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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 41: Escape

When I woke up I was alone in the tent. I rubbed my eyes as they adjusted to the dull light. I could hear pattering above me so I guessed it was raining. I pulled the blanket over my head. I didn't want to get up today and do stupid chores. I heard the tent door rip open so I buried my head under the pillow.

"No,"I grumbled.

"No what? Leigh? You awake?"Daryl asked, followed by something dropping on the floor.


The covers were torn away from my body, I scrunched myself into a little ball, clinging to the pillow for dear life.

"No!"I screeched.

"The hell, Leigh?"Daryl chuckled, flinging the covers back on top of me.

"I'm asleep. Sleeping people don't do chores."

"Could be sleep walkin'."

"Go away,"I whined.




I slowly moved the pillow away from my face and looked at him. I sat up. I felt like I was in trouble now.

"Rick's lettin' everyone have the day off. Rest 'n' stuff."

I beamed at him making him smile back at me.

"No way!"


"Oh thank the lord!"I laughed, flopping back down."What were you doing then?"

"Brought y'stuff down."

"You looked through my stuff?" I asked, feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Yeah, nice Batman underwear."

"Fuck you,"I smiled.

"Ain't they for kids? What're ya? Four?"

"A LOT YOUNGER THAN YOU OLD MAN!"I laughed, chucking a pillow at his head.

"I ain't old!"

"Oh yeah? How old ARE you?"


The tent ripped open, making me jump. I tumbled to the floor as Carl stuck his head in. I placed my hand on my heart as Daryl laughed loudly at me.

"The fuckin' fuck, Carl. Frightened the shit outta me,"I breathed."STOP LAUGHING AT ME DIXON!"

Carl's hair was stuck to his forehead from the rain.

"Sorry,"he grinned sheepishly.
He put a cardboard box down on the floor. Sam squeezed in past him.

"Do you want the puppies?"

"Yes,"I replied quickly.

"Okay they need to be fed soon, I'll be right back,"he said, before quickly leaving.
Wonder why he's in such a rush. I crawled over to the bed and lifted the small bundles of fur out.

"Aww they're so adorable,"I lifted one of them up to Daryl.
He took it gently and carefully out of my hands and set it on his lap.

"Do they have names?"he asked.

"That fat, brown and white one is Skipper and this one is Cookie,"I said motioning to the other brown and white puppy.

"'N' this one?"Daryl asked, referring to the one he was holding.
He was different, the pattern on his fur was black and white.

"He doesn't have one yet I don't think."

I started filling up the three bottles we had for them with milk, using formula. Yeah, it was baby formula but it was the best we could do. I tossed a bottle to Daryl. We fed the puppies in silence. Sam head butted my shoulder. I flinched slightly. Not too much because I didn't want Daryl to be reminded of my bruise. I glanced up but he was engrossed by the puppy he was holding.

"Am I not paying attention to you? I'm sorry,"I said, patting Sam's head.
I put the two puppies into the cardboard box to sleep.

"Cazador,"Daryl said.


"His name, should be Cazador."

"Oh! Caz for short?"

He nodded and handed him over to me. I put him in with his brothers and climbed back onto the bed. Sam sat at the door, guarding it. Daryl joined me and leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. He pulled my arms up over my head, pinning them down onto the bed. His lips attached to my neck. I let a little gasp escaped through my lips. Sam started growling. Daryl let go of my hands and looked over at him.

"Oh, he thinks you're attacking me,"I explained, laughing.
I smiled up at Daryl, receiving one back.

"Good lord, Carl better hurry back,"Daryl muttered.
I laughed and pushed him away from me.

"What's for breakfast chef?"

"Uh... beans?"

I rolled onto my stomach and buried my face in my pillow.

"I hate beans."


"What kind?"


"I'm sick of eating red, man."

"Yeah, well y'gotta eat."

"In a minute"I mumbled, pulling the crossword puzzle out from my bag.

"You know any twelve letter words?"

"Do I look like I know big words"Daryl muttered, lighting a cigarette.
He lay down on his back and I knew he was watching me struggle. He breathed a short laugh.

"What?" I grumbled.

"Y'concentratin' or somethin'?"

I threw book across the tent.

"Don' mess the place up, Leigh."

"It's already a pigsty, Daryl."

I took the cigarette of him and took a drag.


"Hello,"I laughed.

"Coulda asked for one."

"One right here!"I said, waving it around in his face.
He rolled his eyes and stood up. I grabbed his hand.

"Where ya goin'?"

"Carl's back."

"How do you know?"

Daryl opened the tent door. I sat up. Sure enough Carl was making his way down to us. Daryl handed the box to him. They talked a little but I couldn't hear any of it. As soon as Carl had left with the dogs I was shoved onto my back.

"Harleigh? Daryl?"Carol's voice called.
I opened my eyes and rubbed the sleep out of them. Daryl rolled out from under me and leapt across the tent yanking his pants on, tossing a jacket towards me. I pulled the cover up to my waist, pulling on the familiar winged jacket, which was big enough to cover me. Daryl was fully dressed, checked that I was covered and opened the tent.

