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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 43: Diagnosed

Glenn made his way outside carrying a cardboard box full of canned food. Some of the Woodbury survivors sat outside, it was far too hot for anyone to stay inside. Even though there wasn't much of a difference apart from the cool breeze that coursed through the air outside. His job for today was to ration the food and give everyone the equal amount. At the start the survivors would complain and demand more, obviously used to have enough food to fill there stomachs, but as the weeks rolled by they became hungrier and accepted what they were given. They gave him grateful smiles and thanked him. Some asked for water.

Now, that was becoming a bigger and bigger problem. As the temperature rose over the summer months more and more water was drunk or used to bathe. The shower pumps would soon stop working. They were unsure if there was a well in the prison or a large tank but the sun would definitely soak it up. There was a small stream just outside the fence, maybe it led to a lake. He would definitely have to check it out. They had to do something. They needed water. They were careful of course, but when you are as tired as they were it wasn't easy to drag buckets of water back and forth. Buckets would drop half way to the crops.

Glenn noticed how not one of the crops had broken through the ground, but he knew nothing about farming. He was just a pizza guy. Well not anymore. Now he's a survivor, a husband and part of a highly dysfunctional family. A family that was only getting by by the skin of their teeth. But they were doing a pretty good job considering the situation they were in. He wondered were there more people out there. Normal people that is. Not a crazy one eyed man or a bunch of guys who had no problem experimenting on innocent people.

That turned his thoughts to Nathan. Was he one of them? He shook his head, refusing to think anymore about their problems. The list was endless and it would just wreck his head. So he turned his thoughts to Maggie, wondering what she was doing. Whenever he thought of her he smiled but his thoughts soon made him worry. He was afraid. Everyone was, but he was afraid something would happen to his new wife and there would be nothing he could do. He told her as often as possible how much she meant to him, how much he cared and when he wasn't telling her he showed her. He wished to give her more, a better life, but how could he? He was one guy in the apocalypse. It made him miserable.

The only good thing about the world ending was that he had Maggie and the family. He was apart of their family now no matter what. They helped him to not think about his own family, his old family. There was no point, they were long gone along with the old world. He looked down at the watch Hershel had given him, twisting it on his wrist. It didn't work anymore and in between the gaps of the straps were crusted with blood and dirt. There was a tiny scratch on the face.

He made his rounds to the people outside. He noticed a fiery red head sitting on the tyre swing Daryl had managed to put up. A very bored looking Harleigh pushed it back and forth, an arm wrapped around her waist, occasionally blowing her fringe out of her face. Charlotte didn't look like she was enjoying herself either, she stared at her new pink runners and she swung back and forth.

Preoccupied Harleigh barely caught his wave, she managed a small smile just before Glenn turned away. He often wondered if Harleigh worried about her situation. If she did, she rarely showed. He'd hate to be her. He nearly preferred being prone to the virus, or whatever it is.

"Y'alrigh' Glenn?"Daryl asked, tearing his eyes away from his motorcycle.

He sat on the ground beside it, wiping his hands with an old rag.

"Yeah, a lot on my mind, I guess."

Daryl flicked a short nod in his direction. He understood, everyone had a lot on their minds, but no one on the site wanted to be Rick. No matter what it was, Rick was involved some how. He was in charge of the whole prison and everyone inside. Everything had to run smoothly but nothing ever did. He also took everyone's crap, everyone's complaints and aches as calmly as possible. He was doing his best and his best was getting them here safely to the prison.
Glenn just wanted to shut his brain off and maybe hang out with Maggie for a bit, but there were chores that everyone must do.

As for Daryl he had spent the whole day making sure the vehicles were working, checking fuel levels and batteries. It was then he noticed his brother's motorcycle was filthy, coated with blood and dirt. He knew there wasn't much point cleaning it but Merle would've killed him if he didn't take care of it. He had hoped it would just dry off, most of it had but there were still ugly marks.

He stole a quick glance in Harleigh's direction. He constantly worried about her no matter what he did to distract himself. She had good days and bad days, like everyone else but her bad days sometimes included fainting or throwing up, maybe pointing a gun at a whore. Just as he was about to start scrubbing Rick stepped out of the prison.

