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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 56: Indifference

"How're ya feeling?" Bob asked.

I clutched my my wound and nodded. I knew I was pale and I was in a damn lot of pain. We kept moving throughout the night to get away from walkers.

"About as good as I look," I hissed through my teeth.

"Then y'doin' fine," Daryl grinned over his shoulder.

I sighed, feeling blood rush to my cheeks. I caught Michonne smirking at me and that made me blush even more. We came to a little bridge and Daryl stopped.

"Take a break here, see what we're gonna do next," Daryl said.

I sighed and sat down on the ground, leaning against the wooden railing. Tyreese mumbled something about his shirt and made his way down to the stream below us.

"You two should really tone it down a bit," Michonne whispered.

She quickly glanced at Tyreese.

"Tone what down?" I asked.

"Your affection towards each other," she grinned.

I buried my face in my hands, to cover my reddening face. I really did have a talent for that, even when I was bleeding from my freakin' abdomen. Daryl breathed a short nervous laugh.

"C'mon, Harleigh, I've got a spare shirt," Michonne chuckled.

I heaved myself off the ground and onto my feet. I followed Michonne into the woods. She dug out a shirt from her bag and tossed it over to me. She turned her back to keep watch. I began to peel it off but had to stop. My damn shirt had stuck to my wound.

"Shit," I hissed.

Michonne slowly turned back around.

"Here, let me help," she said, coming over to me.

She tugged gently at the fabric. I flinched away from her.

"Harleigh, hold still, it's stuck."

I clutched onto her shoulder, digging my nails into her skin. She carefully peeled my shirt from my skin. I breathed a sigh of relief and moved my arm out of it. Michonne took it and stared at the gash.

"That's gonna get infected," she stated.

She grabbed a bottle of water from her bag and splashed it. Dry blood washed away but we could both see fresh blood seep through.

"What am I gonna do?" I asked, frowning.

"There'll be antibiotics at the clinic... I think I have bandages in my bag."

"Thanks, Michonne," I said, glumly. "I though I packed some myself."

"Don't mention it," she smiled.

She poured a little more water on it and told me to hold one end of the bandage. She wrapped it around me several times and pinned it down. I thanked her again, pulling on the fresh shirt. We then walked side by side back to Daryl and the other two.

"There's a town just a little that way," Bob said.

We nodded.

"Hey Ty! Let's go! Vamanos!" Daryl called.

Tyreese barely acknowledged him. Michonne, Daryl and I continued walking. Daryl quickly took my hand and gave it a short squeeze before dropping it again. I smiled, sleepily. My feet were sore and probably blistered. It hurt to move at all because of the bite on my rib. There was bruising around it too and there was a dull aching the whole time. Just breathing caused me immense amount of pain. It felt like razors being dragged across my skin.

I was slowing the others down too. Every once in a while my body would protest to anymore movement. I would tell them to walk ahead and let me catch up. They never went too far though, probably knew I had very little strength. This time, when I stopped I had to sit down. To my surprise no one complained, or at least didn't voice it.

"We'll take a break," Michonne said. "I'm starving."

I picked up a stone and through it across the road. I was pissed I was slowing everyone down and even more pissed that they weren't getting mad. Daryl sat down next to me, without saying a word.

"Sorry," I grumbled.


"For being a pain in the ass."

"Y'ain't a pain in my ass, Leigh," Daryl frowned. "Christ, y'was bit, everyone else dies, but not you. Too stubborn, ain't ya?"

He gave me a small smirk. I smiled and pushed my hair away from my eyes.

"We're nearly there, Leigh. We'll find a car 'nd y'can rest a bit."

I nodded and stood up again.

"We good?" Bob asked.

I nodded and we began to walk again. I saw the town just ahead, so that gave me some energy. We were close. I kept walking, Daryl had stopped to pick something off the floor. We finally reached the town. A tree had fallen at the side of the road.

"You see somethin'?" Bob asked.

I wiped the back of my hand across my forehead. It was another scorcher.

"I dunno, maybe," Daryl replied.

He waved me over and I help him pull the branches of the trees away. We discovered a car. God, I hope it friggin' works. Daryl yanked the door open and got down on the floor. Tyreese and Bob helped me clear the foliage from the windscreen. Inside, Daryl was trying hot wire the car. I heard him groan in frustration.

"Need a new battery," he said, climbing out.

He spat on his hand went to clean a spot on the murky window. I jumped as a walker slammed itself against it.

"Got us some friends inside. C'mon. Let's clear a path."

