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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 44: Annabelle

"Annabelle... Summers. Annabelle Summers. Yes! That's it!"she whispered to herself.

She stared up at the tent canvas above her that shielded her from the dangerous night sky. She had grown used to the shuffling noises outside of her tent. Maybe a possum or maybe a dead guy. She didn't want to think about it. She'd worry about it later when a mess of a man would stagger in, concave skull gleaming in the moonlight, rotting arms outstretched in attempt to grab her and pull her towards his piranha like mouth.

"I went to school in... in..."she frowned."My parents names were..."

She groaned and covered her face in her hands. She couldn't sleep. She hadn't slept in a long long time. The last time she even shut her eyes was when she knew some one had her back. But he was gone, just like everyone else. She started to wonder whether or not she was the only one left. If she was maybe she should join them. She had three bullets left in a gun that had never left her side. Not even once.

It was her fault she was alone. She had been too slow, too afraid. Her brother Derrick had been overpowered by a monster. More than one monster, maybe about a dozen had surrounded their camp. She had watched, in slow motion as he older brother was ploughed to the ground and several pairs of rotting teeth sunk into his flesh. He let out one bloodcurdling scream, then as if he remembered her, he turned and waved her off.

"GO! RUN!" he screeched.

She remembered shaking her head so much her brain rattled inside her skull. She was blinded by salty tears but through them, she saw the undead rise to their feet again and hobble towards her. She knew he was gone and she made promise to him. She raised her gun and sent a slug through the top of his head. The blow had jerked her body back, shaking the shock out of her system, she spun around a hurtled blindly through the woods.

Annabelle rolled onto her side and picked up a wristwatch. It still ticked but she was unsure if it was correct. It told her it was 3:30. She hoped it was right, it meant it would be light soon and she could get a move on. A move on to where she did not know. She had no plan, Derrick had all of the plans. Plans he never bothered to tell her.

She shut her mind up by praying silently until the sun rose. The light of day that seeped into the tent filled her with such joy she smiled. She rarely smiled now. She rolled out of her cot. Now she had to make a decision. Pack up the tent and bring it with her or leave it behind and come back later? She decided to leave it behind, it would slow her down. She crinkled her nose, her shirt was stained with blood and God only knows what else. She pulled it off and tugged on another.

"What's the point?"she sighed, thinking the new shirt would be dirty within seconds probably.

She pulled on her grey hiking boots, folding her tracksuit pants into the tops of them. She scraped her thinning dirty-blonde hair into a high ponytail. Her hair was much darker than it used to be, coated in grease, dirt and probably blood. She wrapped a red bandanna around her head, keeping her hair out of her eyes. She tightened the white bandaged on her bicep and stood up. The only melee weapon she had was a an old baseball bat. She grasped end of it in her right hand, tucking the pistol into the back of her belt, making sure the safety was off. Didn't want to blast her ass off. She unzipped the tent and stuck her head out. The coast was clear.

She stepped outside cautiously. She felt silly zipping the tent up, there was no one around and if there was they could get into the tent easy enough. She didn't have anything important in there anyway. All of her possessions now fit into her small backpack, strapped onto her back. She knew there was a town nearby, she had seen it before she settled down in the woods. She didn't like the woods very much, there were creepy crawlies lurking in the undergrowth. She trudged through the trees in the direction of where the town was.

Well, where she hoped it was.

When it came to direction Anna relied on luck. This time, for once, luck was on her side. For now. She didn't want to run into any bandits. They scared her. They were bigger than her, there were more of them than her and they had better weapons. She wouldn't take them on. She rarely took on biters. Only when they attacked her. She preferred being quiet and stealthy. She had seen many people run at situations full steam ahead and it would end badly. She didn't see the point of being violent or rushing into things, it wasted energy. Valuable energy.

She edged carefully towards the town, hiding behind the leftovers of cars. She felt stupid again. Just a while ago she believed she was the last girl standing and now she's scurrying like a rat in an empty town. Hiding. Hiding from who? From what? Everything. It's what she was best at. Only a little more than a year ago she hid in the corridors of high school, away from the prowling bullies. She was scared then and she was scared now. Scared and alone. Something she was used to.