"Daryl, we gotta go into the woods. Check out the area, catch dinner, maybe find a water source,"he said, strolling over to his right hand man.

Daryl nodded, getting up from the ground. Jay came out and stood beside Rick.

"Want me ta come?" he asked.

Daryl admired the old man. He still had a kick in him but he shook his head, casting his eyes over to the tyre swing.

"Stay, jus' in case."

Jay nodded, understanding.

"I'll be by the gate,"Rick said, slinging a shotgun onto his back.

Jay watched Daryl as he walked over to his granddaughter.

"Hey, goin' huntin' with Rick okay?"Daryl said, nearing the two girls.

Charlotte continued to stare at her feet. Harleigh took a few moments to turn her emerald orbs towards him. Even just looking at him could knock the breath out of him.

"Okay, come back in one piece,"she said, attempting to smile.

Daryl figured today was a bad day. She was pale, with bags under her eyes and her breathing was uneven. She had wasted a lot of energy chasing down Krista. He knew she hadn't slept last night, usually she would toss and turn but whenever he woke in the night she was still or rubbing her eyes.

"Have y'eaten?"he asked as casually as possible.

He didn't want to bug her or annoy her. He wanted her to feel well. She rarely got pissed about him pestering her about food. She understood, she always did. That's why he liked her.
"A little,"she replied quietly, giving the swing a gently shove.

Daryl watched the rope swing back and forth. He wanted to hold her, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Not with Charlotte there, not with Glenn pottering about, not with the Woodbury survivors lying around and definitely not with Jay watching. He hated that about himself, he cared about Harleigh a lot and he was too cowardly to hug her or even hold her hand.

"Don't stay in th'sun too long,"he muttered.

"I got it Daryl,"she sighed.

He nodded and headed down to the gate to meet Rick.

"You good?"Rick asked, raising an eyebrow.

Daryl looked pissed, Rick wondered who snapped at who this time. They walked side by side off into the the woods surrounding the forest. Daryl knew it fairly well now. He fell behind Rick a little, eyes on the ground. The two were silent as they picked their way through the woods.

"How's Harleigh man?"Rick asked, carefully avoiding calling her the pet name the both of them used.

"Not sure,"Daryl confessed.

Rick nodded, kicking a branch out of the way. He hadn't been completely honest with Harleigh about how he felt. He wasn't completely honest with himself. He told himself he didn't have feelings for her. He believed it too and maybe it was true. He didn't know if he was lonely or missed Lori or maybe he did like her after all. But he knew that Daryl loved her and he thought of Daryl as his best friend or his brother.

Rick wouldn't be like Shane, he refused to let anything go that far. Things were perfect the way they are, as perfect as they could be that is, he didn't need or want a relationship. He often felt guilty thinking about this kind of stuff, he missed Lori and he regretted how he was with her towards the end.

"See anything?" he called back to his companion.

"Nope,"Daryl grunted catching up so they walked side by side.

"Where are all the walkers?"Rick questioned.

"Don't jinx us, Rick."

Daryl could see no sign of dinner crossing their path.


Carol was keeping herself occupied as usual by scrubbing people's clothes. It always came down to her for the cleaning. Most of the time she didn't mind and some people would help out now and then. Other times she thought it was unfair. Just because she was a woman didn't mean she should always be doing it. Thinking like that reminded her of Andrea and how she stood up to Carol's husband, Ed in the early days of the apocalypse. It still was early days, about a year or so now.

Michonne was in the common room with her, changing from press ups to sit ups. Carol's eyes glanced from her then back to the washing. It was a good idea, to keep fit, but Carol liked to pretend that they would always have the prison. Forever, just stay here and live out their days. It might just be possible but she knew not to get her hopes up. Michonne was watching Hershel as she sat up for the twentieth time. He was re-reading the bible, again.

"Do you read that everyday?" Michonne asked lying back down.

"Seeing if there's an answer,"Hershel replied, not looking up from the pages.

"Woulda seen it by now,"she mumbled, air pushing past her lips as she pulled herself off the ground.

She dropped her hands from behind her head and placed them on the ground behind her, propping herself up.

"Maybe you've studied it so much your reciting it and not actually learning anything."

Hershel closed the book and looked at her. Carol paused her washing and watched them. Michonne rarely talked.

