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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 52: When Pigs Fly

I had to sit down I was laughing so much. Glenn was strutting around the room wearing one of Maggie's pink lacy bras over his shirt. I had dared him to.

"Okay, okay. You can stop now,"I giggled.

Glenn turned to face me with his back to the door. A plaster was still stuck on his nose. His hair stood up straight from sweat and dirt in it. He looked ridiculous.

"I think I look beautiful,"he grinned.

Maggie appeared in the doorway, Daryl beside her with a bucket of water. Maggie set her bucket down and placed her hands on her hips. I pressed my lips together, shaking with laughter.

"She's behind me isn't she?" Glenn sighed.

I nodded, giggling. Glenn shut his eyes and turned to face her.

"Hi, Mags."

Daryl started laughing so hard, the bucket started to shake and water slopped onto the floor.

"She dared me to,"Glenn mumbled.

Maggie smirked and shook her head, picking up the bucket again. She and Daryl put the buckets down on the table. We calmed down and started washing our clothes silently.

The door opened and Rick and Carol came in. Rick opened his mouth to say something but his eyes fell on Glenn. Glenn stared back at him. The three of us looked side ways at him. I'm pretty sure Daryl could feel me shaking with laughter again. Glenn glanced at us then back to Rick. He jumped and looked down at his chest. I burst out laughing, holding my stomach. Glenn struggled to get the bra off. Maggie decided to help him. She threw it into the dirty pile and looked back at Rick, who looked a little lost for words. Carol spoke for him.

"We were just looking for Harleigh, to give her some blood,"she said, smiling herself.

I followed them over to the corner of the room. Rick frowned as Carol drew blood from him. She wiped his arm and placed a very rare plaster on it. Rick immediately got up and left. I looked to Carol.

"He's busy,"she said.

"He didn't even say hello."

"I think he was a bit speechless, thanks to Glenn,"she said with a smile.

She then glanced over her shoulder at Daryl.

"Look at that,"she whispered to me.

I nodded, grinning.

"Pigs are in the sky today."

"I'll say,"she giggled, finishing up quicker than I expected.

"Daryl make sure the colours don't run,"she said as she opened the door to leave.

Daryl looked down at the bucket in confusion. Carol smirked at me before slipping out of the room.

"We're going to be the cleanest motherfuckers in this prison,"I joked walking back over to the others.

"This blood isn't even coming off,"Maggie grumbled under her breath.

We scrubbed our skin to the bone, our fingertips wrinkled. Maggie's hangnails were bleeding. Still, some of our clothes were not clean and still stunk of walker innards. We called it a day and carried the washing outside so we could hang them.

Daryl held our basket while I clipped the clothes onto the line strung from the fence to the wall. Daryl was looking off into the distance. I followed were his eyes were fixed. Rick, Tyreese, Michonne, Nathan and Finn were leaning over a table. Anna was there too, she stood behind Finn, staring intently at the ground. Finn was pointing out something on the map, talking rapidly. Rick was nodding along to every word, looking serious. Daryl faced me again. He nodded towards them and I returned the nod. He placed the basket down on the ground and we strolled over to the group.

"Last time I was there, it was deserted. I was able to get in and out without any problem,"Finn was saying.

The silver flecks in his mahogany hair glinted in the sunlight. He was a handsome man, seemed to be kind and trustworthy. He rubbed a hand across his stubbled jaw, filling the silence with scratches. He lifted his chocolate brown eyes to meet with Rick's clear blue ones. Rick had one hand on his hip. He looked away from Finn, spotting Daryl and I.

"Finn has told us of a place filled with supplies,"he explained.

Carol stopped beside us offering apples. Daryl and Tyreese took one each.

"No harm in checkin' it out,"Daryl shrugged.

"It's too far,"Rick said, shaking his head.

I frowned and leaned forward, looking down at the map. Rick placed his forefinger were this place was. The prison was circled in blue pen. It was the only thing circled apart from one other place. I recognised the place immediately. We had stayed their before, it was the hotel. I moved my finger from the prison, diagonally across to were the hotel was situated.

"There's a halfway point."

Finn started chuckling, he had a warm laugh.

"I see why you wanted to wait for these too,"he said, grinning.

I watched as a frown crossed Tyreese's face then disappear.

"What we could do is go halfway, rest, go the to this...place, go back to the hotel, rest, comeback,"he said.

"Seems complicated and if there still as many supplies as Finn says, we need to get them all. We'd need fuel and weapons and people willing to go this far away from the prison,"Rick sighed.

"Move people to the hotel,"Daryl said, then took a bite of his apple.

"That's a stupid idea,"Tyreese scoffed.

I raised my brow at Tyreese.

"Whatcha say?" Daryl said, rather defensively.

"No ones gonna wanna leave the prison. This place is secure."

"Sure looks it,"Daryl muttered, referring to the weak fence.

