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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 47: Silence

Anna stumbled through the weeds that had poked their way up through the grass of the golf course. It looked odd, seeing something you pictured as neat to be the complete opposite. She wasn't alone in the field either, dead guys were now staggering towards her. She was too tired to care. Ahead, she saw a clubhouse, shelter. She had lost her tent. She was furious with what had happened the previous day. She had found a town, a lot safer than the others she had come across. It still had food, maybe even water. Now it was gone in a puff of smoke. She found herself sitting on the steps of the clubhouse. Her stomach ached and groaned.

Walkers were now circling like vultures. She had to drag herself up the steps to where a door was. She shoved it open, coughing as plume of dust escaped. She looked around the room, silence filling her ears. It was as if there had been a bar fight in here. The shelves behind the bar were broken and littered with shattered glass. There were bullet holes everywhere. Tables and chairs were overturned as if a hurricane had blown right through the room. Some serious shit went down in this room. There was something eerie about it. The clubhouse creaked in the wind. This was a bad idea, Anna thought.

She hated herself for not going with Michonne. Why hadn't she left with her? Michonne had risked her life to save her from that man. And that gun. Anna had felt like she had been transported into a sci-fi movie. But, honestly, if the dead could walk then why rule out anything else? She uprighted two chairs and pulled them together as a make shift bed. She would check out the area when she woke up in the morning.
Rick was pacing up the cell block. Daryl watched him, back and forth, back and forth. Carol was bouncing Luke on her knee. He had been screaming for three hours straight now. Eva sat beside her with her head hanging. She was apologising over and over. Carol brushed it off, although she was getting tired. Luke was keeping everyone awake in the block, this included Judith. She would be quiet for a while before screaming along with Luke. Beth held her, shushing her, Charlotte kept smoothing Judith's arm hoping it would calm her down. Beth had long given up singing to the baby, nothing could be heard over Luke's cries.

"This is ridiculous,"Rick hissed to Hershel.

He was leaning against the wall, sometimes dozing in and out of consciousness. Everyone had tried different techniques to calm Luke.

"He probably misses mom,"Eva said, desperate for some one to understand.

She was feeling awfully guilty. Carl and Glenn held their heads in there hands.. Both close to losing it. The cell door swung open, slamming against the wall. Harleigh stomped in, a scowl on her face. Jay followed her in shaking his head. There was no point in asking in what was wrong. No one would hear the answer. She pushed passed Daryl and up the steps. Jay stood beside Hershel.

"Still no change?" he asked.

Hershel shook his head.

"Fed him, bathed him, sang to him, cradled him. Nothin'. Maybe he has a bug, headache or maybe he misses his mother,"Hershel replied, shouting over the shrill shrieks.

"Luckily enough ya can't hear nothin' in the other block."

"Migh' go there t'sleep,"Daryl said stifling a yawn.

He was bumped to the side by Harleigh. She had a knitted blanket in one hand. Daryl recognised it, one of the older ladies had given it to her when she was unconscious. Harleigh went over to Luke and threw the blanket over him, covering him from head to toe. The wailing died down. Everyone's ears were ringing. Judith calmed down almost immediately. Everyone stared at Harleigh in awe. Her scowl faded to a smile.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief, smiling sleepily. One by one they slunk back to their beds. Daryl clapped Rick's shoulder.

"Y'feelin' okay, man?"

"I think so. Head hurts. I gotta go to sleep,"he muttered, rubbing his eyes before taking Judith off Beth.

She dragged her feet to her cell. Charlotte and Eva, who carried Luke followed Carol to her cell. Carol had basically adopted Charlotte, everyone guessed she would do the same for Eva and Luke, with help of course. Harleigh followed Daryl upstairs to Harleigh's cell. Daryl had refused taking one when they first arrived in the prison, he had one for a short amount of time before moving to the tent. Now, the block was nearly full. He decided to move into Harleigh's feeling like he was taking up to much space in corridor.

"Y'okay Leigh?"Daryl asked.

He felt he was always asking that. Asking her, or Rick, or Carol whoever were they okay. He couldn't do anything if they weren't but he could listen to Harleigh. Anyone else he'd blank. He didn't know why, he just did.