She checked the street both ways before hurrying across and into a shop. The bell above the door dinged. That seemed normal but a dead shop keeper stumbling onto her crooked feet and staggering forwards wasn't. Well, it's something you'd get used too. Still, Anna flinched. She hated the noise of her bat swooshing through the air and cracking the plump woman's skull open like a coconut. Relief washed over her once the woman fell limp. Anna hated beating their heads in. No matter how many times she had been told she still saw them as human. She knew it had to be done. She was alive, they were not. She walked through the empty aisles. It looked grim, she wouldn't find breakfast here. She dropped to her hands and knees and peered under the shelves.

"AH HA!"she said louder than she wanted.

She slapped her hand across her mouth before reaching under the dusty shelves. Her finger tips brushed against the cool glass. She stretched out and grabbed the jar. She rolled it towards her. It was a jar of honey. Her hazelnut eyes gleamed with hunger. She would nearly eat her own foot she was so hungry. She sat down on the ground and popped the lid off. She dunked her finger in and scooped it into her mouth. She would be greedy today, she deserved it. She mightn't live to finish the jar if she saved it for later. She wiped her honey coated lips and stood up.

Out of habit, she tossed the empty jar into a bin beside the door. She pulled the door open slightly and squeezed outside. She paused slightly. What was that? An engine? She hurried back into the store again. She peered out of the window. A tank rolled up. The army? Where the army still here?! She was frozen to the spot, to scared to move. She knew what they had done in the early days of the apocalypse. Her aunt had been in hospital. Anna managed to escape without being hit by a wild bullet, but for everyone else who hadn't been as lucky had perished inside of the building.

Her eyes watched the tank open up. Two men in lab coats climbed out and went to the side of the road. There were still people alive. Yet, she didn't run to them. She was lonely but not stupid. They crouched low placing something onto the ground. She frowned as they hurried back inside the tank. It rolled down the road away from the store and whatever was left on the road. She popped her head outside the door. Curiosity overcame fear. She jogged over to the thing on the ground and stared at it. It was a thin black disc with a blinking red light. She wanted to kick it but decided she better not. She looked around, spotting three walkers heading towards her. She whimpered quietly and turned to run away.

The sound of her boots hitting the footpath were outdone by the sudden blast behind her. She felt her weight lift off the ground behind her as she was thrown forward. Her body skidded alone the hard ground, coming to an abrupt stop. She rolled onto her back and groaned. She needed to get up, that explosion would attract more of them. She stared at the clouds for a second before sitting up. Her ears picked up the sound of an engine. She stumbled to her feet and backed slowly into a side alley.

She watched as the tank rolled over to where it had stopped before. The two men hopped out again with clipboards. They started scribbling down onto the pages, turned and high fived one another then got back into the tank. She wondered where they got the fuel to power that massive vehicle. She shrugged it off and hurried down the alley. Her feet made too much noise on the damp concrete. She ran for ages, it was a long narrow alleyway.

Dark too, even in the middle of the morning. She wasn't a fan of the dark. It still gave her the creeps. She dreaded the nighttime. Night time meant being alone in the dark. She was starting to feel claustrophobic but it would eventually come to an end. Right? Right. She came to the end. She soaked up the sun glad it was still in the sky.


She jumped back into the alley, swinging her bat blindly in front of her. It connected with a nose of a female walker. Once Anna gor a grip on herself she beat it's head in until it fell limply to the ground. She heard another engine. A different engine. A car pulled up across the road outside of a pharmacy. A young man of Asian decent and a young black woman climbed out of the car. They were talking. Anna strained her ears to listen.

"Either run, defend or fight,"the man was saying, pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket.

The woman didn't look too interested in what he was saying but he continued to yap. He looked nervous. Anna wondered was this town alive, were there people actually settled here.

"This is the third place we've tried now, it better have it. I don't want to go back without it, we've wasted all this fuel and I like where my nose is on my face"he continued.

The woman still said nothing.

"Let's just go before any lab coat thugs show up"she mumbled, barely audible for Anna to hear.

She unsheathed the sword on her back. A katana, Anna had seen one before.

They both disappeared inside of the building. Leaving the car unguarded. Anna stared at it. She could take it and get far from here. But to where she didn't know. She could head to the coast. She heard loads of people talking about getting to an island. She thought about the advantages of having a car. She thought and thought about the pros and cons. It made a lot of noise but it was faster than going on foot. She could sleep in it, she could keep everything in it and lock it but people could still break into it. No one had a problem breaking into anywhere these days. Or they could steal it along with her supplies, like she would do now.

