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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 51: There Are Others

I walked alone through the woods. Well, not completely alone. Daryl was with me, probably knew exactly where I was too. Michonne was walking him. Rick, Glenn were with us too. They walked together a good bit behind me, not as confident in the woods as Daryl and I were. I could hear them talking. I could pick up snippets of conversation, but I didn't pay much attention, it sounded lighthearted enough. Just goes to show how quiet the woods were.

It was an advantage that we could hear each other's whereabouts. Walkers were noisy and other people were noisy too, but no matter how hard I tried I could never hear Daryl. That frightened me, especially when it was just two of us. I never said anything about it, he would just laugh at me. I only knew where he was because of Michonne's footsteps. The way she walked was different from Rick and Glenn. She preferred to walk with Daryl because he never said much. Whereas I would eventually comment about the weather or something stupid like that.

I stopped suddenly. We were hunting. Not for dear, or squirrels. We were searching for the White Coats. A handy name Glenn came up with. We thought they had started the town fire. Nope, just two idiots with nothing else to do. Now, they were at the prison after being mugged by some woman. Some people doubted it was actually Sandra. It was, she had mentioned Tom. We told Eva that they couldn't find her but she still hoped. Some days she stood outside staring at the gate. Charlotte had managed to keep her occupied most of the time.

Eva was a good kid. Quiet. Unlike her brother. She was polite too and never showed a sign of being upset that her mom was missing. I was beginning to worry about Charlotte though. Whenever Eva talked about her family, Charlotte closed up. Her face showing no emotion. Just, blank. She had mentioned her dad to me once.

Daryl would definitely hear my arrow scrape off each other as I loaded my new bow. My new bow was freakin' awesome.

"Everythin' okay?" Daryl asked, appearing beside me.

He gave me a fright but I didn't jump. I had been expecting it.

"Thought I heard something,"I whispered.

"Me too."

He had his crossbow ready, we edged towards the noise just as Rick and Glenn caught up with us. They hesitated before following us.
I found her first. A young girl, around Beth's age. She sat by a fire. She caught sight of us and jumped to her feet. Both hands on her gun, she aimed at us, her hands shaking.

"Are you alone?" I asked.

"Y-yeah,"she replied.

"She's lyin',"Daryl said to me.

I nodded, it was obvious.

"No, she ain't alone."

I jump and turn towards the voice, staring down the barrel of a gun. Daryl is torn as to who to aim at. He's sees that my bow is still pointed at the girl but my grip was loose.

"Neither are they,"I hear Michonne say.

Her katana resting on the man's shoulder. Michonne catches my eye and I smirk. Defeat crossed the man's features.

"Okay waddiya want?"

Rick and Glenn enter the clearing, guns raised. The man looks to the girl and I follow his gaze, but she is staring awestruck at Michonne. Michonne does the same as me. Suddenly her katana leaves the man's shoulder.


The girl nodded and lowered her gun. Everyone else, except Daryl, lowers their weapon.

"You know these people?" the man demands.

"I know her and him,"Anna replies pointing at Glenn.

"This is the girl I told y'all about. She saved our asses at the pharmacy."

Daryl lowered the crossbow. I stared at the girl I owed my life to.

"Thank you,"I mumbled.

She nodded, blushing slightly.

"Wait a minute, wait minute. She told me you guys were settled."

Rick approached the man, his hand held out. The man grasped his hand and shook it.

"Name's Rick."

"...Finn,"he muttered.

"Did she tell you WHERE we were settled?" Michonne asked, her eyes wide.

The pair shook their heads. Rick nodded at Michonne.

"So what brings you people out here?" Finn asked, raising his brow.

He left my side and sat down in front of the fire. He placed his glock down on a small camping table, but I noticed a shotgun and rifle strapped to his back. I bet he has knives and other stuff tucked away. Nevertheless I returned my bow to it's place on my back. I kept my hand near my holster strapped to my thigh. Finn noticed my semi-automatic within my reach.

"Do sit,"he offered, gesturing to the logs placed around the fire.

