelves were bare with only three tins of soup, which I took. On the mattress was a framed photograph. I picked it up and looked at it, shards of glass fell to the floor. I think it was a photo of the shopkeeper and his family. I placed it on one of the shelves just as I heard a loud thump upstairs. I instinctively looked up and began to climb the stairs. The door at the top was locked, I took out one of the knives I had and jammed it between the door and the door frame. The lock cracked, swinging the door open.

I heard the thump again as I edged towards the kitchen. The floorboards under the moldy carpet creaked. Leaves littered the kitchen floor, crunching under my boots as I made my way over to the cabinets. They were all bare. I sighed a little and opened some drawers, searching for sharp knives. The thumping became more frequent and even louder. I stabbed one of the knives into the counter, sharp enough. I walked out to the hall closing in on the source of the noise. I looked up at the attic door. Well, I didn't want to open it and have a hungry, rotten corpse fall down on top of me. My body suddenly tensed as as an arm wrapped around my waist. I jumped and spun on the spot to face my attacker.

"JESUS DARYL!"I yelled.

"Scare ya?" he grinned.

He dipped his head down to mine and kissed me. I pulled away making him frown.

"There's a walker upstairs,"I laughed.

He nodded and pushed me aside gently. He grabbed the door and pulled it down, unfolding the stairs and disappearing up them. I heard the crossbow go off and then he climbed back down again. I folded my arms and raised my eyebrow at him.


"My hero,"I joked.

He smirked and stepped towards me, pressing himself against me. I threw my arms over his shoulders, knotting my hands in his hair. His hand skimmed under my shirt as he leaned in to kiss me. I moved my face away, smirking.

"Quit movin' woman,"he mumbled, frustration in his voice.

He reached up and cupped my face in his hand. I took it and pulled it away.

"Waddya doin'?" he whined.

I laughed and shook my head, walking towards the bedroom.

"Oh,"he said behind me.

I shut the door behind him and started unbuttoning his shirt. He shrugged it off, attaching his lips to mine. I unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it on the floor beside his. I pushed him towards the bed and landed on top of him. His nails dug into my thighs. I took his hands and pinned them down onto the bed. His tongue ran along my bottom lip and bit it lightly. I sat up, pulling his hands to my hips. He licked his lips and squeezed my sides gently. I churned my hips, grinding into his. He groaned and pulled me down on top of him before rolling us, so he was on top.


Daryl stopped running his hands over me. He looked at the window and shook his head. He turned back to me and kissed along my jaw.


I pecked his lips.

"He'll shut up in a minute,"I murmured.

He nodded and unbuttoned his pants.

"DARYL!"Glenn hollered at the top of his lungs.

Daryl slumped against me, muttering under his breath. He crawled off me and pulled his top on, buttoning it up as he crossed the room towards the window. I propped myself up on my elbows. Daryl shoved the window open.

"What Glenn?!" he snapped.

"You comin'?"


"Said are you comin'?"I could hear the grin in his voice.

I smiled a little, sitting up. I crawled to the edge of the bed and picked my shirt up.

"Go t'hell, Glenn!"Daryl shouted, slamming the window shut.

He turned back around and looked at me.

"Whadya doin'?"

"Getting dressed?"


"Ehhhm, 'cause we gotta go?"

"He's jus' fuckin' 'round,"he said, waving his hand towards the window.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Mood has passed. Let's go."

I caught him scowling, I hid my smile by walking out of the room. I grabbed the bag I had packed and headed downstairs. Glenn was waiting outside.

"You're in so much trouble man,"I laughed.

"It's ok, I can outrun him,"he grinned, taking the bag off me.

I thanked him and walked beside him back to the car. I turned around and saw Daryl following us, still looking pissed. Glenn opened the trunk and threw the bag in.

"Do you think that's enough for now?"Maggie asked.

"Hope so,"I replied with a little yawn.

"Let's jus' go,"Daryl grumbled, walking over to his bike.

I smiled at Glenn who grinned back. I hopped onto the back of the motorcycle. Daryl kicked off the ground and led the way back to the prison.

I tapped Daryl's shoulder signaling for him to stop. He pulled over to the side of the road, the car followed.

"Wha' is it? Y'okay? Feelin' sick or anythin'?"

"I'm fine Daryl. Look,"I said, pointing out into one of the fields. I swung myself off the bike and stepped towards the fence.

"Is that a cow?"

I laughed and shook my head. I climbed the fence and jumped down on the other side.

"It's a horse!"Maggie said, following me over the fence.

We walked over to the piebald as carefully as possible. Maggie was able to get to him first. He didn't freak out thankfully. I reached out and patted his neck.

"Aww"I cooed.

"He's in pretty good condition. Horses are handy now a days. If we're ever low on fuel we could use him instead."

I nodded just as the others caught up with us.

"Can we keep him?"Maggie and I asked in unison.

Glenn and Daryl looked at each other and then Michonne who shrugged.

"I guess we could,"Glenn said."Better go back for a truck or someth-"

"He could be attacked while we're gone. I'll go find tack and bring him back"Maggie said.

Her, Glenn and Michonne wandered off to search the houses.

"Leigh, y'know they're a lotta work."

"Yeah. We'll manage."

"Guess if it dies we'll have somethin' to eat."

"You're horrible,"I laughed, smacking his shoulder.

"How long d'ya think they'll be?"

"Fifteen minutes... why?"

"Well y'know, the car is free"he smirked.

I smiled and rolled my eyes.

"Eager are we?" I leaned up and gave him a quick kiss.

"Hey! You two! Can ya keep your paws off each other for two seconds?!"Glenn joked, carrying a saddle over.

"Look who's talkin',"Daryl mumbled.

He walked off back towards the bike, leaving me to help out with tacking the horse.


I'm really excited to see what you guys think about this one i don't know? I'm really sorry about the slow updates my internet's shit but when I'm not uploading stuff I am writing :) hopefully I'll get another chapter up tomorrow :D
thanks for all the comments and reads and the votes... whoa seriously thank you...
I hope this story doesn't suddenly go downhill and disappoint you guys 'cause that'd suck ...

I just finished watching S3 E2 and it's so good even though I watched it this week already ooh and Rick's always calling Daryl for help aw they're so adorable I WANT THEM TO HUG that'd be great heheehe. Okay I'm done.


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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