For some odd reason, I felt a swell of pride for Daryl. We all basically waited for his say, what his plans were and what we should do. Damn, I was one lucky bitch. We started pulling more branches away. All of a sudden, Tyreese was hacking furiously at the tree. I edged away from him, pulling Michonne away too.

"Hey, man, go easy," Daryl said, noticing my uneasiness.

Tyreese completely ignored Daryl, taking out his rage on a bunch of branches. He was creating a racket. I know he misses Karen but jeez, he need to take it down a notch. I glanced to my side at Daryl but he was totally fixated on Tyreese. So distracted was he, that he didn't notice a walker lunge out at him through the leaves. It caught him around the neck and he immediately took several steps back to get away. I blinked and I found myself tugging my machete out of its skull. I also realised I had clutched onto Daryl's shirt.

"Are you ok?" I asked. "Oh, God, are you okay?!"


I immediately scanned his arms and neck for any cuts, scratches or bites. I grabbed his arms and turned them over checking absolutely anywhere the walker could've gotten him.

"Leigh- HARLEIGH! I'm fine!"

I dropped his arms and steadied my panicked breathing. Shit, Daryl had never been caught out like that.


"Ty! Let him go!" Michonne ordered.

I suddenly realised there were other walkers. Tyreese was yanking one towards him. He managed to fall backwards, dragging the walker down with him. Daryl grabbed it and pulled it off of him. Bob hurried over and put a bullet in it's head. Daryl helped Tyreese up.

"Why the hell didn't you let go?!" Michonne demanded.

Daryl rolled his eyes and turned back to me.

"Y'okay- why y'shakin'?"

"What?" I whispered.

He took hold of my wrists.

"Leigh, I'm fine. It had me 'bout a second before y'got 'em."

"I didn't even realise I did it. Dammit, Daryl! That was too damn close!"

"I know. Was little occupied."

I glared at the back of Tyreese's head.

"Hey. Don'tchu do that."

"Do what?"

"That. If looks could kill."

I tore my eyes away from Tyreese and looked up at him. I let go of a breath I was holding and nodded.

"I'm gonna go look for a first aid kit so this bite doesn't kill me or some shit," I grumbled.

"Be careful."

"Careful's my middle name," I smirked.

He rolled is eyes. I walked away, leaving the four of them to sort themselves out. I found a small home, the door hanging open. I stepped inside, peering around the corner into the dining room. I looked back at Michonne and Tyreese, both of whom I could see through the doorway. I had my gun in my holster so if I got into any trouble I would- screw it. I can take care of myself.

The floorboards were rotting. I gripped the banister of the stairs. With each step a loud creak followed me. I found my way to the bathroom. I tried to open it but it was jammed, locked. I pushed against it but it was useless. I took a step back. It'd be worth it. There's be painkillers in there. Sweet, sweet painkillers. I carefully placed my hand on the bump of the bandage. I sucked in my breath and kicked the door. The wood cracked. I doubled over with the pain.

"Fuck," I swore, tears forming in my eyes.

I slowly straightened up. I tried the door again. Still, no budging. I slammed the palm of my hand against the door. BAM! I took several steps back, staring wide eyes at the arms reaching out for me. The skin on her arms were peeled back by the splinters.

She growled and roared at me, fighting against the door to get to me. I loaded my bow and snapped an arrow through the narrow gap she made in the door. I heard the wet noise of it penetrating her skull. She dropped, but her arms remained outstretched, stuck in the door. I stepped towards the door and peered through the gap. This is where I lose an eye! I can be friends with dear ol' Philip. I actually smirked at that. Better to die laughing, right?

I slid my arm slowly through the gap; so I wouldn't cut myself. I fumbled around looking for the key. It was sticky, meaning blood. I twisted it and opened the door. I pushed against the body until it hit the wall behind the door. I stared at the puddle of blood in the middle of the floor. A trail from the bathtub led to it.

I went in. The bath was full with water tinted with red, some of it had spilt onto the ground. Three razor blades were placed on the side of the tub, stained with blood. On the floor, were empty pill bottles. I hesitantly picked one up. Yep, these were painkillers.

I flung it against the opposite wall in a fit of rage. I then kicked the body and yanked my arrow out. I pressed my fist to my forehead and took a deep breath. I made my way back outside, scowling.

"Find anythin'?" Daryl asked, opening the front of the car to place the battery in.

I threw him a packet of cigarettes.

"Better than nothin'," he shrugged.

He offered one to Bob, which he took.

"Gotta light?"

"I do," I said, rummaging in my pockets.