Rick took one of the foldable chairs. I sat between Daryl and Glenn on the logs. Michonne remained standing. We looked to Rick for him to answer the question, but he stared at the fire crackling in front of us. He had his elbows propped up on his knees, his hands together like he was saying a prayer, his chin resting on his fingertips.

"I'll ask again. What are you doing out here?" Finn asked, a hint of frustration in his voice.

Rick's eyes found him.

"We're lookin' for uh... some one."

Finn raised his eyebrow.


Rick sat up straight.

"Seen any guys in long white coats around?"

Finn's expression hardened.

"So what if I have?"

"Stay away from them."

"Don't gotta tell me twice."

"Does she talk?" Daryl interrupted, nodding at Anna.

"No,"Finn replied, shortly.

Daryl glanced down at me.

"Why ya lookin' for these guys anyway?" Finn asked, leaning back in his chair.

He brought his ankle to rest on his knee, leaning against his elbow, he looked back at Rick.

"They're dangerous."

"Should ya not stay away from 'em then?"

Rick breathed a laugh, one corner of his mouth curling upwards.

"We'd rather not say."

Tension was thick between the two men. Even though Finn had only one other person on his side he didn't seem too frightened or worried what we could do to them. I noticed Anna fidget.

"We're looking for them too,"she blurted out.

Finn glared at her, causing her to shrink away and blush. This shifted the mood.

"You tell us why you're lookin' for 'em and we'll tell you our reasons,"Rick said. "Maybe we could work together."

Finn nodded.

"Fine, if you must know. They took my kids."

I flinched, grabbing his attention.

"Sorry, it's just I've been in there, it ain't nice,"I mumbled.

"Why where you in there? How did you get out?" Finn asked, I could hear hope in his voice.

"I-we broke in. For medicine. They've developed new medicine that can work wonders."

"New medicine? Like a cure?"

"No. No cure..."

"One of our guys, he was one of the people they experimented on. We rescued him,"Rick said.

"Maybe he knows my kids..."

"Maybe. We can go get him and bring him here."

"How can you guarantee we'll find each other again? These are my kids you gotta understand."

"Trust me, I do. I have two kids myself. We just can't bring you back to our camp."

"We're not dangerous people, I swear to ya,"Finn pleaded.

I cut in.

"Daryl's a real great tracker. We'll find this place again."

"What if we have to move?"

"Like I said, Daryl's a great tracker."

Daryl shifted uncomfortably beside me now that everyone was paying attention to him.

"Yeah, I guess,"he muttered.

Finn shook his head, clearly distraught.

"I can't let you leave. These are my kids-"

"Y'ain't gotta choice. There are more of us, y'can't make us stay."

I elbowed Daryl. He looked down at me in confusion.

"Stop threatening him,"I muttered from the corner of my mouth.

"How about a compromise? Glenn and Michonne will go and get Nathan and bring him here,"Rick suggested.

"Will y'be able find y'way back?" Daryl frowned.

Glenn looked at Michonne who shrugged. Daryl got up.

"Stay with Rick, Leigh. We'll be righ' back."

"Thank you, thank you,"Finn whispered as the three of them left the camp.

I scooted closer to Rick, feeling exposed sitting by myself. He sat back in his chair, his elbow resting on the arm. He rubbed his hand across his forehead before resting his eyes on me.

"How many kids?" Rick asked, still looking at me.

If I hadn't of known better I would have thought he was talking to me.

"My son and my little girl,"Finn replied.

I expected his voice to shake but it remained steady.

"Shame. We'll help you get them back,"Rick replied, a little carelessly.

He didn't believe they would be reunited. He didn't believe that Eva and Luke would be reunited with their mother either. I didn't think either way, shit happens but so do miracles. Then again, do we want to deal with a woman who could steal from two guys that were trying to reunite her with her kids? I don't think so.

"Do you have any food you could share? Leigh... has a medical condition. She's gotta eat."

"We all gotta eat."

Rick finally looked away from me to the other man, glaring.

"I have something,"Anna said quickly standing up.

