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I'll Keep You Alive If You Show Me The Way

Chapter 57: Internment

Michonne pulled over to the side of the road.

"I have to stretch my legs," she sighed, turning off the engine.

I made a noise of agreement and nodded my head. Bob pushed the door open and we climbed out. I stretched my back, loosening some muscles. I rolled my shoulders and walked around the car. I shook my legs trying to wake them up. Daryl joined joined me, leaning against the back of the car. He crossed his arms, watching me. He smirked as I stomped my feet like an idiot.

"Stop," I muttered.

"Not doin' anythin'," he replied, holding up his hands.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. I sighed a little.

"Do you think they're okay?" I whispered.

"Yeah," he nodded. "Your ol' man's fine, Leigh."

"I'm not worried about him," I mumbled, hanging my head. "I'm worried about my stupid dog."

I expected Daryl to laugh or something. He thought of Sam as "jus' a dog." He wasn't. He was more than that.

"Daryl, I owe Sam my life," I explained, my voice shaking. "He was there when no one else was, y'know?"

I felt stupid explaining my feelings to Daryl. I mean, he WAS a dog. Why was I more concerned about him than my own grandfather? I twisted the t-shirt between my fingers, biting my lip. Daryl hadn't said anything. I dropped my eyes to the ground. He probably thought I was an idiot. I jumped, feeling the warmth of his arm wrapping around my waist.

"We'll be back soon, okay?" he murmured.

"I hope everything is ok..."


Colin wiped the sweat from his brow. He plunged his makeshift spear though the fence, skewering a walker's skull. He yanked it back out. Bone fragments and tufts of hair along with brain matter stuck to the bottom of it. He had gotten used to the wet squelch it made.

David worked alongside him. They hadn't spoken since Maggie left to go check on Beth and Anna. Nathan sat on the ground behind them, head buried in his hands. He had to take a break from being inside. Colin resisted the urge to call him pathetic. Hershel was in there all by himself, keeping everyone alive. Colin's eyes ran over the fence as it rattled under the walker's weight. There were more than usual.

"Man," David spoke, stepping back. "I miss our appartment. We were able to get by without any of this shit."

"You also gained the weight of a whole person," Colin grumbled.

"That was the beer. You remember that shit? That taste? God, I'd kill for an ice cold beer right now."

Colin edged further away from David. He was getting tired of him. He constantly complained. He complained about absolutely everything. David threw down his stick and turned to Colin.

"We should get outta here man, while Harleigh is gone."

"Are you fuckin' kidding me?"

"You, me and Nate. C'mon man, look at the guy! Look what she made him do!"

"He needs to man the fuck up!" Colin shouted, pointing an accusing finger at Nathan.

Nathan slowly looked up from his hands.

"Hey! Don't drag me into this," he muttered. "I just needed some fresh air ok? I'm not a damn doctor!"

"Yeah? Neither's Hershel and from what you've told me, you've seen worse than this. Haven't you?" Colin snapped.

Nathan clenched his teeth and put his face back into his hands, muttering under his breath. Colin then turned to David.

"And you better shut the hell up! If you don't like it here, leave!"

"Maybe I freakin' will! I don't wanna be here, living under the same roof with some murderer!"

"If thats the case, then it's best you stay here," Nathan said to the ground.

Colin frowned at him, then at David. David shrugged his shoulders.

"What does he... What the hell do you mean?"

"It was the redneck wasn't it?" David said.

"You shut the fuck up, you arse. Daryl's a good guy. He's out there doin' somethin' about this mess!"

"Not Daryl," Nathan muttered. "Harleigh."

"Man, fuck you. What are you talking about?!" Colin demanded, feeling frustrated.

Nathan shrugged his shoulders.

"I've seen Harleigh kill a few without batting an eyelid. The woman's unstable, I'm sure of it."

"You're fuckin' unstable."

"Colin, listen to yourself. The dude has seen her murder someone!"

"I don't give a shit what she did okay? She's family, I'm sure she had her reasons."

"What's going on?"

They all looked up to see Maggie. She looked at all three of them then back to the fence.

"Y'all got jobs to do. Better start doing it," she snapped.

Colin nodded, lowering his gaze. He got back to work. In the distance he noticed a car rolling up to the gate. He sighed a little, Rick was back with Carol and Finn. Maggie ran off to get the gate. David and Colin continued to take out the reanimated corpses. Maggie strode over and grabbed Nathan by the collar.

"Don't you ever speak of Harleigh like that ever again. Ever!" she spat.

Nathan looked up at her in astonishment, not really registering what was going on. Maggie shook him.

"You hear me?!"

He nodded frantically.

"Now, get in there and help my dad!"

Colin turned back to the fence, trying to hide his smirk.


"There's a gas station just up ahead," Daryl said.

I nodded, gripping the steering wheel. I had offered to give Michonne a break, although I was extremely tired. I saw the signs up ahead and pulled in. I heard Daryl's laugh as I rolled up beside the gas pump.

"What?" I asked.

"Y'used th'indicators," he replied.

"I did?" I asked.

I grinned at myself shaking my head.

"Old habits die hard, I guess."