I chucked it to him and he thanked me. I leaned against the wall and listened to him talk about what he had been doing before he joined the prison. I kept my eyes on Daryl. On the way he moved and his facial expressions. I was smiling to myself like a dumb idiot.

"The run to the Big Spot, I did it for me," Bob admitted.

I rolled my head to face him.

"Gotta keep busy," Daryl said, missing the point.

"No, I did it so I could get me a bottle. Harleigh saw-"

Daryl's eyes moved to mine for a second before returning to the speaker.

"-and she didn't tell no one," Bob looked at me, then to the floor. "So I am. I picked it up. I held it in my hand. But I put it down. I put it down so hard I took the whole damn shelf down with it. That's what brought on the walkers and hat's what got Zach killed."

"That's bullshit."

I laughed slightly and pushed myself away from the wall. I walked around to the backseat and sat down, happy to rest my sore feet. Bob started the engine and Daryl whistled for Michonne and Tyreese. Michonne climbed in beside me.

"You can use my shoulder as a pillow if you like," she grinned. "You look exhausted."

I nodded and rested my head against her and shut my eyes.

Michonne tapped my knee. I woke up. I groaned a little, squeezing my eyes shut. She stood outside, the car door open. She leaned into the car.

"Daryl thinks you should stay here," she said.

I shook my head and dragged myself out of the car. Michonne smirked at Daryl.

"Told ya so."

"Keep close, Leigh-"

"This is dumb! She should stay in the damn car!" Tyreese argued, pointing a finger at me.

"Man, I ain't gonna stop 'er."

I smiled a little, not too much because you never smile around someone who is angry. Ever. It infuriates them.

"Daryl! She's sick! She can barely stand!"

"She ain't sick! She jus' ripped a few stitches. If she thinks she can keep up then she can."

"Look at her, Daryl!"

"I am. I've seen her worse off, man. She's a fighter," Daryl growled, starting to sound pissed with Ty.

I stood awkwardly beside Michonne as they argued over what to do with me.

"Tyreese, I'm ok, I wanna help."

Tyreese glared at me and suddenly he was approaching me. Shit, I thought he was gonna swing. My hand fell on my gun strapped to my thigh. Bob tried to stop him but he elbowed him out of the way. He stopped right in front of me, glaring down at my face. I clenched my fists and looked him straight in the eye.

"You got a second chance. Why do you deserve it and no one else? You reckless bitch!" he snarled down at me.

I flinched at his trenchant words, lowering my gaze. Daryl grabbed his shoulder and shoved him away. Tyreese turned to face him. Daryl jabbed him in the shoulders.

"Don't you ever fuckin' say shit like tha' t'er again," he spat.

He glared at Tyreese, who looked as stunned as I felt. Daryl grabbed my wrist and pulled me alongside him.

"He's sorta right y'kn-"

"Shuddup, Harleigh," Daryl snapped.

Everyone was silent. We walked towards the clinic, Daryl leading the way. I could tell by the way he walked he was still pretty pissed. I chewed my lip and kept my eyes on the ground. I felt like crap after that and slightly terrified. Wasn't my fault I could take a bite, I wish everyone could. Tyreese was just upset, that's all. He didn't actually hate me or anything... I hope.

Daryl and Bob opened the door to the building. We followed them in.

"Alrigh' let's make this quick," Daryl said.

We passed through a room with empty cages inside.

"Go find somethin' for that bite," he said to me.

I nodded and wandered off into the building. I listened for sounds of walkers. I could hear something, but it was far off. I pushed open a door into a small room. First aid kits, a whole shelf of them. I grabbed one, sat up on the operating table and opened it. It had all the stuff I needed, even if it was meant for animals.

I took out a pair of tweezers. I cast my eyes to the ceiling and rolled up my shirt. I held the hem of my shirt in my mouth and plucked out the tiny bits of stitching that were still embedded in my flesh. I wasn't a doctor but I'm pretty sure it's a bad sign if your stitches get ripped out. I bit down on my shirt and hissed. I dropped the tweezers on the ground and grabbed an anti-septic wipe.


"Jefus Chrift!" I muttered against the shirt.

I heard Daryl chuckle behind me. He walked around the table and stood in front of me.

"Want help?"

I nodded and took my shirt in my hands. He put his bag down on the ground and took the wipe out of my hands.

"Huh, thought'd be worse."

"I'll bite you and see how you feel," I growled, frowning.

"Tha' a promise?"

"Shut up," I mumbled, blushing.

He gave me a sly grin and began to clean the bite.