I stood up too, feeling Rick's eyes follow me over to Anna. She zipped open her backpack. She took out a tin of soup. I helped her set up a pot to go over the fire.

"Leigh, is it?" she asked, shyly, not really looking me in the eye.

"Harleigh, but yeah,"I smiled.

She slowly raised her hand and I took it, giving it a firm shake. She emptied the tin into the pot and sat down. I picked up the tin and sat down beside her reading the label. I then glanced up over in Rick's direction. He was nodding, with a serious look on his face as Finn spoke, using a lot of hand movement. I threw the tin over my shoulder. Anna turned as the can hit a tree behind us.

"Listen. I gotta thank you, again... For saving Michonne and Glenn out there. If something happened to them well... It'd be on me,"I whispered.

"Are you sick?" she asked turning her hazel coloured eyes to me.

Her eyes held something I hadn't seen in a long time, innocence. Carl and Beth didn't have that look.

"I don't know,"I replied with a shrug.

I considered telling her, something told me that she could be trusted. I mean, Michonne, of all people, did.

"What's that on your wrist?" Finn's voice asked, breaking the silence.

Rick looked at the bandage wrapped from his wrist to his elbow.

"Cut myself on a car door."

"We have some stuff that might help with that."

"Finn,"Anna said, warning him.

I was a little shocked at her tone. She was a shy girl, I could tell that and I hadn't even spent twenty minutes with her. She definitely wasn't as brave as other people I came across.

"What? We have some antiseptics!"

"That won't be necessary,"Rick said, waving his hand.

"Not necessary? At the end of the world EVERYTHING is necessary,"he snapped.

He grabbed Rick's wrist. I shot to my feet, aiming my gun at his head.

"Cover your eyes, Anna. I don't want you to see this,"Finn hissed. It caused me to falter.

Cover her eyes? My gun clicked in my hand as his free hand found a knife. Rick tried to tug his hand away before drawing his gun on Finn. Without hesitating Finn swung his foot up kicked it out of his hand. Finn stood up, Rick's wrist in a vice like grip. Rick looked like he was in enough pain to scream.

"Finn please!" Anna begged standing beside me.

She didn't point any weapon at anyone. The two men were struggling now, toppling to the ground. I couldn't shoot without hitting Rick. Both Anna and I stood useless, unable to break up the fight as both men punched and kicked each other. I wanted to kick the gun to Rick but if Finn got it we were both screwed. Rick wrestled one of his hands free, reaching for his own gun. Finn stabbed down right between Rick's middle and forefinger, luckily missing skin but stopping Rick from reaching the gun.

"ARE YOU BIT?!" Finn screamed.

I grabbed the gun and aimed at my own head. Finn did a double take. Rick turned his wide eyes to me.

"Get off him or I'll do it."

"So?" Finn asked.

"Daryl comes back and I'm dead you're not gonna find ANYTHING out."

Finn stared at me, then ripped the bandages off Rick's forearm. He stumbled to his feet, taking a few steps back. Rick raised his hand to me. I lowered the gun and took his hand, pulling him off the ground.

"Were you bit?" Finn demanded.

"Yeah he was. But it's okay."

"Is he immune?"

"No. I am,"I sighed.

Great now more people knew. Anna gawped at me, then at Finn.

"... What have you a cure? How'd he survive the bite?" Anna whispered.

"I treated it like a snake bite."

They both nodded. Finn sat down.

"I didn't know there were more,"he mumbled.

"More?" I asked raising my brow.

"My son was taken... because he's immune too."

Rick and I stared at Finn. He looked up at Rick.

"I'm sorry man, for attacking ya..."

Rick shrugged. "It's understandable."

There was a gash on Rick's cheek, blood seeping out of it.

"I think we'll have that anti-septic now..."

"Of course, of course..."

Finn disappeared into the one tent he and Anna had. I turned back to her.

"Is he your dad?"

She shook her head. Finn waved us in and we took a seat on one of the cots. Finn opened up a first aid kit.

"I'll boil some water and be right back... with your soup too."