"What do you mean?" Hershel asked.

"I mean, you've read it and read it. You know what it used to mean and you stick with that. What if the meaning has changed now but you can't see,"she gave a little shrug and stood up.

She brushed her hands off on her pants.

"Would you like to read it?"

"Think I'll pass,"she said with a slanted smile.

She picked up her katana and swung it over her shoulder. Hershel turned to Carol while Michonne left the prison. Carol gave Hershel one of her little smiles.

"Maybe read it with an open mind,"she said, lifting one shoulder.

Hershel nodded and reopened the book as Carol dunked a shirt into the water.
Michonne met Glenn as soon as she stepped out of the prison.

"Hey, we're gonna go look for water. You in?" he asked.

Michonne replied with a nod.

"Is Harleigh coming too?"

Michonne liked Harleigh, she trusted her, though they both never said much to one another. Michonne had Harleigh's back and hoped for the same in return.

"Daryl might kill us,"Glenn mumbled.

Glenn wasn't afraid of Daryl like he used to be. Daryl was actually kind of harmless when you were on his side. But when it came to Harleigh, Glenn knew not to mess around.

Michonne laughed.

"I'll ask her."

Glenn nodded, that way Daryl would kick her ass not his. He stood over by Maggie as Michonne found Harleigh over by the tyre.

"Hey,"she greeted.

Harleigh shielded her eyes from the sun and smiled.


"Wanna come help us find water?"

Harleigh didn't reply, she was thinking. Michonne waited patiently for her to decide.

"Think it's best I stay. Not feeling too good,"she said finally.

Michonne nodded and returned to Glenn and Maggie.

"Well?" Maggie asked.

"Says she ain't feeling well."

The couple stared at Michonne's expressionless face.

"What do you mean? Should we get Hershel?"Glenn asked, with a worried tone.

He faced Maggie. Michonne shrugged. Maggie frowned a little.

"If she's sick she'll go to him. We gotta go."

The two others nodded.


"Watch it!" Daryl hissed.

Rick instantly ducked down, crouching. Daryl did the same. Rick's eyes widened once they fell on the people in the clearing.

"We gotta go."

Daryl nodded. They slowly edged their way from the group of people, crowding around a body.

"What're they doin'?" Daryl whispered.

"You were nearly their dinner once."

Daryl remembered being captured and then being rescued from the group of cannibals, but that was it. All Rick remembered was pushing Harleigh to the ground.

He needed to snap out of it.

He and Daryl needed to get as far away from these people as fast as possible. They crawled along the forest floor, twigs and leaves sticking into their clothing and skin. Once they were at a safe distance they stood up.

"Do y'think tha' was Krista?" Daryl asked quietly, he had seen a mess of blonde curls.

"Don't wanna think about it,"Rick mumbled.

Daryl nodded.


"HEY! THERE'S MORE!" A shout from behind them announced, followed by cheers.

Rick grabbed Daryl's elbow.

"GO! RUN!" he roared.

They sprinted through the woods, Daryl leading the way darting in and out of the trees. Soon enough Rick's feet hit asphalt.

"Shit! There's a car comin',"Daryl growled, loading his crossbow.

He turned to face the woods. Rick panted, watching the car rolled towards them. Daryl looked over his shoulder. He scoffed.

"There's an Asian drivin' tha'."

Rick grinned as the car rolled up beside them. They flung the door open and hopped into the back with Michonne.

"Go Glenn, get outta here!" Rick ordered, turning to look out of the rear window.

Glenn slammed down on the accelerator and took off with speed.

"What y'all doin' out here?" Daryl asked, catching his breath.

"Looking for water,"Maggie replied.

"Goin' the wrong way,"he muttered under his breath.

"What happened to you guys?" Michonne asked, ignoring Daryl's comment.

"Ran into some old friends,"Rick said."Can we get back to the prison?"

"We just left there..." Glenn mumbled.

"Man, y'goin' the wrong damn way for water, by th'time ya get there it'll be dark. Bring us back 'n' go tomorrow,"Daryl snapped.

Glenn turned in a U, giving Maggie a look. She smirked and nodded. Daryl just wanted to get back to Harleigh. They drove silently back to the prison. Carl opened the gate for them. Harleigh stood beside him. Glenn rolled down the window as she approached the car.