"Well, it ain't bleedin' no more."

"Uh huh," I sighed.

I moved my hand to his hair, twisting it in my fingers.

"Stop," he muttered, snapping some thread.

I did my best to ignore the needle going through my skin. I watched his face while he concentrated. He glanced up at me and rolled his eyes. I laughed.

"Don't move!"

"Sorry," I whispered.

He finished the stitching and wrapped a gauze around me several times.

"There. Tha's how y'do it."

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close to me.

"Thank you, Daryl," I smiled, pecking his lips.

" 'S nuthin'. Ain't gonna letcha get infected now am I?"

"No, sir."

"How abou'cha stop gettin' bit, yeah?"

"I don't mean to," I frowned, dropping my arms. "I don't just decide: 'Hey! How about I let a walker bite me today?' "

"I know, Leigh, but y'do gotta-"

"Be more careful?"


"I know," I muttered, hopping off the table.

I went to walk away but Daryl grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.

"Hell no. Don'tchu walk outta here mad at me."

"Not mad," I mumbled.


"I'm not, I just-"

He grabbed my face and kissed my lips. I relaxed and melted into him. His hands dropped to the backs of my thighs. His fingernails dug into me as he lifted me up on his hips. He turned and sat me back down on the table. I knotted my fingers in his hair, keeping a tight hold on him. His fingers brushed along my uninjured rib cage, his hand making it's way under my bra. I groaned at his touch, making him laugh against my lips. I bit and tugged gently at his bottom lip, grinning. That shut him up. My hands left his hair and began to undo the buttons of his shirt.

"I like this shirt," I commented, pulling away from him to focus.

His lips attached themselves to my neck. I dazed out a bit with that. His stubble tickled my skin and he was so damn warm. I stopped what I was doing and nuzzled into his neck, enjoying his touch. He placed his hands on my hips, then ran them up and down my sides. I sighed into the nape of his neck.

"We can't do this right now, can we?"

"Naw," he replied, between kisses.

I closed my eyes and leaned against him.

"Whenever you're good to go," I said.

He straightened up and ran his hand through my hair.

"C'mon, before Ty loses his shit."

I smiled and hopped down off the table. He picked up his bag in one hand and held mine in the other. We went straight back to the others who were just ready to go. We walked down the corridor where we quickly discovered walkers. We hurried a little.

"Up ahead," Michonne directed.

I followed her into a room off the corridor. I could hear the gurgling of the walkers behind us. We piled into the room, eyes peeled for a way out.

"Hey, the door's busted!" Bob whispered.

"Hold on," Daryl replied, returning to help him.

He and Tyreese helped Bob try to slam the door shut. Michonne and I continued walking. I heard groans and familiar screeches of walkers. The others were soon behind us again. I looked wherever Michonne's beam of light fell, squinting to see better. Suddenly, there was a walker on Tyreese. It barely had a chance to get a good grip on him before he smacked its face in with a hammer. We made sure he was ok before turning to the door at the end of the room.

Michonne picked up the chain wrapped around the handles. The doors lurched forward with the weight of walkers behind it. Michonne leaped away from their decaying fingers. Just then, the other door burst open and walkers fell in. Bob advised us not to get any blood on ourselves, we could get infected.

Michonne unsheathed her sword whilst Daryl snapped a leg off a chair. I had the handle of my machete gripped tightly in my hand. Daryl rammed the door open and three walkers fell forward. Bob and Michonne took them out with out hesitation. I led the way out and up the staircase, the others closely behind. We came onto a landing.

"More up here!" I warned, untucking my bow from my back.

I laid an arrow down and checked both sides of the corridor. I decided to lead them right. Walkers lolloped out of doorways. Bob started to throw down chairs and tables to slow them down. I shot a walker getting close to him, giving him more time. Michonne tried the door but it wouldn't budge.

"Don't have an exit!"

"Then we'll make one!" Daryl said, hopping up onto the window.

I passed a fire extinguisher to Tyreese, not looking at him. He took it off me and turned.

"GET DOWN!" he bellowed.

He flung the extinguisher at the window, shattering it. Daryl grabbed Michonne's hand and helped her up. I shot another arrow at the approaching walkers whilst Tyreese climbed through the window. Daryl helped me up.

"I'm gonna go first 'n' catch ya," he said.

He jumped across and landed on the walkway. I didn't dare look down as I approached the edge. I landed in Daryl's grasp and he quickly pulled me aside to make room for Bob. Bob tripped coming out of the window and slammed down on his front, his bag going over the edge. He became a part of a tug of war match with the walkers below.