I could tell he felt guilty for hurting Rick. He left us alone. I started cutting the bandages to the right sizes.

"Alright?" I asked.

My eyes moved from the bandages to focus on him. He looked shaken up, as he should be.


I raised my eyebrow waiting for him to reply.

"You were gonna... for me?"

"Well, yeah,"I shrugged, as if it was no big deal that I was willing to take my own life to save Rick.

"Thank you..."

"No problem... Rick, you know I owe you. For trusting me and taking me in... putting up with all this... putting Carl and Judith, even the others in danger just for me. Least I can do is have your back."

He looked me in the eyes and nodded. His eyes were still breathtaking, no matter how many times I told myself to ignore that feeling they gave me. They could warm any cold bastard to the core. I smiled at him just as the tent opened. Finn settled a pot of boiling water on the table. Anna placed two bowls of soup down and we thanked them. I took Rick's arm and began cleaning the dirt out of the bite, he flinched and hissed a few times whenever the cloth swiped over one of the deeper patches. I then cleaned the cut on his cheek, avoiding looking him in the eye again.

"Right, now comes the sore part,"I grinned.

He laughed a little as I started dabbing antiseptic on his arm.

"What was it like?" Rick asked, trying to distract himself. "When you were bit first?"

"I can't remember much. I know I would've kept talking if Daryl hadn't shut me up,"I laughed a little. "When I woke up I had forgotten what happened... Then Daryl shot me."

"Shot you?" Rick asked looking shocked.

I nodded.

"Yeah, he missed my head though. Got my shoulder. Didn't we tell you?"

"I never asked,"he mumbled, looking guilty.

I shook my head.

"Y'had a lot on your mind."

He nodded and I was finished. He then stood up.

"Eat the soup."

He opened the tent and stepped outside. I saw Finn holding his head in his hands and Anna patting his shoulder. They both looked up.

"Pack everything up. We're taking you to Nathan,"Rick said.

They looked about as shocked as I felt. I did as I was told and took my bowl of soup. Rick and I sat side by side as they hurriedly packed everything up. I drank my soup steadily.

"So, you trust them?" I asked, still shocked.

"What if it was Carl or Judith..."

I nodded and smiled, glad he was trusting the pair. They seemed okay to me.

"Okay, we're ready."

We both got up and I led the way back towards the prison. We hurried so we could catch Daryl and the others before they passed us. I eventually came across their tracks from when they left. I laughed.

"What?" Rick asked, a little out of breath.

I pointed to the ground.

"You see these tracks? They're Glenn's."

"They go to that tree..."

"He walked into a tree,"I grinned, pointing to blood about eye level.

Rick chuckled and we continued walking until we hit the road.

"Found 'em,"I announced triumphantly.

It was one of the first times I've tracked without Daryl.

"Are you guys ok?"Michonne asked looking confused.

"Yeah. Decided to come. Why are you guys so slow? Ya shoulda been there by now."

"Glenn walked into a tree,"Daryl confirmed, a small smirk breaking onto his features.

Glenn scowled, a plaster stuck onto the bridge of his nose. Daryl walked to my side and laced his fingers between mine.

"I saw,"I said, casually although my heart was racing.

Wow, chill Harls, he's only holding your hand.

In public.

No big deal, no big deal at all.

I told myself this over and over as I felt my cheeks begin to flush. We walked at the back of the group, Rick leading the way followed closely by an eager Finn. Glenn stumbled along in front of us, looking dazed.

"Did he hurt himself bad?" I asked.

"Dunno. Was too busy laughin' at 'em."

I smacked his shoulder, smiling.

"You're horrible."

"Y'love it."

"That I do,"I smirked, leaning my head against his shoulder.

"Y'okay Glenn?" Daryl asked.

Glenn looked back over his shoulder, flicked a nod and turned back around. We both laughed a little. Daryl slowed down the pace. He let go of my hand. Before I could be disappointed his arm slinked around my waist. He then slipped his hand into my back pocket. I could feel the heat in my cheeks rising to boiling point. I bit my lip and smiled at the ground. We reached the gate and waited for some one to open it.

