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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 53: The Silver Lining

They stood outside the building's walls they needed to break into. Anna was having second thoughts, she was frightened but Finn needed her. He said he needed her.

Some one was driving out of it, they ducked behind a bush to make sure they weren't spotted.

"Stay behind me,"Finn whispered.

He raced along the wall, slipping through the gate which was closing slowly. It nearly shut on Anna's foot, tripping her over. Finn grabbed her arm and lifted her up.

"Scraped hands and knees," she reported, panting and staring at the palms of her hands.

"What now?" she asked as they hid behind a car.

"I've no idea,"Finn mumbled, trying to think of a plan.

That didn't help Anna one bit, she was scared and she doubted him. There were so many of them and only two of them. Colin had left to do something else. She wasn't sure what was going on, she followed whatever Finn asked of her. She needed to find his son, she needed something, anything to go right for once. If this did, it would be a major victory. She wanted to make it out of here alive, now that they were guaranteed a place back in the safety of the prison. That gave her hope, something she hadn't felt in a long time.

"We gotta get in and see if my son is in there, but it looks a lot bigger than I expected."


"Shit," Finn hissed.

In a matter of seconds they were forced to defend themselves. Anna refused to let herself shake with fear, she needed to focus and be there for Finn. Oddly enough, the White Coats had no guns. They used machetes, katanas and other blades. Few had revolvers strapped to them but didn't use them. It was two against...Finn kicked the man in front of him square in the chest, knocking the air out of him. He was being attacked from behind too, he turned a right hooked him quickly.

He spotted Anna, who had moved a good distance away from him. She didn't like fighting, no matter how many times he told her to let out that bottled up rage out. She refused to believe she had any pent up anger. Finn watched as a blade swiped through the air, slicing the back of Anna's shirt. He grabbed a chunk of hair belonging to the guy slashing the knife around. Anna had her hands full, trying to push people away from her. Finn yanked the man back, kicking his legs apart and kneeing him in the groin. He yelped loudly and turned to face Finn hoping to push him away, but that only caused Finn to rip his hair out. He screamed again.

Finn punched his open mouth, grabbing another chunk of hair. Finn then rammed the guy's face through one of the car windows. Hearing a sickening crunch, he pulled him up and slammed his head down on the broken glass again. He fell limp and Finn dropped him. He slumped to ground and Finn spat on him.

"Bastard,"he growled, kicking him again.

He turned to help Anna to see that she wasn't by his side anymore. He looked around the yard, two guys were hurtling towards him, arms outstretched. He hadn't enough time to fight them. They grabbed him yanking my arms behind his back. He shouted at them, struggling against their grip, but more appeared and took hold of him.

He stumbled to the ground as they dragged him towards the building, kicking and spitting on his. He could feel his skin burn as it met the hard, dusty ground. He coughed and spluttered as he inhaled the grey dust. He was dragged up steps and into a the building. A bag was then pulled over his head and he was lead further and further into the building. His heart was hammering in his chest. If they could do this to a man his age, what damage could they cause a small boy? He pictured his son's body broken and bloody and it fueled him with rage. They had enough to deal with, like the dead rising. Why torture innocent people? Innocent children?

He heard a door swing open and the pushing and shoving became less rough. He guessed he was placed in the middle of a room. He felt the fabric of the bag lift, tousling his hair. His eyes quickly adjusted to the bright light. They hadn't bound his hands. Where were his weapons?
He took a quick note of the room and all it's exits. It didn't look like a place where they once kept crazy people. It had polished wooden floors, high ceilings and wallpaper that wasn't even peeling. It was strange to see a place looking so clean, as if people used it. There were even paintings on the walls.

The giant double doors opened in front of him. A large number of people, all dressed alike marched in as one large group in rows of threes. It was plain creepy. They were more like robots than humans. None of them showed any emotion. They didn't look like they had braved the outside world like every other survivor Finn had met. The majority of them looked healthy, well fed and fit. That infuriated Finn even more. Why did the most evil people on the planet have so much power? How come they got to live easy? Finn guessed things like that never really change.

A couple stepped forward into the large group. Finn guessed they were in charge.

"I'm Frank. This is my wife, Helen."

They both had bleach blonde hair and pale blue eyes. They looked more like identical twins than husband and wife. Maybe they were... He pushed that thought to the back of his mind and looked at the dozen or so other men and women behind them dressed in the long white coats. Some had gasmasks on. The door to his left opened up and Anna was dragged in, her head covered with a bag.

Finn groaned internally, realising Colin was right behind her, also bound. Their weapons were missing and their hands tied behind their backs. They struggled against the grip of the men holding them as they were pushed to the center of the room. Another man followed, carrying bags of their weapons. Finn noticed a water bottle fall out of the bag and onto the floor. Liquid spilled out of it onto the floor. He hated to see it go to waste, fresh water was hard to come by. He shook his head, there were other problems to deal with right now.

"We're going to be okay,"Finn assured them and maybe himself.

The door to his right opened and two walkers were led into the room. His eyes darted from the walkers to the monsters in labcoats. His hand shot to a revolver of the woman holding Colin. Finn looped his arm around the woman holding Colin and pulled her towards into his chest. He held the barrel of the gun to her temple. The woman wrapped her bony fingers around Finn's arm, squeezing as she squirmed against his hold.

"Let us go,"he ordered.

"You're the one who came here!" Frank chuckled.