"I'm just tired. I spent the whole evening mopping up some guy's vomit. I don't even know how he had that much in him. I'm starving. I feel sick too, after looking at it, ugh,"she sat down on the bed, creating a loud screech as the springs protested.

Daryl noticed her clench her jaw. He knew she didn't want to complain about every little thing and she rarely did. Compared to everyone else she came across as content with the situation, except when it came to food but that was understandable. Daryl sat next to her, the bed creaking again. He caught Harleigh's features twitching.

"Fix it tomorrow,"Daryl promised.

She shook her head and lay down.

"I don't even care, I'm so tired."

"Y'do care, I can tell."

"I don't care."

"Alrigh' then. Grouchy."

Harleigh's eyes shot open. She smirked.

"Did you seriously just do that?"

"Do wha'?" Daryl asked, innocently.

She playfully smacked his shoulder.

"Hey, watchit,"Daryl joked.

"Or what?"

"I dunno... Y'got tickles?"




He grinned and grabbed her sides. She shrieked loudly.

"Shhh, shhh!" Daryl chuckled.

"Stop then! No! STOP!"she giggled trying to push him away.


They both jumped and turned to face Glenn.

"Shut. The. FUCK. Up,"he snarled.

"Sorry,"Daryl mumbled.

Glenn shook his head and left. Daryl turned to Harleigh who had her lips pressed together.

"We got in trouuuble,"she said in a sing song voice.

"Shakin' in m'boots,"Daryl joked, lying down beside her."Hey, tha' David guy. He really piss 'emself?"

"Yup,"she grinned, turning on her side to face him.

He smiled proudly at her.

"Thought he was gonna go again when you got him,"she laughed.

Daryl's expression changed to something serious.

"Was gonna kill 'em, Leigh."

She shrugged her right shoulder.

"Anyway, y'knocked him off his feet. Y'can take care y'self if somethin' happens t'me-"

"Stop. Don't go there."

"Leigh, Rick was bit t'day."

"And I saved his ass and everything's okay."

"I ain't gonna last forever."

"Shut up."

"Leigh, I'm serious."

She frowned at him.

"You go and I follow."

"No. Now y'bein' stupid."

"You're stupid."

They were both frowning at each other now, both irritated at the other. Daryl was the first to let it go. He sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Ha! I won!" Harleigh grinned triumphantly.

"Leigh,"he said, holding back a smirk.

"Sorry,"she mumbled.

He had been successful holding back the small smile that was now creeping across his face. She moved his hair out of his face, making him freeze.

"Just don't talk like that again."

Daryl's eyes found hers. He wouldn't admit it but he was frightened for her. If something happened to him who would look after her? Rick? Glenn?

"I won't,"he said.

She nodded and nuzzled into his chest.

"Now stop talkin', I'm tired,"she grumbled.

Daryl scoffed and rolled his eyes. She was peering up at him with a cheeky smile on her face. He smiled back at her before shutting his eyes to sleep.


Glenn sat crouched, his hands covering his ears. He was close to tears again, he didn't want to hear anymore but no matter how hard he pressed his ears he still could hear.

"I dreamt about lasagne last night."


"Yeah, ugh, it was gorgeous."

"Harleigh. Please. No,"Glenn begged.

Glenn doubted that she did actually dream about lasagne last night. She was bored and he was hungry. Before she could go into detail Michonne appeared in the tower, signaling the end of Harleigh's shift. She slapped his back and disappeared down the steps. Glenn's stomach rumbled loudly making Michonne chuckle.

"It's not funny,"he muttered, leaning against the railings and searching the area for threats.

Nothing was ever there but Glenn would rather strain his eyes and go blind than miss any sign of oncoming danger. They were quiet for a while. Michonne never said much, only when needed or if you spoke to her first.

"What if some one comes to the gate?" she said out of the blue.

Glenn barely turned his eyes to her, not wanting to take them off the woods.

"As long as they're not wearing labcoats we'll give them a chance."

"They could just take them off,"Michonne pointed out as if it was obvious.

And it was.

How had Glenn not thought of that? Why on earth would they walk up to the prison wearing the labcoats? Glenn smacked himself in the forehead.

"I'm so stupid."

Michonne watched him, flicking her eyes away from him to the woods and back again.


Carol watched Harleigh walk up and down holding Luke in her arms. He had been screaming again and she came just in time to give Maggie a break. The baby was still weeping but barely made a sound.