"Yeah?" he called back.

"We need you guys up in the block."

"Yeah alrigh' give us a minute!"

He closed the tent door again and looked back at me.By that time I had found my shorts and had tugged them on. I was about to take the jacket off but Daryl stopped me.

"Don't. Suits ya,"he said with a smirk.
I blushed and buttoned it shut again. We walked side by side up to the prison. I wondered why they needed us. Rick had given everyone the day off. I took my weapons just in case.

"Did you sleep?"I yawned.

"No. Y'snore somethin' awful, Leigh."

I turned and looked at him, horrified. He laughed and shook his head.

"Fell 'sleep too."

Daryl pushed the door open and we met everyone in the common room. Michonne, Carol, Maggie, Beth, Carl, Nathan, Hershel, Jay, Sasha and Tyreese stood in a large circle. All had worried or confused expressions, while they mumbled to one another. No one had any idea what was going on. Rick came in from outside. He paused for a second after taking us all in. He nodded, as if preparing himself. I started to worry, had something seriously bad happened?

"It's Krista,"he said.
Silence. Glenn slipped into the room and stood over by Maggie.

"Glenn and I... We caught her stealing supplies. She was trying to escape. She had food, medicine, weapons and a hell of a lot of it too."

I saw Carol shaking her head slowly. She looked like she was waiting for the next piece of news. I frowned slightly, Beth, Maggie, Glenn and Hershel had the same expression. Like there was a decision to be made.

"The thing is, we can't trust her anymore. I never did. We have to get rid of her."

"Wait, ya mean like... killin' her?" Tyreese asked, his eyes wide with shock.
Rick cast his eyes over to Carol and the others. Carol shook her head.

"Not this again,"she said quietly.
I glanced up at Daryl. He wore one of his usual poker faces.

"We let her go she could go to the Governor. I've heard her mentioning him quite a lot,"Sasha pointed out.
Rick nodded.

"Rick you can't put us through this again!" Carol said, looking really upset."Dale and Shane... we lost them last time."

I hadn't a clue what was going on now. I had some idea who Shane and Dale were.

"That had nothing to do with Randal,"Rick argued."What? You want Shane here? You want that?"

Carol shook her head, giving Glenn a chance to speak up.

"This time I'll do what Dale would've wanted. Don't kill her."

"But if she goes to the Governor-"

"Who says she will?"

Everyone in the room started arguing. I just watched.

"Hey!" Daryl's voice boomed beside me, making me jump."We ain't doin' this again. We ain't gonna stand aroun' goin' 'round 'n' 'round in one big circle."

Everyone silently agreed. Then, Rick's eyes fell on me.

"What do you think Leigh?"

"Huh? Me? What do I think?"

He nodded. What DO I think? First, I hated Krista. Second I don't care what happened to her. Third she threatened my group. Then again she was a living breathing human being. But she WAS wasting valuable oxygen.


The door burst open.

"She broke out!"Karen yelled.
Before I took in this information, my trusty bow was in my hands. I ran out the door ignoring Rick calling me back. I took aim at Krista's backpack.

"NO!"Nathan shouted, shoving me to the side.
The arrow soared through the air, hopefully grazing the bitch. I hit the ground for a second before I'm on my feet again.

"Watchit asshole!"Daryl snarled, his fist connecting with Nathan's jaw.
I hurtle down the yard, eyes trained on Krista. She opened a gap in the fence and slipped past the walkers. My feet are slamming down hard, flattening the grass beneath me. I'm aware of more thudding of feet and Sam is suddenly racing beside me. He weaved out through the fence before me. The walkers turned, dazed by the dog, giving me enough time to get through. I felt the links scrape my skin but ignored it.
Krista is running blindly through the wood, I could tell by the tracks she was leaving behind. I knew I was faster. I had spent so much time in the woods alone, so much time with Daryl so much time running, while Krista locked herself away in an empty estate. I would find her and I would kill her. One less burden to deal with. There was a cabin up ahead, it's door just closing. I laughed to myself, feeling my blood pumping around my body. I was full of adrenaline. I kicked the door, two strikes and it was flat on the ground. Sam growled and sat, guarding the door.

"Come out Krista. I'm not gonna hurt you!" I called to the once empty house.
I was lying of course, she attempted to put us in danger and tried to mess around with Daryl. I edged carefully into the house, taking out my gun. It clicked in my hand.

"C'mon, I wanted the day off!" I sneered.

"You're sick Harleigh!"

My ears picked up the sound of her voice, my brain began working out whereabouts it came from.

"That I am, sweetheart, that I am."

"I mean it! You need help!"

"What? You gonna take me to a hospital?"

"They can help."

"Who?" I asked, yanking a door open.
Empty closet.

"Those guys at the asylum."

"Yeah? Who told you that?"

She was near, I could feel it.

"I just know!"

"You just know?" I laughed.