"Speak of the devil,"Rick mumbled, watching Nathan follow Carl down to the gate.

They shoved the gate open and we all entered into the grounds.

"Nate, this is Finn. He wants to know about the asylum,"I said, speeding things up.

Nathan stared blankly at Finn.

"My kids were taken there, I wanna find them."

"You don't want to find them."Nathan mumbled.

"I do,"Finn said with great certainty.

"If they're still alive they won't be normal."

"I don't care. Give me closure."

Nathan shrugged. "There were no kids. They were the first to go. All of 'em orphans."

"You're lying. They took my son and my daughter!"

I looked from Nathan to Finn and back again.

"He is lying,"I whispered.

I turned to Finn, frowning as something clicked in my mind.

"You're Charlotte's dad, aren't you?"

Finn crumpled up, crouching on the ground, he covered his face in his hands. Anna placed a hand on his shoulder, looking uncertain. He started nodding.

"Jesus..." Glenn whispered.

"Is she here? Is she okay?" Finn said looking up from his his hands.

I nodded and grabbed his hand.

"C'mon, she's inside."

I nearly had to drag him up the yard, he had gone into shock. The group followed us. I pushed the door open and led the way inside.

"What the hell happened to you?" I heard Maggie ask Glenn.

"Charlotte! Some one's here to see you!" I called from the common room.

Hershel stood in the doorway of the cell block looking confused. Charlotte hurried out, her hair bouncing with each step. I smiled as she stopped on the spot. She stared wide eyed at Finn for a split second then flung herself into his opening arms.

"Oh my god,"Anna whispered, placing a hand on her heart.

She turned to me. "How'd you figure it out?"

"He told you to cover your eyes."

Finn pulled back from his daughter and looked at all of us.

"Where's Evan?" he asked.

Rick shook his head.

"Leigh and Nathan only rescued her... I'm sorry..."

Finn sniffled and hugged Charlotte again. I actually felt tears well up in my eyes but I fought them back. Carol, Maggie and Beth had come to see what had happened. Carol instantly had tears in her eyes. She had to say goodbye to another child. Charlotte was like her own daughter. I reached out my arm and she nearly ran in for my one arm hug. She rested her head on my shoulder, clasping her hand around her mouth. I leaned my cheek on the top of her head.

"Charlotte, baby, do you know what happened to Evan?" Finn asked.

"He's sick."

"We asked her was she alone and she said yeah,"Nathan said, folding his arms.

"Oh, so now ya remember,"Daryl snarled.

Nathan sighed and hung his head. Finn stood up.

"I wanna thank y'all for looking after her... but I gotta ask for one more favor."

"What is it?" Rick asked hesitantly.

"I gotta do somethin', but I can't take her with me. Can she stay for another while?"

We stared in shock at him. He had just been reunited with his daughter, now he was going to leave again? Rick simply nodded.

"Whatever you want. We'll take care of her 'till ya come back and when ya do, there will be room for you and your son..."

"Thank you, y'awful kind... "

"Please, take time to rest up first,"Rick said, showing the now rare southern hospitality.

Finn walked over to him and started talking quietly. Charlotte turned her eyes up to me.

"I have to tell daddy I stabbed the Governor."

"Best keep that yourself,"I muttered, smiling slightly.

Charlotte smiled and ran back into the cell calling Eva.

"I didn't even know she had a brother,"Carol mumbled.

"She never told anyone about her family, or what happened, don't start beating yourself up, Carol, you're doing a great job,"I heard myself say.

I loosen my grip on Carol as she nodded. She walked back to the cell, followed by Finn. I heard him laughing as Charlotte told him about her loose tooth. Everyone began to disperse, going off in several directions to finish last minute chores. Anna hesitantly went into the cellblock to find Finn. Rick, Daryl and I stood in the room.

"So, successful day or not?" I asked.

Daryl looked at Rick as if he had only noticed he was in the room.

"What happened y'face?" he asked.

"There was a misunderstandin'."

"So he knifed ya? Tha' son'uv'a bitch."