"Okay, you're better at this than I am,"Maggie groaned, flopping down on the bottom step of the stairs.

"Nah, he's just a cranky baby-sorry,"she said to Eva.

Eva smiled shyly.

"SNAP!" Charlotte yelled, slamming her hand down on the playing cards.

"Shhhh,"Carol whispered, placing a finger on her lips.

"Sorry,"Charlotte apologised, placing her own finger on her lips.

There was a loud bang upstairs followed by Jay's booming laughter. Carol made an impatient noise, rolling her eyes.

"Hard to get any sleep around here huh, Luke?" Harleigh murmured, shifting his weight in her arms."Jesus, he's heavy."

"DARYL BROKE THE BED!" Jay yelled, sounding like a child tattling on another.

Harleigh rolled her eyes. Both men came out of the cell and leaned of the banister.

"Could get one in a shop,"Daryl suggested.

"Son, ya can't even fix a creaky spring. What makes ya think ya can put a bed together?" Jay teased.

Daryl gave him a half smile, not really looking at him.

"There's a house just up the road, Daryl. There'd be one there,"Harleigh told him.

He nodded and began to descend the stairs.

"We'll bring Tyreese and Rick if he ain't busy,"Jay said.

"Rick's ugh... Well, I don't know what he's doing but I don't think you should bother him,"Carol informed them.

"We will ask Nathan! If he's still breathing,"Jay said, cheerily.

Daryl caught Harleigh's eye but said nothing. No one had seen Nathan since Krista died, no one wanted to. Grandpa Jay was always very forgiving. Although Nathan hadn't done anything wrong, no one liked Krista.

"Pack up, I'll go get 'em!"

Daryl sighed a little and stood next to Harleigh. He glanced at the dozing baby to her. He looked like he needed to say something but not in front of the others.

"No point in saying be careful is there?" Harleigh asked, raising her brow.

He glanced the others, Maggie looked like she was falling asleep, Eva and Charlotte were now playing Go Fish and Carol was folding clothes and blankets. It was all very peaceful, Daryl wondered how long this would last. This whole prison set up. He didn't believe they would stay here forever, but it was okay for now. Daryl took Luke out of her arms and peered down at him. He was fast asleep now. Daryl smiled a little, then glanced back at Harleigh who was watching him closely. Maggie's eyes had shot open and was staring at the couple.

"Uh, will I uh?" Daryl stammered.

"Yeah, Carol's cell,"Harleigh replied quickly.



Carol moved her eyes from her work to Maggie. They smirked at each other. They watched as Daryl awkwardly left. Harleigh caught the exchanging looks and they all burst into a fit of giggles.


Nathan sat quietly in the back of the truck. He sat opposite the huge hole that had been blasted into the side. That seemed like forever ago. He remembered escaping with Rick's group from the White Coats and Rick being shot. He could feel Daryl's glare burning him like two lasers digging into his skin. He knew everyone at the camp thought he was up to something. He wasn't. He had given Krista the injection because no one liked her.

He thought maybe he should stop the research. He didn't really know what he was doing anyway. He thought he could accomplish something, just because he had been around a bunch of scientists. He bet half of them never opened a biology book. He had tried and he had failed. Now there was another layer of blood on his hands. They had all done stuff to survive. Nathan had gone to extreme lengths, even letting people experiment on him.

He still had scars, he still had nightmares. He was still scared. Now more than ever. He had no asset to the group, only that he had half diagnosed Harleigh. Apart from that he just ate their food. He never asked to be fed, Carol just brought stuff down to him. She had stopped doing that now. It was usually Tyreese accompanied by another man he didn't know. Hershel had stopped visiting him with theories. No one looked at him, they were all afraid of him, like he was hiding his own lab coat under his bed. Even Harleigh ignored him. After he stood up for her many times when they were with Sarah her sister and even in the prison. He was on her side and she doubted him. It drove him mad.

"Can you stop?" he snapped at Daryl, turning to face him.

Daryl raised a brow.

"Stop wha'?"

"Staring at me like that."

"Ain't doin' nothin'."

"Sure you're not,"Nathan muttered.

The truck pulled over outside the house. The men hopped out and surveyed the area.

"Seems alright,"Tyreese reported.