"You could be a cure, Harleigh."

I rolled my eyes.

"You could end all of this."

I paused. Kitchen.

"If you co operate you could help save the human race!"

I stepped lightly towards her. Not wanting to alert her of how close I was.

"You're dying anyway. You're body will burn out."

Another step.

"There's nothin' for you back at that prison."

I stopped. I knew she was bluffing, trying to buy herself some time.

"They don't need you."

I tried to control my breathing. She was voicing my biggest fear. I was a useless waste of space that had no asset to the group. That they didn't care about me, that they only reason they accepted me was because I saved their asses once or twice.

"And Daryl? To him you're just a distraction. If you were to disappear he'd get over it quickly. He's like that isn't he? Your little boyfriend."

I snapped out of it. She knew nothing about Daryl. I wasn't going to fall into that trap. The trap that so many girls fell into. I wouldn't over think how Daryl acted around me, I refused to.

"Doesn't even love you."

That struck a chord, making me stall again, maybe a little to long. By the time I raised my gun and entered the kitchen she had vanished, leaving the window wide open. Sam started barking madly over the galloping of his feet. I lumbered out of the house, stepping over the fallen door. Rick, Daryl and Glenn had finally caught up with me.

"Are you alright?" Rick panted.
I lifted my eyes from the ground and nodded slowly. I was annoyed with myself. I had her and I got distracted, because of some guy. I'm an idiot.

"C'mon then, let's catch 'er,"Daryl said, crossbow ready.

"Sam's on her trail,"I told them.
I followed at the back of the group, all of my energy drained from trying to chase her down. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea, it would definitely take it's toll tomorrow.

"Maybe we should pick up again tomorrow,"Glenn suggested.
Rick shook his head.

"No, she's knows way too much. She's been snooping around."

"Do you really think she's with the Governor? I mean, how could she be?"

"At the estate... She weren't with us. 'Er 'n' Leigh wen' missin'. Thought she was witcha,"Daryl said to me.

"Daryl you saw I was alone with Charlotte,"I muttered.

"I know Leigh. I forgot 'bou' it, ok?"

I rolled my eyes. From what I had gathered Krista had stumbled across one of the Governor's men who had then talked her into working with them. Great. We followed her tracks for a while, coming to a clearing with an empty tent inside. Daryl was the one to go and check to make sure it was empty. While he was doing that, Sam caught my eye. I tapped Glenn's shoulder, Rick was preoccupied, making sure nothing attacked Daryl. Glenn and I walked over to Sam. We followed him through the trees.

"Christ,"Glenn whispered.
We found Krista. Face down in the dirt. I went over to her and turned her body over onto her back with my foot. Glenn stood by my side as we stared down at her body.

"Is she breathing?" he asked.

"Doesn't look like it,"I looked at Sam."Go get Daryl. Daryl, Sam, Daryl."

He trotted off to where we had come from.

"Did Sam attack her? A walker? Did she fall?"

"There's no blood anywhere, Glenn."

"The hell?" Daryl's voice made us tear our eyes away from the body at our feet.
Rick looked stunned, speechless.

"We found her like this, well, face down,"Glenn said.
Rick took a closer look, furrowing his brow.

"There's no sign of a struggle..."

"Did she trip and hit her head?"Glenn asked.
Daryl kicked the ground at her feet.

"Nothin' there t'fall over. 'Less her own feet..."

We all frowned. What was happening wasn't registering in my mind. I also had a huge headache from running like a lunatic.

"So what are we going to do now?"Glenn questioned.
We all looked at each other as all color drained from Krista's face.

"Should shoot 'er. Stop 'er from turnin'."

"Should we take the body back and bury it?"

We looked at Glenn. His eyes fell on each of us before looking down at Krista.

"What do we tell the others?"I asked.

"The truth,"Rick replied.

"Think they'll buy it?"

"Don't matter. Wha' happened, happened,"Daryl said. I frowned and looked at the ground again and then at Sam.
He had probably seen what happened. Damn, if dogs could talk.

"We best put 'er down,"Daryl said, quietly.
We all finally agreed but still no one moved. It was just too weird. For all we knew she just dropped dead. Right now she just looked like a porcelain doll, her tight blond curls coated with muck. Daryl drew his gun and aimed it at her head. His eyes moved to mine. I nodded and turned away. There was a quick pop and then silence fell.

"We'll leave her,"Rick mumbled.

The three guys began to walk away but I remembered something. Krista's backpack. I avoided looking at the new gaping bullet hole in her forehead. I pulled the bag out from under her and zipped it open.It was full of needles and vials and a notepad. I opened the notepad and flicked through the pages, instantly recognising the writing.


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

wolvesyroses wolvesyroses

Oh I really love this story. I hope it gets updated >< please update!

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This is the most amazing story ever on this site ever please update. Harleigh is amazing and you are a great writer.

reddeadwalker reddeadwalker

Amazing writing, as always.

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Holy crap please update!!! This is one of the best I've read in a long time!!!

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