I climbed out of the car.

"Leigh an' I will go see if there's anythin' inside," Daryl told the others. "FIll'er up."

We walked side by side into the small shop. Daryl kicked the door down and waved me through first.

"What a gentlemen," I grinned, stepping into the shop.

He scoffed. I could hear his eyes roll in their sockets.

"I'll check th'back," Daryl said.

I nodded and headed over to the canned food aisle. I started putting stuff into my bag. I heard a body falling, signaling that Daryl had found a walker. I suddenly jumped forward, my heart pummeling in my chest. I dropped the bag and spun on the spot. I shoved the body away from me, slamming it against the wall.

"LEIGH! LEIGH! It's me!"

"You asshole!" I hissed, punching his shoulder.

He grinned, grabbing my wrist.

"Sorry, didn't mean ta scare ya."

"Sure you didn't," I mumbled, smiling slightly.

I sighed, glancing out the window at the others.

"I really don't want to get back in that car," I told him.

"Y'can walk then," he smirked.

He pushed himself away from the wall. I grabbed my bag and followed him outside.

"Maybe I will."

Michonne waved the hose of the gas pump at us.

"It's empty."

"Goddamn. What'll we do?" I asked.

Daryl looked around the empty parking lot surrounding the station.

"Was gonna say we could take another car..." he muttered.

"There has to be something somewhere," Tyreese said, grabbing his gun and slinging it over his shoulder.

"Bob, you stay here and mind the car. We won't go far. Blow the horn if there's trouble."

Bob didn't argue with him. He silently nodded his head and leaned against the car. We left him and walked towards the road.

"I think you scared him," I whispered to Daryl.


We were careful not to walk too far from the station. Luckily, there was a house just off the road. There were about three cars outside it. Tyreese walked to the nearest one and began sifling gas into a red container. Michonne did the same with the other. Daryl started rooting through the trunk of another. I kept an eye out for walkers. The door of the house swung open.


I think my heart burst with the fright. I unfroze from fright and raised my bow and aimed it at the man standing in the doorway. He had a rifle aimed right at me. The other three looked around, shocked. Daryl raised his gun.

"We don't want no trouble!" Tyreese called out, raising his hand.

"Want no trouble?! Yer askin' for it boy, coming onto my land and taking our stuff!"

"We didn't know you were in there! Swear it!"

"Me and twelve others live here. Go! Skedaddle!"

"Wait, they know we're here!" another voice said.

A younger man appeared at his shoulder along with a young woman.

"We can't let them leave."

"Then what d'ya say we do?"

My eyes looked up to the roof. I swore under my breath seeing the two snipers on the roof.

"Kill 'em, Dad."

"No, no!" the woman protested.

I looked anxiously at Daryl but he was focusing on the house. We were outnumbered.

"Lower your weapons."

Daryl and I did as they asked.

"Listen, we're just trying to get home to our group," Tyreese explained. "The station back the ways ain't workin'. We just need to get the car goin'. That's all!"

I was glad Tyreese could still talk, I couldn't find my voice. The two men looked at one another, talking quietly. The younger one was getting frustrated. The woman tugged at their sleeves, joining in the argument. The younger man snatched the rifle of his father. As he strode over to Daryl, two kids appeared in the doorway peering out. The woman began ushering them in. The man pressed the gun to Daryl's forehead.

"No one ever tell ya keep your hands to yourself?!"

I couldn't hear the click over the thudding in my ears.

"D-don't!" I blurted out.

The man paused and turned to look at me.

"I-I'm pregnant! A-and he's the father!"

"You're what now?" Tyreese hissed.

I didn't take my eyes of Daryl. I saw all the color leave his face.

"OH, GOOD HEAVENS! PUT THE GUN DOWN!" the woman bellowed.

The man didn't lower the gun but took a step back.

"Yer awful skinny for a pregnant lady."

"It's really early."

"Goodness! We must give you some food," the woman said.

"Uh, no, we really need to be getting home."

"Nuh uh! How do we know you ain't gonna come back here and take our things?"

"I have no idea where we even are right now. We don't need anything, just gas..."

"We did take it all," the woman reasoned.

"Bandits! The lot of 'em! Bandits!"

"We're not, I swear. We're good people."

"What's in it for us, huh?!"

I scowled at him, getting annoyed now.

"Look here, you little bastard. We didn't know you were in there, ok?! We're freakin' tired. Our people are sick. The last thing we wanted was to run into you jerks. We were just passing through and we've explained our situation. How about you shut the hell up and we'll be on our merry way. You kill us, our group will come here-they will find you, trust me and there's more of them than you. You let us go then there's no need for us to come back to this dump. So get your damn gun out of his face before I yank your trachea out and shove it up your ass."

He stared at me, stunned into silence. Tyreese swung his arm around my shoulder.

"Sorry, hormones," he said, trying to laugh it off.

"Let them go," the older man sighed. "Take the container, but if you come back here, we will shoot."

"Thank you," Tyreese said, picking up the container. "Thank you. C'mon, Michonne."

Daryl slowly picked up his crossbow. I snatched my bow of the ground. We made out way quickly back to the road, towards the station.