"It's fine, Daryl, don't worry 'bout it."

Daryl then turned his gaze to me. "An' y'broke it up didn'tcha?"

I shrugged and smirked. Daryl looked at Rick who laughed slightly.

"Aren't we lucky we have her?"

"We sure are..." Daryl mumbled.

I winked at them.

"I have things to do, so I'll see ya around,"I left the prison and went outside.

I walked over to where we had started clearing rubble. There was one pile for stuff that might be of use, e.g bricks for smashing skulls in, rope/wire for tying stuff up. Everything else was to be taken away to the dump. It was then that I suggested we should search the dump, who knew what people threw out.

"Can you quit bossin' me 'round?" I heard Tyreese say.

I smiled to myself, Sasha and Tyreese always argued when they were around each other.

"Need any help?" I call out making them both glance up.

"Yes please,"Sasha sighed, using a rag to wipe the sweat off the back of her neck.

We chatted as we worked, they just told me about growing up together, half the time I wasn't listening but when I was I made sure they knew. Soon, night fell and we decided to leave it. They thanked me and we headed inside. I went straight to my cell feeling tired. Daryl was already there. He hadn't noticed me. He was pulling is shirt over his head. I leaned against the doorframe and cleared my throat, making him jump. He tugged and through the shirt on the ground.

"Lady in the room,"I grinned.

"Where?" he asked, looking around the cell.

"Very funny,"I laughed, pushing myself away from the doorframe.

Having only a mattress made the cell look very tall and extremely narrow.

"That shirt dirty?" I asked as Daryl climbed under the covers.


I picked it up.

"And what do we do with dirty clothes?" I asked, raising my brow.

Daryl propped himself up on his elbows and stared blankly at me. I rolled my eyes.

"We throw them into this basket so they get cleaned, yeah?" I explained, throwing the shirt into the plastic basket in the corner beside the door.

I kicked off my boots and put them outside the cell since they smelled pretty bad. Daryl grunted, shrugging his shoulders.

"That won't be your reaction when you have to run around buttnaked because all of your clothes are on the floor."

"Y'd like tha' wouldn't ya?" he smirked.

"Don't flatter yourself,"I grinned throwing a dirty sock at him.

"Hey! In the basket woman!"

"Turn away, I wanna get changed."



"Okay, okay,"he grumbled rolling away from me.

I caught him peeking once or twice as I tugged off my jeans and pulled on some loose shorts. By the time I had peeled off my t-shirt I had given up telling him to stop. I found a cleanish vest top and pulled that on. I threw all of the clothes into the basket before snapping my bra off and throwing it in too. Daryl lifted the covers and I crawled in beside him.

"You're a little pervert."

"The wall jus' ain't tha' interestin',"he smirked. I rolled onto my stomach and buried my face in my pillow.

"I am so tired,"I groaned.

I felt his hand on my back rubbing circles. I hummed in approval, then turned to face him. He kept his arm draped over my waist.

"I'm not washing our clothes by the way. I ain't your wife."

"Yeah, but your my girl. It's y'job,"he said.

I blushed a little, then playfully hit his shoulder.

"Don't be sexist."

He frowned a little. "How am I bein' sexist?"

"Expecting me to do your laundry because I'm 'your girl' is sexist Daryl."

"Don'tcha wanna be my girl?"

"I do, but I don't wanna touch your dirty underwear thanks very much."

"I'll jus' run around buttnaked then."

"Daryl, it's no big deal. C'mon, it's not fair that Carol's always doing it..."

"Okay. I'll do it with ya"

"Okay,"I smiled before yawning.

"Borin' ya am I?"

"Sorry, I'm tired."

"Go 'sleep then"

"I can't 'cause ya keep talkin' to me."

I opened one eye and grinned at him. I remember when it was Daryl saying he couldn't sleep because I kept talking.

"I'll stop talkin' then."


We watched each other for a moment. He pulled me in close and I shut my eyes to sleep.


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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Amazing writing, as always.

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Holy crap please update!!! This is one of the best I've read in a long time!!!

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