"Let's just get it over with,"Nathan grumbled.

"Y'scared?" Daryl sneered.

"No. I'm not."

"Sure looks like it."

"Now boys! Let's play nice, huh?" Jay intervened.

They looked at him then back to each other, glaring. Tyreese rolled his eyes, walking to the door. He pushed it open and led the others into the empty house.

"Y'know, we could bring back some other furniture. Make the place a little more like a home,"Jay commented.

"Sure, why not?"

"Yeah, not like this guy needs a couch,"Daryl said, raising his crossbow and shooting a walker that had just staggered out from the kitchen.

"Tyreese and I will get started down here, you an' Nate get the bed,"Jay said as he wandered into one of the rooms.

Tyreese followed after him.

"Are ya tryna get 'em to sort the differences or something?" Tyreese asked with a grin.

"No point in 'em livin' together an' hatin' each other,"Jay replied signaling to the coffee table.

They both grabbed one end and lifted.

"It's awfully quiet up there,"Tyreese joked.

Jay shook his head, chuckling.

Upstairs, Daryl and Nathan had found a bed.

"Gotta remember that it has to fit into a tiny cell,"Nathan said.

"I know tha'."

"That's sorta too big."

"I can see tha'. Y'callin me dumb?"

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Daryl shook his head and pulled the mattress off the frame.

"We're jus' gonna bring the mattress, it'll fit."

"Fair enough,"Nathan shrugged, grabbing one end. "How's Harleigh doin'?"

"She's fine,"Daryl drawled, not in the mood for conversation.

"She eatin' okay?"

Daryl rolled his eyes and tugged the mattress towards the door.

"She sleeping well? Able to stay standing?"

"Why th'hell d'ya care?" Daryl snapped.

"Oh, I dunno 'cause she's my friend? Or was."

Daryl scoffed.

"I dunno if you realise Daryl, but I had her back out there when she left you guys. Me and Andy. We were on her side."

"Still chose Woodbury."

"And you wouldn't? We were tired, they had food."

"Yeah, an' y'left her on her own!" Daryl yelled.

"She got back didn't she?! No thanks to your redneck brother!"

Daryl dropped the mattress and stormed up to Nathan. Nathan was taller, only by a tiny bit, but that didn't stop Daryl from intimidating him.

"What y'sayin' 'bou' my brother?" he growled, a warning.

"He nearly killed her. Then what would you do? Still forgave him for kidnapping Glenn and Maggie. You wouldn't of cared. Harleigh's just a good fuck-"

Y'better watch y'fuckin' mouth,"Daryl snarled, shoving Nathan away.

He barely stumbled.

"You're in over your head man. You don't know what you're dealing with-"

"You jus' stay the fuck away from Leigh. An' everyone else,"he said, going back to the mattress.
Nathan scowled.



"I have as much right to be in that prison as you. I ain't gonna sit locked away."

"Y'do nothin' BUT sit 'roun' all day."

"That's not true! I figured out what was wrong with Harleigh."

"Big deal. Ya did nothin' 'bou' it. That was Hershel."

"He's a vet, Daryl."

"Yeah, well, y'ain't even tha' much."

"I still studied chemistry and biology. HUMAN biology at that. Unless ya see your girlfriend as some pig-"

"Watch it."

Nathan shook his head.

"Those pills Glenn got yesterday, they're gonna make her sick."

Daryl ignored him and pulled the mattress out the door.

"It does work, but she's already eating so little. That stuff can make a person physically get sick. She'll starve."

"Shut up, she ain't gonna starve."

"She will-"

"AND WHAT DO Y'SUPPOSE WE DO? Huh? I don't seeya comin' up with any suggestions, jus' shootin' down Hershel's ideas. He's got us this far without y'help."

"Her body needs to just balance itself out."

"Fuck off."

"Whoa, let's jus' calm down up here, yeah?" Jay said appearing in the door beside Daryl.

Daryl nearly lashed out at him, but got a grip just in time. He let go of the mattress again.

"I'm goin' back,"he muttered, heading towards the stairs.

"What about the bed?"Nathan called after him.

"If y'care so damn much y'can do it!" he shouted back.

Jay's mouth fell into an 'o' shape.

"Oh dear,"he said quietly.