"Shit, I thought we were done for," Tyreese whispered.

"Me too. Good thinking Harleigh!" Michonne grinned. "How'd you do that?"

"There were two kids," I shrugged.

"Wait, y'not actually, uhm..." Daryl stuttered, scratching the back of his head.



Michonne caught my eye and pressed her lips together, trying not to laugh.

"You didn't actually-?"

"No. I mean, I thought y'were serious."

"Well, I'm not. So you can breathe a sigh of relief."


"I think Daryl would be a great dad," Michonne grinned, mischievously.

I gave her a scolding look.

"Let's just leave it okay? I wanna go home."


"What happened? Where's Carol?" Colin asked.

Finn shook his head.

"Rick sent her away. She killed those people."

"No shit?"

"I can't believe it. She looked after Charlotte for so long... I dunno how she'll take it."

"Man, that's fucked up..."

"Where the hell is David?" Finn asked, skewering a walker through the fence.

He squinted up at the top of it. It was bending. It was going to collapse.

"Off sulking somewhere. Damn, I wish he had gotten sick so Carol would've offed him too."

Finn frowned at him.

"Sorry... He's just a selfish prick. I can't stand him anymore."

"He is becoming a problem," Finn agreed.

Rick rolled up in a truck with thick wooden poles in the back. Himself and Maggie hopped out and they got to work on the fence. They made an effort with small talk as the set up the poles along the fence. Colin doubted it would hold for long. They fell silent, probably all realising this. The silence was cut short by a sharp BLAM! They turned to face the prison. Maggie paused, axe raised in the air.

"Go," Rick said.

"The fence is more important, we need to keep it standing."

"Go, we got this."

"I'll go with you," Finn said.

They raced up the hill towards the prison. Rick turned to Colin.

"I'm gonna go get Carl, keep working."

Colin nodded, picking Maggie's axe up off the ground.

Finn and Maggie tried to break down the door into the cellblock. Maggie cussed, panicking.

"The window in the visiting area!" Finn said, grabbing her elbow and dragging her away from the door. "We can break it!"

Maggie nodded and ran alongside him down the corridor. The hurried into the room. Before Finn could suggest smashing the window with a shair, Maggie shot it. It cracked and shattered, caving in. Finn stared at her for a split second before offering to help her climb through. He grasped her hand as she hopped over, making sure she didn't fall.

"Uh... guys?" Colin said, interupting Rick and Carl.

The pole he stood next to was making a strange noise. They looked over just as it snapped.

"Holy shit! RUN!"

Rick grabbed Carl's shoulders and pulled him along. Colin passed them out in a matter of seconds. He turned and held his gun up, shooting walkers that got too close. Rick tackled a few to the ground, defending Carl. They ran into one of the towers slamming the door shut.

"They'll break down the other fence and get in," Colin said, putting all of his weight against the door.

"Guns. Run to the guns, we'll get them as they go through!"

Colin nodded and helped him and Carl barricade the door. They ran out, towards where the guns were kept. Rick gave hasty instructions to Carl while Colin got started putting the walkers down.

"You go and help your father! I'll take care of everything else!" Finn said.

Maggie hurried off to find Hershel. Finn ran to the cells, checking on who was alive. He reassured the live ones and shut the cell doors, instructing them to stay inside. He took out any of the walkers. They snatched and snarled at him and he thanked God that he never knew these people. He heard Maggie's gun go off. Once all the cells were secured he rushed upstairs, helping Hershel to his feet.

"HE'S TURNING BLUE!" Maggie screamed.

"I'm on the way!"

"Where the hell is Nathan?!" Finn asked, looking around the block.

He spotted two kids staring out at him between the bars.

"He's sick," the girl told him.

Finn had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. Of course he would get sick. He glanced down to see Colin.

"They're back!" he announced.

"Maggie, you hear that? They're here," Finn said, turning to face her.

She looked as if she would burst into tears.


I felt something warm on the lids of my eyes. My forehead was pressed against something cool. I groaned and slowly opened my eyes to see sunlight streaming in through the window. I sat up straight, blinking a couple times. I scrunched up my forehead and shoved the door open, wiping my mouth.

"Mornin', Daryl greeted.

"Why didn't you wake me up last night?" I asked, groggily.

"Y'were exhausted, Leigh. Come on."

I followed him to where Heshel and Tyreese were standing, talking about Glenn.

"He's a tough son'bitch," Daryl nodded, catching the end of the conversation.

"He is," Hershel agreed.

"YOU'RE a tough son'bitch."

"I am."

I chuckled at him.

"Wha' 'bou' Carol? She up there?"

"No, talk to Rick about her."

We both looked at one another then back at him.

"She's ok, just talk to him," he said, before turning and walking away.

"The fuck does that even mean?" I muttered, feeling weary.

"Guess we gone find out."


yyaaaayy look who stopped being lazy. Just a little filler for you guys. I know of a few people who want a Haryl baby so I thought I would tease you a little. hehe. as always thank you VERY VERY VERY much for reading and all your lovely comments and messages :D


I'm super sad because I've realized this may never get updated. It's legitimately the best story on this site

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