"People want to help, I'm willing to go,"I shrugged, taking Daryl's side.

"We shouldn't split up. There's no way of knowing if everything is goin' to plan. What if us at the prison depend on those who go to the hotel, somethin' happens out there and we're stuck waiting."

I saw were Tyreese was coming from once he explained.

"Jus' go when y'gotta. If we ain't back then go to somewhere close by,"Daryl argued.

"We're already split into 'us' and 'we',"Michonne pointed out.

"Maybe tha's how it's gotta be. We do wha' we gotta do."

"I can already see that I'm stayin'. Daryl's gonna go so that means Harleigh too. We're left without some one to hunt for us,"Tyreese said.

"Hunt for y'selves!"

"We don't know how. Not everyone was brought up the redneck way."

Before Daryl could respond I found myself snarl. "Watch it."

Tyreese rolled his eyes.

"Jay can hunt,"I continued. "He's just as good as us."

"This the guy we found collapsed by the side of the road? I don't think so."

"He thought me the basics. Maybe he could teach you so you can get your own goddamn food. You expect it to appear in front of you on a silver platter, making no effort whatsoever?"

Daryl smirked at me.

"We could rotate. Work out shifts,"Rick said, trying to reason with the two sides.

Michonne nodded.

"Rick's gotta be with Harleigh at all times,"Nathan reminded us.

"Rick is needed here at the prison,"Tyreese said with a smirk. "Meaning, he and Harleigh gotta stay and I know Daryl ain't gonna leave her so no point in splitting us up."

Tyreese was stubborn and persistent that we keep the group together. I understood that but we needed this to keep going.

"Y'know nothin' 'bout me,"Daryl scowled.

Although I was sure Tye was right and he wouldn't leave me.

"I am allowed leave this prison. I've done it before,"Rick muttered, sounding pissed off. "Besides. we'll rotate. Some days I'll be here listening to everyone's complaints and some days I'll be out there getting supplies."

That shut Tyreese up.

"If anyone isn't comfortable leaving then they don't have to. You're welcome to stay here,"he continued, completely winning this argument."Now, if I remember, Leigh set up a very strong perimeter. It fell in one place. Walkers may have moved on. We took it once before we can do it again. I will be with both Harleigh and Daryl, if that's what it takes. We can set up groups to rotate-"

"We still have no way of getting in contact with each other. We can't keep driving back and forth checkin' up on each other,"Tyreese interjected.

We fell silent. Yeah, no one would catch a minutes rest with the worry of not knowing. Nathan cleared his throat, everyone looked at him.

"We could use the walkie talkies-"

"No, not safe-"

"-if some one knocks out the tower at the asylum."

All eyes turned to Finn. He nodded once.

"I'll be sure to do that."

"I'll help,"an Irish accent broke through the Georgian conversation.

Colin strode over to us.

"No point in me sittin' here waitin' for David to get better,"he shrugged.

Then he grinned and proudly proclaimed he was good with explosives. Finn agreed for him to come along.

"And what if you don't knock it out and we're sitting here waiting?" Tyreese questioned.

Daryl groaned loudly in frustration.

"It'll be the first thing we do... My boy is one person whereas you are many,"Finn said with a sad sigh.

Rick placed a comforting hand on his shoulder for a split second before taking a pen and highlighting the routes we would take.

"Nathan will be permanently based at the hotel, Hershel can't travel far,"Rick said.

Nathan nodded. Finn then started to gather up his things.

"Ya gotta a weapon boy?" he asked Colin. He shook his head.

"Michonne will get you anything you need,"Rick said.

Michonne then led Colin into the prison.

"Ya still with me, kid?" Finn asked Anna, speaking to her for the first time since they both arrived.

Anna smiled and nodded.

"Good, I need ya."

They walked over to the gate and waited for Colin, once he came back out they set off out of the prison.

"Lookin' for a death sentence,"Daryl commented as we watched them go.

I barely knew them but I was frightened for them.

"We will wait a week for them before doing anything,"Rick sighed.

He rubbed a hand across his brow, looking worried. He always looked worried, who am I kidding.

"How about you take a break, Rick?" I smiled. He laughed a little.

"Y'know. I think I will."

Daryl and I walked away to avoid another argument with Tyreese, probably about how Rick shouldn't rest. Tyreese was usually okay but I guess he was getting restless and worked up. Staying in one place is doing everyone's head in.

"Y'okay Liegh?"

"Mmm... Finn didn't say goodbye to Charlotte..."

"Maybe it's too hard for him."


sorry it's so short! working on another plot I guess you could say... my friend gave me a few ideas since I'm running out of stuff to do...


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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This is the most amazing story ever on this site ever please update. Harleigh is amazing and you are a great writer.

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Amazing writing, as always.

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Holy crap please update!!! This is one of the best I've read in a long time!!!

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