"Well that was quick, Glenn. Congrats,"she grinned, leaning against the window frame.

"Picked up some hitch hikers."

Her face fell slightly until she peered into the back. She then let out a laugh.

"You guys-hahaha, what happened?"

Daryl and Rick turned to each other. They discovered they were covered in dirt and twigs stuck out of there clothes and hair.

"You look fuckin' ridiculous,"she giggled.

Glenn and Maggie grinned and nodded.

"Sorry guys but you do,"Glenn laughed.

"Looks like some birds tried to make you into little houses, oh my god."

"Very funny haha,"Rick joked getting out of the car, followed by Daryl.

The car drove up to the prison. Harleigh pulled a twig out of Rick's hair, still laughing. He froze up a little expecting Daryl to lose his shit, but he didn't.

"Leigh we coulda been some one's next meal,"Daryl frowned.

"I see you come with an order of side salad,"she joked, sending her into another fit of giggles.

Rick grinned and turned to Daryl, who's frown was now replaced with a small smile.

"Y'feelin' better Leigh?"

"A lot now thanks,"she said, wiping a tear away."Made my day that did."

"I'm glad,"Rick said."We didn't catch anything though."

This sobered her up and her smile faded.

"Oh, well maybe there's something else that'll help up at the prison,"she said, giving one last smile before leaving the two men.

Daryl grabbed Rick's shoulder.

"Why'd y'do tha'?!"he snapped.

"Do what?"Rick asked.

"Wreck 'er mood like tha'."

"I was just tellin her-"

"Yeah well, y'shouldn't've."

"You're right, sorry,"he mumbled, feeling guilty.

Daryl shook his head and followed Harleigh up the yard towards the prison. She was sitting at the table with Hershel and Jay.

"Harleigh we can't keep giving you Jay's blood. I'm sorry Jay but your age is a factor."

"Right back atcha old man,"Jay grinned.

Hershel smiled but then turned back to Harleigh.

"I don't know what we're going to do. Maybe some one else has the same blood type."

"How bad is it?" Daryl asked, making everyone turn.

"The fact that she's fainting is a bad sign, vomiting too.

If we were to get you the right amount of food I fear your body might just reject it" Hershel said with a little sigh.

The door opened and Rick entered the room.

"What's going on?"he asked as Hershel opened his medical kit.

Daryl rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall, folding his arms across his chest.

"Just a check up, Rick,"Hershel told him, taking out a stethoscope.

He placed it over Harleigh's chest. The room fell silent as he listened.

"I'm going to have to explain this. You have some form of anemia, Harleigh-"

"Wha's tha'?" Daryl asked slowly.

He didn't want to come across as stupid but he also wanted to know.

"It's a decrease of red blood cells. A deficiency of hemoglobin. They're needed to carry oxygen around the body. We need it to live. Her body is too focused on making white blood cells. You're heart rate is a little too high... People with anemia are known to have heart attacks."

"Heart attacks?"Jay asked, looking worried.

"Yes. The heart works too hard trying to make the red blood cells. You haven't had any chest pains have you?"

Harleigh shook her head.

"Your eyes are still a healthy shade, you are a lot paler than the rest of us... May I know your blood type? We could find some one."

"It's A positive,"Jay answered for her.

Hershel shut the box and looked at Rick.

"That's... I'm A positive."

Jay threw his hands up in the air.

"Oh! Thank goodness! Bless you, you wonderful man!" he got up and hugged Rick, who gently patted his back.

Harleigh shook her head, a little smile on her lips.

"I will send Glenn out in the morning to look for some medication that may help. Until then, Rick you have to stay near Harleigh,"Hershel said, remaining business like.

"And Harleigh, no more smoking. You're having trouble breathing. Also take it easy for a while."

Harleigh nodded but Daryl could tell she wouldn't be happy with any of that advice. Jay finally let go of Rick and sat back down again. Hershel took at needles and began the transfer by drawing blood out of Rick. Daryl sat next to Harleigh, knowing she was squeamish around needles.
Soon enough it was over and she decided it was time to go to bed. Daryl stood up to follow her out.

"Daryl,"Rick called.