They were going into a pharmacy... some one might be sick. They might really need the medicine. She didn't want her greed and selfishness to kill anyone. She wouldn't take the car. She wouldn't. Another engine. She peered around the corner, the tank. It was rolling towards the car slowly. Her eyes widened. The woman had been talking about them. Where they the bad guys or where the lab coats? Anna wanted to get out of there now but she was rooted to the spot. The tank stopped right behind the car. The two men got out again and walked up to it. One reached under the car.

"Engine is hot"he told the other.

"They're in there then."

"Do you think it's them?"

"Who else can it be? Have you seen anyone else recently?"

"No... should we go in or call the others?"

"We can handle it."

Anna didn't notice the gun in her hand. She held it up, almost against her will. BLAM BLAM. Two bullets, she needed to keep at least one. Always one. One man hit the ground instantly, the other had been alerted of her whereabouts. He spun and ran towards her. God, she hoped she shot the right people. She hurtled back down the alleyway, into the dark.


"YES! It's here Michonne, I found it!"Glenn called.

"Keep it down!"she hissed, she was looking through the feminine hygiene section.

Glenn was glad, he was still embarrassed getting the tampons.

"Sorry,"he looked at the label.

He couldn't pronounce it, but the letters matched the one on the list. He didn't dare look at the side affects. He didn't want to think of Harleigh's arm detaching itself. Michonne edged towards the window, she had heard an engine outside. Her breath hitched in her throat, a young woman about seventeen was in the alley across the road. How had she not spotted her?! The young girl raised her weapon. BLAM BLAM. Glenn jumped and dropped the bottle onto the ground.

"What was that?!" he whispered, loud enough for Michonne to hear.

She had ducked away from the window, thinking the girl had seen her. The window on the other side of the door had shattered. What a bad shot, Michonne thought. She gathered herself and peered out of the window again. The alley was empty.

"Let's get out of here,"Michonne said, opening the door slowly.

"Michonne wait!"

She looked down at the ground. Blood pooled around the body dressed in a white coat.

"Whoa. What?"Glenn said.

Michonne frowned, there had been two gunshots. She looked at the alley again.

"Get in the car Glenn."

"Wait, what?"

"Just do it. I'll be back."

She raced after the girl before Glenn could protest. He watched her go and then glanced at the tank parked behind the car. It had been a close call. He climbed into the car and waited.

Michonne had come out the other side of the alley. She saw the White Coat and a huge gun in his hands. It was white and purple and looked more like a water gun than whatever the hell it was. She saw the young girl hide behind a car. There was a loud zooming noise. The purple parts of the gun glowed then BLAM a loud blast shot out the end straight towards the car, sending it into the air. Midair it engulfed into flames.

The young girl covered her head with her arms in a feeble attempt to protect herself but the car flew over her and crashed to the ground behind her. She uncovered her head and looked up. Her wide scared eyes fell on Michonne. Michonne placed a finger on her lips and edged towards the man who was too focused on his weapon to realise she was dangerously close to her.

Michonne swung her katana, sweeping his head clean off his neck. His body stood alone for 3 seconds before collapsing head first. Michonne wiped the blood of the blade on his back. She looked down the road at the girl, cowering on the ground. She put her katana away and walked towards her. The girl raised her gun and pointed at Michonne. Michonne raised her hands slowly.

"Ain't gonna hurt ya,"she said calmly.

The girl's hand shook, but she lowered her gun and sat up properly. Michonne crouched down in front of her. Michonne's eyes traveled over the girl.

"You hurt?"

The girl shook her head.

"That's good,"she said quietly, not sure of what to do now.

"Thank you,"the girl said in a small voice.

"No problem. We owed you one. Thank you,"Michonne said, the side of her mouth curling up ever so slightly.

"I'm Annabelle... Annabelle Summers,"she said, holding out her hand.

Michonne hesitated before taking it and pulling the girl to her feet.

"Michonne"she said, after a nodded.

"Well, seeya around,,"she said, turning away.

Michonne frowned.

"Are you alone?"

"Yes,"she confirmed, continuing to walk.

"The prison,"Michonne said loudly.

Anna stopped and faced her.

"If you change your mind,"she shrugged.

Anna nodded again and walked away again. Michonne watched her. Maybe she should have made her come back to the prison, she was young and alone and maybe she shouldn't have mentioned it at all.


2nd Chapter of today, might put another up tomorrow if everything goes to plan ;D

Can't wait for the feedback guys! :) x


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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