"Bob, let it go!" Michonne said, as she and Tyreese grabbed hold of him.

I stood aside, not wanting to rip my stitches again. Bob didn't listen. He pulled and tugged in hopes of getting the bag back to him.

"Let it go, man!" Tyreese ordered.

Daryl grabbed hold of his leg.

"Let go of th'bag!" he yelled over the growling walkers.

The bag swung up and landed at my feet. I frowned, hearing a clink. A clink of glass. The others looked around. Immediate guilt and horror passed over Bob's face. I crouched down and opened the bag. My fingers wrapped around the neck of a cool glass bottle. I held it up, astonished. Daryl strode over and snatched the bottle off of me. Bob got to his feet.

"Got no meds in y'bag?" Daryl asked. "Just this?"

We looked from Daryl to Bob, waiting for an answer. Bob kept his mouth shut, breathing rapidly.

"Y'shoulda kept walkin' tha' day," Daryl growled.

He leaned back and went to toss it over the edge. I grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Don't," Bob said.

Daryl followed my gaze. Bob's hand was resting on top of his gun. Daryl shook me off gently as possible. He marched up to Bob and got right up in his face. Bob lowered his head, looking everywhere except at Daryl. Tyreese, Michonne and I looked at one another, keeping our mouths shut. Daryl grabbed Bob's gun out of his holster and held it back. I took it off of him and held it tight. Daryl gripped Bob's collar roughly, almost lifting him off the ground.

"Just let it go, Daryl! The man's made his choice," Tyreese intervened. "Nothin' you can do 'bout it."

Daryl dropped his grasp and took a small step back.

"I didn't wanna hurt nobody," Bob said, shaking his head. He still did not meet Daryl's glare. "It was just for when it get's quiet."

Daryl slapped the bottle into his chest, the liquid slopping against the side.

"Take one sip, before th'meds get in our people... I will beat yer ass into th'ground," Daryl threatened, his voice barely loud enough for us to hear.

He gave him one final shove.

"Y'hear me?"

He turned and started walking. We moved aside for him to pass through. I kept my eyes on Bob until Michonne and Tyreese passed by me. He watched me place his gun into the back of my belt. I walked over to the edge of the walk way and hopped down. I fell in beside Daryl, making our way towards the car. I felt like I should say something, but I knew he was mad, I didn't want him to blow up on me. I gave him some space to calm down.

He yanked the car door open and flung himself inside. Michonne and Tyreese loaded their bags into the trunk. Bob stood aside, lighting another cigarette. Michonne and Tyreese then took out a map and tried to decide our next move. We needed gas. I sat down behind Daryl. I sighed a little, relieved to be off my feet again. I leaned over Daryl's seat, looking at him. He didn't look up from the stone in his hand.

"Whatcha got there?" I asked.

"Jasper," he mumbled. "How come y'didn' tell me?"

"Tell ya what?"

"Abou' Big Spot."

"I wanted to watch the guilt eat him from the inside," I whispered.

Daryl's eyes drew away from the stone to my face. I could tell he was trying not to smile. I cracked a grin and leaned back in my seat. Michonne sat into the car. I scooted into the middle to make room for Tyreese and Bob.

"You were right what you said before. About the trail goin' cold. I don't need to go out anymore."

Daryl grabbed the door beside him and shut it.


This was going to be a tense road trip.


ahh, tension. My favorite. I had like a billion things I wanted to say and I've completely forgotten O__O dammit. hmm... anyways, I can't wait to see how Daryl reacts to the whole Carol thing... I hope he gets up in Rick's face hmhm ;B yeaaaaahh.

I made this really crappy YouTube video. i made it for my friends. I don't like it very much but they do... so maybe someone else will? idk. Here's a link if you wanna take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4h4thhTPDI

It's only my second video (so don't hurt me) but I laughed the whole way through making it. (long story that involves Jabba the Hutt.)

I just wanna say thank you for all the nice comments and messages and all those votes, wow I love you guys. You really brighten my day ;D

Hope this isn't getting boring because I'm sticking to the show BUT YOU PEOPLE HAVE DA POWER. Anything you WANT to see I CAN WRITE. So, yeah. Speak to me and shit. I'm cool. Cool, cool, cool.


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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Oh I really love this story. I hope it gets updated >< please update!

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This is the most amazing story ever on this site ever please update. Harleigh is amazing and you are a great writer.

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Amazing writing, as always.

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Holy crap please update!!! This is one of the best I've read in a long time!!!

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