"I'll be in the tent,"Harleigh said quietly before leaving.

"Keep an eye on her tonight okay?"

"The hell d'ya think I'm doin'?" Daryl snapped.

He didn't like how protective Rick was getting and now, Harleigh needed him to live. He wasn't too happy about that.

"I know you're a little upset br-"

"I ain't upset. Y'dunno wha' y'talkin' 'bou'."

Rick raised his hand.

"Okay. I'm just a little worried."

"Shouldn't be. She's got me."

He turned and left the prison down to the tent. He opened up the tent and climbed into bed.

"Are you okay?"Harleigh asked softly.

Her back was turned towards him.

"Why wouldn't I be?"he snapped again.

He immediately regretted snapping. He didn't mean to he was just pissed with Rick.

"Okay, Mr Grouchy,"she mumbled.

"Sorry Leigh,"he muttered.

She turned around to face him. She reached up and pulled something out of his hair.

"You need a shower young man,"she said.

The playfulness in her voice made him smile.

"Yeah whatever. I'll have one tomorrow."

She buried her face in his chest.

"How y'feelin' Leigh?" he asked, wrapping his arm around her.

She shrugged her shoulders. Daryl sighed.


"Sorry, sorry. I know you hate that."

"Answer me then."

"I dunno."

He rolled his eyes, catching her peep up at him. He moved her black hair out of her face.

"Are y'scared?"

She didn't reply. Daryl sometimes wished she would just say what she was thinking, or that he could read her mind. All he wanted to do was make her feel safe and happy. It was frustrating.


His eyes flew open, had he fallen asleep?

"Wha'?"he asked sleepily.

"I can't sleep."

"Jus' shut y'eyes 'n' count some sheep."

"I've tried that."

"Jus'-I dunno."

Before he knew it he was out like a light.

Rick noticed the tent in the yard open and Harleigh stepping out. He was on watch in one of the towers. He watched as she stumbled up the yard and out of sight. He felt like he should go and see if she was okay, but Daryl wouldn't be too happy. After five minutes he heard footsteps on the stairs coming towards him. He turned his head.

"Hi,"Harleigh greeted.

"Can't sleep?"

She shook her head. He nodded, unsure of what to say.

"You been here all night?" she asked.

"Yeah, Michonne should be up soon."

She nodded."I'll stay 'till then."

She sat down at the edge of the tower, swinging her legs. He watched her for a moment before looking away at the surrounding area.

"Hey, Rick?"


"Thank you."

"For what?"he asked a little confused.

"Everything, I guess. You're doing a great job."

"Thanks Leigh. It's good to hear that once in a while."

He sat down next to her, furrowing his brow.

"Ya scared or anything?"

"A little,"she replied quietly.

He nodded.

"It's scary enough fainting and not remembering what happened... but a heart attack? Scares the shit outta me."

"Well, we ain't gonna let it get that far, Leigh. We'll take good care of you. Glenn's going to get medicine in the morning."

"Rick? I uh... I don't want anyone to go out of their way for me."

"We're just doing what you'd do for us,"he said with a little nod.

"Thank you."

He smiled."No problem, Leigh. Now, I think you should get back and try to sleep."

"I'll try,"she mumbled getting up.

Once again Rick was left alone in the watch tower. He didn't know what he was looking out for. The Governor? Everyday he grew stronger. Maybe Rick should be the one to find him first.



Random POV change as you saw. It's weird, I'm only getting a little used to it. I had to change it 'cause I have an idea and I can't do it in first person. So whenever I write in first person it's ALWAYS Harleigh, never writing in Daryl's POV or Rick's or anyone elses. When I write in 3rd person you guys won't know what Harleigh's thinking. All clear? Good, good.

Just want to thank everyone for the feedback. I dunno how to show how much they mean to me, seriously as stupid as that sounds it means SO much. I've never really did something like this before so it's weird seeing so many people interested I don't really know what to say y'know? So I'm really REALLY grateful for you guys taking the time to read and vote and comment and all that :) thank you all so much you're all fab

Really sorry about slow updates I'm updating WHENEVER I can, which is... sorta never because the internet sucks but I am writing in all of my free time so... there are chapters waiting. AND I'M PUTTING ANOTHER ONE UP YAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaAAy


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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