Nathan started to feel guilty for setting him off like that. He knew Daryl cared an awful lot about Harleigh, maybe he shouldn't have brought it up at all.


Beth, Maggie and Harleigh had now joined Charlotte and Eva in their card games. They had even made up a new game to pass the time, the sun was setting outside and one by one the others were returning to the block. Michonne, Glenn and Carol sat and watched the game, not really following the rules.

"I hope the others are okay,"Carol said, turning her attention to the door.

She hated when people from the group were gone for a long time. She always thought that something bad had happened.

"WALKER!" Charlotte shouted, jumping onto Maggie's lap.

Everyone leapt to their feet. Rick came out of his cell with his gun ready. Maggie threw her cards down.

"Well, damn."

"Language,"Hershel warned.

"I thought there was a..." Glenn said, after nearly falling out of his seat.

Rick shoved his gun back into his holster and disappeared into his cell again.

"I give up,"Harleigh said, putting her cards down too.

She got to her feet and yawned.

"I just remembered I don't have a bed..."

As if on cue, Daryl came in.

"Where's my bed?"

He strode up to her and cupped her face in his hands. He dipped his head down to her. His lips found hers.

"Whooo!" Glenn cheered as everyone gawped at them.

Daryl was usually a no PDA kind of guy.

"Yuuuck,"Charlotte said, covering her eyes.

Harleigh pulled away, looking as shocked as everyone else.

"Are you okay? What happened?"

He didn't reply, just kissed her again. Maggie punched Beth in the arm, letting out a little squeal. Beth rubbed her arm but smiled anyway.

"You're scaring me,"Harleigh said with a nervous laugh.

"Hands off my granddaughter!" Jay boomed coming into the block.

Daryl jumped a bit, as if realising everyone else was watching them with wide eyes. He turned a shade of pink and stared at his feet. Instead of saying anymore Jay went straight to his cell. Everyone guessed he was only kidding and didn't really care.

"Where's my bed?" Harleigh asked.

"Outside, I guess."

"You guess?"

Daryl shrugged, returning somewhat back to normal. He led the way outside, Harleigh following behind.

"Did you all SEE that?!" Maggie exclaimed.

Everyone nodded, grinning.


"So what was that about?" Harleigh asked cautiously.

"What was wha' 'bou'?" he muttered, annoyed at himself.

"You're so weird,"Harleigh mumbled, frowning.

Nathan had pulled the mattress out of the back of the truck.

"Glad you got home okay,"he said, barely glancing at Daryl.

"What?" Harleigh asked.

"He stormed off."

"'Cause y'pissed me off,"he snapped.

Nathan rolled his eyes before turning them to Harleigh.

"How are you?"

"Tired,"she replied shortly.

Nathan nodded.

"We'll unload it tomorrow, I'm beat,"Tyreese said, leaving for the prison.

"Here, I'll help you bring this in,"Nathan said indicating to the mattress.

"We can do it,"Daryl muttered.

Nathan through his hands up.

"Jesus Christ,"he groaned, shaking his head.

"Thanks Nate,"Harleigh said, looking very amused.

"I don't know how he doesn't put years on you"he muttered, walking away.

Harleigh turned back to Daryl and he lifted the mattress onto its side. She folded her arms.

"What's going on with you?"

"He pisses me off."

"Sure didn't look like that when you first came in."

"I kissed ya. Wha's the big deal?"

"The others looked shocked,"she said, smiling.

"Yeah, well they can keep their damn noses out."

Harleigh shook her head and walked up to him.

"C'mon. What's going on?"

"Nothin's goin' on. Leave it."

"Are you dying or something?" she joked.

"I'm not."

She raised her eyebrow at him.

"Nathan jus' put me on edge okay?"

"About what?"

"'Bou' you... 'n' tha' medicine."

"I've taken it."

Daryl looked at her. "Y'have?"

"Yeah? Why?"

"He's sayin' it could make y'sick..."

"Well, duh. It's medicine. They can all make anyone sick."


She grinned at him."So, you do care?"

"Goddamn, Leigh, course I do."

She shrugged a little."It's nice to know."

"Yeah, whatever. Help me with this."


hello. I have reappeared. Hope you enjoyed this little filler thing. IDK i get yelled at for call any of my chapters fillers...
thank ya for the comments :) i love you guys


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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