He took the safety off. The click sounded loudly over the woman's whimpering. Helen rolled her crazed blue eyes, lifted up her own gun and pulled the trigger. The woman in Finn's grasp fell limp and collapsed. As soon as her weight hit him, she dropped her. He stared down at her as blood pooled out of her skull onto the timber floor.

"No one else needs to be killed as long as you co operate,"Frank said, glancing down at the body at Finn's feet.

Finn looked up and Frank gave him a friendly smile.

"What do you want?"

"You came here,"he repeated. "What do YOU want, sir?"

"My son. I came looking for my son."

"Age?" Helen asked, as a woman handed her a clipboard.


Helen flicked through the pages.



A smirk stretched across her face. She waved to the people standing beside Anna. They took off hers and Colin's bags off and snapped the wires binding their hands. Finn instantly grabbed Anna's wrist and pulled her close to him. Colin was rubbing his wrists and didn't look up to meet Finn's gaze.

"Evan is alive and well,"Helen finally said.

Hearing that should've made him feel better but it didn't. He didn't believe it.

"Charlotte said he was sick."

"Charlotte, aged eight,"the woman beside Helen said in a monotone voice. "Taken by Nathan and Miss Harleigh Benning."

"Ah. So you found your daughter?" Frank said, his hands behind his back. "Funny how she was taken by the same people which just so happen to be the people we need."

Finn just about caught Colin looking at him. A look that said: Buy us time. Finn gave him one short nod, barely noticeable.

"What do you need Nathan for?"

"He knows too much."

"And Harleigh?"

"The same reason we needed your son,"Helen smiled. "They are our only hope. We need them, we're close to a cure."

"Why don't you need Evan anymore?"

Helen's smile faltered but Frank quickly stepped in.

"He is too young."

What a lame excuse, Finn thought. Evan was dead. He balled his fists up, his dirty nails biting into his skin. His eyes flickered to Colin. He was fidgeting a lot. He had his eyes squeezed shut, his head tilted up, like he was staring at the ceiling through his lids. His mouth moved quickly, as if he was counting down. Counting down to what? Finn glanced around the room, their weapons were over in the corner.

"What will it take to get my boy?" Finn asked, fighting to keep his voice steady.

He was already beginning to mourn.

"Bring us Harleigh,"Frank said with a shrug.

He then frown a little, looking at Colin.

"Did you search that man?" he asked the others, who nodded.

"What's your deal, boy?"

Colin's lips stopped moving and he brought his face back down to look at them. He then smirked holding up a lighted match.

"What the-"Anna began.

Finn grabbed her shoulders and pulled her away from Colin. He pulled Anna to the ground. He felt the earth beneath them shake before he saw the blast. The wall behind the White Coats collapsed. Rubble and brick spewed across the room, falling on several of the screaming members of the cult.

Finn covered Anna's body with his, which was easy because she was so small. She covered her arms over her head as more and more explosions went of in a sequence. The whole building filled up with flames and screams. Finn watched as Colin tossed the lighted match over to where the plastic bottle had fallen earlier as he ran past it towards there bags. Finn's eyes widened as a line of flames lit up, trailing to the door Colin and Anna had been dragged through. The wooden door was engulfed in flames, the flames continued to move, licking the walls.

"C'mon! LET'S GET GOIN'!" Colin yelled over the roar of the flames.

Finn didn't hesitate to pull Anna off the floor and race after Colin.

"GET BACK HERE!" Frank screamed before descending into a coughing fit.

Anna was clutching onto Finn's wrist for dear life, almost hurting him. Before he knew it, they were outside. Smoke filled the air that they sucked into their lungs. Ashes puffed out of the building, flying towards them as the main door collapsed. They all coughed as they squinted through the smoke to find the gate. It was shut tight. Finn grabbed the bars and rattled it.

"Now what?!" Colin shouted, his eyes stinging from the heat of the burning building behind them.



"Yeah. Anna first."

The two men crouched down, putting their hands together for Anna to step up onto. They hoisted her up so she could grab the top of the tall iron gates. She pulled herself up before jumping down.

"Okay?!" Finn called.

"Yeah,"her small voice replied.

"You next,"Finn said.

"You sure?"


Colin was beside Anna in a matter of seconds.

"What now?"

"I've no idea!"

"I'll find another way, stay here,"Colin said, leaving Anna and Finn.

"If I don't get out take care of Charlotte for me, alright?" Finn said to her.

She nodded.

"You will get out. Colin will find a way."

Finn nodded and grasped the metal bars of the gate.

"Anna! You're a good kid, okay? If I don't get out keep yourself safe!"

"You will get out."

Finn rattled the gate but it wouldn't budge.

"Listen, Anna, you have to stop being afraid. You have to stop blaming yourself for whatever went wrong. None of this is your fault. You don't deserve any of it-"

"Stop. You're getting outta here!"

"I don't want to slow you and Colin down. Get back to the prison, they'll take good care of you. You'll be fine!"

Anna was shaking her head now, her head hanging and shoulders shaking.

"Oi! Is that the 'I'm giving up' speech?!" Colin called. He dragged a rusty ladder behind him. "It was lying against the wall, can you believe that luck?"


sorry it took a while to update this one. Eh, I dunno, started to doubt myself and this story and lost motivation... so ugh if something like this happens again just shout at me to get off my lazy butt ok? s'all good man. Hopefully I'll get back to normal.
Another factor is that I FINALLY started to watch supernatural. Holy shit. It's so good... only on season 6 but i'm catching up ;D
can't wait to hear feedback i missed you guys <3


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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Amazing writing, as always.

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Holy crap please update!!! This is one of the best I've read in a long time!!!

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